Best Spy Apps for Android

10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2024 (Free & Undetectable)

Published on: April 20, 2023
Last Updated: April 20, 2023

10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2024 (Free & Undetectable)

Published on: April 20, 2023
Last Updated: April 20, 2023

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The best hidden spy app for Android, as found in our independent testing, is EyeZy!

People use hidden spy apps for Android phones for a variety of legitimate reasons.

Apps like these can be used to track incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls as well as locate a stolen or misplaced phone.

Currently, there are many options available when it comes to such apps. Therefore, choosing the best Android spy app can be challenging.

Below is a detailed analysis of the best hidden spy apps for Android, including their features, comparisons, and prices.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2024

  1. EyeZy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. mSpy
  3. uMobix
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. Spyic
  6. XNSPY
  7. FlexiSPY
  8. Spyera
  9. Spyine
  10. Google Family Link

1. EyeZy

eyeZy- cell phone tracker

With EyeZy, you can monitor all your children’s phones regardless of their device. This Android spy app is easy to use and can be used on any phone.

Your targeted phone is monitored by EyeZy without the device’s users even being aware.

From text messages to the history of your browser, this app lets you track everything that happens on your target device.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

Artificial Intelligence, which EyeZy comes with, is what sets it apart. You don’t have to check the app because it has superior AI constantly.

Moreover, the app will alert you when an active call is made on the targeted phone.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that EyeZy utilizes bank-grade encryption to protect your personal and financial data.

Using EyeZy’s spy app for Android, you can observe every single action happening on the device you wish to monitor.

Parental control could not be easier with this app. Adding to its appeal is its exceptional artificial intelligence.

It is simple to set up and works both on iOS and Android devices, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at  


EyeZy phone spy app adopts an affordable pricing plan to access these impressive mobile spy features.

You can choose from any of the available packages:

  • $47 for one month plan
  • $9.99 for one year plan
  • $27.99 for three months plan


Android devices running on version 3 or later of the operating system, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and others, can use this top cell phone spy software.

There is no need to root the device.


  • A targeted device can be used to track every keystroke
  • Keep an eye on social media and text activity
  • You can even recover deleted messages
  • A geolocation tracker and analysis of Wi-Fi networks are included
  • Access the multimedia files stored on the target device remotely
  • See which websites your targeted device is visiting and block them.

2. mSpy

mSpy Home

A key concept behind mSpy is that knowing is always better than hoping.

You can get a transparent picture of the consumer’s digital world with this Android spy app packed with options.

GPS tracking allows you to always know where your employees are at all times.

Monitoring detailed names will allow you to track who is calling and who is calling them.

👉 Get mSpy FREE

Furthermore, social media monitoring provides information on what they are saying and who they are saying it.

mSpy’s monitoring metrics will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions and superior monitoring metrics.

Using the app, you are able to access pictures and videos stored on the target device remotely.

Their phone is available for you to view and videos they have been hiding.

During my time playing with mSpy, one feature impressed me: its video playback.

Using the geofencing feature, you can create imaginary fences as safe zones for your children.

With geofencing, you will now be notified through email every time your child enters or leaves a fence, or you can check the status on your mSpy account.

mSpy also provides parents with easy access to a list of the Wi-Fi networks their children were connected to through their smartphones.

The location of all connected Wi-Fi helps you see where your ward has been all day long as well.


MSpy costs $48.99 for a month. They charge $27.99/month for their 3-month plan and $11.66/month for their 12-month plan.


With FlexiSPY, you can spy on a target Android phone by doing the following:

  • Prompt notifications system
  • Can listen to the calls of the targeted phone
  • Call recording feature
  • Randomly clicks photos on the phone
  • Keep on making remote videos
  • It offers SIM card and GPS tracking

3. uMobix


A cell phone tracker for parents and an excellent undetectable Android spy app, uMobix provides smartphone and tablet support.

Its main selling point is the ease of installation and the fact that it takes only five minutes to begin using.

There are many uses for uMobix. In addition to blocking devices, parents can access keylogging capabilities, monitor social media apps, and more.

Deleted messages on the target device can also be viewed using the app.

👉 Get uMobix FREE

The application will automatically update, so parents will never have to worry about running outdated program versions.

With this software, you can track the target’s location, view media from a target’s phone, and read sent and received texts, among other features.

Almost any social network can also be followed with the help of this hidden spy app for Android.

You’ll always know what people post, comment on, add to their friends, and follow.

