10 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps in 2021

Last Updated: September 16, 2021

If you are not familiar with Instagram photo editing apps and don’t know which to go for, here is a list of the ten best photo editing apps for Instagram on the market today.


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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world today.

Not only does it serve as an excellent platform for socializing and connecting with other people worldwide, but it is also an excellent platform for marketing your business or talent.

No matter your purpose of using Instagram, whether to become a social media influencer, to market your business, to become a celebrity, or simply to post your photos on your feeds, sharing high-quality images will reach your target faster and better.

Posting Photos on Instagram

Posting photos on Instagram is fun and an excellent strategy for people looking to be social media influencers, marketers, or even celebrities.

However, your photos have to be attractive and of the highest quality to catch the attention of your target audience.

Sadly, not all photos you post on the platform end up as you wish.

To avoid posting disappointing photos on Instagram, using a quality photo editor will help you a lot.

Instagram has many inbuilt photo editing effects available to correct unwanted shadows, light flares, and even dark backgrounds.

These built-in filters can help fix any issues on your photos, such as smoothing out the wrinkles in your images; however, this may not be enough to give your photos the quality you want.

On the internet today, there are hundreds of Photo Editing Apps you can use to edit your photos before posting them on Instagram.

These photo editing apps are specially designed for this purpose, and therefore, will enhance your Instagram photos the way you want.

Here are some of the top Instagram photo editing apps in the market you can use before posting your next picture on the platform.

How Can Instagram Photo Editing Apps Help You Stand Out as a Marketer on Instagram?

How Can Photo-Editing Apps Help You Stand Out as a Marketer on Instagram

When using Instagram as a platform for marketing your products and services, simply sending messages to your customers won’t cut it, as there is more to marketing than meets the eyes.

You have to take advantage of the desires, needs, and emotions of your target audience.

Adding the ‘X’ factor to whatever visual content about your products you will be posting online will help you leverage those intense emotions of your audience.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, posting an unedited photo on your feeds is like serving your customers a great meal without an exciting presentation.

Your image may deliver the purpose of posting it online, but it won’t constantly attract the needed engagement.

Importance of Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Instagram as a social media platform has experienced massive growth over the years, with more than 1 billion active users since it was launched in 2010.

It is one of the largest picture-sharing apps on the internet.

As a significant social media network in the world today, it has become a vital tool for businesses worldwide to showcase their services by posting videos and photos of their products or services. 

However, with more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, it is not easy to attract consumer attention like one would think, even though it is an excellent tool for such.

If you are on Instagram for marketing your business or building a solid profile as an influencer, you should be aware that you are up against fierce competition.

For this reason, you need to put out top-quality content that can be engaging and produce a positive impact if you want to meet your goal.

This is where the importance of using Instagram photo editing apps for your images comes in handy. It makes attaining Instagram growth more effortless, more efficient, and more effective.

This is because you can be more creative, and your photos are more appealing with these external editing tools than using only Instagram filters.

The Importance of Quality Photos

The Importance of Quality Photos

The power of a quality photo can’t be overemphasized. It is easier to notice a breath-taking image than a mundane piece of text.

Also, this image will remain in your mind for an extended period and may have you viewing it repeatedly.

Therefore, to achieve better results and get more value for your business, it is best to share a stunningly beautiful photo, than sharing only texts or writing blog posts.

Also, the quality of Instagram photos you post must remain consistent because your followers would always expect bright, well-defined pictures.

Putting out mediocre quality or showing inconsistency with the quality and frequency of your Instagram photos won’t do you any good.

Photo editing apps will help you stay on top of your game.

With Instagram photo editing apps, there are numerous things you can do. Here are a few things you can use them for.

  • Edit and resize.
  • Scaling the background.
  • Repairing and retouching the basics.
  • Adding effects and filters.
  • Adding graphics and text to make it more interesting
  • Remove all unnecessary components.
  • Modifications and alterations.

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

There are numerous photo editing applications available in the market today.

If you are not familiar with Instagram photo editing apps and don’t know which to go for, here is a list of the ten best photo editing apps for Instagram on the market today.



The VSCO app is a popular photo editor that is consistently rated as the best Instagram photo editing app for both Android and iOS app markets.

