How to Track Someone’s Phone Location without Them Knowing

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: September 25, 2023
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: September 25, 2023
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Do you want to know where someone is but don’t want them to know you’re doing it?

Because smartphones and the internet are prevalent, tracing a person’s whereabouts is now easier than ever. 

The most efficient strategy is to use a spy program.

Spy apps allow you to easily monitor a target’s whereabouts thanks to their location-tracking capabilities. 

In this article,  we’ll show you how to track someone’s phone location without them knowing and which apps are the most reliable to use.

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing

eyeZy GPS Location

The most effective monitoring tool is EyeZy, which allows you to follow someone’s movements covertly.

Due to its cutting-edge features and low price, EyeZy is becoming increasingly popular.

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Benefits of utilizing EyeZy for location tracking include:

  • Use EyeZy to see the current location of any GPS-enabled device
  • Configure geofences and get notifications when a device enters or exits a given area
  • View historical location information for a predetermined time frame

How to Use EyeZy to Track Someone’s Location

  1. Choose the membership plan that best suits your needs first. Three membership options are available from EyeZy: 1, 3, or 12 months. Pick the strategy that best suits your needs and financial situation.
  2. After deciding on a membership package, the target device needs EyeZy installed. Use EyeZy’s Friendly Installer to accomplish this. The installation process is user-friendly and will guide you through the steps to ensure a successful installation.
  3. Once the installation is finished, you can start real-time tracking the target device. With EyeZy, you can view any GPS-enabled device’s current location and historical location information for a predetermined time. You can also create geofences and get notifications whenever the device enters or exits a particular area.

Tracking a person’s location is simple and inexpensive with EyeZy.

Simply choose one of the membership options, install the tracking program on the target device, and begin monitoring!

Top 5 Phone Location Tracking Applications

Here are some of the best location tracking apps.

1. EyeZy

Eyezy Home

EyeZy is an all-inclusive mobile tracking app that allows users to keep tabs on a specific phone without the owner’s knowledge. 

The app offers many features, such as GPS tracking, social media monitoring, and geofencing alerts, and it runs in complete stealth mode.

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EyeZy is reasonably priced and simple to use.

One of EyeZy’s key features is its GPS tracking ability, which offers real-time location information for the target device, as was already mentioned. 

Users of the feature can keep tabs on the target device’s location at all times and get alerts when it enters or exits a specified area.

EyeZy is an affordable phone tracking service with precise results and excellent customer support, available at all times.

Users can access all the information they require through their online accounts.

EyeZy Key Features

  • Spy on all calls made and received by the target device, letting you know who its owner is talking to
  • Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing text messages on the device of interest
  • See which websites the device’s owner has visited through browser history tracking
  • Tracking activity on well-known platforms like Facebook and Instagram is part of social media monitoring
  • With EyeZy’s geofencing function, users can create a digital fence around a geographical region
  • The app will notify the appropriate users when the tracked device moves into or out of the predefined area
  • With the target device’s keyword tracking feature, you can track each keyword entered and get alerts for particular keywords
  • Observe the images and videos captured by the target device’s camera phone
  • The app also has a feature called “website blocking,” which lets you prevent the target device from accessing certain websites
  • The app’s file finder function lets users look for specific data types

2. mSpy

mSpy Home

mSpy is a top mobile phone tracking app that enables you to observe any person’s mobile phone activity remotely.

It makes it simple to track someone’s phone location. 

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This app provides advanced location tracking features that allow you to monitor your children’s or employees’ movements without them knowing. 

You can watch their messages, calls, and activity on social media using mSpy, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

One of mSpy’s most notable features is its GPS tracking capabilities, which allow you to locate a phone even when it is not connected to the internet. 

You can set up geofences and receive alerts when they enter or exit a predetermined area to better keep tabs on your loved ones or employees. 

Additionally, this app provides five-minute real-time activity updates on the targeted phone, ensuring you always have the most recent information.

mSpy tracks location and online activities such as website bookmarks, browsing history, inbound and outbound emails, and more.

For even greater security, you can encrypt and shield your location information.

mSpy is an effective tool for ensuring that your children are safe and that your employees only use company resources for business purposes. 

With mSpy’s 24/7 customer support and a 14-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try it and see if it meets your needs.

3. uMobix


With uMobix, a phone tracker app enabling you to monitor any target device while remaining hidden from the device owner, tracking someone’s phone location has become simpler. 

Whether your objective is to spy on someone’s activities or your child’s phone, uMobix has several features that can assist you.

👉 Get uMobix FREE

You can easily track incoming and outgoing calls with uMobix, keep track of messages sent and received, and even eavesdrop on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. 

The app also enables you to accurately locate the device in real-time on a map while remotely recording media files. 