Aside from that, the app lets you view a contact list, call history, and GPS location, ensuring that everything typed and said can be considered.


uMobix is compatible with all newer Android devices and iPhones and iPads running the latest versions of iOS.


uMobix is on the expensive side. It charges $49.99 per month, and if you choose three months plan, you will have to pay $27.99 per month.

Similarly, an annual plan only costs $11.66 per month.


A user can view all of his discarded calls, messages, or modified contacts.

  • The microphone and camera on the device are accessible to the user.
  • The user will be able to access the critical settings on the child’s device.
  • To keep yourself safe from online threats, restrict your access to various phone functions.
  •  The GPS tracker is the best way to track movement in conjunction with the interactive map.

4. Hoverwatch


GPS, calls, SMS, and messages can be tracked using Hoverwatch, a popular Android spy app. Stealthy tracking is possible with a hoverwatch.

Using the Hoverwatch app, users of the target Android device will not be aware that they are being tracked.

👉 Get Hoverwatch FREE

Despite the complexity of the mechanism behind Hoverwatch, its user interface is quite simple.

Highly experienced developers developed this spy app, so you can be confident that it works effectively.

With just five minutes of setup, you will be able to access the target phone.

Parents often use Hoverwatch to ensure their children are safe online and protected from online dangers.

However, the internet can be a great source of information for everyone. As well as tempting children and teenagers, it also creates many problems for parents.

Parents are naturally concerned about keeping their children away from such temptations and hazards. You can do just that with this spy app for Android.


A three-month subscription costs $59.95, and a 12-month subscription costs $99.95.

Using this subscription, you have access to all tracking features, but you can only track one device at a time.

Monitoring up to five devices is included in the Professional plan for $49.95 per month.  A three-month plan for $299.95 and a twelve-month plan for $499.95.


  • There is no visible trace of the hidden-phone tracker.
  • Your online account allows you to install this secret app.
  • The device user can view all the information they have sent and received.
  • Using Hoverwatch, Android users can keep track of all the websites they visit.

5. Spyic


Spyic is considered the best Android spy app available today due to its several features. Surveillance applications like this are very popular.

No matter whether you need to record text messages, web browser history, phone call records, GPS tracking, or contacts, SPYIC has you covered.

In addition, you’ll find several advanced features unique to the game.

👉 Get Spyic FREE

Locate the target in real-time. Among other things, you can view emails, timestamps, and location histories.

You can spy on SMS messages with the SMS Spy feature in this app. Observe all SMS sent by your target, including edited ones.

You need to know what they are talking about and who they are referring to.

Your call log will include detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls.

Consider the length of calls, the addresses, and the frequency with which they are made.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter around your target that is drawn on the screen.

With this hidden spy app for Android, You’ll be notified whenever the user’s device comes into the forbidden zone.


Pricing can vary with different plans. The basic plan with a few limitations comes at $39.99/month.

On the other hand premium app with full features costs $49.99 a month. You can also buy a family plan which can be used on five devices, and it costs $69.99 per month/.


  • It offers keylogging
  • The target’s device records every keystroke they make
  • Make sure the staff and kids are being watched closely
  • You can access images and videos
  • Monitor your children’s online activities
  • The Stealth mode is an almost undetectable monitoring mode
  • Tracks social media activity 



The case of XNSPY is an odd Android spy app. These types of spy apps have all kinds of creepy features, including monitoring call logs, tracking GPS, monitoring web browsing, and direct access to chat.

Despite this, it is more affordable than some of its larger rivals like FlexiSpy and Spyera.

Watching certain things is part of the basic version while watching everything else is part of the premium version.

Businesses or families with a lot of money might find it helpful. Still, families might consider using Google Family Link or Kiddie Parental Controls before spending money on something more powerful.

A hidden spy app for Android, such as XNSPY, is designed especially for business purposes.

Companies that need to monitor their workers can benefit greatly from this app.

Among other things, it tracks app usage, calendar entries, and browsing history. Users can track their location through this service as well.

Social media apps can be monitored with this spy app. Through XNSPY, text messages, call logs, web histories, and critical loggers can be viewed.

It also offers geofencing alert capabilities. Users can create maps on an e-map with this feature to be notified as soon as the target goes to a particular location.


Its basic one-month plan is free. For a yearly plan, XNSPY’s Basic Yearly Edition costs $39.99 per month, while its Premium Yearly Edition costs $7.99  per month.


