10 Best YouTube Promotion Services (Video & Channel) in 2021

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

YouTube video promotion services are effective tools for showing off your creativity, video creation proficiency, getting user engagement, sharing your information and facts, promoting your events, and gaining more brand awareness. The following 10 YouTube video promotion services are listed and reviewed for your consideration.


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10 Best Real YouTube Video Promotion Services
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If you are a video creator, you understand that without views, you cannot make money or get exposure. Your videos need exposure to get attention to whatever you are promoting.

It is imperative to find the right YouTube promotion service for your videos and channel to get that done. After all, your goal is to get your videos seen by millions of people, not just a few hundred viewers. 

YouTube promotion services are effective tools for showing off your creativity, video creation proficiency, getting user engagement, sharing your information and facts, promoting your events, and gaining more brand awareness.

This is how you build trust and relationships through videos. These are just a few of the benefits of promoting your videos.

Best YouTube Promotion Services

The following YouTube promotion services for channels and videos are listed and reviewed for your consideration.

1. UseViral 

UseViral YouTube

UseViral specializes in growing social media pages to enhance engagement and promote your brand. They offer a guarantee of their service to offer long-lasting, effective results for growth across social channels, including YouTube.

Their YouTube promotion service provides you a way to buy YouTube views, subscribers, and likes and shares. The goal is to grow your engagement so that others will be more willing to engage with your videos and channel. 

How does it work? First you choose a package that fits your video promotion needs and that gives you the best value for your investment. Once you choose your package, you enter your details. UseViral does not require your password or other sensitive information to order from them. All you do is  give them your username and email. 

After you complete your transaction, your order will begin delivery right away.  Campaigns begin within 24-48 hours.

UseViral FAQ:

  • Why should you buy views or subscribers? Using this safe and reliable service is an efficient way to increase your exposure and bolster your credibility on YouTube. Personal or business, you can make a bigger impact with this service.
  • Is it safe to buy subscribers from UseViral? Yes. This company is dedicated to using methods that are known to be safe so that your account is not at risk for banning or suspension. 

2. SidesMedia


According to the website, SidesMedia has been named the number one trusted source of social media engagement. If you want to enhance exposure to your videos and brand while increasing your audience outreach, this company offers real social media services.

This YouTube promotion service promises to deliver your high-quality engagement within 72 hours. How can they do it? First, you buy risk-free real followers and second, you watch your growth happen. You will have likes, followers, and views safely delivered over an acceptable amount of time. 

While results vary, you can expect to see 10 times the growth, engagement, and retention as compared to manually growing your account. This option is fast, safe, and effective for YouTube promotion. SidesMedia also caters to other social media networks such as TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, and others. 

SidesMedia FAQ

  • Are the followers real? Yes. The followers are generated from real engagement only. Organic techniques are used to help you get real followers.
  • What happens if I lose followers? It is not uncommon to have natural followers unfollow over time. Remember that your profile optimization and content are affected by how many people remain followers. 

3. RNS Agency

RNS Agency YouTube

RNS Agency’s About Us page says that this is a social media marketing agency bringing several years of industry experience to the table. YouTube promotion is only one of the social networks to which they cater and what we are addressing in this brief review. 

You are a creative YouTube video creator who wants to have millions of YouTube users to see your creations. You can choose from one of six packages to promote your YouTube videos and channel. The steps start with choosing your package, tell them about your ideal audience, get views to your videos, and obtain popularity and brand awareness. 

The key features of RNS Agency include niche-relevant views, high retention rates, improved rankings, lifetime guarantee, and timely delivery within 1 to 7 days. 

RNS Agency FAQ

  • What payment methods are available? Credit card payments powered by Stripe (secure) is currently the only supported service.
  • Is this service allowed on YouTube? Yes. We run ad campaigns on YouTube for marketers. There is no problem with this service and it is above board. You will be able to check your progress from your YouTube analytics page.

4. Sparxit Solutions

Sparxit Solutions YouTube

Sparxit Solutions helps to effectively promote your video via the searchability option. You will be boosting your videos and your brand. The key feature of this platform focuses on getting your video placed prominently in YouTube’s search results. 

Once you create your YouTube channel, you can then use their content and audience targeting feature. They also offer video transcription to provide a written version of your content. Competitive keywords and video titles help boost your search rankings. 

You may also find integrating with Google Analytics to be helpful for enhancing your videos as well. Other features of Sparxit Solutions include campaign management, video promotion, SEO strategies, and efficient video syndication.

Sparxit FAQ

  • How do you market videos? Video promotion starts off strong with keywords used in the title description, and other areas of YouTube videos. Otherwise, marketing strategies are implemented according to the client’s needs.
  • Is this service safe? Because this company uses marketing strategies that are aligned with YouTube’s guidelines, it is safe for your account.

5) Fiverr


If you have been doing any kind of marketing over the past few years, you likely know about Fiverr. This is a platform where people provide gig-type services starting at $5. There are expert YouTube and social media promotion services listed on this website.

You must have a Fiverr account to hire freelancers for your gigs. When you go to the website, simply enter a search for YouTube promotion and several gig workers will generate. 

The goal is to choose a gig worker according to your needs. One way to be sure you are going to get top-notch services is to look at their ratings. The higher the rating, the more gigs they have completed successfully with good reviews. 

Another option is to check out the profiles of gig workers. There are many new freelancers with vast experience in YouTube video promotion without reviews or with few reviews. It is always a good practice to ask questions about their services before investing your money in any freelancer services. 

