Losing Twitter Followers

Losing Twitter Followers? How to Fix in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

Losing Twitter Followers? How to Fix in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

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Losing Twitter followers can be a little worrying.

However, usually due to changing interests and other reasons people tend to follow and unfollow accounts on Twitter.

Although a fluctuating number of followers is perfectly normal, it cannot be denied that a rapid drop in the audience may force you to question things.

If such an abnormal dip occurs, it is very likely to be in a short period. After noticing this, your concern about your account, quality of content, or even the audience itself is reasonable.

Worrying in this unusual case makes total sense. According to our research and experience, we can list at least 10 frequent reasons that can result in you losing Twitter followers.

We help accounts gain followers and expand their reach, so read the whole article to fix this issue you are facing.

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Reasons Behind Losing Twitter Followers

It’s not common for people to lose their Twitter followers just like that. If it happens to you, it becomes important to figure out the actual cause.

Here, we have mentioned a few of the most likely scenarios that would be causing this issue:

1. Removal of Fake Followers by Twitter

Many users tend to buy followers to increase their reach and popularity. Twitter’s algorithm is very sensitive to this and can know immediately if a follower is genuine or not.

If you have gained followers through spam or by paying money, Twitter will recognize this and remove those followers from your following list.

Twitter’s policy strictly forbids such scams and strongly believes in organic traffic.

Thus the algorithm prevents such scammers from gaining more followers through non-conventional means.

Apart from losing Twitter Followers, you might even get a penalty inflicted upon your account for such actions.

Most probably it will be Twitter’s doing if you notice a sudden loss of nearly 100200 followers overnight.

These followers non-suspiciously disappear if the work of suspending the account is done by a high-tech Twitter algorithm.

While you might feel this is the worst for your account, it is also important to note that losing Twitter followers will significantly increase your engagement rate per follower.

Organic traffic on your account is very desirable instead of a fake crowd that barely responds.

This fake following will do nothing but put your account at risk of suspension, while sincere followers that you gain by conventional methods will always benefit you.

In the case of a business, the pseudo audience will not benefit from any revenue, thus rendering them a complete waste of time and money (if paid for).

Instead of that, we suggest generating a genuine fan base that will sincerely support you; and losing Twitter followers that are fake.

Even though they are following you in very huge numbers, it is not likely that every post made by you will be liked or shared by them. 

Thus lack of this interaction will only reduce your engagement and reach. And they won’t even benefit you by converting into sales for your business.

Hence, staying away from such apps or bots, or sites that help you increase your Twitter followers through scandalous ways, is always preferred.

What to do about it?

Look into the matter personally. Check the records to know how many followers you have lost in how much period.

If you have lost a significant amount of audience in a short period of a day or so, then the above situation might be the case.

You should also check if Twitter has declared such an action on the news.

This could be the case if Twitter has done it on a massive scale, releasing the news to discourage scammers would make sense. Research on the internet about the news.

Go on media like Reddit, Facebook, or even Twitter itself, since these platforms are also flooded with the latest news.

Try searching for tags like, ‘Twitter deactivates bots’, ’Losing Twitter Followers’, ‘Twitter taking down account’, ‘Twitter banning account’, etc., and see if you can find anyone complaining or reporting about such an action.

If you suspect that the reason could be different than this, then check out more commonly seen causes listed below.

2. Lack of Quality

Losing Twitter followers usually means that your content quality is degrading.  Twitter is a text-oriented platform.

However, in the world of audio-visual media, people tend to think of long texts as boring and tiring to read.

So, it is advised to keep your tweets short and easy to read. Keeping them short makes them engaging and to the point.

Even so, it is also important to keep your tweets relatable to your followers. Thus stopping the problem of losing Twitter followers.

Also, one more piece of advice is to avoid stereotypical types of content. Content that can be found everywhere is not what people are looking for.

They want something unique and interesting. We recommend posting about topics that have a positive effect on your niche and thus upload unique and new content every time.

3. Lack of Consistency

In content-driven media, not posting daily could lead you to losing Twitter followers.

Since the audience follows your account for your content, you must deliver what they expect from you. In case you fail to do so, they could think of unfollowing you.

Many accounts post what their followers desire, to maintain a healthy relationship with their audience. We suggest you do the same by posting periodically and thus reminding your followers about your account.

This will make your audience believe that you are regular about your content and thus keep following you.

If your routine doesn’t allow you to post during peak hours, not posting at all wouldn’t help either. To solve this issue, scheduling your posts would prove helpful.

