Best Private Instagram Viewer App that WORKS

7+ BEST Private Instagram Viewer Apps that WORK in 2024

Published on: April 23, 2024
Last Updated: April 23, 2024

7+ BEST Private Instagram Viewer Apps that WORK in 2024

Published on: April 23, 2024
Last Updated: April 23, 2024

In a hurry?
The best private Instagram viewer app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Glassagram!

Lo and behold the Instagram account you want to view is set to private, so you can’t see any of their content. 

Do you really want to send them a follow request just yet?

Do you wonder if perhaps there’s another way, such as a private Instagram viewer?

We’re going to talk about our favorite best private Instagram viewer apps that work without human verification and with no surveys to complete.

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Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps in 2024

1. Glassagram


Glassagram is a completely anonymous private Instagram viewer so you can check out private accounts without worrying about whether they’re going to see who you are and what you’re doing.

Glassagram provides their clients with all the right information about the profile that you want to look at and the installation process is super easy and quick.

Don’t worry there are no surveys to complete and no “human verification” process involved.

You can sign up for their services for free and you can even check that their system works. The app will be ready for you to use within just a minute.

Glassagram offers their clients real-time updates, meaning that they are going to send out data reports about their services and information every few minutes.

This means that you don’t have to worry about missing any details from the Instagram profiles that you want to look at.

Glassagram has frequently been rated #1 by various reviewers, including AppleToo, Outlook India, LinkedIn, and Jonathon Spire.

As an EarthWeb reader you can get 10% off Glassagram premium with our exclusive coupon code.

2. Spynger

Spynger Instagram Hack 1

Spynger is a private Instagram profile viewer that can help you access those Instagram accounts that you have been trying to get into.

One of the things that stands out to us about this Instagram private profile viewer is that they are good if you want to keep track of what the target profile is doing on Instagram.

👉 Get Spynger FREE

There are lots of other apps and services out there that help you with other features but if this is what you want to focus on, then Spynger can help you with this.

Spynger enables you to monitor activity through screenshots, and helps you manage the target account so that you can restrict content that you don’t want them to see.

Additionally, you can get updates on information they receive and send every 5 minutes, so you don’t have to miss a thing.

3. eyeZy

Eyezy - Private Instagram Viewer

eyeZy is a cutting-edge private Instagram viewer that can help you view private Instagram accounts really easily on a range of devices including Android, iPhone & iOS.

eyeZy claims to be the most powerful mobile phone monitoring app in the industry, and we believe them!

This means that they can help you not just monitor what’s going on with Instagram profiles that you’re interested in, but with other aspects of a device.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

This means that they are a great option if you are a parent, and you’re hoping to keep track of what your children are doing online, without making them feel like you are constantly hovering over them.

You can easily view their chats, which is going to include secret messages that they don’t want you to see.

You can also see content on Instagram, and you can review information like date and time info, so that you can know when each message was sent and received.

With a tool like this, you never have to worry about being left out of what’s going on with Instagram ever again.

4. xMobi

xMobi - private Instagram viewer and hacker

xMobi really wants to make it easier for you to hack somebody’s Instagram profile, and they want to make sure that you’re going to be able to do this without them having any idea that you are seeing their content and their interactions on Instagram.

👉 View Private Instagram Profiles Here

The process of hacking into an Instagram profile is really easy with these guys and you don’t need to know anything about technology in this industry already in order to be able to use their features.

They also have an agile system, which means that you are going to be able to access the Instagram profile of the target person remotely without needing physical access to their device.

5. mSpy

mSpy - Instagram viewer that works

mSpy is a great private Instagram viewing tool that works not only for being able to view those Instagram profiles that you want to anonymously but to also check up on what your children or other persons are doing.

The reality is that your children are probably going to be looking at Instagram profiles that you would rather they didn’t, so what better way to be able to track their activity on Instagram than to install this app on their phone?

👉 Get mSpy FREE

All you have to do is install the app on their phone, and then you’ll be able to monitor all of their activity.

