Instagram Story Views Order: How The Algorithm Works

Instagram Story Viewers Order 2024 (How The Algorithm Works)

Published on: December 1, 2022
Last Updated: December 1, 2022

Instagram Story Viewers Order 2024 (How The Algorithm Works)

Published on: December 1, 2022
Last Updated: December 1, 2022


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Trying to figure out the Instagram story viewers order?

It seems like everyone is!

Nowadays, an Instagram Story is more interesting and exciting than an Instagram post.

With just a single click, you can already see a person’s highlights without the need to visit their profile or use an anonymous Instagram story viewer

The Instagram Story feature became a huge thing since its release in 2016 and attracts over 500 million users posting 1 billion stories every day.

It usually lasts for 15 seconds and automatically disappears after 24 hours, which makes it a more “in the moment” kind of post. 

And that’s not all. Brands and businesses have been using Instagram’s popularity to post advertisements with an average of 2.5 stories a week that entice about 62% of people after seeing their stories.

Can you imagine how big the impact of an Instagram Story placement for potential clients is?

These are some of the reasons why Instagram reigns over other social media platforms such as Snapchat in terms of the number of views.

But do you want to know how to use Instagram Stories like a pro?

Well, let’s unravel the algorithm that lies behind the order of Instagram Story views.

What is the Instagram Story Viewers Order?

Instagram Story Views Order

Have you ever wondered how Instagram chooses which stories to show first? Well, there are a lot of theories and speculations about it but the truth is, it is still a mystery. 

Some believe that Instagram Stories are viewed chronologically, which is partly correct, but not until a certain Story gathers a lot of views.

But then, other people say that whoever views your profile the most ranks the highest in your Instagram Story, which means profile lurkers and stalkers should be at the top of your list.   

So, to see if it’s based on research, some have put it to the test by creating fake Instagram accounts to stalk or visit a specific profile for a few days without leaving a comment, hitting the like heart button, or interacting with anything.

And guess what happened? Viola! These fake accounts started to show up at the top of their Instagram Story viewers order.

Do you think this is a coincidence?

Whatever it is, it only shows that the Instagram story viewers order list doesn’t have any connection with public interaction such as likes, tags, and comments.

Similar to the feed, the story displayed is based on how interested you are in a certain profile, post, and content, or simply your relationship with the person who shared the stories.

These criteria help Instagram to provide effective connections between the creator and the viewers.

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How Does Instagram Determine the Story Viewers Order?

Based on the different theories about the order of Instagram story viewers and how Instagram Stories are truly ranked, more and more users have been curious to try it themselves.

And as a result, they have found out that the stories are viewed in reverse chronological order, but not until it reaches 50 views.

After that number, Instagram will choose accounts that they have interacted with the most to be on their top list. 

Sound convincing?

Not really. These observations are still not enough to come to a solid conclusion. So, we tried it ourselves, and here’s what we noticed.

We started with a similar strategy like creating dummy accounts and viewing a particular account repeatedly until we reached at least 50 views, which are listed chronologically.

But even though we achieved 50 views, the order didn’t seem to change and stayed in chronological order.

Despite the chronological theory or the profile views theory, it is still a mystery how Instagram determines the story’s views order.

Now, we know that Instagram does not rely on a single factor when it comes to the order of Story views.

In the meantime, you can just assume that those people on your top list are your biggest fans and leave the algorithms to the team at Instagram.

Why Does the Instagram Story Viewers Order Matter?

Instagram Story Views Rank

You might be wondering why the Instagram Story viewers order even matters to most people.

Well, for brands and businesses, it’s a way to create a relationship between customers and potential customers.

Knowing the people that constantly check your IG Stories means that you get to know those who are interested in your product or service.

Determining the level of interest among your viewers helps you figure out their status when it comes to their order of appearance in your Instagram Stories.

Factors such as the viewer’s level of activity, frequency of profile visits, public interactions, or direct messages from the viewers, all help to identify the influence of your Instagram Story. 

Several tests show that visiting one’s profile more often puts you in a high position of their views order List even without any sort of engagement.

It also reveals that Instagram uses Facebook to collect engagement data, which doesn’t come as a surprise, since Facebook owns Instagram. 

However, for regular Instagram users, is it really important to know this information? Lots of people are keen to know the secret behind Instagram Stories.

Why? Maybe to satiate their curiosity on who viewed their stories and profiles recently or the most, since it is a good insight into who likes their content, and who doesn’t?

How to Take Advantage of The Algorithm behind Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a useful tool for creators to distinguish and manage their audience.

