Best Ticketing Proxies for TicketMaster & LiveNation

5 Best Tickets Proxies for TicketMaster & LiveNation in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

5 Best Tickets Proxies for TicketMaster & LiveNation in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

In a hurry?
The best ticket proxies provider in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ProxyEmpire!

Have you been trying your hand in the ticketing business without much luck?

So many events go down, and their tickets sell out as soon as they are released.

People who don’t get a chance on many tickets in the first round are willing to pay a higher resale price. 

But to resell them you have to get as many tickets as possible to get a good profit later on. This is something that you can’t do if you use your IP address alone. 

But don’t worry, there are some ways to purchase more than one ticket from these sites. This is where a tickets proxy comes in to play its role.

Here are some of the best tickets proxies on the internet in 2024

Here are the best Tickets proxies on the market for use with ticketing websites such as LiveNation and Ticketmaster.

Best Tickets Proxies in 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best tickets proxies for TicketMaster & LiveNation:

  1. ProxyEmpire – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. BeeProxy
  4. Blazing SEO Proxies
  5. Shifter

1. ProxyEmpire


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ProxyEmpire has a massive pool of IP addresses throughout the globe.

Their pool comprises more than 2 million IP addresses, and they are located throughout the globe and in all major cities. 

The proxy resources available are pretty reliable and stable, and you will get a dedicated account manager as well.

Therefore, if you’re looking for superb customer support, this is the right option for you to consider. 

They also have 24/7 live support. You can either go for data center proxies or residential proxies in different packages and plans.

If you are looking for web scraping options, ProxyEmpire has next-generation residential proxies full of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based. 

These proxies can handle captchas and can adapt parsers as well.

You can use their real-time crawler packages for data extraction from various search engines as well as e-commerce websites. 

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

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Bright Data is one of the best proxy server service providers on the internet today.

They have a pool of over 40 million IP addresses. It means that you can use multiple accounts based on the package that you are using. 

The locations of these IP addresses are all across the globe, so ticketing sites are not going to detect anything suspicious.

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And the best part is that you can use these IPs concurrently without any limit. 

Bright Data provides you with different package plans, and the minimum bandwidth they allow is 40GB.

So, you can go much higher than that based on your needs. The smallest package that Bright Data has to offer will cost you $500 monthly. 

And this is the catch behind using the services provided by Bright Data.

They are pretty expensive, especially if you compare them with other internet service providers, even the ones that we have mentioned here. 

But with the huge price tag, you are also getting a huge benefit. And that is having access to a massive number of IPs in their pool.

In other words, you are not going to get blocked, even if you use the services of Bright Data. 

If you are looking to eradicate even the slightest chance of getting banned, use Bright Data for sure.

3. BeeProxy


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BeeProxy is the top tickets proxies service that you can go for if you’re looking for an option that provides you with that perfect balance between price and quality.

They have a pool of over 2 million IP addresses, and they have them located all over the globe in 100+ countries. 

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Moreover, you can use these IPs concurrently to make multiple accounts and make these purchases.

You get unmetered bandwith with all plans and their pricing starts at just $2.00 per month.

You don’t want to miss this deal, especially if you compare the price figures with Bright Data et al. 

The best thing about using BeeProxy is that they are residential proxy providers, and their smallest package is pretty much affordable for the most.

With a massive pool, they have a high number of rotating proxies in your access. So, you won’t have to deal with any of those CAPTCHAs time and time again.  

4. Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxy - Proxies for Ticketmaster

Blazing SEO is another option for you to consider when it comes to tickets proxies. This service has a pool of over three hundred thousand IP addresses.

This number might not be as jaw-dropping as compared to what ‘Bright Data’ has to offer, but it still works pretty well. 

You won’t have to pay much for the service here. The package plans available for individuals at Blazing SEO are pretty budget-friendly.

You can use their pool of residential IPs pretty conveniently by just configuring their service to your browser. 

Whether you are using a texting bot or not, these proxies will allow you to get those multiple purchases without effort.

You can also use an unlimited number of IPs concurrently and this reduces any chances of getting banned. 