  •  It has a call recording option
  • Tracks contacts saved in the device
  • It offers SMS tracking
  • On the go GPS tracking
  • You can alseo track emails
  • It also provides access to stored files
  • It provides a 24/7 notifications service

7. FlexiSPY


Next on our list, the Android spy app is FlexiSPY, which offers advanced features without rooting.

You can record calls, take photos and videos remotely, listen to surrounding sounds, and record photos and videos.

The software includes SIM card change notifications, keyloggers, and call history access.

The software enables you to track which apps your kids are using. Additionally, you can view a list of the installed applications on the device.

You can secretly record the surrounding voices and listen to them if you’re curious about what’s going on around your kid.

The target device’s camera can even be controlled remotely so you can record video.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the keylogger is the app’s most prominent feature.

Whenever you type something, FlexiSPY keylogger records its keystrokes.

All the tests have shown that it works better than any other keylogger we have tested. Furthermore, FlexiSPY can also be used in rooted smartphones.

Having a rooted device also means that you’ll have access to other tracking features of this spy app for Android.

You can also spy on someone’s phone in many different ways if they have a rooted Android device and an Extreme plan.

As well as cell phone calls and messages, you can also make VoIP calls and send social media messages.

It includes recordings of calls from Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, and Viber.

Aside from getting all the premium monitoring features, you’ll also get some added features with the EXTREME plan.

With this, you will be able to record calls (root not required) and even intercept calls (if you’re rooted).


With FlexiSPY, you can choose between three different plans.

You will pay $29.95 for the LITE plan, $68 for the PREMIUM plan, and $199 for the EXTREME plan.

With the PREMIUM plan, you can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing 3 or 12 months in a single transaction.


  • Records both the call and the surrounding area
  • Listen to live telephone conversations 
  • Keylogger for Android is included
  • The only Android spy app that monitors more IMs
  • It can be delivered directly to your door pre-installed
  • Spoof SMS messages can be sent
  • GPS navigator is included

8. Spyera



It runs in the background without leaving any trace. Spyera is an Android spy app that is entirely undetectable.

Even the task manager cannot find it since it is not listed in the app list or on the home screen.

Real-time monitoring and recording of phone calls are made possible by this device.

With its active microphone feature, we can listen to the phone’s surroundings and spy on social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Tinder.

Keylog is also accessible by this app. Monitoring e-mails, SMS, MMS, web history, photos, and videos are also possible.

The location of the device can even be tracked.

People are using Spyera’s services to gain remote control over Android devices due to the remote camera access.

Web-based solution for spying over others that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.


The monthly price ranges from $10 to $63. There are various subscription periods and operating systems that will determine the price.

Three-month, six-month, twelve-month, and two-year subscriptions are available.


  • Monitors and understands the world of your kids
  • Protect your business by tracking your employees
  • The web control panel is easy to use and easy to install
  • Make a recording of the surroundings of the phone
  • Track the location of the device
  • File monitoring
  • You can read messages and call logs

9. Spyine


A user-friendly interface makes keeping an eye on an Android phone simple with Spyine, another Android spy app with different functions.

The client can monitor children, coworkers, and life partners from a safe distance through the app.

Installing an Android app requires only a single installation without rooting the device.

Spyine is one of the best options out there for spying on Android devices. The commands are fundamental; the app is straightforward to use.

In addition to the application, Spyine offers a live demo and multiple subscription plans.

There is nothing better than this app regarding ease of use and high-quality performance. Users can use it safely since it runs in stealth mode.


The basic plan costs $49.99/ Month for one device. The premium plan comes at $16.66/ Month for one device.

You can also get a family plan for $99.99/ Month For 3 Devices


  • 24/7 location tracking
  • SMS reading and monitoring
  • You have access to contacts and call logs
  • It provides monitoring of files and folders
  • You can check browser history
  • In-built app scanner
  • It includes monitoring social media handles

10. Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Through this app, parents can control devices within a family group. Managing your child’s Google account is easy with it.

It can work perfectly as an Android spy app.

Accounts like this are similar to adult accounts, but they have some restrictions on what Google can access.

You can then remotely manage a child’s device through Family Link, including setting screen time limits, locating the device, and enabling installation permissions. 

One of the essential features of any parental control app is web filtering. When your kids are online, you can control the type of content they can access.

Thanks to Family Link, you won’t have to worry about anything. You can control what your kids search for using the built-in filtering options. 