The best part is that they aren’t going to see that you are monitoring them, so you’ll be able to do it behind the scenes. If you want to go beyond this, you can also monitor their text messages, as well as who they’re calling.

This is a great app that has no survey to complete and no human verification process.

6. Gwaa

Gwaa is another great choice because they are one of the most secure and trusted applications when it comes to viewing private profiles.

One of the best things about this app is that it focuses primarily on helping you get information from the target profile.

They are going to provide you with information about the profile including the posts that they’re sharing, what kind of comments they’re getting on their content, who’s following them, and who they are following.

This private viewer is free for you to get started, and is proud of its 100% security levels.

7. Instalooker

The next private Insta viewer app on our list can help you hack into Instagram accounts.

As far as the interface goes, we think that it is nice and easy to use, and the best part is that it is 100% legal and safe to use without any issues with viruses or malware.

They have additional features that you can make the most of as well, but of course, their primary feature is being able to help you view private Instagram accounts.

8. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is another great app that can help you look at someone’s Instagram profile without having to use your own Instagram account.

It is compatible with a number of different servers, including Android, and Windows.

All you need to do to check out the person’s private Instagram account is enter the username, and they will allow you access it.

Of course, like all private Insta viewers out there, these guys keep you completely anonymous, even when you are looking at people’s pictures.

You can even download images that people are posting, all you’ll need to do to be able to do this is complete a short survey.

9. Private Instagram Viewer

The next private viewer on our list is aptly named, and the best part is that you don’t have to fill out any survey to make the most of their tools.

They work on every platform, and they are compatible with a number of different operating systems.

It is completely free for you to use, and all you need to do is visit the website, enter the username of the profile that you want to look at, and go from there.

There will also be an option to unlock and view photos on another screen. This is going to allow you to view all the private pictures of the Instagram account that is private, and as far as other Instagram viewers go, we think that these guys are really good.

How We Choose the Sites We Review

Sites Review

Choosing the right private Insta viewer is difficult at the best times and of course if you don’t know what you’re doing, you are easily going to be taken advantage of.

This is why we thought we would share with you how we choose the sites that we review, so that you can take advantage of this information, and align yourself with the best private Instagram viewer in the industry.

Website Safety

When picking the right Instagram private viewer, you need to make sure that their website is safe.

If you think that you are on a website that hasn’t been encrypted, and isn’t secure, then we suggest that you get off it immediately.

While you might be tempted by low prices, and convincing features, there’s nothing out there that is worth you compromising your security for.


Naturally, you are going to want to try and get the best deal in the industry, but again, you need to make sure that you are setting your expectations at the right level when it comes to how much you can expect to pay for a private profile viewer.

Yes, there are some out there that are going to give you a great deal, but there are also some out there that won’t, and we don’t suggest that you just go for the cheapest option.

We have taken this into account when choosing the right services to share with you.

A lot of them offer affordable pricing, not cheap pricing, because this reflects the quality of their features.


You might be so distracted by the features offered by the service that you haven’t really thought about privacy.

Another thing that we consider when choosing the right Instagram profile viewer is to share with you is how much privacy they have.

This includes not only keeping your personal information safe on their website, but making sure that they aren’t sending it over to a third party, who is buying it from them.

Customer Support

Customer support is excessively important when it comes to an ongoing service like this, especially if you want to be able to feel assured that their services are going to work as expected.

We only chose private Instagram viewer apps that could guarantee really good customer support, because at the end of the day, at some point you’re going to need to get in touch with them, and if their customer support isn’t that great, it’s going to be really frustrating.


Reputation is naturally another important factor when choosing the right software to look at, which is something that we really took into account when we chose the ones on this list.

We made sure that they have a solid, existing reputation in the industry, and we made sure that they had a lot of existing satisfied customers, and a lot of experience in the industry in general.

Customer Reviews

Another great way to really get to know a private Instagram viewer is to read testimonials and reviews that you will find online.