Therefore, it has to be placed at the top of this list. In fact, it is so recognized that the branded hashtag of VSCO, #vscocam, is among Instagram’s most used hashtags.

It is an exciting app to use for your Instagram photo editing, as it allows you to compensate for varying exposures with the wide variety of pre-sets available in the app.

VSCO Pre-sets are ideal for nature photography because these pre-sets include a combination of moody and bright tones.

VSCO allows you to adjust your photos easily if you want to create an Instagram profile with more uniform aesthetics.

As a social media marketer, influencer or celebrity, if you’re going to make a consistent look throughout your Instagram feed, VSCO is a must-have photo editing app.

Characteristics of the VSCO app

Characteristics of the VSCO app

VSCO is easy to use and offers a wide array of features. Its notable features are filters, clarity, skin tone, tint, shadows, highlight tint, X – Kew, and Y– Kew.


The filters feature allows users to enhance photos without overdoing the process. Interestingly, there are many filters to choose from, thereby letting you get creative.


With the clarity feature, users can boost the clarity of the pictures they are editing. It works well for editing landscape images.

Skin Tone

This feature allows you to correct the color of any skin tone that is looking off in a portrait.


Having the correct color tints in your photos is essential, and this tool allows you easily change them on pictures. The colors in an image become more greenish by swiping the tint tool to the left.

Shadows Tint

You can easily use colors to enhance the darkness of your photos with this feature.

Highlight Tint

If you are creative and wish to add more life to your photos, you can add specific colors into the light areas of a photograph with the highlight tint.

X – Kew

If you want to change the angle of your photo before posting, by stretching along the x-axis, the X-Kew allows you to move to it from left or right with ease.

Y – Kew

With this feature, you can modify the focusing of a photograph along the y-axis.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is an Adobe product; therefore, you can only expect the best from it.

Its remarkable photo editing features are well known worldwide, like all other Adobe products, as this is their selling point.

This photo editing app can assist with improving your visual presence on Instagram. It is easy to use and will consistently deliver exceptional results.

To use Lightroom’s editing tools, all that is needed is to adjust the shadows, saturation, hue, exposure, and other parts and elements of your photos.

Characteristics of the Adobe Lightroom App

‎Adobe Lightroom_ Photo Editor on the App Store -

With Adobe Lightroom’s innovative editing tools like filters and changes to other parts of its settings, the most potent photos can create the most powerful images.


Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor has 121 Pre-sets, which ensures users can customize their photos in unlimited ways.

When these pre-sets are combined appropriately, the perfect Instagram photos can be created. To ensure consistency with your editing, ensure you save your favorites.

Easy-to-use Slider

Instagram users who choose to use Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor to edit their photos can control the color and light properties of their photos easily and quickly with these features.

Images are clearer and more precise when Tone Curves and Colour Mixer are used on them.

Crop and Rotate Tools

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor lets users get the right size and aspect ratio. Therefore, it becomes easier to express their creativity by straightening or inverting their photos.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction allows you to enhance your photos with sharpening to reduce distractions to their barest minimum. This gives you better visual details, as the details are more evident with noise reduction.

Geometry Tools

Using Lightroom’s geometry tools for photo editing gives you a better perspective, as you can clean up skewed lines with it.

Healing Brush

Healing brushes are perfect for cleaning and sharpening your images, as they help to remove unwanted elements.


The cloud feature is impressive because it helps you save your work in a secure space, ensuring that you don’t lose your work.

All your photo edits will automatically be saved to the cloud.



Snapseed is another fantastic photo editing app on this list. It is used mainly by photographers because with this app, photos can be edited and fixed on the go.

This makes it an excellent Instagram photo editing app.

Snapseed is owned by Google, and it offers users a wide range of features and tools to help them create Instagram photos of the highest quality.

Snapseed is a versatile photo editing app that is easy and free to use, as well as free to download.

Characteristics of the Snapseed App

Snapseed has more than 29 features and tools that allow users to perform top-notch photo editing tasks beyond Pre-sets. Some of these features and tools include the below.

The ‘Looks’ Tab

The ‘Looks’ Tab functions similarly to the filter function on Instagram, but it is more comprehensive. With these tools, a predefined set of edits can be applied to your photos with each look.

