How To Start An OnlyFans Without Followers

How to Start An OnlyFans Without Followers in 2024 (7 Steps!)

Published on: February 10, 2024
Last Updated: February 10, 2024

How to Start An OnlyFans Without Followers in 2024 (7 Steps!)

Published on: February 10, 2024
Last Updated: February 10, 2024

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Have you been on the fence about joining the platform because you don’t know how to start an OnlyFans without followers?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time. We are going to guide you in the right direction. 

You shouldn’t let having no followers stop you from grabbing some gusto and joining OnlyFans.

Your ingenuity, forethought, and creativity can help you get followers on the platform. How do you do that?

Stay with us to learn what you need to know to succeed.

Starting an OnlyFans without Followers

We have a few steps for you to take to start an OnlyFans without followers even as a newbie.

It’s pretty easy when you know the right social networks to promote your content on, the right way to set up your OnlyFans sales funnel, and a solid content strategy.

Before we get started with the 7 steps, let’s talk about what you need to make things happen.

  1. You must be willing and able to put in the work.
  2. You need to make reasonable and reachable expectations.
  3. Be content with a gradual income increase rather than a sudden explosion of income.

The truth is that you can 100% enjoy success on OnlyFans starting out with zero followers with the right mindset and reasonable goals. 

How Long until You Achieve Success on OnlyFans with No Followers?

Starting an OnlyFans requires that you are willing to put in the work, are consistent, and you have a positive mindset for success, you already have an edge. 

If you are willing to do the work, you can achieve up to $1,000 per month within the next two to six months. 

Once you reach the $1,000 per month milestone, you can look forward to months of $5,000 to $10,000 on the platform. 

Remember, consistency and a willingness and passion to put in the work are key elements to OnlyFans success. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it concept. 

How to Start an OnlyFans Without Followers in 7 Steps

OnlyFans Contact The Support

To be clear, following these 7 steps is how you get started. These steps are not a guarantee, but a guide to help you get where you want to go on the OnlyFans platform.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your content. Let’s talk about how to get started.

1. Find Your Niche

You may be tired of reading to find your niche when it comes to success online.

Without passion for what you’re doing, viewers, followers, and fans will know you aren’t feeling it.

So, you need to have a passion for your niche. 

Inside your niche, you will be conveying your brand and style, building your brand, and creating an online persona. 

Every component of your content conveys your niche.

What you wear, the props you use, how you talk, how playful you are (how you act), and how you type content should all represent your niche.

Some popular OnlyFans niches include Bratty, Fitness Babe, Innocent at Home, Yogi, Anime or Cosplay, and others. Not everything on OnlyFans is related to fetishes or sexual content. 

Though this content seems to reign on the platform, comedy of all kinds is also popular.

This is why it’s vital to research the most popular creators on OnlyFans to see what they do, how they act, how they brand, and how they bring it all to life in their content. 

Study factors like their posts, captions, and even their poses. Honestly, there’s always something new to learn from OnlyFans’ celebs. 

Besides that, also notice what they post and where they post. For instance, do they use Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, etc. 

The most successful OnlyFans profiles use a stage name for their niches. One example is lilykawaii, using her niche, kawaii in her username.

This is one profile to check out for yourself once you join the platform. 

2. Invest In Yourself

When we say invest in yourself, we mean invest in the right equipment to make good visual content.

No matter what niche you choose, you will have competition. Therefore, you need to be at least as good as, preferably better than they are. 

To manage this, you’ll need quality content. So, even if you’re on a budget, your smartphone is a good start. 

What do you need?

1) A Ring Light ($10-$30)

2) A Smartphone Tripod with Bluetooth Remote ($20 to $50)

The average investment to get started with making quality content that is competitive enough is around $40 to $50.

3. Create Minimum Content

content pixie PSie8BkuB0w unsplash

What does it mean to create a minimum of content?

The following 3-step strategy is one that has been successful for many OnlyFans content creators.

While it’s not the only strategy, it’s been the quickest and most effective for most users. 

  1. Join OnlyFans on the free 30-day trial plan or start with a low tier subscription.
  2. Start with Reddit as your focus for promoting your OnlyFans page. This is the best option when you’re starting from zero on OnlyFans.
  3. Sell Pay-Per_View (PPV) content through OnlyFans DMs.

There is a method to this type of setup. The goal is to get your main revenues from PPV content and custom videos you create and share with OnlyFans.

