How to Check Likes on Instagram in 2022 (Track Liked Posts!)

Last Updated: September 25, 2022
In this article, we will be discussing how to check and track likes on Instagram. Keep reading to find out more!
How to Check and Track Likes on Instagram
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Today we have an interesting topic— we’re going to look at how to check likes on Instagram.

Since the creation of Instagram people wanted to check, to see or to know who likes whom.

Why Track Likes on Instagram Posts?

Why do people want to check someone else’s stories or even track a certain user?

Well, people often get curious and try to track the person he/she likes which sometimes might lead to bad circumstances but nonetheless people always did and will do that.

Instagram itself does not give you this opportunity, though a couple of years before we had that.

You could see who likes whom and what but soon Instagram got rid of that option because of privacy terms.

So, people started to look for other ways to see likes and track people on Instagram.

How to Check Likes on Instagram with Datajam

A lot of applications were made for these purposes but not all of them could be trusted. We decided to find a service you can trust and make a review of that.

And we did – meet Datajam which is a perfect cloud-based online service that gives you anonymous access to other people’s data on instagram. 


But first, let’s briefly discuss where you can find all the likes. Open your profile, click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen and then choose “your activity”.

After that you need to go to “Interactions”. Here you can see three types of interaction and those are stories, replies, comments, and likes.

You can manage all of them there. When you go to the “Likes” section, you will find all the posts that you have liked since you created your account.

Also, you can unlike any of the posts if you want to do so.

What Does Datajam Do?

Back to Datajam now. The service was developed to track different activity on the account you are interested in.

It collects information on incoming and outgoing likes and comments, published stories, followers, following, and much more.

Datajam - check likes of any Instagram account

Anyone can really use that service, but it is most popular among young girls who want to check if their partner or boyfriend is loyal to them.

The most popular cases are checking a friend, girlfriend/partner/husband/wife/ex, or finding out what a person likes or who likes them more than you do.

Some people may partner with this service because it may be beneficial to them: anyone who writes about lifestyle, beauty, relationships, psychology, or just writes for a wide audience.

So, when you put a like on any post, it might come up somewhere. In Instagram you can like literally anything – photos, short videos, IGTVs, stories.

In order to put a like on anything, all you need to do is press the heart icon at the bottom of the post or simply double tap on it.

If you triple click on the post or click one more time on heart, you will unlike the post. The same goes for stories or IGTVs.

How to Check Likes on Instagram Without An App

If you do not use a specific application or service, you still can track likes of a certain person, but it is getting more difficult every day due to the Instagram algorithms that are constantly changing.

Firstly, you need to scroll through all the followings of the person you are tracking, and then scroll through all the posts of that user in order to find out if the person liked any of their posts. It is the case if you want to do it manually.

That is quite time consuming and takes a whole lot of dedication. It may be even impossible sometimes, if some users have private profiles.

If so, you cannot get to their posts, so you cannot check the likes that you are after.

That is when it is time to shine for applications or services just like Datajam! No trust issues with this one – you do not even need to download anything to your computer or your mobile phone – everything is available online.

In fact, you do not even have to have an account on Instagram, you just need to know how to find a person that you want to check by his/her real name or nickname.

After the registration process, just start browsing the profile that you need. Once you find it – enjoy, go ahead and check all the likes you want.

That is a great tool to check your partner – especially when he/she starts to behave in a strange way, when he/she is constantly late at work, goes out with friends late at night or any other signs that they might not be loyal to you.

Just keep in mind that you can always talk with your partner and try to figure out all the issues, is just for your curiosity.

We tried that service by ourselves, and we were amazed just by how easy and simple it is! What you need to do is just to create a profile with the login and password.

Then login to your account, find the profile you are interested in, and then you can check likes! That is just amazing and the person you are checking will never know that you checked on him/her.

That simple and that good. We do understand that this service will be really popular among young couples, girls, and young men who want to make sure that their partners are loyal.

But in reality, anyone can use it – you can see what a famous person that you adore likes, or you can see likes of your TA (if you are a business owner or a shop owner on Instagram) and see what is trending right now.

Likes are a much better and faster “tool” when it comes to understanding trends compared to, let’s say, targeting in terms of business.

You can also guard your children from the dangerous content on Instagram – too many ways to use this service.


Just remember one thing – it is good to check and track, but privacy is the most important thing. 

It is all fun and games, until you realize how powerful the tool really is. You do not even have to download it, but it still gives you access to a lot of things.

All in all, as long as Instagram is taking away some options from us, we would definitely recommend this application pretty much to anyone.

There are too many ways to use it and it is not limited just to check and track likes so anyone will find something useful for himself/herself using this application.

If you want to find out how to check likes on Instagram, Datajam is the service you can trust!

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