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9 Best ISP Proxies in 2024 (Virgin IPs for Sneaker Bots etc)

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024

9 Best ISP Proxies in 2024 (Virgin IPs for Sneaker Bots etc)

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024

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The best ISP proxies in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

If you’ve heard of ISP proxies, then you know the advantages they offer over datacenter proxies and residential proxies.

Their features have seen them gradually become the most sought-after proxy types in the proxy market.

When buying ISP proxies, you need to buy from a reliable proxy provider.

This article will be taking an in-depth analysis of ISP proxies, their benefits, and recommended proxy providers offering the best ISP proxies that money can buy.

Best ISP Proxies in 2024

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. IPRoyal
  5. The Social Proxy
  6. Blazing SEO
  7. Astroproxy
  8. Proxy-Seller

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Rotating ISP Proxies

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Oxylabs is a famous ISP proxies provider in a class of its own. This proxy service is focused on providing the proxy market with top-quality dedicated ISP proxies, especially for sneaker copping.

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Oxylabs is easy to use as you don’t waste time logging in, and their dashboard is straightforward.

Their proxies are very fast and offer several exceptional use cases.

They work well for sneaker copping on platforms like Adidas, Footlocker, Nike, Yeezy Supply, Shopify, Finishline, and Supreme.

Oxylabs has many countries available and many millions of IP addresses.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data ISP Proxies

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Bright Data is one of the best proxy services in the market today, as they have proven their quality, reliability, and consistency over the years.

Bright Data offers all types of proxies from all the proxy categories, including the newly introduced mobile proxies.

It is also one of the few proxy providers that provide high-quality ISP proxies. Bright Data’s ISP proxies are one of the first static ISP proxies available in the proxy space and remain one of the best.

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Their ISP proxies are called Bright Data static residential proxies, and they don’t use peer-to-peer sourced IP addresses as their regular residential proxy network does; instead, they use IP addresses sourced directly by Internet Service Providers.

Due to this, Bright Data’s ISP proxies are one of the fastest ISP proxies, with an incredible network uptime of 100 percent.

Their proxies are always online, and users can keep them for an extended period before they change.

One of the biggest flexes of Bright Data that makes it the best proxy service in the world is its large proxy pool.

Bright Data has the most significant residential proxy pool, with more than 72 million IP addresses in its proxy pool.

It also has one of the largest ISP proxy pools with more than 100,000 IP addresses available for users to browse the internet.

It also has a broad location coverage, with its servers in every country in the world. This makes Bright Data perfect for geo-targeting and ISP targeting, as users can choose proxies from different countries and cities.

The major downside of Bright Data proxies is in terms of their pricing. Their proxies are very expensive, with the least monthly subscription going for $500 for 40GB.

3. ProxyEmpire


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ProxyEmpire is a fantastic proxy provider famous for its web data extraction qualities which its proxies are specifically designed for.

They are branded as residential proxies; however, they also provide ISP proxies.

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ProxyEmpire proxy gets its ISP proxies from Internet Service Providers worldwide.

They have extensive location coverage, as their servers are present in every country worldwide.

They also boast some of the largest ISP pools in the proxy market, as their users have access to more than 10 million IP addresses they can browse with.

With this, ProxyEmpire Proxy can keep users’ traffic within their systems and also provide one-hop connectivity.

This helps to increase their proxy speed, making their proxies one of the fastest in the market.

ProxyEmpire proxies have an incredible network uptime of 100 percent and provide users with top-quality static IP addresses from Internet Service Providers.

They also offer rotating ISP proxies making them a unique proxy provider.

4. IPRoyal


One of the best proxy services in the market that offer high-quality ISP proxies is IPRoyal.

This fantastic residential proxy service is a fast-growing proxy service provider that has surprised the proxy since its emergence and has grown to be one of the best proxy services in the market. 

IPRoyal most significant selling point is its large proxy pool and comprehensive location coverage. They have servers all over the world with over 8 million proxies.

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Their comprehensive location coverage makes geo-targeting perfect, as users can use proxies from selected Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide. 

Another advantage IPRoyal has over other proxy providers is their clean IP pool, as they are the proxy service provider with the cleanest proxy pool in the proxy market.

This is because their proxy pool is constantly updated, and all bad proxies are regularly removed. In terms of pricing, IPRoyal is pretty affordable.

5. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy is another highly rated proxy service that you can patronize for quality ISP proxies.

This proxy provider is known for its datacenter proxies; however, it still boasts of quality ISP proxies because it uses infrastructures to host its ISP proxies.

The speed that The Social Proxy ISP proxies offer is at par with their datacenter proxies which is one of the fastest in the proxy market.

Their proxies also have features of residential proxies, making them great for particular use cases.

