How to Turn off Instagram Notifications

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications in 2024

Published on: July 24, 2022
Last Updated: July 24, 2022

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications in 2024

Published on: July 24, 2022
Last Updated: July 24, 2022


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Let us find out how to turn off Instagram notifications on any device, using easy-to-follow steps.

One notification pops up and then another. It becomes endless that you find yourself spending too much time on Instagram.

But, surprisingly, you can’t get out–caught in a labyrinth with no way out.

Your brain gets excited seeing those small red circles with numbers indicating how many notifications you already have. 

Well, you are not a hopeless case. A simple solution to unload some of your screentime? Turn those notifications off!

Learning how to turn off Instagram notifications is a skill everyone should master. It will save you heaps of time, thank me later.

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications in 2024

There are many ways how to turn off Instagram notifications. Each one depends on the device you are using.

If you have specific notifications you want to turn off and leave others as they are, you can also do a targeted muting which we will all explain in this article.

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications on the Instagram Mobile App

For those receiving notifications from the dedicated Instagram mobile application, follow these steps to turn those pop-ups off.

Step 1. Go to the Instagram app and enter your login credentials

Step 2. Once successfully logging in, click on your icon. This will redirect you to your profile page which houses all your Instagram posts, highlights, reels, and tagged posts

Step 3. On the upper right side of your screen, click on the three horizontal lines. A drop-down menu will collapse which indicates a list of actions you can do next.

Click on “Settings” to proceed

Step 4. After clicking the “Settings” tab, tap on the label that indicates “Notifications.”

From here, all of Instagram’s features that send users these push notifications are shown. Click “Pause All” to turn off all notifications at once

Step 5: Confirm your choice and Instagram will automatically stop sending you any kind of notification from this point on

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications on Browser

Turning Instagram notifications on your browser is also just as easy as doing it on the mobile app.

The main difference is that you are using its official website,, this time instead of having to access a downloaded application.

Step 1. On the search bar, type After reaching the landing page, enter your login credentials

Step 2. Click on your profile icon which will automatically show a drop-down menu showing a list of actions you can take next. Click the “Settings” tab to proceed

Step 3. After clicking on ”Settings,” you will automatically be redirected to your settings page.

On the left side of your screen, more tabs will be available for selection.

Select “Push Notifications,” located just below the “Email Notifications” tab and right before the label indicating “Manage Contacts” 

Step 4. From here, Instagram allows you to do a “targeted muting” which means you can turn off notifications from individual Instagram features such as:

Step 5: For users receiving notifications from everyone, change your setting by clicking “Off” on each tab.

Meanwhile, you may also choose to receive notifications from a smaller group on your Following list by selecting “From People I Follow.”

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications on Android

Turn off Instagram Notifications on Android

There is another way to turn Instagram notifications off without the need to do it on the app itself.

For Android users, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to your phone’s “Settings” app

Step 2. Scroll and find the tab dedicated to “notifications.” Once on the notifications tab, select “All Apps”

Step 3. Scroll on the list of apps installed on your phone until finding “Instagram.” Tap on it and turn the notification toggle switch off

How to Turn off Instagram Notifications on iPhone

Notifications on iPhone

Aside from using the DND or “Do Not Disturb” feature available for iOS users, another smart way to get rid of notifications is by turning them off using Apple’s “Settings” app.

Here is how:

Step 1. Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app and click on the “Notifications” tab 

Step 2. On the corner labeled “Notification Style,” scroll down among the list of applications installed on your iPhone until finding the Instagram app

Step 3. Click on the Instagram app. Turn the toggle switch “Allow Notifications” to off. You will know that you successfully turned it off if the green light turns off

Step 4. For targeted muting, you may leave the toggle switch on and select whether you will receive one on your lock screen, notification center, or banner.

You may also leave the sound and badges on or turn it off

Turning Off Instagram Notifications: The Best Option You Have

There are many reasons why turning Instagram notifications off, or any other social media platform is the best for you.

The Science Behind Notifications

First of all, the brains behind social media apps like Instagram carefully study consumer patterns.

The red color that alerts you of notification is there for a reason–this color instantly sends a signal to our brains that we have something to check, as red has always been correlated to warnings and signs.

This way, users are more likely to get hooked to click and check their notifications which leads to spending more time on the app.

Ditching Anxiety

A recent study mentioned in a Forbes article titled “This Is Why You Need To Turn Off Social Media Notifications” says that the majority of internet users check their phone 15 minutes after waking up.

Accessing Instagram and going through notifications not only consumes time but sets a bad tone for your day where you feel anxious with the need to check more notifications coming every so often.


It creates a different kind of excitement to hear a “ding” on our phones, hinting at a notification that could be carrying news we all have been waiting for.

But for the most part, these are all just noises and time wasters that distract you and rob you of concentration than something valuable.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to turn off Instagram notifications in 2024. 

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