10 Best Instagram Tools for Unrivaled Growth (2021)

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With so much going on these days via Instagram, we can always use more tools to help streamline our workflow. Here we’ll talk about some different Instagram tools that you can use to optimize your following and keep your focus where it belongs: on your content! 

There’s no better way to optimize your brand or business than using Instagram. And if you’re looking to monetize Instagram through influencing or brand partnerships, you’ll definitely need to keep up to par with the competition. 

90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account, and with Instagram clocking over a billion monthly users, now’s the time to kick it into high gear and start taking advantage of the many tools that can help you with your growth. 

Per Facebook Instagram data, 91% of users say that they use Instagram to follow one or more of their interests. That gives huge potential for brands, businesses, and influencers to reach huge numbers of people that might enjoy their products. 

Not only that, 54% say that they’ve actually purchased something after seeing it on Instagram, and 87% took some kind of action after seeing something they liked. 

Best Instagram Tools (2021)

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out all of the best Instagram tools for growth available to you in 2021 and how you can use them! 

1. Growthoid: Get Real Instagram Followers 

Growthoid Review: Organic Follower Growth Service

Having more Instagram followers leads to many things– higher engagement levels, increased opportunity for conversion, and more interest generated for your brand. If you can reach more users and provide enough value content for them to follow you, you’re on your way to Instagram success. 

Unfortunately, in order to get more eyes on your profile, you’ve got to do a lot of engaging on the platform, which can take hours a day. To successfully grow your account, you should be commenting on other people’s content, participating in conversations, liking user photos and viewing stories, among other interactions– it’s basically a full time job. 

Add content creation, content scheduling, posting, editing, captioning and hashtag strategy, responding to DMs, creating stories– it’s never ending! 

Growthoid is the absolute best way to streamline your workflow and allow someone else to take over your growth and do those engagements for you. Growthoid is the top Instagram growth service for growing organic followers manually

That’s right, no automation, no bots, no bulk followers– just real, organic users in your target audience that will actually care about your content. 

How do they do it? Basically after signing up, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who will be handling your growth. You’ll provide your account manager with a variety of targets so that they can find relevant followers that will be interested in your content. And voila! Real, human engagements to get you real, organic followers. 

There’s no Instagram tool quite like Growthoid to supercharge your follower growth. 

Most other Instagram tools out there are using automation and bots in order to take care of follower growth, but Instagram has cracked down hard on that in recent years, and these tools are now virtually useless. They can also cause you to have a negative reputation from pre-generated interactions, as most users can now spot a bot from a mile away. 

Many previously popular automated growth tools such as SocialBlade and SocialCaptain have even shut down because Instagram has changed their policy in regards to automation, making it simply impossible to offer services. 

If you’re looking for real follower growth, stick to Growthoid. They’ve got manual growth services that get you the followers you need. 

2. Canva: Create Amazing Instagram Stories 


Now that you’ve got Growthoid to help boost your organic followers, you need to make sure that you’ve got top-notch content that will catch the eye of any user who crosses your profile. This is one of the keys to using even the best Instagram tools to boost your following, so it’s important that you keep your eye on the prize and use these tools to enhance your content, constantly evolving and following trends. 

One of the most popular current trends on Instagram is Instagram stories. Half of the active users on Instagram, a rough 500 million, use Instagram stories daily. That’s huge! Every day, there are five million viewers on Instagram stories. 

If you haven’t been taking advantage of this feature on the platform, you’re behind the curve. It’s a trending way to interact with your followers, as well as build your brand image and personality of you and/or your business. 

Canva is one of the best Instagram tools for creating amazing stories that will no doubt captivate your audience and bring you new followers that can’t get enough. 

Canva works on iPhone, android, as well as on desktop. This is absolutely amazing if you prefer to create your Instagram stories all on the computer and then upload them to the platform via mobile.

They have a plethora of incredible pre-made templates for Instagram stories, and they are totally customizable to create the content and aesthetic that you’re looking for. Frankly, these templates are absolutely stunning. They also offer photos that you can use from their database if you’re looking for an image that you want to use in the story. 

All of the text is editable and you can even create multi-page stories directly from the editing tool. It’s really user friendly, regardless of your level of graphic design know-how.

What’s the best part? All of this is free! So, if you’re not taking advantage of this incredible tool to optimize your Instagram content, you’re missing out! 

3. trendHERO: Track Followers and Influencers


One of the best ways to grow your real followers on Instagram is to team up with other people in your niche who have a good platform and can provide you with valuable followers. This is an awesome way to benefit from a shared audience and cross-promote content and products. 

In order to find beneficial partnerships, you can use trendHero to analyze an influencer’s follower quality as well as find a reference point for users that are also related to the influencer’s niche. 

Since influencers may be extra selective in choosing their partnerships, finding related accounts that may also become valuable partners is a powerful way to expand your reach and get more viewers from your target audience. 

Not only that, through this analysis, you can learn more about what types of users are following these accounts, expanding your knowledge of your target audience and why an account is thriving. 

