How to Promote Your Podcast on YouTube?

Last Updated: September 23, 2021



Podcasts are just as effective as any other quality content for growing a brand. It is wise to take your podcast to the YouTube platform with whatever method you are comfortable. The tips in this article are intended to help you get the most from your podcast via YouTube.
How to Promote Your Podcast on YouTube?
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So, you have a podcast and you need to get exposure to it. Podcasts are one form of content that aids in brand awareness and promotion in the digital space. Podcasts have become more commonplace over the past few years. 

What is a podcast?


A podcast is basically an audio file that someone creates and then shares it as a digital download to a compatible device. Usually, a podcast features a series of audio files related to a specific niche idea or topic. When people are interested in the topic or niche being discussed in the podcast, they may subscribe to it so they can listen to the series at their leisure. 

A few statistics from related to podcasting:

  • 75 percent of the United States population are aware of what podcasting is.
  • 55 percent of the nation’s population have listened to a podcast.
  • 24 percent of those aware of podcasts in the United States listen to them each week.
  • 16 million of America’s population are fans of podcasts.

Many video creators just like you often consider uploading and submitting their podcasts on the YouTube platform. Even though YouTube is best known for its streaming video social media interests, it is also ideal for audio like podcasts. This video streaming network can substantially boost your listeners base. It will enable you to reach out to a whole new community of YouTube users to spread your content.

How do you promote your podcast on YouTube?

1) Create Your Podcast and Upload It to YouTube

Create Podcast

The first thing to consider is the subject matter of your podcast. It should be something in which you have knowledge, experience, and expertise.  You will also need to choose your hosting platform as well then create your podcast. If you decide you are going to publish your podcast to YouTube, keep in mind that you can record it in episodes.

You may find that some podcasters use a static image along with their audio file to create a video. Your image will be your podcast’s cover art. You can create the static image using the topic of the series and include your logo. Another enhancement is to create audiograms that combine audio and visual components.

2) Micro Videos

Micro Videos

Micro-content is another way to promote YouTube podcasts. You simply create short-format videos from your podcast, like a teaser trailer or summary of the content, to create interest. When people are interested in your short video they are likely to want to hear more. Since this is somewhat time-consuming, but due to people having short attention spans nowadays, you must consider the likelihood of them listening to a podcast on YouTube without some visual content to complement it.

Short videos create bite-sized information that gives your audience enough to gain interest that will direct them to more. YouTube provides that searchable database for your podcast bite-sized “shorts”. 

3) SEO for YouTube

SEO for YouTube

You probably know how Google searches work, so you can understand that YouTube works in a similar manner. Just like all written content online can be optimized for higher search engine rankings, YouTube video SEO helps to optimize videos so they are seen by the right audience. When you are promoting your podcast on YouTube you need to apply the same strategies that you would with written content.

How? Use topic-relevant keywords in your podcast video titles and descriptions. Likewise, use the proper tags before posting your podcast video. YouTube wants you to provide viewers with the best results for searches, so you will be doing yourself, viewers, and YouTube a big favor. 

4) Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Finally, once you have created and optimized your podcast content for YouTube, you must engage with your audience. The idea here is to interact and communicate with your viewer audience. Usually, this is a one-way method of communication, but you can make it interactive by developing your own podcast community. Always use a simple, yet concise call-to-action when creating your podcast content.

Request that your viewers use the comment section to share their thoughts, opinions, questions, and other relevant information about your podcast. This engagement will help you build and grow a successful online community on YouTube with your podcast. Their comment feedback will help you consider future podcast content and you will gain new viewers while retaining your existing viewers.


Podcasts are just as effective as any other quality content for growing a brand. It is wise to take your podcast to the YouTube platform with whatever method you are comfortable. The tips in this article are intended to help you get the most from your podcast via YouTube. 

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