Best Root APK For Android (Rooting Apps)

7 Best Android Root APK (Phone Rooting Apps) in 2024

Published on: December 11, 2023
Last Updated: December 11, 2023

7 Best Android Root APK (Phone Rooting Apps) in 2024

Published on: December 11, 2023
Last Updated: December 11, 2023

In a hurry?
The best root APK for Android in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Dr.Fone – Root!

The availability of numerous rooting apps with useful functions has greatly simplified the once-tricky process of obtaining root access.   

This article provides a summary of the top Android rooting apps.

Our investigation led us to these resources, which offer the greatest root APK for Android.

Best Android Root APK (Rooting Apps) in 2024

  1. Dr.Fone – Root – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Dr.Fone – Android Toolkit
  3. OneClickRoot
  4. Magisk Manager
  5. KingoRoot
  6. Framaroot
  7. iRoot

1. Dr.Fone – Root

Dr.Fone – Root

Dr.Fone is the most user-friendly and effective mobile root APK app for Android.

Features such as 1-click rooting and compatibility with the most recent Android releases set this app apart from others.

Dr.fone can quickly and efficiently root Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets.

  • Free program
  • Compatible with the latest version of Android
  • Rooting with a single click
  • Includes an “unroot” option
  • The all-in-one software
  • Doesn’t work with older Android models

Dr.fone for PC is a comprehensive program for synchronizing data between mobile devices.

It can backup files and enable you to restore them on another device, and it can recover deleted files.

Dr.fone also includes additional helpful utilities, including the ability to bypass locks, record screen activity, and manage data.

How to Root Using Dr.fone for PC

Here are the steps you need to do to root your Android device with Dr.fone for PC:

  • Get the PC version of Dr.fone and install it.
  • You should plug the USB cord into both your computer and your smartphone.
  • Connect your phone, then click “Start;” the program will locate your device and get ready to root it.
  • Select “Root Now” to start the process of rooting your device.

The phone will first inquire as to whether or not you wish to root it. To proceed with the rooting, tap the “Confirm” button.

Is Dr.fone Safe?

Dr. Fone is completely risk-free. We have tested all the features and discovered no evidence of data loss.

You may rest assured that your information is safe with Dr. Fone because it does not keep any of your data.

The program was also checked for viruses and malware, and we didn’t find any.

The program needs access to your files to function, and you may use it without an internet connection to keep your data safe.

Is Dr.fone Free To Try?

One can download a free demo of Dr. Fone if they so choose.

However, it has few customization options and requires purchasing additional toolkits to achieve even the most basic results.

Therefore, we advise you to try the demo and buy the full version if you need this added functionality.

Availability And Pricing

Both Windows and macOS users can download Dr. Fone. Several different toolkits are included, and either one or all of them can be purchased on their own.

The pricing and availability information for Dr. Fone’s add-on packs is below.

  • Fone Android Toolkit $80
  • Fone iOS Toolkit $100
  • Fone Full Toolkit $140

2. Dr.Fone – Android Toolkit

Dr.fone – Android Toolkit

Wondershare, one of the most reputable and well-known software companies, created the Dr.Fone Android toolkit.

Dr.Fone is just the latest example of how consistently great rooting apps from this developer are.

Over the past four years (from 2015), this fantastic tool has evolved to become the top data recovery option in 2019.

Dr.Fone is a suite of tools for Android and iOS devices that may retrieve lost or deleted information.

As a bonus, it also allows users to back up their data, install and remove programs, move and manage files, and more.

  • A wide variety of features can be used for different purposes.
  • Available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Designed with those who aren’t tech savvy in mind, with an intuitive UI.
  • Optimal performance on Apple products
  • Developer mode on Android devices is required
  • Deleted files on iOS devices cannot be recovered

Dr. Fone Phone Manager (Android)

With the help of this application, sharing information between Android devices and personal computers is quick and simple.

It allows you to control your phone’s information from your computer.


Unfortunately, lost data is never guaranteed to be recoverable. To what extent does Wondershare Dr.Fone enjoys widespread popularity?

Unfortunately, none of the recovery programs we tried successfully retrieved all six items we had destroyed. However, contacts, notes, and some photos were all recovered via Dr.Fone.

Though disappointing, that was the best outcome out of five data recovery programs. They weren’t the only missing documents that turned up.

Many hundreds of other lost objects were found by Dr.Fone and its competitors outside the test.