They have four pricing options so you can decide which one is best for you. trendHero is definitely one of the top Instagram tools, especially for bloggers, businesses, and marketers. 

4. Later: Visualize Your Content 


Since Instagram is a mobile platform, sometimes it can be hard to visualize exactly what your content will look like before you post it. Now more than ever, it’s very important for Instagram profiles to be extremely clean and well-tailored; they should always have a consistent brand image and project an aesthetic that is pleasing and valuable to profile visitors and followers. 

Enter– Later. Later offers a wonderful visual Instagram planner so that you can see exactly how your main profile will look based on the order of your posts. This gives you a birds-eye view of what people will see when they visit your page, and it also can help you to plan your posting order in a way that is optimal for follower growth. 

While Instagram users who visit your profile won’t know all of the work and consideration that went into your content, it should appear so seamless that they are constantly engaged by your content and want to see more. With Later, you can totally accomplish this. 

As one of the best Instagram growth tools when it comes to visualizing your feed and planning out your content, Later can definitely keep you on top of your Instagram aesthetic.  

Later has a variety of plan options with many different features, but the best thing is that the visual schedule planner is part of their free option. With this option, you’ll be able to allocate your investments in other areas if you have more of a business need. 

5. Iconosquare: Stay on Top of Analytics 


After you start using all of these tools like Growthoid, Canva, and Later for Instagram growth, you’ll definitely need to make sure you have a way to track your performance and see how your content is doing. 

All in all, if you have no idea how many followers you’ve gained, how many actions were taken based on your content, how many times someone saved your photo, how can you gage your growth? 

One of the best Instagram tools for analysis is definitely Iconosquare. While Instagram does offer insights for professional accounts, Iconosquare takes analytics to the next level. 

They will provide you with easy to understand, consistent reporting on how your account is performing– how many engagements you get, follower growth, hashtags reports, profile reports, and more. They also provide a report on optimal posting times so that you’ll know when your posts will perform best and will get optimal reach. 

Iconosquare will even keep tabs on your competitors and monitor how they’re doing in comparison! You’ll be able to understand exactly how you’re measuring up to your competition and take action based on real data. 

Iconosquare is a comprehensive Instagram analytics solution. They also offer a mobile app in order to stay up to date with your performance analytics. As far as pricing goes, they offer 4 options of the same two plans– you can pay monthly, or you can choose the yearly option and pay all at once for a savings. 

6. HypeAuditor: Monitor Fake Followers


If you’ve noticed a drop in your follower to engagement ratio, or you feel that some of your followers aren’t engaging as much as they should, you probably need to take a look at the quality of those followers and see which ones are active and real, and which ones aren’t. 

If you’ve ever purchased followers in bulk or noticed a lot of odd profiles beginning to follow your account, chances are that you’ve acquired some fake followers along the way. 

Why does this matter? 

Well, numbers aren’t everything these days; more and more brand partners, sponsors, and Instagram users in general are very aware that many people try to boost the appearance of their popularity by using fake followers. This is ultimately a waste of time because these accounts are not going to engage with content, much less buy anything, which is the whole motivation behind a partnership or sponsorship. 

For the average user, they’re just plain annoying. 

Using HypeAuditor, you can check the quality of your followers and see just how many of them are dead weight. HypeAuditor analyzes your account, looking out for engagements, demographics, and quality of your followers. That way, you can get rid of those followers that are weighing your account down and continue to create awesome content for those followers that actually care. 

They can also look into other accounts so that you can evaluate the quality of their following and decide on potential partnerships. HypeAuditor is definitely one of the best Instagram tools out there for auditing. They have four different pricing options with a variety of features. 

7. Repost: Share Content  


As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to grow real followers and increase reach is to partner with other brands that have followers in your target audience. Some ways that brands partner together include: 

  • Going live together: you’ll often see brands or influencers going live together to cross-promote. 
  • Giveaways: it’s a great strategy to partner with one or two accounts to bring a giveaway to your followers. This is an easy way to gain a lot of followers, since usually you require them to follow all involved accounts in order to gain an entry. 
  • Shared content: oftentimes, brands will share their partner’s content or create content using some element of their partner’s product/service. This is especially done in Instagram stories. 

So, since partnerships are so valuable and sharing content can help expand your audience, the Repost app for Instagram makes it really easy to do just that. It also makes sure that your collaborator gets their photo credit, which is super important! Never try to pretend that content is yours if it’s not; this can lead to huge PR problems and even lawsuits if the material is copyrighted. 

Repost app is also great when you want to show that your brand cares about social issues. In fact, 70% of consumers want to see brands showing up for and supporting social issues that they find important. So, using the Repost app, you can show your support for issues through other accounts and organizations. 

This app is available for both iPhone and Android operating systems. It’s free, but they do offer a $19.99 yearly option for removing the watermark if you do so choose. 

8. Wordswag: Add Words to Your Photos  


Even though Instagram is a visual platform mainly focused on images, the power of the word can be invaluable. Many successful profiles either hire a graphic designer, are skilled in graphic design themselves, or use tools like Canva or Wordswag to keep up with digital design trends. 