The Social Proxy ISP proxies are among the cheapest ISP proxies in the market, even though they may still be termed expensive.

Users can buy The Social Proxy ISP proxies for as low as $9.97 for 1 ISP proxy per month. Interestingly, the more ISP proxies you buy, the less you have to buy for their ISP proxies.

Also, The Social Proxy allows users to access their proxies with up to five different devices. They offer unlimited bandwidth and thread.

The main downside to using The Social Proxy ISP proxies is their location coverage. Although their location coverage of 29 locations worldwide is fair, it is poor compared to their counterparts with a more comprehensive location coverage.

6. Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO is one of the proxy service providers that provide proxy users with dedicated ISP proxies.

They also offer other good proxy categories apart from their ISP proxies, such as their datacenter and residential proxies.

Blazing SEO proxies price is pretty fair compared to other ISP proxies, with their subscription starting from $32 weekly for 25 proxies.

It may be seen as expensive when you look at the monthly cost, but because of its flexibility that allows for weekly subscriptions and unlimited bandwidth, the price is fair.

A significant downside of Blazing SEO is their poor location coverage. Their proxies are only available to one region in the United States, which is Ashburn, VA.

However, according to Blazing SEO website, their proxies are perfect for sneaker copping and are compatible with sneaker websites like Supreme, Footsites, Shopify, and Yeezy Supply, among others.

Their customer service is top-notch, and they also provide their users a Telegram channel customer support unit for quick responses to their requests.

7. Astroproxy


Astroproxy is a popular proxy provider that offers good quality ISP proxies. The Russian proxy provider is renowned for its cheap proxies and provides the most affordable ISP proxies.

Users can purchase Astroproxy ISP proxies for as cheap as  $3 for 1GB, depending on the package that is being subscribed to.

Astroproxy offers fair geo-targeting features, as their proxies are supported from only 12 countries.

This, though, is not encouraging compared to the premium proxy services like Bright Data and IPRoyal.

Another downside of Astroproxy ISP proxies is that no one knows how large their proxy pool is, as it is not indicated on their website.

Apart from the problem of location coverage, Astroproxy is an excellent proxy service with a good number of use cases, especially for web data scraping and multiple account management.

Private ISP Proxies for Sneaker Bots

Interestingly ISP proxies are more popular and used in the sneaker copping industry than any other proxy use case.

This is because ISP proxies are perfect for sneaker bots; therefore it gets major demand from the sneaker copping industry.

For sneaker copping to be efficient, there are locational requirements that servers and proxies used for sneaker copping must meet.

If these locational requirements are not met, these proxies may end up being slow, and your chances of achieving success will be reduced.

This is the reason why many ISP proxy providers set up their data centers in such locations and as well get their residential IP addresses from those locations.

The ISP proxies below are specialized for sneaker copping, and even though they are not the best proxy providers in the market, they will provide a fair result.

8. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is a pretty good proxy service for sneaker copping. It strictly provides its services to the sneaker copping market. Proxy-Seller has proxies in both the datacenter and residential proxy categories.

Under their proxy categories, their ISP proxy package is one of the packages they provide. These ISP proxies work at an incredible speed that would make one think they are datacenter proxies.

However, Proxy-Seller are considered as unmetered residential proxies because they provide unlimited bandwidth.

They are also considered one of the cheapest proxy service providers for ISP proxies, as their monthly plan goes for $25 monthly for ten proxies.

The downside of Proxy-Seller is that they lack good location coverage and are bad for geo-targeting. Their proxies are located only in the United States, in the region of northern Virginia.

9. Smartproxy


Recommended Guide: Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy is a private proxy provider offering some of the highest quality private ISP proxies in the proxy market.

Their ISP proxy packages are also sneaker proxies for sneaker copping.

Their proxies are available worldwide in 195+ locations.

Their proxies are also seen as being fairly inexpensive when compared with other proxies.

SmartProxy’s service work well on sneaker websites like Finishline, Footisites, Yeezy Supply, Shopify, and a few other sneaker sites.

Overview of ISP Proxies

One of the factors that drive any market is the demand, which eventually leads to changes in the market.

The aim for a constantly evolving market is always pegged towards meeting customer demands and providing customer satisfaction. For this same reason, the proxy market is continually changing as new technology is introduced.

The proxy market first had datacenter proxies introduced to the market, then residential proxies, after which, mobile proxies were introduced.

The latest innovation in the proxy market is the ISP proxies. ISP proxies were created to improve the existing proxy features to help meet customer demands.

With ISP proxies, you enjoy significant use cases and better proxy functionalities.

However, there are just a few proxy providers offering ISP proxies. Since ISP proxies are new and have few proxy service providers providing them, users cannot get free ISP proxies.

In the coming years, many proxy services will inevitably jump at providing ISP proxies and then, there will also be free ISP proxies in the market.

