Octopus CRM Review 2021: Does it Really Work for LinkedIn?

Last Updated: September 23, 2021



In this article, we’re going to review one of these companies, Octopus CRM, to see if they can actually help you in terms of LinkedIn networking and lead generation. Let’s get started.
Octopus CRM Review: Does it Really Provide LinkedIn Growth?
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Octopus CRM Review

LinkedIn is without a doubt the top professional platform for recruiting, networking, as well as generating sales leads for B2B transactions and products and services. With LinkedIn’s leading performance in the professional social media arena, there’s a lot of untapped potential that people are finally starting to notice. 

Because LinkedIn has so much opportunity, there are many users who are looking to maximize their connections, endorsements, and customer relationship management through the platform. Where there is demand, there is supply, and companies are popping up left and right to try and help users. 

But are they really trying to help? 

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding these LinkedIn growth agencies that promise optimal lead generation and campaigns to gain more engagements due to the shady practices that come along with their promises. 

In this article, we’re going to review one of these companies, Octopus CRM, to see if they can actually help you in terms of LinkedIn networking and lead generation. Let’s get started. 

What is Octopus CRM? 

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Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automated software service that has a variety of different features for LinkedIn which include sending automated connection requests, bulk messaging, automatic endorsements of up to 7 skills, as well as automatic profile visits, among others. 

While most other social media platforms don’t monitor profile visits, LinkedIn is one that does show their users who have viewed their profile, as the ultimate goal of users on LinkedIn is related to business. For that reason, many automated services for LinkedIn include profile visits. 

They also allow you to store leads and build marketing funnels on LinkedIn, although they don’t specify more about these features. There are a few other things that they offer, but ultimately, the bulk of their services are based on automated software. 

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Octopus CRM Review: How does the Service Work? 

Since Octopus CRM is an automated service that runs on pre-programmed engagements, all of the profile views, messages, endorsements, as well as connection requests are going to be done by bots. 

The problem with this is that your profile will lose its personal touch, which is extremely negative on such a personal platform such as LinkedIn that relies on real networking and connections for business purposes. 

When you have bulk messages sent out, this is a really impersonal way to contact potential leads, and it’s actually even a turnoff for your business or company. Most people don’t want to work for or do business with people who can’t even give a personal response to their most important business communications. 

They also automate follow-ups for both responses and no responses, which is even worse, since automating a message to a lead that never followed up is definitely not attractive, nor will it change their mind or gain any more traction than you already had with them. 

One interesting feature of Octopus CRM is their analytics dashboard, which gives you LinkedIn statistics and shows how you are performing. This is a valuable tool, but all of the rest of the automation tools aside from this one are pretty lackluster. 

Not only are they lackluster, they can also bring harm to your account. We don’t advise that you use any type of LinkedIn automated service or software, and we’ll tell you exactly why. 

Octopus CRM Review: The Dangers of LinkedIn Automation 

Octopus CRM Dashboard

It’s no secret that bots have been waging wars on social media platforms for ages. Top platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, as well as Twitter have all had to implement different consequences and algorithmic changes to deter bots from operating on the platform. 

Not only are bots an annoyance to the user experience, they discredit the legitimacy of the platform and put their connections and engagements in jeopardy. A platform like LinkedIn that depends upon the integrity of the platform, simply won’t tolerate bots and automation on their platform. 

They have become much smarter in how they deal with automation; they will first send you a message alerting you that you’ve been flagged, requiring you to then agree that you will not use any type of third party service that goes against the LinkedIn terms of use. 

Yep, you heard that right— bots and automation are prohibited by the terms of use on LinkedIn. That means no matter which automation service you choose, Octopus CRM or another, you are going against the rules of the platform. 

That means your account can be flagged, and if you are repeatedly caught using these services, your profile will be disabled. This can be devastating if you rely on your LinkedIn for true business purposes. 

 Not only that, Octopus CRM knows this— that’s why they say there are certain limits for the amount of engagements you can do daily. They are trying not to be detected by LinkedIn; the same thing happened with Instagram. 

Don’t think you’re smarter than LinkedIn. They will catch you, and you may be punished accordingly. Ultimately, using an automation service on LinkedIn just isn’t worth it, no matter how great the service’s promises are. 

Octopus CRM Pricing and Plans Review

Octopus CRM Review

If the rules haven’t deterred you, Octopus CRM offers four different pricing plans, all of which include different features that the service can offer. The more you pay, the more features you can utilize. 

All of the options come with a 7-day free trial, which isn’t really enough time to make an informed decision about how the service will work; the good news is that they don’t ask for a credit card, so that’s reassuring at least. 

When you decide on the plan you want, you can pay either monthly or annually, but we highly discourage you from paying annually, as it’s likely that you will encounter issues with these services, and you don’t want to be locked in with a lost investment for a whole year. 

Review Conclusion

All in all, Octopus CRM presents itself as a legit and valuable service; the only thing that is of interest here is the analytics. Other than that, they’re a clear automation software, which is against the terms of LinkedIn. 

Don’t give in to these catchy and attractive companies that know they are breaking the rules. They aren’t going to be able to deliver what they promise due to the restrictions that LinkedIn placed on third parties, not to mention that they could get you banned. 

Stick to above-the-board strategies for LinkedIn that won’t put your account at risk. 

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