Wordswag is a great app for those people who want to add a bit of flavor to their content in the form of words on photos, but don’t have a lot of graphic design knowledge or access to fonts and design tools. Wordswag is an application that can be used on both iPhone and Android. 

The sweet thing about Wordswag is that it allows you to create custom typography and add to your photos in no time at all; even if you did have access to a designer or design tools, it might take a lot longer. 

What’s more, Wordswag offers you text suggestions through a database of quotes, thoughts, and jokes, so if you’re a little bit out of ideas in terms of what to write, they’ve got you covered. 

Using words on your photos is a visual way to incorporate texts in your Instagram posts, and can give your followers and profile viewers a glimpse into who you are; it also enhances your aesthetic.

If you’re using your account for any kind of advertising or marketing, it can help to highlight features, services, or pricing specials in a pleasing way. Using images with texts helps create consistency and give information to your followers. They’ll definitely want to keep coming back for more.

Because Wordswag can help set you apart and spice up your photos, it’s definitely one of the best Instagram tools to employ in your strategy. 

9. SocialBlade: Keep up with The Trends  


While we’ve already touched on some analytics and auditing tools, Social Blade is also worth mentioning as one of the best Instagram tools, as it definitely keeps you up-to-date on which accounts are performing well, and how your own is doing. 

We can learn a lot from what is trending on the top followed Instagram accounts. Using these mega-star accounts as models can help us to identify strategies for Instagram that we can implement into our own content. 

For instance, if you look at the top-followed account on Instagram, it’s Instagram! But maybe you’re a sports player, or a beauty blogger. You can take a look at the top accounts that fall into that category and see how their follower counts have risen and dropped. This can be extremely useful to note what has worked for this user, and what hasn’t. 

If they, for example, had a decrease in followers, maybe they stopped posting consistently and changed up some of their content. Since you can see that week they had a decrease, you can make some guesses as to what caused their account to do that. When you take a look at the trends of other accounts, you get better at recognizing what is happening with your own. 

Social blade can also give you this report for your own account. It’s a super simple snapshot of what’s happening with your follower growth. 

The good news is that this site gives you public access to this information for free, and it also works on other platforms, if you’re looking for stats about other cross-platform accounts. 

10. Instagram Ads: Boost Your Reach 

Instagram Ads

While this is not a third party app or outside company, Instagram ads are absolutely one of the top Instagram tools, without a doubt. Truly, the only reason why everyone doesn’t use them is because they can add up to a high investment cost; not only that, if everyone used them, the platform would be nothing but ads! So it makes sense that they have to have some way to ensure not everyone is trying to run ad campaigns. 

But what are the actual benefits of Instagram ads? 

Instagram ads can get your content out to significantly more people in your target audience. The platform has done a great job of creating a stable ad experience that has brought in immense amounts of revenue in the past years. 

The only problem is that Instagram ads can get costly– sometimes the cost per click (CPC) can be up to $3.00 in highly-saturated markets. 

Depending on your marketing goals, Instagram ads can be a great way to get out some sponsored posts and bring more viewers to your profile. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can use ads strategically to work alongside these growth tools and gain followers that way.

Using Instagram ads only opens the door– if your content isn’t up to par, your profile doesn’t stand out, or your product/services can’t hold up against your competitors, you won’t see many results. You’ve got to make sure that you implement these other growth tools and profile optimization in order to see real, sustainable Instagram growth. 

Wrap-Up: Best Instagram Tools 2021 

So, there you have it, the top Instagram tools to boost your account growth in 2021. You may be thinking, but these aren’t follower growth programs, so how are they going to grow my account? 

Well, we did include Growthoid, our favorite account for follower growth and engaging users in your target audience, but aside from that, most of these tools are geared towards content and analytics. 

The reason for this is that Instagram growth isn’t simply about getting more followers. In order to get more followers, regardless of the methods you use, you need to have an account that offers high-quality content and value to users. If your account doesn’t do this, you’re not going to see any Instagram growth. 

The reason we’ve highlighted these 10 tools is because if you use them all together, you will truly see a massive level of Instagram growth because you’ll be taking advantage of all the best solutions to set you up for success. Starting with a solid profile and bio, great profile aesthetics, a consistent posting schedule, high level content, as well as knowing your profile stats and analytics will help to set you up for success when you do start gaining more reach through Growthoid or Instagram ads. 

Let’s take this example– you see an unknown account related to travel pop up in your notifications. You decide to take a look; after all, you love travel. When you go to the page, the bio is sloppy, there are a bunch of odd Instagram highlights that don’t match, and the content has no consistency or clear brand image. Eh, lackluster. Are you going to follow? Probably not. 

Now let’s imagine the same type of scenario with your own account– Growthoid brings 1000 new users to your account, all of which are in your target market. Awesome! But, your content is a mish-mash of different photos and videos, doesn’t have a clear aesthetic or content pillars, and doesn’t have any Instagram story highlights or captivating information. Those users who view your account aren’t going to follow, it’s as simple as that. 

Use these Instagram tools to optimize your content, and you’ll without a doubt find the boom in growth that you’re looking for! 

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