How to Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

How to Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

Published on: July 17, 2023
Last Updated: July 17, 2023

How to Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

Published on: July 17, 2023
Last Updated: July 17, 2023

We all know that buying tickets online can be pretty tough. Those tickets for blockbuster concerts get sold within minutes. Tours also get booked as soon as they are announced. 

There is a reason why this happens every freakin’ time. This is because everyone uses an automated application, ‘ticket bot,’ to purchase more than one ticket online. 

With the help of this ticket bot, you can purchase multiple tickets online on Ticketmaster via several accounts, and each of these accounts comes from different IP addresses. 

These IP addresses are called ticket proxies, and they are so well masked that no system can detect or block them. 

Scalping Tickets

The issue of scalped tickets has grown significantly in recent times.

Concerts and tours get sold out right away as soon as they are announced, and their tickets start to appear on reseller sites within a few hours.

These tickets are available on these reseller sites with much steeper prices. 

It can be a huge problem because ticket bots got banned in the US under Barack Obama, but they are still at large and legal to use throughout the globe.

Ticket scalping can be pretty painful to deal with because: 

  • Everyone else can use those ticket bots. A fairly skilled programmer can develop a script that connects to Ticketmaster or a similar site and automatically starts buying tickets. 
  • Most of these tickets are never sold. Ken Lowson is the most famous sculpture in the world, and he said that around 95 percent of the tickets never become available to the general public. 

It means that almost none of these public tickets go to real people. Scalpers are not only in competitions with one another but also with the sites that are selling these tickets.

Therefore, they end up trying new techniques to make more purchases automatically.

And during this, if they get blocked, they can use proxy networks and unblock themselves on sites like Ticketmaster and others.  

You can use Smartproxy on sites like Ticketmaster and buy as many tickets as you want without getting blocked. There are over 10 million ticker proxies available at Smart Proxy.

Purchasing More Tickets 


Of course, you will have to be as quick as lightning to make multiple buys when you see these tickets disappearing within seconds.

So what will you have to do to buy a dozen or more tickets for an outing for your family and friends or your company? 

Things start going south pretty fast. And the worst part is that most of these ticket sites won’t let you buy more than one without having a conversation with the manager.

That conversation is just a waste of time because those tickets will sell out like crazy. 

This is a flawed ticket buying system. To counter it, you need to go for more than one IP address to make those multiple purchases. 

If a dozen of you try to achieve this, only one of you might get through.

This is the way that old scalpers worked, and these days, sites can block the entire group. And this will be a sure shot if you do it from a single building. 

This is happening because all the buyers are linking with the site with a similar IP address. Therefore, you will have to go for advanced techniques to mask your IP.

Tips to Buy Tickets Without Getting Blocked

Buy Tickets

If you are looking to improve your ticket game, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • For mass operation, never use the same IP address. You can set up a rotating proxy server bot for tickets, and this server will assign a random IP address to individual accounts. 
  • You can use residential proxies, which are high-quality proxies. These proxies come with IP addresses from unique devices that don’t share any subnetwork with any other IP address within the proxy pool. This is exactly the reason why they can avoid any subnet bans. 
  • You also need to buy in varying numbers. For example, one bot can buy 3 tickets while the second bot can buy 6 or the maximum number that can be scooped. By doing this, they will be even more difficult to detect and block by the site. 
  • These ticket bots and their scripts have delay functions in them, which makes them look like humans. Unfortunately, human beings are inaccurate and slow. A bot can add those tickets to the cart, enter card details and go to checkout within a second, but due to the delay function, these boots do it slowly to prevent any detection or blockage. 

Use a Ticketing Proxy

Using a proxy will allow you to get past the scrutiny of sites like Ticketmaster. Plus, it will allow you to buy tickets with more than one account on different IP addresses.

Ticketing proxies are becoming more and more effective in their functions. Therefore, more scalpers are using them to get more tickets. 

If you are looking to use a proxy for buying tickets online, you will only have to configure your browser to connect. This way, you can either link through a proxy server or a proxy IP address. 

You can use a VPN, but they don’t have many IP addresses, and they are likely to be used by others as well. So, you might end up blocking them. Using a proxy site is always a better option.

How Do Proxies Work?

You can conveniently unblock these ticket sites by changing or masking your IP address. People get blocked on these ticket sites because they prevent those ticket bots.

You are most likely to be blocked by an automated system that catches bad actors. 

This is exactly why you should use a proxy server and make those purchases on these ticket sites. Make sure that you don’t go against the terms of service of any of these websites. 

You are basically assigned with a different IP address, and your real IP address is masked.

This will allow you to make another purchase. By repeating this process, you can make more purchases using different IP addresses. 

With a good service with a large pool of residential IP addresses, you have better chances of not using repeated IPs. It can significantly reduce your chances of getting blocked. 

Which Proxy Sites Should I Consider? 

There are various proxy providers available on the internet. Some of them are pretty expensive, but they also provide you with guaranteed services. 

Other options are economical and still, work quite well. But many of these sites available on the internet are either scams or charge too much for low-quality service.

So we have scoured through the internet to find the best proxy sites for you. 

Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data is by far the best proxy provider on the internet. They have a proxy pool of over 40 million IP addresses throughout the globe.

The service available is concurrent, and they allow a bandwidth that starts from 40GB. And for this, you will be paying over $500 per month. 

Their price might put you off for a second. But if you are looking for the best services, then this is it. You won’t have to worry about getting blocked by any site. 

Furthermore, you can use their services for a host of other online activities like sneaker proxies.

Without a doubt, if you are purely looking for a high-quality proxy service, then Bright Data is the one, hands down. 

Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxy

If you are an individual who is looking to buy tickets for your company outing, this is the best option. The data center here and the residential proxies are specialized for this kind of activity. 

Their servers are present in more than 30 countries. Moreover, they have over three hundred thousand IPS addresses available in their pool.

Looking for high-quality residential proxies, then use the Blazing SEO and start making those purchases. 

You can go for various preset plans or can go for a customized one as well. The smallest package here will provide you with 99 IP addresses.

However, you can go for more with a plan upgrade. 

Smart Proxy


Smart Proxy is one of the top proxy providers on the internet. They have a proxy pool of over 10 million, and their locations expand all across the globe in 195 countries. 

Concurrency available on this website is unlimited. Plus, the minimum bandwidth allowed here is 5GB which will cost you around $75, which is pretty reasonable. 

The best part is that Smart Proxy provides you with residential proxies. These proxies are of the best quality because ticket sites cannot detect and block them. 

You don’t need a huge bandwidth either due to their large pool. They have a high number of rotating proxies. Hence, captchas are not going to make frequent appearances when you are using this service.

Final Word

You have to make sure you choose the right proxy service to get as many tickets as you want from those ticket sites.

Tickets of mega-events sell out like crazy. You can have a better chance of making more than one purchase without getting blocked by the ticket site. A quality proxy service will come in handy for you in this scenario.

In the past, bots were used by ticket scalpers. But since they got banned in the US, you have a better legal way to scalping more tickets.

And that is to use a quality proxy service provider. These include the likes of Bright Data, Smart Proxy, Blazing SEO, or similar other quality sites. 

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