What Are ISP Proxies?


A simple definition of ISP proxies is that they are proxies that have both datacenter and residential proxy makeup.

This is because ISP proxies are hosted on data center servers and supported by Internet Service Provider network circuits to provide the ISP IP addresses instead of using data center IP addresses.

With this, ISP proxies are fast like datacenter proxies and have specialized use cases like the residential proxies.

ISP proxy providers get to pull this off by entering partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in different parts of the world to provide the IP addresses they use.

An advantage ISP proxies offer is that when you visit any website or platform online, your IP address is recognized as a real IP.

ISP Proxy vs. Residential Proxy vs. DC Proxy

ISP proxies are a new invention in the proxy market introduced to solve the problem of speed encountered with residential proxies.

This is because although residential proxies have many specialized use cases and are compatible with most websites, as well as being undetectable, they are generally slow.

Due to residential proxies’ slow speed, there are some vital tasks on the internet that they are not suitable for.

If you wish to use datacenter proxies for those tasks, you will end up compromising your identity or being at the risk of being blocked, as they are easily detectable. With ISP proxies, these shortcomings are met effortlessly.

Why Use ISP Proxies?

ISP proxies are fantastic because they offer all the use cases that residential proxies provide and also the speed of datacenter proxies.

However, ISP proxies are very expensive, and it’s deemed as making poor financial decisions to use ISP proxies for all your proxy use cases.

This is because you can use residential or data proxies instead for most use cases unless there’s a justification to use ISP Proxies.

So if you are looking at purchasing ISP proxies, here are the reasons to use them.

Sneaker Copping and Other Limited-Edition Items

One of the main uses of ISP proxies is for sneaker copping. To enjoy the best out of sneaker copping and effectively engage in it, you need proxies that are fast and also undetectable.

This is because sneaker copping is known for being very competitive and having limited-edition items being sold out quickly.

Datacenter proxies are fast but are easily detected, while residential proxies are undetectable, but you will have to compromise on speed.

ISP proxies have the features that need to effectively engage in sneaker copying, as these proxies are fast and undetectable.

Private Browsing Without Compromising on Speed

Private Browsing

Another reason to use ISP proxies is private browsing that won’t compromise on speed. Regular residential proxies can actually be used for browsing the Internet and provide great privacy, but they are generally slow.

Also, because they use rotational proxies, the number of times your IP address has to change could put your accounts at risk of drawing suspicions.

Using datacenter proxies will provide the needed speed but would offer you privacy like desired. They are easily detected and blocked, thereby restricting your access.

Due to this, it’s best to use ISP proxies. ISP proxies with static IP addresses are fast and undetectable. They offer the much-needed privacy online as well as a smooth and hitch free internet connection.

Scraping at High-Speed

Speed is an essential requirement for efficient and effective data scraping; therefore, any proxy used for data scraping should be fast.

Another requirement a proxy needs for data scraping is to be undetectable. The perfect type of proxies for this task are ISP proxies.

They offer the speed up needed for the data scraping process and will be completely undetectable when online.

The disadvantage with ISP proxies is that they can be expensive for data scraping, although there are cheaper options in the market. 


Residential Proxies Vs. ISP Proxies?

Residential Proxies and ISP Proxies are synonymous with each other, but yet they are different from each other.

Speed is the significant difference between Residential Proxies and ISP Proxies.

ISP proxies are known to possess the high speed of datacenter proxies and still have residential proxy features, while the residential proxies are typically slow.

Therefore it is safe to say that ISP proxies are residential proxies that have the speed of datacenter proxies.

ISP proxies get their IP addresses directly from Internet Service Providers, unlike the residential proxies that get their IP addresses from peer-to-peer networks.

Are ISP Proxies Undetectable?

ISP proxies have features of residential proxies and also use of their IP addresses. This implies that ISP proxies have quality undetectable features like residential proxies.

They are generally undetectable, although, depending on your activities while using ISP proxies, you could have attention drawn to you.

To ensure you are operating in an absolutely undetectable mode, it’s best to use high-quality ISP proxies.

Are ISP Proxies Secure?

ISP proxies, just like the residential proxies, are very secure to use, as they employ the latest security protocols in the market.

ISP proxies use military-grade security systems to protect users’ data from malware and hackers. When using high-quality ISP proxies, you can be rest assured that your connections are secure.


From our guide to buy ISP proxy services above, it is evident that this type of proxy is a kind of hybrid designed to provide users the speed advantage datacenter proxies provide. They also provide the undetectable and top security nature of residential proxies.

Therefore, ISP proxies are perfect for special use cases and tasks that won’t compromise speed to be compatible with the browsed website and vice versa.

If you want high-quality ISP proxies, any of the list of best ISP proxies above are perfect for most use cases.

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