A yearly membership to the full version of the Dr.Fone root APK  for one person is $79.95.

You can get a plan for your team or business for $139.93 per year and a plan for your child’s education for $39.98 per year.

There are additional Dr. Fone pricing tiers available, as well.

  • Dr. Fone – Full Toolkit: $139.95 invoiced annually
  • Dr. Fone iOS Toolkit: $99.95 for the annual contract
  • Dr. Fone – Android Toolkit: $79.95 yearly cost

3. OneClickRoot


Android users should use the One-Click Phone Root APK because it is currently the most efficient rooting software.

Your Android device may be “rooted” with a single click, allowing you to unlock its full potential.

The One Click Root app does exactly what its name implies: it will enable you to root your Android device with a single click.

The free OneClickRoot app can be downloaded and installed; all it takes to root your device is a single click.

Using the rooting app couldn’t be easier. In particular instance you have any questions, the developers are available via live chat to help you out.

  • An exceptional performance
  • There are a variety of personalization choices.
  • Quick and simple to implement
  • Excellent client service
  • There could be stability difficulties.
  • The device warranty is voided.

How Does OneClickRoot Work?

As we’ve already discussed, all other comparable tools require you to install third-party rooting apps on your Android device.

But once that’s done, OneClickRoot can finish the job with a single click! There’s a manual rooting option, too, in case the automatic method doesn’t work. 

OneClickRoot’s compatibility with all major Android releases means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your smartphone or tablet is running a version that the app supports.

OneClickRoot is compatible with both older and more recent devices; thus, this is unusual nowadays and has no consequence.

User Friendly

The developers have included a one-click root option for convenience. Using OneClickRoot, unrooting is just as simple as rooting.

This program uses advanced capabilities to protect your device from harm and make the rooting process go faster.

Is OneClickRoot Safe To Use?

There is persistent concern over the security of rooting apps because doing so grants the app’s developer complete control over your device, allowing them to see, modify, or delete any data on it without your knowledge or permission.

This means we must always perform a virus scan on any potential source before using it.

Some users claim this software is safe to utilize on our equipment and doesn’t cause any problems.

However, several Reddit threads debate the app’s legitimacy and safety.

4. Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager

Due to its systemless’ root capability, Magisk Manager is an open-source Android rooting app.

The method has the advantage of letting you keep receiving operating system upgrades.

By disguising the rooted device, the program ensures that Netflix and other banking apps that depend on Android’s SafetyNet feature will work properly.

  • Completely free and available to the public
  • Hiding one’s true identity at the roots
  • Capable of disabling SafetyNet
  • On some devices, it may be unreliable.
  • It has been reported that root access is lost following a reboot.
  • It’s annoying to have to fix little mistakes.

Makes No Changes In The System

Magisk is completely system-independent and will not alter your system partition.

This implies that you won’t have to worry about losing your root access if you choose to keep installing legitimate OTA updates.

The process relies on phh’s SuperUser, a free and open-source tool for rooting Android devices. While Roots may be all that Magisk can do, this is not entirely true.

Why Magisk?

Magisk is distinct from other popular Android root APK  programs like SuperSu because it can easily fool Google SafetyNet into assuming that the device is not rooted.

Magisk uses a “systemless” root that does not alter any system files. It changes the boot partition but not the operating system files. 

In addition to its other features, Magisk also includes Magisk Hide, which lets you conceal your root privileges from specific programs.

You can then utilize services like Google Pay or an online banking app without needing to unlock your phone.

5. KingoRoot


If you own an Android device and want to gain root access without paying anything, the KingoRoot software is your best bet.

This Rooting APK App is the greatest for both PC and Android. Obtaining root privileges is simple and requires no special expertise or assistance.

In addition, using this root master is the quickest and easiest way to get your Android device rooted.

Simply launching the rooting app is enough for it to recognize your smartphone and begin the rooting process automatically.

With it, you can have full control over your device. As the application runs a few instructions that modify the root files, the risk to the phone is minimal, even if the rooting APK fails.

  • The UI is straightforward.
  • It allows you to root Android smartphones without requiring a computer.
  • Works with the vast majority of Android releases.
  • It has an unroot alternative.
  • No personal information is revealed or spied upon.
  • The most popular Android brands, including Samsung, Moto, Sony, Google, LG, Lenovo, HTC, and HUAWEI, are supported.
  • It deletes previously installed apps on your Android device before installing new ones.

