How Many YouTube Videos Are Watched A Day

How Many YouTube Videos Are Watched A Day in 2024?

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

How Many YouTube Videos Are Watched A Day in 2024?

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

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How many YouTube videos are watched a day in 2024?

5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day.

How many YouTube videos are watched a day in 2024?

Let’s face it. Video content is hot. YouTube is hot.

YouTube videos are so hot that this video sharing platform is the second most visited site on the internet.

It’s also the second most used search engine behind Google.

Just how many YouTube videos are watched a day in 2024? 

Did you know that to marketers, content creators, brands, influencers, and businesses it matters how many YouTube videos are watched a day?

People who watch videos on this platform result in “views”, which count as part of their engagement. 

People who qualify for the YouTube Partner Program can share in the ad revenue that comes in from advertisers on the platform. So, video views matter, especially for people who rely on that as part of their income. 

Believe it or not, there are YouTubers making five and six figures from ad revenue sharing on YouTube.

Let’s talk about how many YouTube videos are watched a day and how it impacts YouTubers. 

How Many YouTube Videos are Watched a Day in 2024?

According to the most recently released data, nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Since this platform is used by over 2.5 billion monthly active users, that’s 2 videos per day, per user.

This all proves how hot YouTube videos are today. It also shows YouTubers what a massive audience they have to entertain, engage, and help with their video offerings.

YouTube offers marketers, brands, and businesses with a significant opportunity to show off their products and services.

When you use this video sharing platform, you will get effective organic traffic from your existing subscriber base and from new YouTube users looking for what you offer.

It doesn’t take the YouTube algorithm long to start recommending video content even for new users. 

When you properly optimize and monetize your video content and your channel, you will get targeted organic traffic to your videos.

If you have a website, you can share it in the description of your videos and get traffic to your site.

Let’s discuss how YouTube videos impact consumers.

How Does Video Content Impact Consumers?


You might be surprised by some of the data we share in this section.

Consumers love to consume video content as evidenced by the 5 billion videos consumed daily on YouTube. Here is some data related to how many YouTube videos are watched a day from the consumer’s perspective.

Consumers prefer video content over textual content for discovering and learning about products and services. As a matter of fact, 69% of consumers feel this way according to data. Society is quickly becoming more video-centric nowadays. 

Product and service videos give people a way to see the product or service and how it’s used and how it benefits them. Most people are visual, so they prefer to see things over reading about things. 

Video content is an imperative for digital marketing today. One study revealed that 87% of consumers want to see more videos from brands. In essence, they want commercials, but with more information and entertainment.

Today’s consumers are smart and tech savvy, which is probably why 50% of online shoppers view videos before making a purchasing decision. Another study discovered that 60% of people are switching from watching traditional TV to online content. 

The estimated videos watched per second is estimated to be 1 million (that’s per second) by 2022. Video content is in high demand, as you can see. This is an important estimated figure for marketers. 

If you wonder how many YouTube videos are watched a day, you need to know that 49% of people watch at least five videos a day. Now you can see why there are over 1 billion hours of video watched a day on YouTube.

Now we need to know what kind of videos people prefer.

What Video Content Do People Most Relate To?

It’s wise to know that customers retain about 95% of what they get from videos. So, it’s also wise to create the most memorable videos you can. Even if a person isn’t ready to make a purchasing decision at the time of watching the video, the content will still affect whether they come back when they are ready to buy.

Only around 37% of videos keep the attention of viewers to the end. When you’re creating videos, it may take some trial and error before you can truly capture your target audiences’ attention. 

You want to be sure to create content that holds their attention to the end. Another statistic shows that 16% of video watchers quit watching a video because they found it too boring. Therefore, it’s not just important to know how many YouTube videos are watched a day, but also what videos are getting traction.

One of the most popular types of videos people like to watch are those that explain, teach, or somehow educate them. This may be why 39% of customers want to see more explainer videos from brand names. 

Knowing that explainer and informative videos are popular, proves the fact that 58% of people surveyed said that videos were important to their growth and learning process. This group included those watching educational videos. 

When you really want to engage your audience, personalized videos enjoy a 35% higher engagement rate. This can be achieved with advanced video technology so that you can create one video and personalize it for your email list or leads.

How Does Video Content Impact Sales?

We cannot discuss how many YouTube videos are watched a day without mentioning how this figure impacts sales. There is no doubt that consumers love to watch videos after seeing the facts and figures. 

Product demos, reviews, and even general advertisement all play a role in engaging your audience. The quality of video gets their attention and helps them to retain the information they get from them. One of the smartest practices by marketers today is to combine their written material with their informational videos. 

