How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have in 2024?

Published on: November 13, 2023
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have in 2024?

Published on: November 13, 2023
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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How many downloads does YouTube have in 2024?

YouTube has had over 10 billion downloads.

YouTube was introduced to the public in 2005. The mobile app version was made live in the middle of 2007. Today, it’s the second most downloaded app from the Google Play Store.

This video platform was the brainchild of Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. By 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, so it is now a subsidiary of Google under the Alphabet corporation. 

YouTube was created as a user-friendly place to store and share videos. There are over 2.3 billion active monthly users on the platform, which is substantially higher than the 800 million from 2012.

India users seem to use this platform the most with 225 million users and the United States comes in right behind India with 197 million, according to late 2022 statistics.

Let’s discuss ‘how many downloads does YouTube have’, along with other facts and data about the platform that explain why it has so many downloads.

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have in 2024?

The all-time number of global downloads since the YouTube mobile app became available on the Google Play Store is over 10 billion.

Now it makes sense that 70% of users claim to watch YouTube videos on mobile devices.

YouTube is currently the second most visited website with more than 14 billion visits per month.

Statistics show that 62% of American YouTube users visit the website per day, which accounts for 122 million people.

YouTube used to offer simple videos only, but has expanded its platform to include all kinds of high-quality videos to live streaming videos at your fingertips.

The YouTube app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and streaming devices like Roku, Fire Stick, Smart TVs and more. 

While we have a solid count to answer to, how many downloads does YouTube have, we also need to consider that most Android phones and devices have this app already installed on it. 

How many YouTube users access the website through a mobile app? About 22% of all YouTubers watch videos from their mobile app. 

Now, let’s talk about subscription services like YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV.

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have? Subscription Services


Some people use YouTube through paid subscriptions. We have some data on that here.

The YouTube Music app has been downloaded more than 3 million times from the Google Play Store and another 1.3 million times from the Apple App Store.

It’s estimated YouTube Premium and Music services have a combined 30 million subscribers.

While Alphabet doesn’t reveal their official numbers for subscription revenues, if all of their subscriptions came with the $9.99 monthly fee, it would come to $3.6 billion per year. 

Add that to the $19.77 billion in revenue received from advertising, and considering that their subscription levels cost more than $9.99, the number is substantially bigger. 

Also, subscription fees vary according to regions. In India, YouTube Premium is about $1.79 in US dollars per month, but can be as high as $19.01 in US dollars in Denmark.

These variations in figures make it difficult to get exact numbers since they don’t reveal them all.

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have? YouTube TV

While YouTube TV is another subscription service offered by YouTube, we decided to give it its own section.

There is a lot of data to share on this aspect of YouTube downloads. There are about 3 million paying YouTube TV subscribers. 

YouTube can also be watched on Smart TVs, which has risen in popularity.

It’s still not as popular as mobile devices, but there is an audience that watches 1 billion hours of content every day on a television screen.

This audience comes from those with and without the YouTube Television subscription.

We currently live in a society of people who are cutting the cable cord and switching to free or paid subscriptions to streaming live TV or on-demand videos.

Since YouTube offers a live TV subscription, this platform is there to help people cut that cable cord.

It’s no surprise to learn this because people have wanted to have a way to watch TV their way for years. Now almost everyone has access to what they want to watch.

By the way, there are some movies and television shows that can be watched totally free through YouTube. 

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have? YouTube Channels

YouTube has about 38 million channels, with some having a very high free subscriber fanbase. Some have over 100 million subscribers.

YouTube is wildly competitive, so it’s challenging to say the least to become popular on the platform.

As far as channel subscribers go, 84.2% of all YouTube channels have fewer than 1,000 subscribers. About 96.6% have fewer than 10,000. 

Seeing that over 81% of people who use the internet use YouTube, we are looking at virtually everyone having some level of access to this platform.

With that figure in mind, YouTube’s users stream about 694,000 hours of video per minute, which is more than Netflix with 452,000 hours.

How Many Downloads Does YouTube Have? Types of Videos


Gaming, music, tutorial, educational, kids content, and product review channels make up a large portion of the most popular channels on YouTube. 

The LEGO channel is the most popular brand channel with 13.7 million subscribers. This channel has managed to amass about 1 billion views. LEGO is also the channel that creates and uploads massive amounts of content.

Other popular video content includes funny animal videos, comedy content, unboxing videos, and thrift or shopping finds. 


There is no doubt that YouTube is a popular website and app on computers, televisions, and mobile devices. As technology changes and evolves, there is nothing that will prevent it from continued success. 

This information is important to have for anyone who is currently using YouTube as content creators, brands, and businesses.

Conversely, it’s also good to know as the average user that there are always opportunities for creativity. 

Even though the competition is clearly heavy on YouTube, there is room for more.

Now that you know the answer, ‘how many downloads does YouTube have, you can create a better marketing strategy or start your own channel to provide value to YouTube users. 


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