Of course, services like this are going to share client testimonials on their website, but these are going to be slightly biased, and they might have even paid for them.

We made sure to go to third-party websites that aren’t affiliated with these services, to make sure that we were reading customer reviews that were genuine and authentic.

How to See Private Instagram Profiles

Private Instagram Viewer

Method 1. Send a Request

If you are trying to access a private Instagram profile, and time is of the essence, then the quickest way to gain access to it is to send a follow request.

If they accept your follow request, and then you’re going to be able to see their posts and stories.

With this approach, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to scams or malware.

You also aren’t going against any terms and conditions that Instagram has set in place.

However, the downside to this approach is that there is the chance that the person you have requested to see their private Instagram profile isn’t going to accept your request.

Method 2. Create a Fake Account

If you want to be able to see a private Instagram profile, but you don’t want it to be really obvious to the person whose private Instagram profile it is that you are trying to see their content, then you could be subtle about it, and create a fake Instagram profile.

However, just know that this approach is against Instagram’s terms of use.

As a result, if you do get found out for it, you could be restricted or even banned from using the app.

Method 3. Search the Username

Another way to view a private Instagram profile is to look for the username on Google images.

If the person has been on Instagram for a while, then they might have a bit of a virtual trail online as far as images go, and you might be able to see a lot of them just by doing a simple Google search.

Method 4. Search for Them Elsewhere

If Google hasn’t come up with too much in terms of results, you can always check their other social media accounts as well.

If somebody spends a lot of time on Instagram, then there is a good chance that they post similar content on their other profiles, including Facebook and Twitter.

See if their username is the same and see whether you can see the content that they are posting on Instagram elsewhere.

Method 5. Use a Friend’s Account

Perhaps you have a friend who happens to be friends with the person whose private Instagram profile you are trying to look at.

If this is the case, then you can recruit the help of your friend in order to see private Instagram content. If your friend is willing, you can use their Instagram profile to see the private Instagram account that you are trying to look at, without raising their suspicions.

Method 6. Use a Third-Party App

Of course, another recommendation that we have for being able to view a private Instagram profile is to use a third-party app, like any of the tools that we have talked about on this list.

Why Do You Need a Third Party Tool to View a Private Instagram Profile?

We have discussed the process that we have undertaken in order to find the best instagram private account viewer app for you, and we’ve also talked about other ways for you to view a private Instagram profile.

Now, let’s talk about why you need a third party Instagram viewer app in order to be able to see people’s private Instagram posts.

Viewing is Convenient

If you want the process of being able to view a private Instagram profile to be smooth and straightforward, then you definitely want to make the most of an Instagram viewer.

This is because they have all the technology on their end to make your life really easy, so all you need to do is enter the username of the target Instagram account, and they can take things from there.

Other services are going to require you to do a little bit more work, but it’s still going to be incredibly easy, when compared to alternatives.


One of the best advantages to using a private Instagram account viewer is that you can customize their features, so that you can customize the viewing window, and set it to your personal preferences.

You can also customize a number of additional settings, that aren’t typically available on the Instagram app itself.

Check out Private Content

The best part to using an IG viewer is that you’re going to be able to view content, including videos and images that other people aren’t going to be able to see if they are restricted from the same private Instagram profile.

The Respectability of Social Media 

We live in the age of information, and it’s very easy to forget that we don’t have a god-given right to other people’s lives and their social media content.

You aren’t owed access to a private Instagram account, as frustrating as it may be. 

That’s the reason Instagram offers a private Instagram account setting — it’s the Instagram user’s right to decide who sees their content and who doesn’t, if they so choose. 

This may be because their content is deeply personal, private, or even exclusive, and thus they’ve elected to keep their Instagram account private.

Instagram access has to be justified and earned.

It can be a double-edged sword— Instagram makes you feel closer to those who in reality you’re not that close to. 

