How to Like Instagram Comments in 2024

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023

How to Like Instagram Comments in 2024

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023


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Instagram is always making adjustments and enhancements to its platform, and if you hadn’t noticed yet, they added another one that makes our lives as Instagram users a lot easier. 

You can now like Instagram comments directly from the Instagram app. This is similar to how Facebook comments work, but not exactly the same. If you’re familiar with Facebook comments, you might be a bit boggled about how to like Instagram comments. 

Like Facebook, Instagram comments can now be liked and replied to, creating a thread in the content post where the comment was made. This is something that wasn’t always possible on Instagram, but is now available. 

On Instagram, however, it’s not as obvious how to like a comment on Instagram. On Facebook, it literally says “like,” which makes it hard to miss. If you want to like an Instagram comment, look to your right. 

On the right side of the comment, you’ll see the outline of a heart. Once you click that little heart, it will turn red, indicating that you liked the comment. 

Once you get that down, you’ll be able to like Instagram comments very easily. While it’s not exactly the same as Facebook, it’s pretty simple. 

How to Like Comments on Instagram 

Like Comments
  1. Open the Instagram app 
  2. Navigate to a post that has comments left on it
  3. Hit “view all comments” 
  4. Tap the heart outline next to the comment that you want to like

You’ll be able to tell that you hit the right spot when the heart turns red next to the comment you liked. You can do this to as many comments as you wish. 

If you want to unlike the comment for whatever reason, you can simply tap the heart again and it will unlike it.

Why does liking comments on Instagram even matter? 

Well, once you like a comment on Instagram, the person whose comment you liked gets a notification on their Instagram. Your like will also increase the total like count underneath the comment for all to see. 

Liking users’ comments on Instagram is yet another engagement type that can help you get more Instagram followers. Who would’ve thought! 

This is an awesome little Instagram hack that we’ve been using and have seen some great results from. We’re going to tell you a bit more about why this works as well as discuss one other Instagram hack that you shouldn’t ignore if you want more followers. 

Let’s check it out. 

How to Get More Instagram Followers by Liking Comments

Instagram Followers

This is a simple process and although it seems like all you have to do is like a bunch of random comments, you’ll get better results if you strategize a little bit before you set out to like comments on Instagram. 

Here’s how to get more followers using Instagram comment likes:  

  • Make a list of your competitors or similar accounts; note at least 10 accounts that have high levels of engagement (at least 5+ comments, ideally more)
  • Follow these accounts if you don’t already, that way their posts will appear in your news feed for easy access. You can also turn on notifications for these accounts so that you’ll know when they post new content
  • When you see a post from a competing account on your list, click the comment section and like all of the comments

Easy, right? 

Why is Liking Comments on Instagram a Growth Hack?

So, are you still wondering how this can get you more Instagram followers? It’s simply another engagement that can help generate interest around your account and get people checking you out. 

Since users get notified when they get a like, share, comment, or comment like, they’ll notice that they don’t recognize your account, sparking curiosity. Most users want to see who the person was and what they’re all about. 

Once they’re on your page, if they’re drawn into your content and profile, they’ll likely follow you. Thus the reason for seeking out competing or similar accounts— you want to grab the attention of people who are likely to find your content interesting and valuable. 

For this reason, they then actually want to follow you so that they can see your content on a regular basis. This is an awesome way to get more followers through natural engagements on Instagram. 

As you can tell, you need to make sure that you have something that entices followers and captures the attention of your new viewers; your content strategy is very important if you want to get more organic Instagram followers

Let’s check out one more incredible organic Instagram growth hack that can definitely drive new followers if your content is on point. 

Top Instagram Growth Hack: Hashtags

How to Like Instagram Comments

As you may know, the most important thing you can do when looking for more Instagram followers is to get your content out to more people. Engagement, such as comment likes, is one of those ways, but what’s the other one? 

The hashtag is the #1 way to get your Instagram discovered by more people on the platform. First used on Twitter in 2007, hashtags are the universal symbol for content discoverability on social media. 

When you use hashtags, you’ll get your content seen by more people and you’ll be more likely to gain more real Instagram followers.

Combine that with engagement strategies such as liking comments or liking photos and you’ll be unstoppable. 

How to Choose the Best Hashtags on Instagram 

One difficulty with hashtags, however, is that it can be challenging to know which ones drive the best results.

When you like someone’s comment on Instagram you don’t have to do much, but when you use a hashtag, you have to think about which ones will provide the best results for your niche. 

With so many hashtags out there, which ones are best for you?

Should you use general ones like #igers or #beauty, or should you use targeted hashtags that can get the attention of more specific Instagram users?

Let’s talk about it before we let you go. 

It’s really important that you don’t use overly general hashtags such as #igers and #beauty. These hashtags are widely used by millions of users in all different niches, so it’s not likely that you’ll see the results you’re looking for. 

People have the common misconception that because the hashtags are widely used, they’ll get you seen by more people.

This is actually untrue; because the hashtag is so popular, your content will actually likely be pushed down in the content feed and missed by most users. 

Not only that, you won’t get attention from targeted users that actually add value to your profile and specific niche. So how can you know which hashtags to use? 

Flick: Changing Hashtag Strategy

Flick is one of the top hashtag generator tools available today that can help you navigate the complicated world that is hashtag strategy.

It has loads of features that can totally change the way you think about hashtags and how they help your Instagram account. 

Flick allows you to consider hashtags from different perspectives to find the right ones. You’ll be able to: 

  • Perform hashtag searches in any niche
  • View in-depth stats on hashtags you want to use 
  • Create hashtag sets for easy organization and posting 
  • Create a calendar content planner for optimizing content posting schedules 
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Analyze your profile’s analytics 
  • And more

Flick is a truly comprehensive tool that will help you to find a hashtag strategy that sets you apart from other people in your niche. It’s something that can transform the results you see from using hashtags. 

On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags, so knowing which ones will actually bring the best results and minimizing the look of 30 spammy hashtags on your content is ideal for professional looking content. 

Check out Flick and see how much your hashtag game increases your Instagram followers. It’s the best way to get more followers on Instagram in addition to engaging with users on the platform. 

Wrap-Up: Liking Instagram Comments 

Simple engagements such as liking Instagram comments on your competing or similar accounts is an awesome way to get more Instagram followers.

Who knew it could be so simple? 

If you’re looking to supercharge your growth, take a look at your Instagram hashtag game and use Flick to create targeted hashtag sets to reach more people in your specific niche. 

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