How Many Peloton Users

How Many Peloton Subscribers & Members Are There in 2024?

Published on: February 25, 2024
Last Updated: February 25, 2024

How Many Peloton Subscribers & Members Are There in 2024?

Published on: February 25, 2024
Last Updated: February 25, 2024

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How many Peloton members and subscribers are there?

Peloton has more than 6.4 million users, and 3.03 million paid subscribers.

Peloton is an American company that offers a variety of gym equipment that people can use from home.

How many Peloton users have a bike, treadmill, or other Peloton products?

The most popular of their offerings is their Peloton bikes, but they also have treadmills, a Peloton Guide that turns your television into a training experience, and the Peloton app with tons of classes that don’t require equipment, and other accessories and apparel. 

Let’s discuss how many members Peloton has, and other interesting statistics about the company.

Key Peloton Facts

  • Peloton has more than 6.4 million subscribers as of 2024.
  • Since its first bike sale, Peloton has sold over 2.4 million bikes.
  • 125,000 units of the Tread+  were sold.
  • There are 2.49 million people actively using Peloton Guide.
  • As of 2024, Peloton has 3.03 million subscribers

How Many Members Does Peloton Have?

Peloton has more than 6.04 million members (users) as of 2024. For purposes of this article, we will refer to users as members with or without a subscription.

Members include anyone that has a Peloton account.

How Many Subscribers Does Peloton Have?

As of 2024, Peloton has 3.03 million subscribers. The retention rate for their subscribers is more than 92%. 

Peloton’s digital subscribers seem to favor cycling, but there are subscribers across fitness categories. 

Here is how that breaks down among its subscribers:

  • Cycling: 36%
  • Strength Training: 22%
  • Running: 14%
  • Floor Exercises: 11%
  • Yoga and Meditation: 11%
  • Outdoor: 6%

What Are Peloton’s Products?

How many Peloton users have a Peloton product in their homes? 

The product that Peloton is most known for is its first Internet connected exercise bike that was introduced in 2014.

This stationary bike came with access to on-demand training classes.

How many bikes has Peloton sold then?

Since its first bike sale, Peloton has sold over 2.4 million bikes.

From this, we can surmise that 2.4 million users have bought and owned a Peloton Bike or Bike+ since 2014.

Whether they actually used the bikes or not is another matter.

Peloton treadmills have had some issues like the recall just a couple of years ago, due to safety concerns regarding the display screen stability, but since then, they are being sold again.

The only available data on the Tread and Tread+ is that 125,000 units of the Tread+  have been sold, according to SEC filings. 

Peloton Guide is a membership service that comes with a television connected camera used to track your exercise movements.

The last reported subscriber figures show that there are 2.49 million people actively using this service.

This service comes with the Guide tracking hardware, but you can also add other bundles to it for more strength training. 

As far as the Peloton mobile app is concerned, there are more than 1 million downloads from the Google App Store.

No equipment is required to use the app, but you do need a subscription to the service to effectively use its guided meditation, yoga, running, HIIT, and other workouts.

Peloton also offers workout accessories and apparel.

What Is Peloton’s Revenue?


Peloton’s revenue is directly related to how many Peloton users subscribe and buy products from the company.

As of June 2021, Peloton produces $937 million every quarter.

While that may sound like a big chunk of dough, this is actually a decrease of 25.75% from the prior quarter in 2021. 

In 2020, Peloton’s quarterly revenues grew by 54.34% from its $607.1 million. For comparison’s sake, Peloton’s quarterly revenue for September 2017 was 56.2 million. 

Peloton’s revenues are generated from subscriptions as well as product offerings. 

How Many Employees Does Peloton Have?

Part of knowing how many Peloton users there are involves understanding the company and its employee base.

Here is the information on how many employees work for Peloton.

Peloton employs 7,866 people in six countries, including the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, and Germany.

  • The United States: 6,743 employees
  • The United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany combined: 828 employees
  • Taiwan: 160 employees.
  • Canada: 135 employees.

This is the breakdown of how many employees work for Peloton according to the country/region.

How Many Instructors Does Peloton Have?

Peloton also has 51 instructors spanning across all their exercise and workout categories. 

  • Strength Training: 39 instructors
  • Stretching: 42 instructors
  • Cycling: 25 instructors
  • Running: 22 instructors
  • Walking: 21 instructors
  • Cardio: 16 instructors
  • Outdoor: 14 instructors
  • Tread Bootcamp: 11 instructors
  • Yoga: 9 instructors
  • Meditation: 7 instructors
  • Bike Bootcamp: 5 instructors

The 51 total instructors often train in multiple categories, in case you wondered why the numbers didn’t “add” up.

So, now you not only know how many Peloton users there are, but you know how many instructors are available across fitness categories.

How Popular Is Peloton?

As an example of Peloton’s popularity, we will simply use Instagram as a metric.

The 51 Peloton instructors have a combined following of 9.62 million on Instagram alone.

Of these instructor accounts, 29 have over 100,000 followers, making up 56.86% of Peloton instructor followers. 

That said, Peloton has halted production of new products for the time being due to the drop in interest since people are returning to the gym.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not still popular, but it may have some reconstructing to do in its planning.

We are quite ready to count this company out of the fitness game yet. Let’s keep an eye on it. After all, sales are still happening online as of now.


Now you know how many Peloton subscribers and members there are, the number of employees and instructors, and other statistics surrounding this fitness equipment company. 

Did you know that Peloton started as a Kickstarter crowdfunded business?

That’s where it started, but it became a very popular fitness company that came from Kickstarter. 



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