How to Find Someone on Reddit without Their Username

How to Find Someone on Reddit without Their Username

Published on: December 2, 2023
Last Updated: December 2, 2023

How to Find Someone on Reddit without Their Username

Published on: December 2, 2023
Last Updated: December 2, 2023

Reddit, often hailed as the front page of the internet, is a thriving social media platform known for its diverse communities, user-generated content, and the freedom it offers for discussions on virtually any topic. 

It’s a place where millions of individuals engage daily, often with the comfort of anonymity. 

But what if you need to locate a specific Redditor without knowing their username? 

In this article, we’ll delve into the Reddit field and help you know how to find someone on Reddit without their username with effective strategies.

How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username – Using Reliable Third-Party Tools

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an exceptionally potent people search engine, boasting an extensive repository of public records, social media, dating profiles, and background data. 

Social Catfish is the fastest and most efficient solution for locating someone on Reddit without their username. 

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It offers the added benefit of accessing profiles across various social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Tumblr, and POF.

To begin your search, just visit the Social Catfish website, enter the individual’s name into the search bar, and initiate the search by clicking “Search Now.”

Social Catfish will leverage its vast database to compile a comprehensive report, presenting you with a wealth of information. 

This report typically includes contact details, familial connections, work history, social media accounts, criminal records, and more.

For those seeking in-depth insights and guaranteed results, Social Catfish offers a Specialty Service. 

Their team of experts employs advanced tools similar to those used by the FBI to conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. 

With their assurance of success, you can trust Social Catfish to locate the person you’re searching for and comprehensively understand their background and online presence.

2. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

To locate someone on Reddit without needing their username, consider leveraging the capabilities of Instant Checkmate, a robust people search engine. 

This tool is particularly adept at uncovering individuals’ social media profiles. 

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Thanks to its extensive range of public records sources, Instant Checkmate offers a higher likelihood of determining if a person you’re interested in is active on Reddit. 

What sets it apart is the wealth of additional information it can provide about the individual, including potential contact details and address history.

To use it, visit the Instant Checkmate website and Input the person’s name and state of residence. After that, click on the “SEARCH NOW” button to initiate the search process.

As the search progresses, follow the on-screen instructions provided by Instant Checkmate. 

After a few minutes, you’ll be presented with results. Consider selecting a subscription plan that aligns with your needs. 

Within the results, navigate to the “SOCIAL” section, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of the person’s available social media profiles, which may include their presence on Reddit.

Instant Checkmate’s capabilities offer a practical and efficient means of discovering if someone is active on Reddit, complemented by a treasure trove of supplementary information to enhance your understanding of the individual you’re searching for.

3. BeenVerified


Another effective tool for this task is BeenVerified, a widely used people search site known for conducting comprehensive background checks.

To track down someone on Reddit without their username, you’ll need at least one piece of specific information about the individual, such as their full name, location, age, email address, or phone number. 

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BeenVerified allows you to use the provided personal information to uncover the person’s Reddit username. Depending on your details, you can choose the type of search that best suits your needs.

A unique feature of this service is that you can find information related to vehicles registered in their name.

It searches for legal names associated with the individual, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their identity.

You can access important information regarding any involvement in legal matters or their status as a registered sex offender and their complete background check.

The tool can help you discover any assets or accounts linked to the person you’re researching.

By utilizing BeenVerified’s various tools and your available information, you can uncover valuable insights about the individual you’re searching for on Reddit, enhancing your ability to connect with them or understand their online presence.

Additional Effective Methods To Find Someone On Reddit

Best Time to Post on Reddit

1. Looking Through Reddit Comments And Posts

Searching for someone on Reddit without knowing their username can be accomplished through various methods, making it more accessible than you might think.

If you recall parts of the person’s posts or comments or have screenshots of content they’ve shared, you can employ this information to your advantage.

Reddit offers a straightforward way to search for text within posts and comments. Enter the remembered content into the in-app search box and hit Enter. 

Reddit will then retrieve several relevant results, potentially leading to the user you seek.

Additionally, If you can access the person’s other social media profiles, you can gather insights by paying attention to the topics or themes they frequently discuss. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can expand your search on Reddit by exploring relevant discussions related to their interests.

2. Lookup Their Other Usernames

Many individuals maintain consistency by using the same username across various social networks. 

Therefore, if you possess their Facebook, Twitter (now X), or Instagram username, it’s worth exploring Reddit using this information to uncover potential matches. 

Alternatively, you can employ a systematic approach by testing a variety of username variations based on the available information, perhaps appending a numerical suffix for further differentiation.

Here’s a straightforward method to initiate this search:

  1. Visit Reddit.
  2. Utilize the search bar located at the top of the page.
  3. Input the username into the search bar.
  4. Examine the results for matching usernames on Reddit.
  5. Click on the individual’s username to access their profile page, allowing you to review their previous comments and threads.

By employing this method, you can potentially pinpoint the Reddit profile of the person you are seeking, gaining access to their online activity and interactions within the Reddit community.

3. Search On Google

Google Image Search

An alternative approach to locating individuals on Reddit is by harnessing the power of Google. 

This method involves inputting the person’s Reddit username or even specific details from their old posts or comments into the Google search bar, followed by the term “site:” 

When you hit Enter, Google scours its vast index to retrieve all web pages associated with your provided information.

While it’s true that searching for Reddit profiles on Google may not always yield immediate or foolproof results, it’s a worthwhile avenue to explore. 

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of this method can vary depending on the individual’s online activity and the extent to which search engines have indexed their Reddit content.

This approach can be advantageous if you want to uncover specific discussions, comments, or posts by a particular Redditor. 

It allows you to access a broader context of their online interactions and contributions within the Reddit community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Locate a Phone Number on Reddit?

Telephone numbers are not publicly accessible on Reddit, nor is there a direct search option. 

An alternative is to use people search tools, which can yield further details about the individual, including, if it’s accessible, their Reddit profile.

Is It Possible to Find a User’s Email Address on Reddit?

You can’t immediately obtain someone’s email address from Reddit, except they tell you. 

There are further methods, such as using people search tools.

Is It Possible to Locate Somebody on Reddit if They Go by A Pseudonym Rather than Their Actual Name?

It can be more difficult to locate someone who goes by a pseudonym, particularly if they don’t disclose personal details in their postings or comments. 

You might have to depend on hints from their Reddit activity or use outside resources for a more comprehensive search.

Are There Any Search Methods for Reddit that I May Use to Locate Someone without Their Username?

Reddit’s built-in search capabilities have its uses. 

To filter results, you can use advanced search options, which allow you to search for particular keywords, restrict your search to a specific subreddit, or set a time limit. 

You can hone your search within the platform using these techniques.


Knowing how to find someone on Reddit without their username and doing so may seem challenging, but with the right strategies, it’s entirely achievable.

While we talked about various methods, using third-party search tools stands out as a particularly effective and efficient way to achieve your goal.

Keep an open mind in your pursuit because Reddit is a place of connection and discovery. 

With determination, patience, and ethical conduct, you can successfully find someone on Reddit, even without knowing their username.

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