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MMA, Sparring, and Concussions

MMA, Sparring, and Concussions

While most mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms around the world are different in their own unique ways, mostly influenced by the owner’s personal style, fighters’

How to kick with proper form

How to Kick with Proper Form

While Muay Thai allows the use of 8 limbs uses fists, shins, elbows, and knees. The roundhouse kick is the most common-used kicking technique in Muay Thai.


What Is Shadowboxing?

Using shadowboxing a boxer can hone their reaction time, their footwork and even angles of attack. The best thing is that it is a practice that can be taken out of the gym, for it needs no special equipment or setup, just the ground, a wall and a bit of light to create a shadow.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults

Living a healthy lifestyle can lift your spirits and allow you to do more. Drop bad habits and embrace those that can improve how you live, socialize and so on. Sure, you can indulge bit be smart with how you choose to reward yourself.

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