Best Telegram Proxies

9 Best Telegram Proxies (2024 Free Proxy List)

Published on: August 8, 2023
Last Updated: August 8, 2023

9 Best Telegram Proxies (2024 Free Proxy List)

Published on: August 8, 2023
Last Updated: August 8, 2023


#1 Top Rated

#1 for great proxies

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Bright Datafast proxy solution

#1 Top Rated

#1 for great proxies

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


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The best Telegram proxies in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

Telegram has 200 million users who value its encryption, features, and functionality.

Unfortunately, Telegram is blocked in certain countries such as Iraq, Iran and Russia.

This means you need to hide your IP address in order to access Telegram from blocked geo-locations.

For this, you’ll either need a proxy or a VPN.

These both enable you to hide your location and increase your privacy.

I personally use and highly recommend Oxylabs for proxies and NordVPN for a VPN.

This article focuses on proxies though, so let’s get back to that.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for Telegram Proxies
  • Residential proxy service provider
  • It offers 100+ million IPs from over 140 countries across the globe
  • Uses a high level of encryption
Bright Data
Bright Data
  • Believes to be the number one web data platform in the world
  • Primarily focused on data collection
  • Can optimize your Telegram profile through mobile
  • The only proxy provider on the market with granular control
  • Has no minimum monetary requirement
  • Has a large pool of IP addresses with no additional fees
Proxy Seller
Proxy Seller
  • Offers HTTPS proxies that are private
  • Great for helping with Telegram
  • Helps with social networks, online games, and web scraping
  • Has the best prices on the proxy market
  • Offers residential IP proxies in multiple locations
  • Tools and bots are compatible with all sneaker bots
The Social Proxy
  • Offers free trial
  • Good to work with a company that optimizes proxies for mobile
  • Provides high-quality 4G mobile proxies that are private

When you use a Telegram proxy, you can rest assured that your information is safe.

Your conversations will be encrypted by Telegram and your privacy will be protected.

We’ll dive deep into why you should use a proxy and list the best providers for you to use.

Best Telegram Proxies in 2024

You should always look for reliable proxy providers that will not only guarantee end-to-end encryption but also give the benefit of 24/7 customer support in case you experience any issues.

Below, you’ll find the very best Telegram proxy providers that you can buy without paying too much for them.

1. Oxylabs


Recommended Guide: Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs is a residential proxy service provider that offers all the benefits of premium proxy services without any of the downsides. It offers 100+ million IPs from over 140 countries across the globe. 

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Oxylabs proxies are anonymous and use a high level of encryption to make sure that your real IP address is kept hidden.

Those who want to access the Internet anonymously can easily hide their location and browse freely. 

You can enjoy both huge bandwidth and have access to the pool of almost unlimited IP addresses.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

This service is a very popular and confident Telegram proxy, and in fact believes to be the number one web data platform in the world.

They say they can help their clients with being able to retrieve public web data that they need, especially if you are a business, and you’re wanting to optimize your Telegram profile in relation to this.

👉 Get FREE Account

One of the things that we love about this proxy provider is that they can help you through a demo, so that you can learn how they work without having to sign the dotted line too soon.

You will see on their website that they are primarily focused on data collection, so if this is what you’re wanting to use Telegram for, these guys are going to be a good option.

They have 700,000 data center proxies available, and when it comes to their residential proxies, they’ve got more than 72 million IP addresses.

If you’re wanting to optimize your Telegram profile through mobile, they have more than 7 million IP addresses that are compatible with mobile.

3. ProxyEmpire

Proxy Empire

The only proxy provider on the market with granular control, no minimum monetary requirement, and a large pool of residential and mobile IP addresses with no additional fees is ProxyEmpire.

Small marketers may find this provider’s pricing more reasonable than its counterpart, which is determined by bandwidth.

ProxyEmpire offers quite a bit in terms of features. In total, it has 7 million residential proxy servers across over 100 countries. There are over 200 thousand mobile proxies, all of which are 4G.

The pricing of this service is quite straightforward and easy to understand. You only pay for what you use and there are no monthly commitments.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the affordable proxy providers that offer cheap mobile proxies. On the other hand, the price per GB for residential plans is about average, but it is still competitive.

Speaking of mobile proxies, things are different. There are 200 thousand of them all in the US, across all states, and they are from carriers including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

ProxyEmpire is very easy to use. Everything is clearly laid out on their dashboard, which has a clean and modern design. Additional packages and bandwidth can be purchased straight from the site, so you can get started in no time.

The proxies work well with apps like Telegram.

4. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

This Telegram proxy provider is going to be one of your best bets if you’re relatively new to the world of Telegram, and you want to be able to keep everything private and anonymous while you are making the most of the app.