This is why you want to start with a free trial or low tier solution. You’ll be trying to sell your content to as many people on the Platform as possible.

The initial goal is to get people to your OnlyFans page where you can start directly messaging them with unique and enticing offers. 

To get started, you will need:

  • a list of subreddits where you can promote your OnlyFans.
  • 20 to 30 teaser pictures to entice users and to promote your content.
  • a content menu of things to sell on OnlyFans via custom and PPV offerings. 
  • 3 to 5 short videos to use for promotions (optional, but wise).
  • 3 to 5 pre-recorded videos to sell in OnlyFans DMs.

4. Make Your OnlyFans Account Free or for Low Subscription

When you set up your OnlyFans account, offer a free 30-day trial to your content, or at least make it a low tier subscription to get subscribers. 

5. Begin Reddit Promotions

Best Time to Post on Reddit

For now, Reddit is the best place to get your OnlyFans page started. That’s because Reddit isn’t concerned about how many followers you have. 

If you create unique and quality content and place them in the proper subreddits, you will get views and clicks. In this instance, your number of followers don’t matter. 

In fact, good content gets upvoted, which encourages clicks. In time, you can use Instagram, but remember that Instagram is more focused on your follower count. 

Reddit promotion offers a level playing field for newbies to social media marketing. Use it to your advantage. 

Reddit is a network of communities where users can immerse themselves in their hobbies, interests, and passions. 

Subreddits are categories or threads within the Reddit construct that narrows interests, hobbies, and passions. In other words, niches. 

Reddits and subreddits are based on a voting up or down system across categories and niches on various comments and posts. 

Content that gets more upvotes move up on the page, giving this content more exposure. It has nothing to do with how many followers you have. It’s about the upvotes.

You also have to factor in Karma (comment and link) which calculates the sum of upvotes against downvotes.

Comment Karma comes from users upvotes or downvotes on comments. Link Karma is based on link post voting. No Karma is given by text-only self-posts. 

How do you find niche subreddits?

There are resources that help you find niche subreddits on Reddit. 

  • redditlist
  • scroller
  • Master Google Sheet
  • NSFW subreddits list

Just look for them on Reddit.

6. Join TikTok


No matter how young or old you are, you need a TikTo to grow your OnlyFans page, especially when you’re starting from zero.

TikTok is the second-best way to do this. 

Since social proof is also not as crucial on TikTok, it works a lot like Reddit for your content.

That’s not to say that followers aren’t stressed at all on TikTok, but it’s less than it is on Instagram and other social media outlets. 

The key is to go viral on TikTok, which is mostly about understanding the algorithm and being able to manipulate it to your advantage. 

One thing you need to know is that you should never link your OnlyFans on your TikTok account.

It will get you banned, so just don’t do it.

So how do you get TikTok followers to your OnlyFans?

  • Use your Instagram link on TikTok
  • Use Linktree on your IG profile
  • Put your OnlyFans link on your Linktree

Grow your TikTok through consistent posting, viral sounds, Go Live, study and copy trends on TikTok, copy popular creators within your niche (don’t plagiarize), be unique and interesting, filter comments, reply with short and sweet thank you style comments, and be sure to enable your analytics on TikTok.

7. Follow New OnlyFans Accounts

Best OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

One thing you can do to gain followers on OnlyFans without help from any social media is to follow new users on OnlyFans. 

This helps you increase your follower count. It works much like it does on Instagram.

  • Someone follows you on OnlyFans.
  • Follow back because you’re happy to do that.
  • The user unfollows you within a week or so hoping you won’t notice.
  • Their follower count increases. 

You can do this as well. 

  • Follow several OnlyFans users.
  • About 10-20% will subscribe to your page.
  • Send out a mass DM to all.
  • Sell PPV content to them.

Whatever you do, keep it ethical and within the guidelines and terms of service of any and all platforms you use to get OnlyFans followers.

Learn where you can and cannot directly post your OnlyFans link, and find workarounds for that (i.e. Linktree).

Final Thoughts

When you start an OnlyFans profile, you must be willing to put in the work, set reasonable goals and expectations, and strive for gradual growth instead of a burst of growth to avoid disappointment. 

Get started by promoting content on Reddit, and then TikTok to gain followers. Remember, you will need to use Instagram and Linktree to get people to your OnyFans account.

Avoid doing anything that can get you banned on any of these platforms. 

That’s how to start an OnlyFans without a following.

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