The schedule feature will automatically publish your post at the allotted time. Thus no need to manually do stuff.

Losing Twitter Followers is usually a result of inconsistency or inactivity. While actively tweeting and retweeting about content that your audience desires to see, would highly boost your profile in popularity.

In case, you are regular but not aligned to your audience’s wanted content, it may cause a loss of followers as well.

If people are not getting the content of their interests, your posts will experience fewer interactions.

The lack of interaction will drop your engagement rate and this might even result in you losing Twitter followers.

According to surveys, it is healthy for your account to tweet 34 times a day for the best results.

Since Twitter has very high traffic, you need to keep your account and feed updated, thus posting multiple times every day.

If due for any reason, you do not post that much content, it will seem difficult to connect to your audience. Thus reducing your reach.

The hit and trial method is the only one that can help you in boosting your engagement and followers if you are interested in growing your Twitter account.

You may try your best and you may be posting regularly. However, you may still notice that your engagement is not enough.

This means more content doesn’t necessarily always mean more popularity and more engagement. On the contrary, this can eventually lead to you losing Twitter followers.

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is a very fast social media, if not posted correctly, your post could even go unnoticed by most of your followers. The number of posts per hour is increasing day by day.

Hence, if you are facing the issue of very less engagement, you need to make changes in your strategy. The time at which you tweet is a main factor in this.

Analyze your past performance and figure out the peak hours that lead more traffic to your profile.

If there are some posts that have received much engagement in the first hour, then make sure to pin them.

By doing that, you make it easier for the new audience to find these popular tweets by you. And thus the chances of them following you increase a lot.

Thus, pinning your popular posts will attract more traffic and preserve the previous ones at the same time. This is guaranteed to stop the problem of losing Twitter followers to a much greater degree.

4. Excessive Promotion

We all can agree that promotion is today’s need. To convert your engagement into sales, you need to advertise your product at its best.

However, too much promotion could be the reason why you are losing Twitter followers.

It is indeed right to show off your products to your audience trying to convince them into buying, but just like everything, there is also a limit to promotion.

If you constantly promote, then the followers might even get tired of that.

This much spamming could affect in the opposite way than intended, thus followers might end up unfollowing you. The secret to perfectly promoted products is to not constantly promote them.

It is equally important to post different things, such as interesting facts related to the niche. These facts will add to your followers’ knowledge and positively promote you.

It is also advised to avoid sending constant DMs to your followers every day. Instead of promoting your product or service, you might end up annoying your audience.

And techniques of convincing someone to buy your products or services are similar in the real world and the digital world. Let’s take a look at an example to understand this.

Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook, is the technique invented by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Many people do not have great opinions about Gary, however, he is the one to master Social Media for his products and services.

Further, you may want to know what this ‘jab, jab, jab, right hook’ technique actually is?

Simply put, you will need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Post Interesting Content that your audience loves.

Step 2 – Post Interesting Content that your audience loves.

Step 3 – Post Interesting Content that your audience loves.

Step 4 – Promote your brand.

If you constantly keep promoting yourself, then your followers are sure to be annoyed and thus unfollow you. However, this technique will lessen its chances.

By posting valuable content, your audience will engage with your account and stick with you for more time. Thus making your promotion more convincing and stopping you from losing Twitter followers.

The content is not compulsorily about your brand or you, engage your audience in smart and interesting ways.

Conversations will even add up to the overall value of your profile, so you can even start helping people with topics related to your product.

Thus people will be attracted to your profile for support. After your audience is gathered, you can do your promotion.

This will be more persuasive than constant promotion and thus your sales are guaranteed to increase.

What to Do About It?

Look into your Twitter analytics. See if there is any indication that you lost followers on or after the day of the excessive promotion.

In case you find a correlation between your losing Twitter followers and your days of self-promotion, you need to think over your strategy. Try plotting a new strategy to interest more audiences and retain them.

5. Going Off Track

If your account is already established in a certain niche, then it is not advisable to go off track and post about any other topic.

This could harm your reliability unless the post has any importance related to your niche. For example, an account based on esports posts something related to fashion.

Since the Fashion industry is totally irrelevant to sports fans, the post is highly likely to leave a negative impression on the established audience.

This could easily hurt your popularity and could result in you losing your Twitter followers. However, on patriotic days such as independence day, it is normal to post wishes or related content.

In such a case, it is not off track, instead, it will benefit you due to the patriotic feelings of many.

Frequently posting content unrelated to your niche could harm your account in many ways, the prominent effect would be you losing Twitter followers.