Auto adjustment

Under the auto adjustment tool tab, there are several tools to perform basic editing to your photos. This feature works by making adjustments based on how it feels your photos will be improved.

Tune Image

You get the best value of using Snapseed for your edits with this feature. This is because it allows adjusting visual elements like shadows, brightness, contrast, ambiance, and warmth.


As the name of this tool suggests, users can manipulate the look of their photos using perspective. If you are standing off-center, you can get things centered in a photo by using this feature.


Healing is a tool that allows you to remove any part of a photo when you need to.

Brush and Select

This feature allows you to edit specific parts of your photos innovatively. With it, you can easily make adjustments to your photos by using your finger as a brush.



Most Instagram users, especially the influencers and marketers, are very particular about their photo quality and photo editing needs.

If you are looking for a photo editing app that can offer you better than most photo editors in the market, Instasize is the way to go.

With this photo editing app, you have access to essential editing tools like color correction for satisfying specific needs. It also offers several filters to transform your photos from good to great.

Characteristics of the Instasize App

Characteristics of the Instasize App


You can get the best filters for editing your photos on Instagram from Instasize. This app has more than 80 stunning filters you can choose from for photo editing.

Instasize allows you to adjust the filter’s intensity you are using for your photo edits by tapping on it.

The filters are easy to use, as all that is required is you hold down the filter you want and drag it to the area you wish to use it for.

You can also apply multiple filters to one image.


The Crop feature allows you to highlight your favorite element on your photo or cut out the unwanted side areas.


The Instasize settings options give you access to various tools. With it, you edit your photos and make them look more polished.

You can also adjust your photographs’ highlights, saturation, sharpness, brightness, tint, and warmth with different settings on the app.

To create a more dramatic effect with your photos, ensure you incorporate grain or vignettes when editing.

Power Beauty Tools

Today in photography, several tools allow you to clean up photos like never before. The Power Beauty tool is one such tool, and it is available on the Instasize app.

If you are using the free version of the app, you will have restricted access to its full feature. You will only have access to the enhancing and blemish removal tools.

However, with the premium version, you have the option to moisturize, add glow, and even whiten your skin for a better and younger-looking appearance.

Add Text

With Instasize, you can add stylized text overlays to your images, as the app offers you more than 30 designer text styles.

Photo Collages

The Photo Collage feature available on Instasize allows users to create photo collages seamlessly.

You can cut a single photo into pieces and recreate them into a photo grid or combine several images into one in a collage.



Boomerang is an Instagram app you can use to create fun Instagram stories from different daily events and moments.

After TikTok’s creative video editor became very popular, Instagram’s Boomerang mode underwent an update that provided three new effects.

With this app, users can now edit simple selfies into funny videos or capture the slightest moments of events like flying through the air when jumping from a diving board.

It is straightforward to use, as all that is needed is to press a button on the app, and the rest is handled.

You can also combine a series of photos to make a mini video that can be shared directly with your Instagram followers.

Whenever you use Instagram’s Boomerang app to edit your photos, they are saved automatically to your camera roll.

It is a fantastic app to use if you want to experience motion in a completely different way.

To enhance your content on Instagram using Boomerang, here are some unique new Boomerang photo editing effects you can use.

Characteristics of the Boomerang App


The slow-mo effect allows you to slow down the speed of your videos and increase the length.


Boomerang allows you to rewind and transition your videos seamlessly. It also allows you to rewind your recordings.


You can cut your videos into smaller lengths by selecting the start and endpoints of your loops.


This tool allows you to create the illusion of double vision by adding motion blur to your video frames.



One of the biggest challenges most Instagrammers have with using this social media app is getting all their photos to look amazing beside each other simultaneously.

Later is an Instagram photo editing app with visual planners that lets you preview how your content will appear before posting them on your Instagram feed.

With this, your feeds will look great when your photos are posted.

You can drag and drop images with this Visual Instagram Planner, as well as rearrange them the way you want to find the perfect balance.

You can proceed to schedule posts once you are satisfied with the way your images look.

Later does a great job of helping you convert your Instagram viewers into followers when you create visual content plans.

Characteristics of the Later App

Add Filters

The Later app allows you to schedule and edits your photos with 24 different filters. When editing your photos with the Later app filters, ensure you choose the filters with the right feel by adjusting the intensity.