These guys are specifically a great choice because they offer their clients HTTPS proxies that are private.

You also get to see a lot of the specs when it comes to their Telegram proxies, which means that you can choose how long you want to rent your proxies for, where you want them to come from in the world and how many you want to make the most of right now.

Of course, they are great for helping you with Telegram, but they can also help you with other aspects of being online in general, including helping you with your social networks, online games, certainly Internet, and web scraping.

If you scroll a little bit further down their homepage, you will see all of the countries that are compatible with their proxies, so we don’t think you’re going to have any trouble accessing your Telegram profile no matter where you are in the world right now.

5. offers residential IP proxies in multiple locations at the best prices on the proxy market. It offers 6.7+ million IIP addresses and targets more than 127 locations which are in fact business locations.

This means they are working with renowned businesses to give you the best experience.

Their tools and bots are compatible with all sneaker bots, as well as social media automation tools. In general, residential proxies offer the advantage of hard detection of the IPs and, therefore, a hard time blocking them.

The has a support team that is available to you 24/7. You can reach them via email, chat, or voice assistance.

6. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy is another great choice if you are someone who is wanting to make the most of a Telegram proxy that is going to keep you safe out there.

Of course, you are probably going to be accessing Telegram through your mobile, so it is good to work with a company that has optimized their proxies for mobile.

They say they provide their clients with high-quality 4G mobile proxies that are private and they even have a free trial, so that you can work out how their features work and whether they are compatible with your needs without having to sign anything.

They also say that they have a long list of features for you to make the most of, as well as unlimited connections, so that you don’t need to worry about your proxy glitching out at any point.

 7. SOAX

soax 2

SOAX is another Russian proxy provider that offers 8.5 million addresses in over 120 countries. There are two kinds of proxy available on the site: residential and mobile.

The proxy provider has flexible packages which means you can select the options and customize it according to our requirements.

There are no complicated settings to learn. Selecting a location and type of proxy will even let you pick which provider you want to use, making it the most flexible proxy provider currently available.

Its user interface is relatively simple as well. You are presented with all the information you need. In order to use the proxy, you’ll need to configure them in your scraper, computer, or wherever you plan to use them.

Although the service provider is not known for offering the best pricing, it’s not too high either.

If you buy the SOAX proxy for Telegram, you can be rest assured that they are completely reliable to use without their servers experiencing downtime. 

8. Stormproxies

storm proxy

Stormproxies is a premium proxy provider with a relatively small IP pool. Although they have a little over 70000 IP addresses, they are the cheapest on the market.

They offer both residential as well as data center proxies.

The majority of those 70000 IP addresses are located in the United States and Europe. The exact locations of their proxies are not provided.

Prices for their proxies are based on the proxy gateway (also known as the port). Various prepackaged plans are available, from 5 ports up to 50.

Using the Storm Proxies dashboard could not be easier. This is primarily because it doesn’t have a lot of functionality. This service can provide you with some basic geo-targeting, and a list of addresses.

The provider offers high-speed proxies which can allow you to surf and access content without any lags. Stormproxies has dedicated proxies that cater to specific requirements as well.

With this service provider, you can get immediate customer support and have all your queries answered within a short span of time.  

9. BeeProxy


BeeProxy provides private residential and datacenter proxies in the USA, UK and Canada— plus many other countries.

They offer a wide range of cheap proxy packages to accommodate your needs. 

The specialized proxy servers are all dedicated and private, so you won’t get banned for the actions of other users.

On the website, the users are able to see the locations of their proxy servers by marking them on a virtual map which is public to the users. 

There is unlimited bandwidth included in all packages.

In addition to all the features, BeeProxy provides 24/7 customer support, which means that they will resolve any problems you might have with the service.

Free Telegram Proxy List in 2024

If you’re looking for reliable proxies, you must consider what you really need.

There are free Telegram proxies available

However, using a free proxy does come at a cost, in that they won’t be able to give you the type of security and privacy that paid proxies from Oxylabs can.

Free proxies tend to give slower network speeds because there would usually be multiple (many!) users using the same proxy.

Why Should You Use A Proxy For Telegram?

When you browse around on the internet with your personal device be it a smartphone or a laptop, the site must be able to read the IP address of that device.

The IP address allows you to gain access to the content you want based on your geographical location. 

The website stores your IP address and can save your online credentials, for instance, when you’re online shopping and you add products to your cart, the information is saved.

However, some users would like to have some level of privacy.

The fact that targeted advertising gets more intrusive and highly accurate due to tracking online behavior causes users to become nervous and want to protect their privacy.

This is where a proxy comes into play.