After noticing, your audience will most probably unfollow you and eventually lose interest in your account.

So, we suggest you stick to the original purpose of opening the account and keep posting related content which entertains your audience.

When any user starts using Twitter, it provides the users with a feature to select interesting topics. After that, Twitter presents the user with posts related to those topics.

Imagine, you create an account to post about the entertainment niche. That makes the followers know you as the account that posts entertainment-related content.

But now if you suddenly start posting about the cryptocurrency market, it will directly reflect on your follower number.

It is important that you check your content to see if any post is unrelated to your niche. Since this action of posting content unrelated to your niche, your followers will definitely find it irrelevant.

If you are willing to post about a different niche, then it is preferable to post those posts on a new account. Since a sudden change of niche will result in you losing Twitter followers.

6. Deactivating Fake accounts

If like any other Twitter geek, you have paid people to increase your followers, you should not have high hopes from them.

Such followers, like any other non-conventional gain, are worthless, since they only exist in your followers’ list and do not interact with your posts or tweets at all.

After you complete your transaction, they will most certainly follow you. Thus closing the deal and making you trust them by increasing your followers in the exact number you paid for.

However, after a few days, you will start losing Twitter followers. On such accounts, you will find no posts, favs, or retweets, because these accounts are not real Twitter accounts.

Thus, these accounts are useless, because they do not help your engagement, clicks, sales, or even leads.

The biggest problem with these phonies is that they will unfollow you after a few days just to let you know that your money was wasted.

The smart algorithm of Twitter detects accounts that have no other activity but only following.

After learning about such accounts, Twitter does the obvious and deactivates them. This results in you losing Twitter followers that you paid a certain amount for, causing your loss.

These accounts will disappear sooner or later, so it is suggested that you avoid such methods to increase your followers.

7. Glitch by Twitter

If you have read the whole article and nothing above seems to be the problem, then we can’t deny the possibility that it may be a glitch from Twitter that’s resulting in you losing Twitter followers.

If that is indeed the case, then it is not to be ignored.

Like any other platform, Twitter is not perfect as well. In past times, Twitter has presented many glitches that caused a significant loss of followers.

This glitch has lasted for minutes or even days, this issue will last until you report Twitter about it.

Twitter may detect the problem by itself and resolve it. Many such cases have been notified before on the news, however, it is a rare situation.

In case you are facing the exact issue, you need to wait for at least 24 hours before coming to any conclusion.

Analyze the situation carefully and see if that is the issue. If you are certain that it is a glitch by Twitter, then request Twitter in their support box regarding the issue.

In the case of the issue being from their end, your followers will return soon.

8. Inactivity

In the rapidly updating platform of Twitter, it is very important to be active. People tend to follow newer pages that keep them updated.

The same might be the case with your followers. If you are not posting enough content, then your followers might turn to more active pages.

Consistency is a factor in promotion. Thus, it is important that your followers get to see your posts daily.

If you are not posting anything, then it is highly likely that people are forgetting about your brand and your account.

We recommend posting regularly and keeping a schedule for your account. If you do this and post regularly, the issue of losing Twitter followers would be resolved.

Interacting with your followers through shoutouts of online games that may interest many of them is a good way to upload content when your posts are not ready.

This way, your promotions could be made more fun and less annoying. Also, this is a great way to demonstrate our love to your followers.

Report the Issue to Twitter

How Many Twitter Users In The US Are There

You have had a problem, you figured out its cause and now you are certain that your account has some issue. It is highly recommended that you report the issue to Twitter.

Tell them the exact thing that you are facing by reporting to their support page. It is very helpful if you attach a screenshot of your issue with the complaint.

You could also add more details like your previous and current followers, making the issue easier to assess.

With this, we end our article on the issue of Losing Twitter Followers. If you have any doubts or queries, you can ask them in the comment section below.

We assure you that we will try our best to answer every question and solve your queries.

Final Thoughts

Twitter has witnessed an enormous rise in its active user base in the last few years. The higher number of active users also means that now people have a whole range of options to choose their content creator.

If a user doesn’t enjoy the content you’re creating, they won’t hesitate to unfollow you for a better alternative. This probably can be a nightmare for you if you’re looking to expand your fanbase on Twitter.

However, this does not mean that you are helpless. The variety of aspects we discussed in this article will help you assess your strategy much more effectively for the future.

You’ll be creating quality content that is applauded by your followers and will generate revenue for you at the same time.

Following the tips mentioned here will also ensure that you’re not losing Twitter followers.

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