Additionally, the app’s superior keylogging feature allows it to record every keystroke and password.

A great visual dashboard in uMobix gives users a bird’s eye view of all activity on a target device.

It is also effortless to download and will only take five minutes to set up.

uMobix is, without a doubt, one of the best options available if you’re looking for a phone spy app that can provide real-time updates on what’s happening with the target phone. 

Before making any commitments, you can view a live demo or immediately test them.

This app is unquestionably worth checking out because it has many features to boast about.

4. Hoverwatch


A common way to monitor a target phone’s whereabouts without the owner’s knowledge or consent is with the help of the Hoverwatch phone tracking app. 

Hoverwatch’s superior geolocation abilities are one of the app’s defining features. 

👉 Get Hoverwatch FREE

This app is great for checking in on your child’s whereabouts when they’re out with friends or making sure they make it safely to school.

It enables you to track Text messages, call logs, and social media messages in addition to the location of a target device. 

Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram are among the supported social media platforms.

Viewing the user’s communication history, including screenshots and photos, is possible.

Besides storing text messages, this app can monitor a user’s precise location.

Hoverwatch is an excellent app for keeping tabs on kids and keeping them safe.

Up to five devices can be monitored simultaneously, and your identity remains concealed. The software is available for multiple operating systems. 

It can be downloaded and installed straight from your online account to use on any computer or mobile device.

You can purchase the app on a monthly personal plan for an affordable price.  

The app can also track location, capture screenshots, and detect when a SIM card is swapped.

Hoverwatch is a great tool for keeping tabs on the whereabouts of a loved one or monitoring the computer use of your kids or employees. 

This app comes with round-the-clock support and a trial period of three days, so you can see how helpful it can be before you commit.

5. Cocospy


With the help of Cocospy, you can track an Android or iOS device’s location secretly and without the owner’s knowledge. 

Cocospy’s stealth mode allows it to remain undetectable on the target phone while providing you with location information in your online account.

👉 Get Cocospy FREE

Although the app has many features, the Location and Geofencing requirements are what you need to track a phone’s location. 

You can view the precise location of the phone and a history of the places it has visited using the location feature.

Setting up restricted zones and getting email alerts are both possible with the geofencing part.

You must install Cocospy once on the targeted phone to use it on an Android device.

For an iOS device, on the other hand, you only need to confirm the iPhone’s iCloud credentials once you’ve registered. 

After downloading the app, a web-based dashboard that is accessible through any browser provides access to tracking updates.

Calls, SMSs, browser activity, and even WhatsApp conversations can all be observed using Cocospy. 

With its geofencing feature, you can create fictitious boundaries and get notifications when the target device enters or exits them.

The app is a hidden, simple-to-use app that enables you to track a person’s phone location in real-time or keep tabs on their smartphone activity. 

Cocospy is a highly recommended platform that can provide you with peace of mind, whether you are a worried parent or a wary partner.

The Benefits of Phone Location Tracking

Here are a few typical justifications for tracking someone’s location:

Checking on Your Kids

Parents need to monitor their kids’ movements and activities closely.

With the help of a phone tracker, you can keep tabs on their whereabouts and keep them out of potentially hazardous situations.

Identifying Infidelity

Phone tracking can confirm or allay your fears if you think your spouse is cheating.

You can find out where and who they are talking to by tracking their phone’s location.

Employee Productivity Assurance

As a business owner, monitoring your employees’ phone location can help you identify and address productivity issues.

You can watch their breaks and interruptions to ensure they work effectively.

Monitoring a Close Friend

You can have peace of mind by tracking a friend’s phone location if you’re worried about their safety and well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Spy App for Phones that Is Free?

Yes, there are free apps that can covertly track a person’s phone location using only their phone number.

Additionally, some paid apps offer a free tier with fewer options. 

Even though most free apps can function, we still advise people to use a dedicated spyware app that is reasonably priced because most free apps have unreliable features that can harm your

Is It Possible to Locate Someone without Them Being Aware of It?

Consequently, GPS functionality is already present in the majority of contemporary smartphones.

It is simple to locate the target as long as their phone is not off. There are two discrete methods for monitoring a phone.

Installing a spy app on the target phone allows you to keep an eye on all of its mobile activity, including its location, without the target phone’s owner ever knowing.

The second method entails the target’s phone sharing its location with yours to send you a tracking link.


In an effort to guarantee the security of their children or employees, many people, including parents and employers, find it necessary to track the location of a target phone secretly. 

Numerous phone tracking apps are available, but it is crucial to have a valid reason to install one.

Using top phone tracking software, you can monitor someone else’s phone without their knowledge or permission. 

Choose an app that meets your needs and your budget to get the most out of your options.

Knowing how to track someone’s phone location without them knowing can provide peace of mind and help keep your loved ones safe.

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