5. Shifter


Shifter is a pretty nifty ticketing proxy site. You can use it for various other purposes like sneaker proxies, web scraping, SEO, web property testing, brand protection, and many other things. 

They also have a huge pool of IP addresses that will shift automatically, allowing you to create different accounts in one go.

It also means that you can conveniently make multiple purchases on those ticketing sites as soon as a new release comes in. 

They have residential as well as datacenter IP addresses, and their price plans are pretty decent too.

Their IPs are located throughout the globe and in all major cities as well. You can run unlimited sessions, and the speed is going to be pretty phenomenal here. 

Another benefit of using this service is that their customer support is very responsive, and you will get your complaint resolved within an hour no matter how much load their servers are dealing with.

Why Do You Need Tickets Proxies?


LiveNation and Ticketmaster are two of the most popular sites on the internet where you can buy these tickets for live events.

There are some other popular sites as well. But they all operate with one rule: to block an IP address immediately after detecting a false actor. 

It means that you won’t be able to buy more than one ticket using your real IP address. If you try to do it will get banned immediately.

To unban yourself from these ticket sites, you need to mask your IP address with another randomly generated IP address. 

The ticketing site will think that you are another user from another location and allow you to make another purchase.

And as the proxy provider has a pool of numerous IP addresses. You will be assigned a new IP address that will allow you to make a new purchase. 

This way, you will make multiple purchases using the same PC but with different IP addresses. 

Why are Residential Proxies So Important?

You need to keep in mind that ticket scalping is pretty serious business and that ticket sites are always looking to block anyone trying to play around them. 

Proxies can always raise red flags, but residential proxies are pretty hard to detect because these IP addresses are coming from real-time users all across the globe. 

Therefore, going for the residential proxies is critical if you’re looking for a good success rate.

Some of the proxy services provide a huge pool of residential proxies theta getting blocked when using their services is almost impossible. 

But these proxies are not cheap either. Hence, you will have to balance out what kind of quality you are looking for and how much you can afford. 

How Can You Unblock a Ticket Site Using a Proxy? 

If you have already been blocked by a ticketing site like LiveNation or Ticketmaster, then there is a way to unblock your IP address.

You might be thinking that creating another account with a different IP address will do the job. 

But this is not going to help you either because your real IP address is never masked. With the help of ticket proxies, you can mask your original IP address and use another IP address in real-time.

This way, the ticketing site will never detect any suspicious activity on your behalf, and you can carry on using the site to make more purchases. 

These proxies grant you access again. Keep in mind that using a ticketing bot is not legal in the US as well as in the UK and some other countries.

But using proxies is completely legal across the globe, and you can game the system this way easily. 


Where Can I Buy Tickets Proxies for My Ticketing Bot? 

First of all, using a ticket bot is not legal in the US and some other countries, but it is legal elsewhere. So you can use the proxy from those locations for your ticket bot.

There are various ticket proxy providers available on the internet, and we have mentioned some of the best services in the text above.

Is It Illegal to Use Tickets Proxies on These Ticketing Sites? 

No, using tickets proxies on these ticketing sites is completely legal, but when you use a ticketing bot, the entire princess becomes illegal. This is especially the case within the UK and the US. 

Still being illegal, these ticket bots are being used frequently across the globe, including the US and the UK, and these ticketing sites also allow these bots to run.

The only thing is that you don’t get discovered by the ticketing site or restrict your access. 

How Many Accounts Can I Use per Proxy? 

When using a static proxy that won’t alter your IP address on its own, then you can only link one account with it. So, it’s one account per proxy.

But data center proxies come with a huge pool of IP addresses, and you can create multiple accounts using them. 


Ticketing sites like Ticketmaster and LiveNation are pretty hostile towards the users who try to bypass the system.

And that is why there are chances that you can get banned or blocked when using ticket bots. 

A better way to do it is to use ticket proxies that will mask your real IP address and allow you to create different accounts with automatically changed IP addresses.

This will allow you to buy multiple tickets from the same location without getting banned.

Some of the best tickets proxies for Ticketmaster and LiveNation on the internet in 2024 are ProxyEmpire, Bright Data, BeeProxy, Blazing SEO Proxies, and Shifter.

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