TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

TheOneSpy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

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TheOneSpy Review 2024: Summary

Did you know that children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 18 spend 7 hours per DAY, on average, staring at their mobile phones?

That’s what the AHA’s scientists have found. As suggested, screen time should be limited to no more than two hours per day.

However, it can be quite difficult for parents to achieve this. Therefore, apps that provide parental controls can be useful.

You may have done some research and opted to learn more about TheOneSpy after considering other possibilities.

Alternatively, you can download uMobix and start keeping tabs on your child’s smartphone or tablet immediately.

TheOneSpy is claimed to be an effective remote monitoring method of keeping tabs on the digital activities of staff and children.

Users can view call logs to access information about all incoming and outgoing calls, including timestamps and callers’ phone numbers.

But it lacks functionality and features when compared with others like uMobix

This TheOneSpy review will walk you through the program’s features, benefits, and functionality.

  • The setup is simple and quick.
  • The target phone’s owner will not know they’re being monitored.
  • The finest app for parents to keep a check on their kid’s activities.
  • There are no built-in filters for the internet.
  • It requires physical access to the device to be installed remotely.
  • You’ll be disappointed with the iPhone version’s restricted functionality.
  • There are no web filtering features in this app.
  • Lacks several features
  • Geofencing doesn’t work properly
  • It fails to show the recorded chat and call history. 

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TheOneSpy Review 2024: In-depth

You can download TheOneSpy on your Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device.

You can only track Android devices running versions 5 through 11 of Google’s mobile operating system.

Moreover, it is not necessary to root the phone in order to use it; it works just as well on an unrooted Android device.

However, if you root it, you can access a couple of hidden bonuses. 

It’s true that all iPhones will operate so long as they’ve been jailbroken, but this isn’t the case for all smartphones.

A non-jailbroken iOS device will be invisible to it.

How to Install TheOneSpy

Installing the app on the device you want to keep tabs on remotely is as simple as following these instructions.

  1. First, you’ll need to head on over to TheOneSpy’s website and hit that big, shiny Buy Now button. Choose a suitable package to buy.
  2. Second, identify yourself by including your first and last names and email address. A welcome email with your login, password, and activation code will be sent to you shortly.
  3. Third, you must access “” to acquire the TOS app after acquiring the intended gadget. To begin downloading, you must first enter the activation code.
  4. The fourth step is to authorize the app’s installation from the APK file you downloaded. Launch the app, enter the activation code, and then configure it per the prompts.
  5. Fifth, access TheOneSpy’s Dashboard from your mobile device. It’s simple to keep tabs on the target phone and all its in-and-outs.

Who Should Use TheOneSpy?


Any parent who desires to monitor their child’s smartphone or tablet usage will find the TOS app to be an invaluable tool.

It’s a smart method to keep tabs on your kids and make sure they’re using their gadgets in a responsible and secure manner, even more so if they use social media.

The software app also functions well as a worker monitoring app, which may help both employers and workers keep tabs on productivity levels.

This is to guarantee office activity and productivity, maintain a record of phone calls and emails, and handle any other relevant business.

When conducting a LEGAL investigation, private eyes can use TheOneSpy to keep tabs on suspects’ online and offline movements.

This will help them be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary while they’re on the way. But the app lacks the features and credibility to be used for such reasons. 

Calls Control

The One Spy, like other quality monitoring software, allows you to listen in on the target’s phone calls.

Conversations can be listened to either in real-time or recorded for later playback. Some spy software has a feature that lets you listen in on live calls, so keep that in mind.

Here is where TheOneSpy really shines.

Bugging The Phone

The app’s ability to access the target device’s camera and microphone is somehow a handy feature.

What this means is that the camera on your smartphone can be used to capture ambient noises and/or take images remotely. 

Knowing where and what the phone’s owner is up to is possible thanks to this feature.

But on regular use, you realize that the app starts missing out on important details and fails to deliver. 


All respectable espionage software ought to come equipped with a keylogger. The following function logs every touch on the touchscreen.

That is to say, any query entered will return relevant results. What a person has been looking at on the web can be viewed. 

The content of both sent and received text messages can be viewed separately using the SMS keylogger feature.

TheOneSpy app claims to have this feature, but many users have complained that they didn’t find it after purchasing the tool. 

Monitoring Social Media Activity

It’s no doubt that young people these days prefer to communicate via mobile phones rather than desktop or laptop computers.

It highlights the importance of keeping an eye on IMs and social media as well. You might be able to do this with the help of The One Spy, but there are several limitations. 

The app gives you access to every messaging service, including the most secure ones like Viber, Whatsapp, and even Facebook Messenger.

The program logs all incoming and outgoing calls and chats, stores all data sent and received, and records all video chats.

Recorded Calls


All incoming and outgoing calls being made on the targeted system are recorded and can be listened to in the area of the recorded call.

Playing the recording directly from the dashboard is an option, as is downloading it to listen to offline. The volume can also be adjusted.

But some users have reviewed that the other party is usually inaudible during calls and records a lot of noise. 

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Location Tracking

In every way, this feature doesn’t exceed expectations. This feature allows the user to track the intended recipient’s location in real time.

The program keeps track of everywhere its user goes. This functionality also improves the user’s security.

The intended user, a youngster, can use this software to help parents locate them in real time if they become separated.

