How to Clone a Phone Quickly

How to Clone a Phone Quickly in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

How to Clone a Phone Quickly in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Most people don’t think about the logistics of cloning a phone until they need to. That leaves them wondering how to clone a phone and if it’s easy to do. 

The good news is there are several ways in which you can clone any phone, regardless of what operating system it uses.

Best of all, we’ve done all the hard work, allowing you to follow the simple step-by-step instructions. 

You’ll be able to successfully and secretly clone any device. .

How to Clone a Phone in 2024

There are several options available to you. Potentially the simplest is to use a third-party spy app.

These don’t technically clone the phone. Instead, they give you access to everything on the target device. 

Spy Apps

There are several spy apps worth considering:

1. EyeZy

Eyezy Home

EyeZy is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. It’s affordable and very easy to use.

Once installed you can access the EyeZy dashboard and see everything on the target phone in real-time.  

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

It doesn’t create a clone, it just gives you access to the target phone. 

Subscribing is simple:

  • Visit the EyeZy website
  • Select ‘try now’ or ‘buy now’
  • Enter your email address
  • Select your subscription. One month costs $41.99, twelve months is $9.99 per month
  • Pay – you’ll be given a link

It’s necessary to install this link on the phone you wish to clone. This can be the hardest part:

Android Devices
Eyezy browsing history tracker

If you’re looking to clone an Android device you’ll need physical access to the phone.

It will need to be unlocked and the target shouldn’t know you have it. 

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The installation process takes 5 minutes.

  • Open Google Play
  • Choose settings and turn off Play Protect
  • Open a browser
  • Paste the link in and hit enter, it will install by itself
  • Close the browser and Google Play

The app installs in the operating system, rendering it invisible.

Apple Phones
EyeZy on iOS

You can install EyeZy on an Apple device in the same way or do it remotely, via the iCloud.

You will need the target’s iCloud username and password. 

Log into the iCloud with their details on your device and paste the link into the browser.

Again, it will install into the operating system, making it invisible. 

On your own device, you can log into your EyeZy account and enjoy the following features:

  • List of all contacts and notification when new are added
  • Phone logs, including duration
  • All SMS and MMS messages sent and received
  • All media images on the phone
  • Everything posted to and received on social media sites
  • The location of the phone and its history
  • Full list of installed apps
  • Ability to take screenshots
  • Create notification alerts to tell you when certain words and phrases are used

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

It’s a powerful tool that lets you see exactly what the target is doing on their phone.

You should note EyeZy also has an excellent customer support team.

You can contact them via live chat or email and they will help you resolve any issue. They are available 24/7.

2. mSpy

mSpy Home

mSpy is another respected app that offers a similar array of features to EyeZy.

However, while installation is exactly the same, mSpy is a little less intuitive to use.

👉 Get mSpy FREE

The numerous features on the dashboard can take some getting used to.

Just like EyeZy, it allows you to see the call logs and monitor ongoing phone calls. It even allows you to listen to a call in progress.

The app works well with Android and Apple phones. However, you should note it is more expensive than EyeZy.

The one-month option is a staggering $68 while the twelve-month option is just $12 per month. 

You should also note that, while this app installs invisibly, you will need to jailbreak an Apple phone before installing.

That’s more complicated and increases the likelihood of you being discovered, which goes against what you are trying to achieve. 

Cloning Apps

Third-party apps are perfect if you want to see everything going on in real-time and make sure the target has no secrets.

Of course, these apps cost but they are effective and safe. 

However, if paying isn’t your favorite thing you may want to try CloneIt.

This is another third-party app, it simply works differently.

1. Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone – Root

Dr.Fone is another option when looking to clone. It’s known as a management tool.

But, as part of this, it needs full access to all files on the phone and is capable of copying them.

👉 Get Dr.Fone FREE

The intent was to back up the phone and ensure all data remains safe.

Of course, backing up the files means that they can be downloaded elsewhere, to another phone. 

Dr.Fone works with Android and Apple devices and it’s a cost-effective solution.  You’ll be able to:

  • Access all WhatsApp conversations
  • Find out what the unlock ID and passcode are
  • Migrate all data from one device to another

In short, you’ll get all the data from the target phone, allowing you to see who they are chatting to and what messages are being shared. 