When you know the people who are interested in your content, you have the advantage to build a good connection with them.

You need strategies on how to interact with them and possibly receive great feedback as a result. 

Capturing the attention of your followers is necessary to determine their interest in your content. When the low-ranked viewers move up, it could mean they have a growing interest in your profile.

Whether you are promoting products or services, the profile view frequency gives you a great opportunity to get to know your target audience better.

An effective way to do this is by using the “Swipe Up” function, which you are all aware of already.

This Instagram Story feature is a good opportunity to lead the viewers to your profile page, website, or other links just by swiping their screens up while viewing your stories. 

However, to be able to use the “Swipe Up” function, you need to have 10,000 followers or more. However, you can use an alternative way to attract viewers by tagging them through your story’s captions.

You can add visual cues or calls-to-action as well so they can still visit the page you link by tapping on it.

Another recommended strategy to encourage them to visit your page or bring more traffic to your website is through consistent interaction with your followers.

However, it’s more than just a simple link that you leave in their comment section. Try to engage with them on a deeper level, and show them that you have what they need.

You can also do this on either Facebook or Whatsapp to consolidate your growth. This engagement will significantly adjust the Instagram Story views order.

It also shows that Instagram is an excellent social media platform to connect with your target audience through your stories.

How to Get More Views Through Instagram Stories

Let’s talk about some simple steps to get more views on Instagram Stories.

Post Creative Content Consistently

Instagram Post

With a billion stories and posts every day, you need to post creative, unique, and catchy content that will turn your new story viewers into loyal and long-time followers.

It can be a regular feed upload, but don’t hesitate to try something new. Presenting a high-quality Instagram Story consistently at peak times ensures your spot at the top.

Ask Questions, Take Polls, and Create Quizzes

Instagram Questions

What’s more obvious that asking your viewers what they want to see in your posts or stories? It’s one of the most popular features on Instagram Stories, along with taking polls or creating quizzes.

This is ideal for brands and businesses as they can directly ask questions, opinions, or suggestions about products and services instead of guessing what works and what’s not.

Tagging Accounts and Locations

Instagram Tagging

Regardless of promotions or showing appreciation, mentioning other accounts is a great way to strengthen your relationship with them.

It also allows you to gain more active and engaged followers by simply giving credit to your loyal customers through shoutouts.

Also, you can try tagging locations so Instagram users can see businesses, activities, and events when they search for a specific location.

Using Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

The most useful and powerful engagement boosting technique in Instagram posts and stories is hashtags. It opens up doors to numerous communities filled with active users within a specific niche.

These communities can lead to some of the highest returns on investments (ROI) for engagement, sales, followers, and so much more.

Host Promotions and Giveaways

Instagram Giveaways

This one’s the easiest.

This strategy is the most popular and effective way to promote brands and businesses without putting in too much effort.

Show love and appreciation to your IG community by rewarding them with freebies and giveaways in return for liking or sharing your posts. It’s a win-win situation for all.


What Is an Instagram Story?

An Instagram story is a feature that Instagram implemented a couple of years ago, and since then, it has exploded in popularity.

It is the ability to upload short-form video content, that your viewers are going to be able to access by clicking on your profile picture.

The video content is short form, but you can add it to your Instagram stories, and create a slide, so people can click on your Instagram story to see more.

Instagram stories are becoming an integral part not only of engagement on Instagram but of businesses’ marketing strategies.

How Do I See a Private Instagram Story?

The best way to see a private Instagram story is to make the most of a private Instagram viewer.

There are plenty of options out there that can make your life a whole lot easier, so you’re going to be able to get around restrictions that Instagram users have put in place, to keep their Instagram stories private.

Is It Ethical to See a Private Instagram Story?

We believe that it is ethical to see private Instagram accounts and stories as long as you are trying to view somebody’s private Instagram story that you know.

For example, you might have recently broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you’re worried about what they might be saying about you online.

You want to be able to access their private Instagram stories, especially without them knowing, so you can work out whether they’re saying bad things about you or not.

We don’t recommend that you view private Instagram stories of people that you don’t know.


By now, you should know how Instagram Stories becomes so powerful when it comes to social media marketing or personal branding.

Whether you are a relatively new Instagram user or a seasoned creator, increasing your views on your Instagram Stories doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time and effort, along with effective tips and tricks to gain more reach and engagement from the viewers.

With the right mindset and positive attitude, you’ll get there in the end.

Hopefully, this has settled the Instagram story viewer order debate for you. Good luck!

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