All sites can be allowed, mature sites can be blocked, and only specific approved sites can be allowed.

An age-inappropriate content warning in the app indicates that it is not perfect, so you should take that as a sign that it is not working as effectively as possible.

As a result, Family Link has this significant weakness.


Aside from the 30 cents it charges for verification, it’s the only free Android parental control app we’ve reviewed.

Although it has a basic feature set, it is free to use.


  • Allows you to get digital footprint reports of the connected devices
  • It offers the allowlist of websites
  • You have complete control of the digital usage of the device
  • You can track the device’s location anytime
  • It offers a feature to control the screen times of the linked devices

What Is An Android Spy App?

Before getting to know about the best spy apps that you can use on your Android devices, you must understand what a spy app is.

Cell phone spy apps, hidden spy phone apps, and smartphone monitoring software are different names of these spy apps.

Incoming and outgoing phone calls, texts, images and photos, social media activities and GPS coordinates can be tracked with these applications.

Due to its hiding and invisibility, the spy app for Android is unknown to the end-user.

Several aspects of your online activity and communications, like GPS location and internet activity, are tracked with this software.

When a smartphone is in hand, users can use all its features. It is impossible to spy on the target device if the user does not have access to it.

You can still spy on Android devices without a target device, however. This type of Android spy app is prevalent in many people and industries.

They can be used by parents who want to track the activities of their children or by small businesses to track employees.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Spy App For Andriod

Sometimes, you have no choice but to use a cell phone spy app. As a parent or employer, you may be concerned about what your children or employees do with their cell phones.

You should do some serious homework before you pay the price. You need to consider several factors when selecting a cell phone spy app.


An app’s reliability is the first thing to look for. The app you select needs to work well and provide accurate information.

You should do your research to determine its reliability.

Research different apps and compare them. A good track record and proven success rate are critical factors in choosing an app.

User Interface

Next, the user interface must be considered. Simple, intuitive dashboards are essential for the app.

This app shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming to figure out – it should be straightforward to use.

Up-to-date Website

A website that is easy to navigate and well-designed is critical to the app’s success.

It should include all the information about the app, instructions on installing and using it, FAQs, and sections about the company and its services.

Reviews From Users

An app’s authenticity can be determined by reading reviews from other users.

You should pay attention to the cons described by former customers in the testimonials.

Price And Freemium

The price of the spy app for Android should also be considered. Free spy apps are readily available, but usually, there are limited features offered by free apps.

Spending money on a spy app is the best way to get the most out of it. It is usually easy to use and has various features in paid spy apps.

Make sure to read reviews before downloading freemium apps or apps that require in-app purchases to find out which ones are free.


An Android spy app is only as good as its compatibility with the target phone, so check that first.

It is important to note that not all spy apps are compatible with all Android phones.

Choose an app that works with the particular phone type you’re looking to target.

In addition to being compatible with Android phones, Android spy apps should also be compatible with iOS and Windows phones.

If you suspect your target might switch phones, this is crucial.

Every time they change operating systems, you shouldn’t have to buy a new spy application.

Ensure Developers Are Creditable 

To choose a reputable Mobile Spy software, you must first determine its developers.

You can trust their apps a little more if they are licensed and certified by the authorities.

Check The Brief Descriptions Of The Apps 

In addition, you should review the brief descriptions of the tracking apps you plan to install.

You need to know several factors about the app you have selected to track the targeted devices in the brief description section, including the developer name, date of release, licenses, and other important information.

Completely Undetectable

The app won’t be used if the target knows that someone is watching them.

To achieve “stealth mode,” any software installed on the phone should not be detectable by the user.

Therefore, the user will not know that someone is spying on them without the owner realizing it.

It Should Have Secondary Features

An excellent Android spy app needs to have secondary features such as document detection, multimedia file detection, voice detection, and video calling detection.

Furthermore, it would be advantageous if it offers features such as GPS tracking, call recording, ambient listening, social media site monitoring, browsing history access, contacting history monitoring, Keylogger, etc.

Key Takeaways

There are multiple options available for whatever reasons you want to use a spy app.

Before you choose a spy app for your device, make sure to consider all the factors mentioned above.

You can select the best Android spy app with proper research and analysis.

A spy app can serve multiple functions, and it can be best for monitoring and tracking different things.

These include live location, SMS, emails, social media activities, etc.

Make sure you use these apps for ethical purposes so that you can avoid violations of cyber rules.

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