If a user has a private Instagram account and you aren’t that close to them, it may be better to develop a relationship naturally first until you feel right about sending that follow request. 

Even still, here are a few ways that you can gain access to private Instagram accounts. 

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Here are three basic methods to view a private Instagram account.

They’re all viable, but it depends on how comfortable you are with using them and which one fits your purpose best. 

Method 1: Send Them a Follow Request 

Follow Request 

The easiest and most respectable way to gain access to a private Instagram account is to send a follow request to the user.

They may not accept you right away — it’s shocking how many people aren’t aware of who requests to follow them.

They might ignore requests and maybe don’t check them regularly. 

If it’s a person you’ve met in real life, it’s likely that they’ll accept your request.

Most people who have a private Instagram account aren’t hiding out, and they’re pretty open to who wants to follow them, especially if the account isn’t spam or notably a bot. 

It’s even more likely if they recognize your name and/or if they’ve met you in person before. 

When you want to view a private Instagram profile of a stranger, it can be a bit more difficult to get accepted.

Even still, it’s worth a try. What do you have to lose, anyway? They’ll either accept you or they won’t, and then you’ll know. 

Method 2: Ask a Mutual Contact to Show You Their Profile

Alright, so you really don’t want them to know you’re checking them out, and you just have to see the content that they post.

No matter your reason behind this, we don’t judge.

But if sending a follow request is embarrassing or impractical for you, you can get a third party who has connections involved. 

It’s still easier to just send a follow request, you can ask a friend to help you out if you really don’t want to be discovered.

The problem here is that your friend will know what you’re up to, and you’ll only have access that one time, unless you’re really insistent with your friend.

If you don’t know anyone who can let you view the target profile, you’ll have no other choice but to opt for method 3. 

Method 3: Use a Private Instagram Viewer

Note: A private Instagram viewer is not to be confused with a public Instagram story viewer. Although the former is also a private Instagram story viewer.

Perhaps you’re desperate and you’re out of options. If you can’t resist the urge to spy on this private Instagram account, you can use a private IG viewer.

After all, you probably don’t have time to learn to code and get a job at Instagram to access the profile, right? 

There are a variety of different websites and apps that swear they can allow you to view any Instagram profile, even private ones, and even if you don’t have an Instagram account yourself. 

It sounds almost too good to be true, and also a bit scary. 

At the end of the day, a private viewer has its own set of issues, so read on. 


🔍 What Is a Private Instagram Viewer?

This is an app or a service that can help you view Instagram profiles that have been set to private.

Perhaps you are trying to check in on what your children are doing on Instagram because they have recently set their Instagram profiles to private, so that you can’t access their content easily.

Or, maybe you have an ex who has set their Instagram account to private since you broke up.

A service like this can help you see what is happening with their Instagram account, and you can do so anonymously.

❓ Should You Use a Private Instagram Viewer? 

Social media brings a lot of good to people, but it can also be a bit of a problem. The great thing is that its users can share positive elements of our lives with friends, family, and other followers.

It can be used to further your business efforts, create additional sources of income, and gain notoriety for your persona. 

On the other hand, some people may develop unhealthy habits through using social media that can lead to unhappiness and dismay.

Some people may find themselves in uncomfortable, unwanted, or potentially dangerous situations.

When you use a private Instagram profile viewer to view a private Instagram account is somewhat controversial, because you’re ultimately bypassing the intentions of a user and breaching their privacy.

Their account is set to private for a reason. 

Before you decide to use a Instagram private viewer, consider a couple of different options, including getting to know the person and sending them a request to view their profile.

If you don’t want to get to know them, are they really that important? 

👉 Does Private Instagram Viewer Work? 

So, do they actually work?

If you’re dead set on using a tool to check out that target profile, here you are.

Once you use the viewer, will it really work? 

Well, SOME do. 

We tested a lot of tools and services to try and gain access to a private Instagram profile. This is what we discovered. 