Fiverr FAQ

  • What services can you get with Fiverr? Virtually anything you need for YouTube video promotion like transcription, content writing, marketing, and optimizing your video and/or channel.
  • Are transactions safe on Fiverr? Yes. This company values your privacy. Your information and payments are always safe. You also have access to their secure messaging system. 

6. SEO Task

SEO Task YouTube

SEO Task is a YouTube promotion service provider that focuses on getting viewers to your videos that will help you get channel and video subscribers. Did you know that currently, YouTube is the second largest of the search engines today? This global visual social media platform is ideal for promoting across various industries. 

Whether you have problems with getting views to your videos or you are getting views, but not enough engagement, SEO Task can help with affordable services. This service helps you achieve high engagement, enhanced reach, better SEO, and increased web traffic. When you have these strategies in play, you will build trust and credibility. 

Some of the key features include fast, but appropriate growth, rapid adaptability, friendly support, and cross campaigning. Many of the user reviews say you get the services you pay for with SEO Task. They want you to know that they engage in 100% compliance with YouTube’s terms and conditions.


  • What is YouTube promotion? YouTube promotion displays advertisements and runs on a pay-per-view ideal. 
  • Is this service safe for your YouTube? Yes. The promotional strategies used are 100% compliance with YouTube’s terms and conditions.

7. Push Views

Push Views YouTube

YouTube promotion should be dedicated to getting you noticed. That is one of the benefits of using Push Views for your video promotion services. Straightforward pricing and quick turnarounds are the key elements of using this video promotion service.

SEO promotion plays a key role in getting your videos on YouTube noticed. Keywords are part of the SEO process that targets audiences, interests, locations, and other demographics. What does that mean? It means that search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will be more apt to pick up your keywords when someone searches for them online. These keywords are often used in metatags, titles, and in the description of videos.

Whether you are looking to get some traffic or to increase your following, Push Views promotion services is a simple service that is priced fairly and effective. The one thing that makes them stand out is that they do not want you to feel like you are overspending on YouTube promotion services.

Push Views FAQ

  • How can you tell if these are real views? Push Views shares your video on social media platforms so that real people provide feedback and engagement. 
  • Can others tell you are using this service? No. Only because your privacy is important to this company. They only allow former client reviews and video testimonials on their site.

8. Grin

Grin YouTube

Grin is passionate about empowering social media influencers to boost their craft. Not only do they offer packages for YouTube video promotion, they also tell you the things you need to know about YouTube promotion.

The promotional features from this company include Views, Subscribers, Advertising, Press Releases, and Distribution. The level of services you get depends on which package you choose. All packages produce high-quality services. 

This service is all about those shoutouts that come from highly-rated YouTubers. Additionally, opinions and criticisms necessary to better yourself come as part of the process. You will need help especially in the beginning of your YouTube video creation. There are too many types of services and options to cover in one review.

Grin FAQ

  • Will you get more engagement? Yes. This company uses tested strategies for more engagement.
  • How do you learn from successful influencers? Today’s world’s social media influencers leaders know what it takes to be successful. This company takes that know-how and puts it into an easy to understand format.

9) Sprizzy


If you want your video to go viral, you will use a service that can make that happen. Sprizzy is one such YouTube video promotion service. This platform is simple to use and gets your video out in front of your ideal audience to make sure your video gets seen. This company is dedicated to helping you get big results with the smallest budget possible. 

First, provide them with keywords that tell these experts who need to see your video. These keywords will describe your video and channels. Promoting your video comes next as users search for your targeted keywords and find you. Finally, you will get results through more views, subscribers, and real engagement.

Regardless of the type of channel you have, Sprizzy can help you get exposure. They find your ideal audience, use real-time analytics via their dashboard, filter out low engagement, use smart targeting, and help you get real engagement.

Sprizzy FAQ

  • Do they offer a money-back guarantee? Yes. If they are unable to promote your video for whatever reason, you can get a refund. 
  • Does this service pose a risk to your YouTube account? Due to the methods used to promote views from YouTube Ads (Google Ads) that strictly stay within YouTube guidelines, there is no risk to your account.

10. Juss Russ Digital Marketing

Juss Russ YouTube

Juss Russ Digital Marketing has two packages for YouTube video promotion. They consider their service to be “Legit YouTube Promotion” as per their website. Using techniques for organic results helps get your videos exposure. Juss Russ has established working relationships with independent music blogs, music producers, DJ’s, and other music industry professionals so they can help you connect with them.

Getting your videos out there and seen by the right people is imperative to success. You could be the next undiscovered talent that rises to fame with video promotion services. People love music and visuals. You could create the next great YouTube music video, but without promotion you are not going to get far. 

The goal of this service is to get your video presented in such a way that you get the likes, comments, and views you need to get noticed. They strive to get people excited to watch your videos.

Juss Russ Digital Marketing FAQ

  • Does this company accept all genres of music? Yes. They promote all genres of music from YouTube. There are indie music fans from Rock, Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country, and more. 
  • When will your campaign start? About 90% of all campaigns start within 48 hours of your completed transaction. Some may take longer depending on the information needed for your campaign and other factors. 


Now you know that it is crucial to get promotion for your YouTube videos and channel in order to go viral. The above list of YouTube promotion services are effective for music and other types of videos. They are all useful for getting relevant and targeted likes, comments, and views. 

This kind of video promotion is how you achieve brand awareness and recognition. Since YouTube can be very competitive, you can use a little help with YouTube promotion services for your videos.

Always check out reviews before you choose a YouTube promotion service. Remember, if you have questions or concerns before investing your money in any of these services, send them to the contact information provided on the websites. That way, you can learn what you need to know directly from the source. 

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