Is KingoRoot Safe?

KingoRoot is secure, but you should weigh the pros and downsides before making a final decision.

By installing KingoRoot, Android users can access features generally unavailable on Android, such as the ability to replace or edit the system’s programs and settings.

Furthermore, they can launch privileged applications.

To avoid downloading malicious software, stick to the simple KingoRoot website and avoid any clones.

Full Customization

Tired of your Android device’s interface always looking the same? The colors, icons, and animations on a rooted smartphone or tablet can be modified at the system level.

You can completely control your Android device and customize it easily using KingoRoot.

6. Framaroot


Framaroot is another top-tier tool for quickly and easily rooting Android gadgets with a single click.

Framaroot may seem elementary at first glance, but it is a robust tool for rooting Android smartphones.

Since Framaroot’s release, most Android users have chosen it over competing for rooting apps.

For the most part, it can root any Android device so long as the bootloader is unlocked. Rooting a smartphone with this method is usually successful.

  • There is no cost to use this software.
  • Those using Android 4.0 or later can use Framaroot.
  • The ability to unroot is built in.
  • Expert Android app.
  • If you’re using an Android version earlier than Android 4.0, Framaroot won’t work.
  • A reliable internet connection is required.

Allow You To Unroot The Device

Framaroot is a program that may be used to undo a previously performed root on an Android smartphone.

Just like rooting, unrooting is a one-click process that allows you to restore factory settings and fix any problems.

Following a successful root with Framaroot, the SuperSU app is automatically installed. Because doing so would be unnecessary.

One-Click Root

Framaroot is a rooting app that, like many others, provides instant root with a single click.

That allows you to gain administrative access to your Android smartphone, or “root.”

Apps can be easily installed and rooted, even for those with little prior experience. 

With 360 Root, you can also eliminate factory-installed programs.

You may use this program to do more than just root your phone; it also clears the phone’s cache.

How To Root Android Using Framaroot APK

  • Install the most recent version of Framaroot APK
  • To install SuperSu, launch the program and tap “Install.”
  • Choose either Aragorn or Boromir in this exploit. The rooting process will begun. 
  • Then you will notice “rooted successfully.”
  • Reboot your device and have fun.

7. iRoot


iRoot is a free Chinese one-click Android root tool that works with many Android devices (including the Samsung Galaxy, LG G5, Huawei Mate 8, HTC One M9, Asus ZenFone, and Google Nexus devices).

There are two variants obtainable: one for Windows and one for Android.

Regrettably, it cannot unroot, which is useful in cases where the user must hand over the device for repair but does not wish to modify the software.

Aside from that, though, it’s a decent program with a pretty UI.

  • Virtually all Android smartphone versions are supported.
  • It requires no specialized knowledge or training to use.
  • The Android and PC versions of the one-click root program are accessible.
  • Quick and reliable
  • Not built with an unroot feature.

Unique Features

Features such as one-click Rooting, rapid flashing of SuperSU, and simple access to various Roots set this Rooting program apart from its rivals.

The iRoot Rooting App is ideal if you want the simplest rooting app for your Android device.

Because it offers a range of customization possibilities, it’s suitable for both inexperienced and experienced Android device owners.

This Rooting app features a straightforward user interface and can be used to perform the process with a single tap.

How To Use iRoot?

The makers of the root program have streamlined the rooting process to remove as much room for human error as possible.

The following items are required for rooting a mobile device:

  • Set up iRoot on an Android device. (Save to the main directory of your storage device’s SD card and run)
  • Mobile device USB debugging must be enabled.
  • Start the iRoot application.
  • Click “Root” to begin the backed-up rooting procedure.
  • The rooting app requires only one click and may be used on either a PC or an Android device.

Final Thoughts

The top root Android APKs have been reviewed in this article. Using an app to “root” your Android device will render your warranty void and unenforceable.

If you root your phone, you’re probably using it in a way that the maker does not recommend.

Consequently, in such a circumstance, your mobile phone cannot be replaced free of charge under the terms of the warranty. 

If you want to root or unroot your device without invalidating the warranty, Dr.Fone-Root is the top program for the job.

Magisk Manager is a great option if you’re looking for systemless rooting that won’t break your apps that rely on Android’s SafeNet.

Whichever app you use for rooting your Android phone, remember the possible consequences of this process. Ensure that you have created a backup of your phone. 

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