How Does a Telegram Proxy Work? 

Proxies help you hide your IP address and maintain anonymity while you’re surfing the internet.

The proxy that you’re using has its own IP addresses that mask your device’s IP address and ultimately protects you from potential malicious attacks. 

Whether you’re browsing the internet or communicating with your loved ones, your anonymity will be maintained through a proxy. 

There are two main types of proxy for Telegram use: Residential proxies and data center proxies for Telegram.

The main underlying difference between the two is the fact that data center proxies aren’t assigned to your ISP and they are provided by large companies like Azure, Amazon, etc.

On the other hand, a residential proxy server is one that is associated with your IP address and also provided by the internet service in use. 

Reasons Why You Should Use A Proxy For Telegram

There are many reasons to use a proxy with Telegram and get the best messaging experience.

In addition to improved security, you can also hugely benefit from fewer delays and a faster connection.

Here is why you should consider using a proxy for telegram. 

Greater Level Of Privacy And Security 

By using a proxy, you can ensure the security of your data.

In the same way that you’re extra careful not to have your phone and other personal belongings physically stolen, you should also take extra steps to ensure that the privacy of your data isn’t compromised.  

The proxy server for Telegram assigns a new IP address to your current device IP address so that the website doesn’t know about your geo location and it will prevent hackers from having access to your device. 

Some proxies are also hosts for firewalls that block unwanted content and prevent malware and spyware from being installed on your computer.

Bypass Geoblocking 

When you’re using a proxy for Telegram, you can bypass restrictions imposed by the government in your country.

There are countries where the messaging app Telegram is blocked such as India, Iran, and even Russia. Therefore, you will be unable to communicate with others nearby using the app.

All you can do is change your location which is an expensive method if you have to fly out to a different country. The only easiest shortcut is to have a proxy.

 Proxy services offer different IP addresses based on region, so you can choose any IP address in the USA, UK, and other countries where Telegram is not blocked.

Fast Network Speed

Proxy IP addresses are generally faster than regular IP addresses.

Generally, they have higher bandwidth and, if you find one from a reliable service provider, they won’t have to be shared between many people surfing the web simultaneously.

Proxy servers for Telegram won’t cause any delays in messaging, which is useful when you’re trying to meet someone in another country. 

To choose a proxy that is fastest for Telegram, choose the proxy IP address that is closest to the website’s server you’re using.

As the proxy requests come from a physically close location to the website’s server, you’ll also notice a decrease in lag time when sending and receiving messages.

The use of a proxy for Telegram can facilitate communication as easily and quickly as possible.

Unblock Telegram With a Telegram Proxy

There are instances where some IP addresses have been blocked by the messaging app. In that case, you can opt for dedicated proxies that can allow you to access the application. 

Taking advantage of rotating IPs, you can mask IP footprints and use dedicated IP addresses for each account to have multiple bot accounts.


What is Telegram?

Innovations in communication have led to a greater sense of connection.

Our ability to communicate has expanded beyond national boundaries through the written word, the postal service, the phone, and instant messaging. 

Thanks to the open-source messaging app, Telegram, users can stay in touch no matter how far away they are.

The app isn’t only popular for instant communication but also offers encryption for greater privacy.

The application also has no ties to other social media platforms, unlike some other messaging services (for example, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook), which makes it more appealing to some.

The creators of Telegram are from Russia, so they are very aware of the importance of privacy and security.

Why Use Telegram?

There is a good chance that you haven’t even heard of Telegram yet, and this is understandable, because it is one of the newest social media apps out there.

It is primarily used for audio, and it consists of chat rooms where you can join others in audio communication. You can also create your own chat rooms and invite people to be part of them.

It is an app that has been developed as a result of the popularity of podcasts, and while it is still relatively small, we imagine that it is going to increase in popularity in the future.

Should I Just Use a Free Proxy Instead?

We have to warn you at this point that you should only use a free proxy for Telegram if you absolutely have to.

Yes, it is of course appealing to be able to use a free proxy, and not spend any money on an additional feature like this.

However, this could end up compromising the reputation that you’ve got on Telegram, as well as your personal information.

This is because free proxies aren’t usually high in quality and can cause a serious breach when it comes to your private information.

Yes, you probably don’t have a lot in the budget right now to be able to make the most of a paid proxy, but we promise that if you hunker down right now and pay the money for a proxy, it is going to pay off tenfold in the long run.

At the end of the day it’s up to you, though.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you’re aware of the best proxy for Telegram, you can make an informed decision.

Using Telegram is a great option, and using a proxy makes it even more secure.

Communication continues to play a huge part in our lives, so everyone needs to make sure that their conversations won’t be disrupted.

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