Best SaleFreaks Proxies

5 Best SaleFreaks Proxies of 2024

Published on: July 4, 2023
Last Updated: July 4, 2023

5 Best SaleFreaks Proxies of 2024

Published on: July 4, 2023
Last Updated: July 4, 2023

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The best SaleFreaks proxies service in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

If you are an individual marketplace seller, small business owner, or a corporation looking to increase your earnings for your dropshipping, using Salefreaks will produce great results.

However, for SalesFreaks to work efficiently, you need to use proxies.

If you are new to the proxy market and don’t know the best SaleFreaks proxy services that are fully compatible and efficient, this review is for you.

SaleFreaks Proxies Overview

SaleFreaks proxies

The dropshipping business is a very lucrative business where individual marketplace sellers, small business owners and corporations make sales online and deliver the product to the buyers without being in physical contact with the products or the buyers.

It is a gold mine because, with the right product, you will enjoy a great sales funnel and profitability.

To make the most in the dropshipping business, you may have to use online sales arbitrage tools to aid business growth.

One of such online sales arbitrage tools is SaleFreaks. This dropshipping software is designed to make the lives of business owners easier by improving and automating their dropshipping workflow.

However, the effectiveness of SaleFreaks is limited due to geo-location restrictions caused by users’ IP addresses. To access the full potential of SaleFreaks, it is best to use reliable proxies to spoof your IP address.

The good thing about this is that proxies are readily available for use, irrespective of your location.

What is SaleFreaks?

SaleFreaks Features

SaleFreaks is a dropshipping software that helps individual marketplace sellers, business owners, and corporations scale up their dropshipping business.

It is an online sales arbitrage tool that assists arbitrators to automate most parts of their dropshipping business workflow.

With SaleFreaks dropshipping software, business people and arbitrators can drive eCommerce sales and protect margins, as millions of new goods can be easily sourced into users’ online stores, as well as new potential buyers.

Some of the functions of SaleFreaks include creating professional listings, finding the right product, automatically fulfilling orders, and monitoring or adjusting prices in real-time.

With this business, people can seamlessly find cheap products on e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon, then sell at higher prices, enabling them to achieve outstanding results.

It also ensures that users are not flagged online, and their accounts are fully protected. SaleFreaks fully supports Bonanza US, Amazon, as well as eBay UK and US.

Why Use Proxies for SaleFreaks?


SaleFreaks is simply a piece of software that does nothing other than automate your tasks.

It is globally appreciated because it is a non-API software but outclasses and outperforms its API counterpart, as well as other e-commerce dropshipping software in the market.

SaleFreaks is also very easy to use even for dropshipping beginners.

A significant advantage it offers is that it is pretty affordable when compared to its counterparts.

The pricing for a SaleFreaks monthly subscription begins from $92 for 500 listings for the non-API software, while the API software goes for $58 per month.

It also offers free trials to ensure that users who have doubts about their services can easily test their features before purchasing a subscription.

Another beautiful fact about SalesFreaks is that it does not force users to use proxy servers, as it works efficiently without proxies configured to your device.

However, depending on the number of accounts you want to use it for and your location, you may have to use proxies to operate this software.

There are two main reasons to use proxies for SalesFreaks, which are to bypass locational restrictions and manage multiple accounts.

Bypassing Locational Restrictions

One of the main reasons for using proxies with SalesFreaks is to bypass locational restrictions.

As an individual marketplace seller or company, you may not consider geo-restrictions because you don’t physically come in contact with your customers.

However, many of your customers are located in different countries and cities with varying internet laws. Which means they may be exposed to certain geo-restrictions.

Also, you may not be able to post ads on e-commerce platforms like eBay, Bonanza and Amazon for locations outside the US and UK.

In fact, SaleFreaks works only for Bonanza US, and eBay US and UK. To use SalesFreaks to sell to customers in areas with geo-locational restrictions, you will have to use proxies.

For example, an individual marketplace seller or company in Canada that wants to list products on Bonanza US or eBay UK, such users will have to use proxies to change their IP address to a US or UK IP address, respectively.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Many e-commerce platforms have a strict rule for the number of accounts they support. Amazon and eBay, for example, do not support multiple accounts.

Although eBay allows users to have multiple accounts, these accounts would be linked as one, which would not be favourable.

As a business owner, using multiple accounts offers more business advantages. You will have to hide your IP address if you plan on using multiple accounts you’re your SaleFreaks software to prevent being flagged.

Also, using proxies allows you to unblock your accounts if they’ve been blacklisted.

Best SaleFreaks Proxies 2024

The proxy market today is saturated with hundreds of different proxy service providers. Many of these proxy service providers are not as functional as they advertise to be.

If you are using proxies for SaleFreaks, you will have to use some of the best proxies in the market to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

You also have to choose proxy providers supported by locations like the United States and the UK.

The best types of proxies to use for SaleFreaks are residential proxies, as they are well supported by eCommerce stores and can go undetected by the security systems of these eCommerce stores.

Here’s a quick look at the best SaleFreaks Proxies:

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. BeeProxy
  4. Shifter
  5. Smartproxy

1. Oxylabs


Recommended Guide: Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs is a premium proxy service provider considered one of the best proxy services for using SaleFreaks.

Although Oxylabs is relatively new in the proxy world, it is rated by proxy users as one of the best residential proxy providers in the market.

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Oxylabs has a comprehensive location coverage, as it supports more than 100 countries worldwide, including the US and the UK.

It also has a large proxy pool, with more than 100 million residential proxies in its proxy pool.

Oxylabs is fast and uses military-grade security protocols to protect its users from malicious activities on the internet.

Its most significant selling point is that it is the proxy provider with the cleanest proxies in the proxy market.