The same holds true for the worker; if they stop responding to messages, their employer can utilize this function to determine whether or not the worker has been locked out or abducted.

Live Spy 360

In the history of spy apps, no one else has found this particular capability. But what’s the benefit of such a finding when it doesn’t work as good as the app claims?

In a matter of seconds, users of live spy 360 can take full control of the targeted phone.

TheOneSpy’s online dashboard features controls for microphones and mobile device cameras.

With Spy 360, you may link the device’s cameras to the control panel and get a live feed of the device’s surroundings.

You may control the live video and audio feed from your phone’s front or back camera.

In addition to viewing and controlling the target phone from your web dashboard, you can also listen in on its surroundings via the phone’s microphone.

The live spy 360 feature requires a constant internet connection, a functional camera, and an open microphone on the target device.


Is time spent on the device’s screen something you’d like to restrict? Using the screen-time function, you can accomplish this.

Launch the screen-time feature from the internet dashboard in TheOneSpy. You can immediately start blocking access to the target phone’s apps after you set it up.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, TikTok, discord, Wire, and many more can all be blocked for a length of time between 1 hour and 12 hours, depending on the user’s preference.

The individual you’re after won’t be able to use the device since you’ve blocked their access to certain apps.

It’s becoming increasingly common for parents to set a daily screen time limit for their children’s use of electronic devices and for businesses to do the same for their employees.


TheOneSpy allows you to listen in on and even record incoming and outgoing phone calls made via the target device’s VoIP app.

Whatsapp, Viber, and Line are all VoIP services that can be spied upon.

TheOneSpy also functions as a cell phone call history tracker, giving you access to every incoming and outgoing call made or received on the targeted Android device.

Perhaps most enticing is the inclusion of timestamps in this app’s presentation of call histories.

Emails And Keylogs

In this way, companies can keep tabs on their employees’ email activity by tracking the location of their employees’ targeted phones.

The keyloggers installed on the targeted phone are also accessible via the Android tracking app. 

Usernames, passwords, and email addresses are all recorded in these keyloggers.

It is possible to gain access to minors’ and employees’ online accounts and look for signs of wrongdoing using only their keystrokes.

View Media Files

You should check out the pictures your teen has stored on their phone.

All of these media files can be viewed in full resolution and listened to in their entirety on your spy app account.

Images obtained from the compromised device or obtained from another source are displayed.

Photos that have been hidden or erased are also displayed and can be downloaded.

Drawbacks Of TheOneSpy

App Did Not Work

Even after buying the software and following all the steps exactly as they are described, it still doesn’t perform what it’s supposed to.

When it makes a complaint, the response is that the problem is at the end of the customer.

Effect Target Phone Working

The functionality of the device it is put on is altered as a result.

Users have reported issues with the phone’s ringer not being heard, the alarm not sounding, the device overheating, and the battery life being negatively impacted.


As it leaves behind traces, it may be possible to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

If you try to record your screen while using Telegram or WhatsApp, you’ll notice a Chromecast icon floating above your screen.

Is It Legal to Use TheOneSpy?

In the United States, it is against the law to snoop on someone else without their permission.

Nonetheless, there are two situations in which surveillance is allowed by law in the United States and throughout Europe:

  1. You can legally spy on someone else with their knowledge and permission.
  2. If you have an underage child, you can lawfully keep an eye on them.

There may be legal ramifications associated with utilizing TheOneSpy in your state, so it’s best to find out about them ahead of time.

TheOneSpy Pricing And Availablity


Prices for TheOneSpy vary depending on whether you’re using Android, Windows, or macOS.

For Android

One can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The TOS XLite Edition is $20/month, and the TOS Premium Edition is $35/month.

To subscribe to either the TOS XLite Edition or TOS Premium Edition every quarter, you’ll need to pay $45 and $55, respectively.

The TOS XLite Edition is $65 per year, and the TOS Premium Edition is $95 per year for a total of $130.

For Windows And macOS

Costs for both Windows and macOS are $40 monthly, $60 every three months, $80 every six months, and $110 every year.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

RatingSpy ToolGet Offer
#1 Top Rated#1 eyeZy - #1 spy app in the industryFREE Trial
#2 Top Rated#2mSpyStart Now
#3 Top Rated#3uMobixStart Now

Review Verdict

Our TheOneSpy review not only covers the features of the app but also provides a tutorial on how to set it up and use it.

According to this review, TheOneSpy isn’t exactly suitable for parents. Actually, it’s better suited for other uses than shielding a youngster from online risks.

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Try out some alternate apps like uMobix that might work better for you.

If you want to keep your kids safe from the perils of the internet, uMobix is a fantastic monitoring tool that will help you do just that.

uMobix stands out over other monitoring programs due to its keylogger, GPS tracking, and comprehensive phone logs.

TheOneSpy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

This TheOneSpy review will walk you through the program's features, benefits, and functionality.

Price: $20

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android & iOS

Application Category: Monitoring

Editor's Rating:


  • The setup is simple and quick.
  • The target phone’s owner will not know they’re being monitored.
  • The finest app for parents to keep a check on their kid’s activities.


  • There are no built-in filters for the internet.
  • It requires physical access to the device to be installed remotely.
  • You’ll be disappointed with the iPhone version’s restricted functionality.
  • There are no web filtering features in this app.
  • Lacks several features
  • Geofencing doesn’t work properly
  • It fails to show the recorded chat and call history.

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