Many of the private Instagram viewer apps out there can, at least, load the images that are posted to the private account, but there’s a catch— these services usually ask for some sort of your personal information, like your email, phone number, etc.

If you want to view any of the other content, such as written content. 

The private Instagram viewer then asked for human verification, leading to an external link of sorts.

You’ll have to complete an action — play a game, do a survey, etc. 

This is where you run into problems. It’s not hard to see that some of the external sites are not trustworthy, legitimate websites. 

In a nutshell, if you want to view a private Instagram with one of these types of tools, you’ll have to be willing to part with personal information and interact with unknown and unsecured websites.

If you’re game, the service is available. 

We didn’t proceed to engage with the external website, so whether or not they actually deliver the goods and show you the private Instagram account is uncertain.

The tools that we recommend at the top of this do not come with a human verification process like the ones we mentioned and there is no survey to do, and YES they work.

🤖 Can a Private Instagram Viewer Give You a Virus?

Another problem with using a third party tool is that most of them are web applications that are hosted.

When this is the case, you can easily get a virus on your computer because you make yourself vulnerable. 

While it’s harder to get a virus on your phone than on your computer, you can still put your information at risk and open yourself up to hacking or phishing. 

We don’t recommend any private IG viewer that uses surveys or human verification processes because every single one requires you to interact with external sites that pose a security risk.

There aren’t any better alternatives in the app store. 

Ultimately, we had no success in finding a reliable private Instagram viewer except the top ones listed here. 

Perhaps most viewing tools are just a modern-day scam to get information and money out of you.

Either way, we only recommend the legit ones at the top of the list otherwise you might get scammed or put your device at risk.

💡 How Can You Really See a Private Instagram?

The best approach to looking at an account that is private is to use a service like Glassagram.

Glassagram is definitely one of the best Instagram viewer in the market right now.

And while there are other options that we’ve talked about already, Glassagram comes out on top for being really great when it comes to customer support and its overall relationship with its clients.

🙏 Is There a Free Private Instagram Viewer??

The best way to see a private Instagram profile for free is to try out Glassagram.

With Glassagram, they have a couple of free features that you can capitalize on, which you can use to view private Instagram profiles for free.

If you want to be able to download Instagram content from private Instagram profiles, you will need to check out their premium features.

📓 How Can I See Private Instagrams without Surveys?

Glassagram and other Instagram private profile viewer that we have talked about above can help you see private Instagram profiles without having to deal with a survey.

If you do your own research on Google and you go for the first company that you come across, there is a good chance that you are going to be required to complete a survey in order to see the private Instagram profile you’re wanting to access.

👋 How Can I See a Private Instagram Without Following 2024?

The best way to see a private Instagram profile without having to follow it is to use one of the services above, like Glassagram.

This way, you can stay completely anonymous, while still seeing their content.

They are going to have no way of knowing whether you are looking at their Instagram content or not.

⛔ Is it Ethical to Use a Private Instagram Viewer?

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated because as we all know, social media has a lot of advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

Of course, you can use social media to generate an income, launch a business, or share content with your audience, whether this is your friends and family, or people who are your fans.

However, there are definitely privacy issues around being able to gain access to somebody’s personal information on Instagram.

If you are using an Instagram private profile viewer to view the content of somebody’s Instagram profile that you don’t really know at all, then you are definitely taking things a step too far, and you need to rethink where your activity is ethical or not.

We only recommend that you use a private Instagram viewer to see the private Instagram account of somebody that you know.

📖 What is a Private and Public Instagram Account?

One of the most well-known features of Instagram is the fact that you can either have a public Instagram profile, or a private Instagram profile.

A private Instagram profile means that only people you allow are going to be able to see your content, whereas a public Instagram profile is open to everybody.

Anybody who stumbles across your Instagram account is going to be able to see what you’re posting.

🔎 What Do You Need to Look out For?

We have already discussed a little bit what you need to think about when choosing the right Instagram profile viewer, and this includes choosing one that is completely trustworthy.

