How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok (2024 Update)

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok (2024 Update)

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

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Do you want to know how to find someone’s IP address on TikTok?

The TikTok app does not reveal the IP addresses of its users.

However, using the right methods, you can find out the IP address of a TikTok user. In this article, you can learn about these methods.

TikTok is a popular social media application for sharing videos. It is quite addictive for people who love watching short entertaining videos.

This is why this app has a lot of users and it got one billion fans within a year of its launch. Since its launch in 2018, many people have uploaded several videos on TikTok to get famous.

Some users think they are anonymous and no one can know their location on TikTok. The location of a TikTok user relies on their SIM number’s location.

TikTok has a strong privacy policy just like other social networking websites. It does not allow people to disrupt the privacy of anyone, including content creators, fashion influencers, and celebrities.

Moreover, TikTok does not reveal any personal data of its users, apart from whatever the user has put in their bio. TikTok also hides the IP addresses of its users, even if the app has access to it.

Nobody would trust TikTok if anyone could easily attain the IP addresses of its users.

However, in reality, users are not unknown on TikTok. You can know the IP number of any user on TikTok if you persuade them to perform some easy online actions through social engineering, an important hacking technique.

TikTok is quite similar to other famous social networking platforms. It uses the IP addresses of its users internally so as to implement geo-targeting and certain rules.

However, it does not disclose the IP addresses of its users publicly since expert hackers can make use of an IP number, along with other information and actions for malicious activities that could endanger a user’s privacy and security.

But, you can still get the IP address of a user on TikTok directly by using some tricks, which you will learn about in this blog post.

Why Would I Need to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok?

Someone might have corrupted your TikTok video or account and you might want to know their IP address. Moreover, someone might be using TikTok to bully or blackmail your privacy anonymously.

This could include snoopers, hackers, fraudsters, or even your so-called friends on TikTok.

These are some of the reasons why you would want to find the IP number of an online intruder on TikTok.

A lot of users on TikTok are not even aware of what is an IP number and that it is allotted to every device on which they are using TikTok.

Plus, you must not know that the TikTok app determines your location via your phone number and not your IP number.

This is why a lot of users do not use a proxy service or VPN since it doesn’t hide their location.

Hackers just require a mobile number to know the location of a person on TikTok.

Nevertheless, many people do not make use of a proxy service or VPN, which is why you can detect their actual location by searching their IP number on an IP Lookup website like

This can help you to know someone’s location if you suspect that they are lying to you about it.

A lot of scammers and internet marketers try to show a distinct location and not their actual one while assuming that no one can find out their location since the net is anonymous.

However, this is not true since their IP address can be employed to track their location.

tik tok ip address

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok

You can find someone’s IP address on TikTok by using a few simple tricks.

You can do so through two ways, which are listed below.

In the first method, you have to employ some vital skills in social engineering so that you can persuade your target user to hit a link that is generated by an IP-grabber site.

Use an Already-made TikTok IP Grabber

An IP grabber is a site that allows you to know the IP number of other web users by persuading them to hit a link created by the site.

This is one of the simplest ways to get someone’s IP address on TikTok.

It doesn’t require you to have any technical expertise and spend any money. You can select from a wide range of IP grabbers available on the market.

Among these, Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener is the best tool. It is offered free of cost, is completely safe to use, and does not affect your privacy.

You can use this website to track users that go to shortened links, even though it says that it is a URL shortener website.

Using Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener is quite simple.

To know a user’s IP address using this TikTok IP puller tool, do as follows.

  • First, you must be aware that you have to send a DM to the TikTok user for this method to work. And, you can only send a DM to someone who follows you. This means if the target user does not follow you on TikTok, then you cannot use this method. And, if they are following you, then you can continue with the below-mentioned steps.
  • Now, you must search for some online content or a website that would be of interest to your target user. For example, if your target user likes football, then you can search for some relevant information about a soccer club they like. Copy the URL of such content and then go to the website of Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener.
grabify logger
  • Now, you have to paste this URL in the space provided on the homepage of the website and then hit the button of ‘Create URL’ in order to create a compressed link. You will use this compressed URL to lure your target user.
grabify ip logger
  • Now, you conduct a chat with the TikTok user. You then have to recommend your searched content to them and provide them with the compressed URL. When your target clicks on this link, their IP address will be grabbed by the Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener website and then they will be diverted to the real content they are interested in.
  • In order to know the TikTok user’s IP address, you need to head over to the homepage of Grabify and key in the tracking code after the user has clicked on your provided link. Then, you have to hit the button of ‘Tracking Code’ in order to view the details of every web request send to the condensed URL. This includes information about geolocation, operating system, user agent, and IP address.
logger results

Develop Your Own TikTok IP Logger

The method mentioned above is for target users who are not aware of condensed URLs plus how they can be used to collect IP addresses.

However, a lot of people, particularly tech experts, will not hit shortened links. Such people can employ tools to know the actual URL concealed behind the compressed link.

If you think that your target user will not click on a shortened link, then you can make your own site to obtain their IP address.

When you create your own site, you will receive a branded domain name, which your target user will not suspect. And, when they will visit your website, you can capture their IP address.

However, in order to create your own site to collect someone’s IP address on TikTok, you must have coding skills for web development. You can find the steps below to create your custom IP logger.

  • First, you must develop your website offline, using either a content management system or a programming language to create your site from scratch. The website should offer some valuable information if you do not want your target user to doubt anything. The IP number of every device that sends a web request is recorded. So, you just have to monitor all the web requests.
  • Once you develop your website, you can then host it. For this, you can employ a hosting service that is offered free of cost, which will save your money.
  • For hosting a website, a free service is fine, but you should not use free domains since such extensions seem strange and can be caught. Rather, you should purchase and use an inexpensive .com domain name.
  • When you are done with everything, you can persuade your target user on TikTok to go to your site. You can then examine your server record or log and know their IP address.

You must see the time when the target user visits your website and not give its link to several people at the same time. But, if your website requires users to register themselves and key in their info, then you do not have to worry about this.

How to Prevent IP Tracking on TikTok

The above-mentioned methods inform you that getting someone’s IP address on TikTok is quite easy. However, you can still be misled by a spoofed or fake IP address.

You too can learn this trick to spoof your actual IP address so that no one grabs your IP and if they do, they get the incorrect IP address.

When using TikTok, you could employ TikTok VPN servers such as NordVPN or SurfShark as these are the best ones.

A few top proxy services include Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and Bright Data.


Q: Is it Illegal to Get Someone’s IP Address without his Consent?

It might seem like getting someone’s IP address is an invasion of their privacy and illegal.

But, this is not true. IP numbers are public information and not private.

They are discharged through internet communication and thus are not considered confidential. This is why it is not unlawful to obtain someone’s IP address.

However, your purpose for using it can be illegal.

Q: Proxy or VPN Server: Which is Best for Preventing IP Tracking?

TikTok is used on mobile phones so these devices are your target.

VPNs are best for mobile devices since TikTok doesn’t support proxies and can circumvent the default settings of a proxy.

However, with VPNs, all the traffic is passed through the server of the VPN, which ensures your IP number is not revealed.


Attaining a user’s IP address with a TikTok IP tracker is quite easy if they are your follower on TikTok and you could persuade them to click on an URL to visit their preferred online content.

But, you can still be deceived with a fake IP address.

Plus, you must be aware that this blog does not have any vicious intentions and you are accountable for whatever purpose you use this information.

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