Dr.Fone is easy to install and use:

  • Start by visiting the Dr.Fone website and downloading the phone management tool
  • Open the tool then plug in both the target device and receiving device into a USB slot
  • Select the phone transfer option
  • Choose the sender and receiver
  • You’ll be given a list of files that can be copied, such as contact details, media images, social media messages, etc. Tick the ones you want to transfer
  • Select ‘start transfer’ and wait for the process to complete. It usually only takes 5-10 minutes
  • Unplug the phones
  • Look at the data on the receiving one, it will show everything from the target phone

The process is fast. However, it will only give you data saved on the phone.

Deleted data can’t be captured and anything that the target does after you’ve cloned it won’t be visible. 

That’s where cloning apps vary significantly from spy apps. A good spy app, such as EyeZy, sees all the data, including deleted files.

It also gives you real-time updates, ensuring you always know what the target is doing.

2. CloneIt


CloneIt allows you to copy up to 12 types of data from a target phone.

That’s data like contact list, calls made, social media apps, location, and even the list of apps on the device. 

To Install CloneIt you’ll need to visit their website and have both phones handy.

It’s a good idea to back up all data on both phones before you start cloning. It will help if anything goes wrong. 

You can then install the app on each device. Simply visit CloneIt and select download.

You’ll need to choose what type of device each one is. The target phone should be the sender while your device is the receiver.

Of course, this means you have to access an Android phone physically to install the app. 

You should also note it doesn’t work with iOS devices. But, it is a free option. 

The phones should automatically connect, all you have to do is decide what data you would like to copy.

Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the parameters and it will transfer it within five to ten minutes.

Your receiver phone will then be a clone of the original, allowing you to see everything the target has said and done on their device. 

Bluetooth Hacker

Another option worth considering is a Bluetooth hacker. A good hacking app is a very simple way to clone a phone.

However, both devices must have Bluetooth turned on and the phones need to be close to each other. 

You’ll need to choose a respectable Bluetooth hacker first and install it on your device. 

Then, when you are close enough to your target, connect your phone to theirs via Bluetooth.

The hacking app will then give you access to the data on the phone, including call logs, messages, and other information.

You can look at the information without the target knowing. 

However, to connect to them via Bluetooth you’ll need to be an existing Bluetooth contact.

Assuming you know the target you can usually get on their list by telling them you have a film to send to them. 

This approach is free and comparatively easy to use. But, the data collection is limited and you need to be close to the target.

SIM Card Cloning

SIM Card Cloning

This is surprisingly easy but you will need access to the SIM card in the target phone.

You’ll also need to buy a SIM card reader.

  • Turn off the device and take the SIM card out of the target phone
  • Make a note of the IMSI code on the card
  • Put the SIM card in your SIM reader, it will give you a unique authentication code
  • If necessary connect the reader to your computer to trigger the code release
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to clone the phone number
  • You’ll need to switch SIM cards when indicated and authorize the change with the authentication code 

Once it has finished you can insert the cloned SIM into your device and put the original back in the target phone. 

Now, every time the target gets a message or phone call you will see it. You’ll also be able to see any media files saved to the SIM.

Of course, it won’t show you files saved to the device memory and it can’t show you any new files saved after the cloning process.

There are some apps that allow you to clone a SIM card remotely.

These can be effective but, if you don’t follow all the steps properly you can simply corrupt the SIM and even the target data.

In all cases you should proceed with caution.   

Legality Of Cloning A Phone

There is no hard and fast rule regarding cloning phones. In some states it’s legal, in others it’s not.

But, in all cases, the law will look at the reasons for cloning. For personal benefit is not a viable answer.  

However, if you are cloning to help keep your child safe or to verify a partner is cheating on you, then you are likely to be operating within the confines of the law.

The trick is not to do anything harmful with the data you discover. 

Remember To Backup First

Phone Backup

Before you try any cloning, always do a backup of both phones.

If it goes wrong you’ll be able to restore the target phone to original and the target will never know.

Backing up the receiving phone means you can wipe the cloned data and reinstall your own data.

If you forget to back up you could lose a lot of personal data. 

Summing Up

When it comes to how to clone a phone there are plenty of options. Unfortunately, not all options are created equal.

The safest approach is to use EyeZy. As a third-party app it is trusted and reliable. 

It’s also easy to use and will give you all the data you need for as long as you need it, without having to reinstall anything each time. 

As a bonus, it allows you to set notifications and even block internet access when necessary.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

In short, it’s the most versatile option and the least likely to get you caught out. 

You can check out the free demon on EyeZybefore you commit to buying, meaning you have nothing to lose. 

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