There are plenty of options out there that might seem too good to be true, and we are here to tell you that they probably are.

They are probably going to cause you a lot of trouble in the future, which means that they certainly aren’t worth your time right now.

👀 Can You See a Private Instagram Profile?

Viewing a private Instagram profile can certainly be done in either an ethical, or an unethical way, depending on what you are hoping to achieve.

You can use a viewer in order to help you get around permission restrictions, whether you are trying to see where your ex is up to, or you’re trying to keep on top of what your children are doing online.

🔐 How to Make Your Instagram Private

If you want to make sure that you are keeping your personal information private, so that only people who you are giving permission are allowed to see it, then you definitely need to make sure that you have a private Instagram profile.

In order to make your Instagram profile private, you will need to go to the app on your phone, and then go to your profile, by selecting the profile icon that you’ll see at the bottom of your screen to the right.

Once you’ve done this, you will see an emblem that is 3 horizontal lines. Select the gear symbol that you’ll see at the bottom of your screen to the right.

You can find the private account option, by going all the way down the menu, and selecting the switch.

Now, when you accept a request for a follow Instagram, your posts and profile are going to be visible just to people who you have accepted.

🤠 How to See Private Account Photos on Instagram?

This is easy, just use Glassagram or another top tool on this list to get access to the private account photos you want to see.

🗃️ Does Instagram Use Your Personal Information for Their Own Gain?

At this point, you are probably wondering if Instagram uses your personal information for its own gain.

As far as we are aware, Instagram processes information from your profile, but the Instagram information that it is collecting is going to depend on how you’re using the app.

Instagram can recommend features including filters that you might want to use on your Instagram stories, and the algorithm is going to tell them what they can expect, and how they can benefit from this.

Any information that you provide is going to be shared with Facebook, but you have to choose to allow this.

Instagram is also going to collect information about how you use their app, and what other people are posting about you on social media.

The good news is that you can adjust these settings on the Instagram app, so that you can choose what level of privacy you have when using Instagram.

🚩 What Does Instagram Do with A Spam Account?

The downside to using an app like Instagram is that there are plenty of spam accounts out there that you have to contend with.

However, the good news is that Instagram tends to be on top of it and has spent the last few years working really hard to eradicate as many spam accounts as possible.

Of course, this means that if you are choosing to access somebody’s private Instagram profile using a spam account, it is only a matter of time before Instagram realizes what you’re doing and restricts your Instagram profile.

Instagram isn’t going to be able to catch everybody, but they certainly work hard to do so, so this is certainly something you will want to take into account if you choose to create a fake Instagram profile.

🕵️ Can You Look at Private Insta Posts Without Following the Person?

Another question that you might be trying to ask is whether you can see private Insta posts without following them.

The good news is that you can use a private Instagram viewer in order to get around this so that you don’t have to request to follow the person that you are trying to view.

This could be particularly helpful if you’re trying to see what your ex is doing, and you don’t want them to see that you are trying to access their private Instagram content.

👁️How Am I Able to See a Private Instagram for Free?

If you want to be able to see a private Instagram profile for free, there are a number of features and free trials that are available with the Instagram private viewer apps that we have discussed on this list.

It is up to you at the end of the day to choose which one you want to work with, and which one shows the most promise when it comes to what you are hoping to achieve on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that nobody owes you the opportunity to view their Instagram profile.

If you really want to see what they’re all about, it’s better to earn the right to view it at your leisure. 

What’s more, you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease, and you won’t have crossed a line by trying to view them on the down-low.

Do you really want to be that IG stalker?

People set their Instagram accounts to private for a reason, whatever it may be.

Respect that, and play by the rules. It also keeps you safe and maintains your integrity. 

👉 Get Glassagram FREE

If you insist on using a private Instagram viewer, then make sure you use one that really works from this list above, such as Glassagram, which does not use human verification or survey scams and has been recommended by online newspapers.

Only a few select work, which is why we made this list.

Stay safe.

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