If videos are already in your marketing toolbox, you are part of the 87% of  businesses that are already using videos in your marketing strategy. If not, you’re part of the 13% who haven’t taken the plunge.

Video marketing is definitely gaining traction among marketers since 81% of them plan to use this marketing tool in their overall marketing strategy in the coming years. 

Landing pages are great marketing tools that increase conversions, but landing pages with videos increase conversions by 80% or more. 

If you need more proof of how watching videos impacts marketers, about two-thirds of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the videos they watch. Take just a moment to reflect on that statement. 

A person that watches your product or service video is likely looking for something that solves a problem they are having. They may even be trying to choose a gift for their niece or nephew. 

They watch your video and it solves whatever decision they need to make or problem they have, so they decide right there to click on your CTA (call to action) to look at your website. At this point, they are likely ready to buy something from you.

This means you just gained a new customer that could potentially become a loyal, regular customer. So, that requires a little follow up after the purchase, but that’s easy enough, right?

Now, what if they never saw your video? None of that scenario would happen. Just look at how many YouTube videos are watched a day and see how essential videos are today.

After reading that data, consider that 84% of people report that a video has convinced them to make a purchase. That’s the power that video marketing can have on your sales. 

According to 79% of people surveyed claimed that they downloaded software or an app after watching a marketing video about it. This is a crucial statistic to have in your notes when creating your video marketing plan. 

The percentage of marketers that give credit to video marketing to generate leads is 81%. It’s not just about generating sales. It’s also about lead generation that could lead to future sales and new customers. 

Likewise, 88% or more of marketers say they are satisfied with their ROI (return on investment) they get from video marketing.

This could be related to satisfaction in generating leads as well as sales. So, the importance of knowing how many YouTube videos are watched a day is more than just a number.

Something else you should know is that 41% of people surveyed claimed that videos decreased customer support calls.

Why might this be?

When a business promoting its products or services makes informative and engaging videos, people get a better understanding of the product or service and how it’s used. 

It’s a fact that people will do anything to avoid calling customer support. They usually go to YouTube and search for a video that will solve their issue(s).

Businesses and brands can create instructional videos, assembly videos, and other troubleshooting videos to reduce support calls. Voila’. Everyone’s time has been saved and the customer is happier.

Next we will look at the most popular platform for video sharing.

Which Video Sharing Platform is the Most Popular?

How Many Videos Are On YouTube

You really should see this one coming because of course, it’s YouTube. YouTube is the most popular among others like Vimeo and others. YouTube is actually categorized as a search engine, not a social media site like most people think. 

YouTube is much more than a search engine or social media website. After all, even people who aren’t content creators have their own channel whether they use it or not. Anyone on YouTube can create, upload, and share videos. 

Also, anyone with a YouTube account can subscribe to other channels, rate and comment on videos. You can also share videos across social media sites. In this respect, YouTube acts as a social media network. This certainly makes sense in terms of how many YouTube videos are watched a day.

When you type something into the search box on the platform, you are then utilizing the search engine part of the platform. Being both a search engine and social media network makes YouTube a dynamic platform for users and YouTubers. 

How many people are using YouTube? If you look at the United States, you will find that 83% of adults connected to the internet use YouTube. Likewise, 79% of UK adults do the same. 

YouTube isn’t just for adults, though some content has to be labeled adult or not suitable for kids. A whopping 81% of parents say they let their kids use YouTube. There are a lot of kid-centric videos on YouTube, but it’s smart to partake in parental controls. 

Recently, YouTube overtook Facebook as the number one platform that drives consumer behaviors, however, TikTok may overtake YouTube in this area in 2022. A lot of marketers are jumping on the TikTok wagon. 


You have now seen some very compelling statistics and facts related to how many YouTube videos are watched a day.

Now that you know there are over 5 billion videos watched daily on the platform, you can see how crucial YouTube is to your marketing efforts. 

The data shows us that YouTube is a powerful marketing platform for creating free videos as well as for paid ads.

People are not only viewing more videos nowadays, but video content creators are making a living from the ad revenues. Ad revenues aren’t the only way YouTubers make money, but many are making five to six figures based on that alone.

You now know that the videos people watch the most are essentially informative. This includes content with tutorials, How-tos, DIY, product reviews, instructional videos, educational videos, and videos that engage your audience while also providing solutions to problems.

Keep in mind that it takes more than the desire to make money to be successful on YouTube. You must have a passion for your product or service.

You must want to help people solve problems.

Being authentic, genuine, and real is important to your success. YouTube videos allow you to be authentic. 

Will you join the 87% of businesses that are already using video marketing, or will you remain behind in the 13% who aren’t? 

Consider just how many YouTube videos are watched a day and then decide.


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