This is because Oxylabs constantly checks its proxies and flushes out any bad proxy immediately.

Oxylabs proxy has many advanced use cases and is compatible with most e-commerce platforms, including eBay US and UK, Amazon and Bonanza US.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

Recommended Guide: Bright Data Review

Bright Data is arguably one of the best proxy services in the proxy market today. It was formerly called the Luminati network before the name was changed to Bright Data.

It is a top-rated proxy provider with comprehensive location coverage and is perfect for geo-targeting use cases.

It is supported in every country worldwide and provides users with more than 72 million residential IP addresses. This makes Bright Data the largest residential proxy provider in the market.

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Bright Data is known for its top-level security and anonymity when surfing the internet, as it uses the best security protocols to ensure the safety of its users.

It is fantastic for e-commerce platforms like eBay US and UK, Amazon and Bonanza US when using SaleFreaks.

Their proxies are undetectable for these e-commerce web services and also pretty fast.

With Bright Data, users have 100 percent control over their sessions and create unlimited threads.

However, Bright Data is pretty expensive to use, with their least monthly subscription going for $500 for 40GB, which is also the least bandwidth allowed per month.

3. BeeProxy


Recommended Guide: BeeProxy Review

The BeeProxy service is one of the best residential proxy service providers in the world today.

Their proxies are very secure and offer high anonymity because they are undetectable when surfing the internet.

BeeProxy users can create unlimited threads with this proxy service. It has excellent location coverage, with its servers in more than 100 countries worldwide, including the US and the UK.

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It has a large proxy pool, offering more than seven million IP addresses to its users.

BeeProxy is a top proxy provider rated as one of the cheapest proxy services, as pricing is one of its best selling points.

One great thing about their pricing is that the proxies come with unlimited bandwidth.

4. Shifter Proxy Review – Are They Safe & Effective?

Shifter proxy network, formerly known as Microleaves, is a highly rated proxy service recommended for using SaleFreaks. It is pretty different from Bright Data and Oxylabs in terms of pricing.

This is because while these proxy providers are sold based on bandwidth, Shifter proxy networks are priced based on the number of ports.

Once a user subscribes to a port, the user can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for the duration of their subscription.

Shifter proxy network is also considered expensive but not as expensive as Bright Data (Luminati).

The least subscription plan for the Shifter proxy network goes for $249.99 monthly, providing up to 10 ports per subscription.

Shifter proxy network also has a broad location coverage, as it is supported in more than 130 countries worldwide, including the United States and the UK.

It also has a large proxy pool, as its users have access to more than 31 million IP addresses irrespective of their locations across the globe.

The shifter proxy network is very secure and is undetectable when surfing the internet, ensuring complete anonymity.

It offers a wide range of use cases, and is perfect for e-commerce platforms such as eBay US and UK, Amazon and Bonanza US.

5. Smartproxy


Another popular proxy provider considered amongst the best proxy providers in the market is Smartproxy.

This proxy provider is referred to as a perfect alternative to Bright Data (Luminati) because it is built to perform all Bright Data’s (Luminati) use cases and even more use cases.

Also, it is a cheaper alternative to Bright Data (Luminati). Their least subscription plan goes for $75 per month for 5GB, allowing users to create unlimited threads.

Smartproxy is known for its high-quality residential proxies that offers one of the most secure and anonymous connections on the internet.

It supports a wide range of locations, as its servers are present in more than 195 locations across the globe, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Smartproxy’s residential proxies are pretty fast, undetectable, and reliable. It also has a large proxy pool size, providing more than 40 million IP addresses to users worldwide.

It supports many use cases, including data scraping, SEO management, and social media management.

Smartproxy is perfect for dropshipping business, as it is compatible with all e-commerce stores such as eBay US and UK, Amazon, and Bonanza US.

Due to this, it is one of the most recommended proxy services to use for SaleFreaks.

Integrating SaleFreaks Proxies

The above proxy service providers are the most recommended proxies for SaleFreaks. Whichever of these proxy services you choose, you will have to integrate them into SaleFreaks.

If you don’t know how to integrate these proxy services into SaleFreaks, here is a step-by-step guide on setting up proxies on SaleFreaks.

The first step to integrating the proxy service of your choice into SaleFreaks is to visit the website of the proxy service to create an account if you don’t have one yet.

Once your account is created, sign in to your account to access the user dashboard. Purchase a residential proxy plan, navigate to the proxy section and create a proxy.

Ensure you select proxies from any location in the United Kingdom or the United States, depending on the location of your choice.

Once this is done, copy the username, and password, proxy IP, and port, as it will be needed for use in SaleFreaks. Move to your SaleFreaks software and launch it.

Once it’s launched, navigate to the My Account page. At this point, you can either add new details to an existing account or edit it. Most times, it’s best to go for the edit account option.

When you are done with the section for the account details, the following section to set up is the proxy section.

In this section, you will need to enter the details copied from the proxy service user dashboard. This includes the proxy IP, port, username, and password.

When the setup is ready, click on the SafeAccess Window. If configured correctly, it will load Amazon immediately. 


Many business owners fear using e-commerce platforms like SaleFreaks because it is said that these platforms are not as effective as advertised.

Contrary to the rumours about using SaleFreaks, it is very effective for growing businesses and attaining your set target. It is also safe, contrary to popular opinion, if you opt for the recommended paid proxies.

SaleFreaks will speed up your workflow and provide the desired result in no time if you know how to use it.

However, SaleFreaks won’t work as you expected if proxies are not used for it, especially when managing multiple accounts.

There are many proxy services in the market today, but the five proxy services recommended above are the best for using with SaleFreaks.

They guarantee better results because of their features and use cases compared to other proxy services in the market.

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