The Crop feature on this app is handy when editing your photos for multiple social media channels. It lets you resize your pictures, and the crop size you select can either be pre-set or customized.



Canva is arguably the most popular online photo editing tool on the web today.

Canva is hard to beat for creating and editing eye-catching photos on Instagram.

It is easy to develop enticing visuals that reflect your brand’s style with Canva, thanks to its Instagram Stories templates.

It works perfectly for editing and enhancing your Instagram photo, as it allows you to explore with its excellent photo editing tools.

If you are creative, you can play around with Canva’s features, such as adding new graphics with the app or overlaying text on your photos.

Characteristics of the Canva App

Characteristics of the Canva App


Canva is an app for editing that makes it easy for team members to create designs with each other. All you need to do is to invite your team members and set their access permission.


With Canva’s texture features, you can choose different textured backgrounds, from real-world fabrics to fanciful patterns.

Soft Photo Filters

Editing photos with Canva is fun, as it has a wide range of unique Instagram filters you can choose from. With this feature, you will always have amazing Instagram stories for every occasion.

Browse through the different filter options to find the right filter to use.

The Blur Slider

Canva’s blur slider can be used to eliminate harsh angles, which in turn makes your photos look soft and dreamy. To use this feature, simply slide the slider to the right.

This will help blur all the bumps on your photo until it looks smooth.



Pixlr is a popular web-based photo editing app that is tested and trusted by most photo editors.

It has been in existence for a while now, providing users with Photoshop-like features. The beauty of using Pixlr is that its services are entirely free.

The features they offered when it was newly introduced in the market were excellent with many benefits, and the fact that users who didn’t want to pay for editing software had access to them made it awesome.

This got even better in 2011 when Autodesk bought out the company, which led to its intuitive features being expanded even to smartphones.

Pixlr is a little photo editing app that lets you do practically anything you want. With it, you can blur or sharpen your photos, create collages or photo grids of your pictures.

You can also resize your photos, turn them into an ink drawing or pencil sketch, and add text to them.

Sometimes, Pixlr can seem difficult to master because of its many options.

However, you can download several video tutorials available online to learn their features and usage.



FaceTune is a highly famous Instagram photo editing app, and this list will be incomplete without adding them to it. They are arguably one of the best photo editing tools on the market.

They offer the best selfie editing tool in the market, as no other selfie editing tool available is as impressive as FaceTune.

FaceTune is perfect for enhancing standard portraits by adding makeup, sweeping highlights over the cheeks, enhancing the eyelashes, and reducing wrinkles.

With this app, you can also improve your cheekbones, have your patchy eyebrows filled in, whiten your teeth instantly, and have your nose straightened.

This photo editing app can do almost everything to help improve your appearance.

If you need a photo editing app that is highly compatible and versatile, FaceTune is your one-stop photo editing app.



Fotor is the last photo editing app for enhancing your photos on this list. It is an online photo editing app offering free services to edit photos for Instagram.

Fotor has a collection of tools with the functions and capacity of helping you polish your pictures before sharing them on your Instagram feeds.

It provides one of the most unique filters that won’t even be found on Instagram. It also provides users with text templates for adding text to their pictures.

Fotor allows you to add more layers to your picture, which now becomes a part of the app’s layer-based feature.

Interestingly, this excellent app enables users to work on various aspects of their images without putting other layers at risk.

Using Fotor for your photo editing decreases the possibility of making irreversible mistakes when editing, thereby saving you from errors that will stress you out and disturb your work.


Photo editing apps are fun to use, especially if you are a creative person.

If you are an Instagrammer who needs a reliable Instagram photo editing app for enhancing your photos and videos, you can select any of the photo editing apps listed above.

Interestingly, some of these programs are entirely free. 

The listed photo editing apps above are considered the best in the industry, but determining the best among them depends solely on how complex you want to make your photo editing and what you want to achieve.

These Instagram online services and photo editing apps are easy to learn and offer relatively basic functions.

Due to their simplicity, you can take advantage of their features almost immediately, unlike many other complicated apps online that will take longer to learn.

To save yourself from scams, you can use any of the named Instagram photo editing apps above, as you are guaranteed they will eventually produce better results over time.

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