10 Best Hand Lettering Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

10 Best Hand Lettering Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024


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Do you want to know the best hand lettering Instagram accounts in 2022?

Art is one of the most popular subjects for people to follow on Instagram. There are so many different kinds of art— digital art, modern art, sculptures, painting, theatre arts, music— the list goes on and on. 

One type of art that many people love and enjoy looking at is calligraphy. Nowadays, this is an incredibly popular artistic endeavor that is not only done by hand but also digitally as well. People can create some beautiful and meaningful artwork with letters and phrases that users on Instagram love to take a look at, learn how to do, and even buy. 

All over the world, the art form of calligraphy has a lot of meaning and different purposes. This word means “beautiful writing” in ancient Greek, but this isn’t the meaning when we move to Japanese, where it means “way of writing.” This subtle difference speaks a lot about the art of writing and penmanship in general and how it’s perceived by different cultures around the world. 

Nowadays, especially in western cultures that speak English, calligraphy, also known as hand lettering, has become a great way to visually demonstrate your sentiments as well as create beautiful artwork that can be shared with friends and loved ones as a way of expressing feelings and emotion. 

This is one specific niche on Instagram, and we’re going to dive into some of the top hand lettering Instagram accounts in this niche that you can follow on the platform.

We’re also going to talk about the importance and value of following other Instagram accounts that exist within your own niche, even if it’s not hand lettering, as this holds tremendous value for your growth on Instagram and within your niche community. 

Why Following in Your Niche Matters 

Even though Instagram now has a lot of competition across all niches on their platform, that doesn’t mean you should alienate yourself from that competition and fight against all similar accounts as yourself. 

In fact, there is a lot of value in starting conversations with similar accounts, rooting for them, and even following and sharing their content. Why would that be? 

Well, when you follow related accounts, you can actually grow your Instagram account more effectively. You are creating more connections and visibility for yourself in your own niche community, which promotes growth for your own account. 

For instance, if you follow a top competitor or a popular account in your niche and comment on their posts, you’re going to be seen by others checking out the comment section, and then they may even become followers of yours because you’re relevant to the account they follow. 

Creating a presence in the community and interacting with followers on your competitors’ pages is a great way to get more attention for yourself and generate interest in your profile, leading to more views, profile visits, engagement, and follower growth. 

You can also check out top performing content in your own niche, giving you inspiration and future content ideas, as well as a knowledge of what is working well and what is popular. 

Finally, you can build relationships with prominent players in your niche, opening a channel for partnerships, shared content, collabs, and more. You should try to foster productive and supportive relationships with others in your niche as this is much better than being put against one another and working against each other. 

This is true no matter what niche you’re in. If you’re in the calligraphy or hand lettering niche specifically, we’re bringing to you the top 10 accounts that you can follow in your niche to start building your presence in the community and making connections with users in that niche. 

Let’s take a look! 

Best Hand Lettering Instagram Accounts to Follow 

The accounts you’ll find below are some of the most popular in terms of English hand lettering and/or calligraphy accounts, and they’ve all got thousands of followers. 

That’s not to say there aren’t more accounts out there with great content, but we wanted to bring you some of the most popular so that you could see what kind of content they’re offering followers and you can start to create your relationships from there. 

Let’s jump in. 


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Hand Lettering Loft (

The first hand lettering account we’re bringing to you comes in with 11.4k followers and has some awesome content for anyone who’s interested in hand lettering and learning how to improve the craft. 

They do a great job showing how to create meaningful and valuable tutorials, which can help you in your content creation endeavors. They also link to their Etsy site in their bio, which is a great example of how to create a bio that drives action from interested users. 

All of their content reflects their brand image, has great lighting, and is professional. A great example of how to keep followers engaged in the hand lettering niche. 

2. @threeologie

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A post shared by Handlettering + Business (@threeologie)

Threeologie is run by a lovely lady named Natalie and she has a beautiful profile setup with a super effective bio and great album covers for her Instagram story highlights. She offers a lot of information about exactly what she does in the bio and also provides a link out. 

She offers a lot of content through Instagram stories, has active Instagram stories frequently, as well as a nice profile aesthetic perfectly aligned with her brand image and style. Her content includes a variety of content pillars and offers value to her followers. 

She has 44.7k followers, so what she’s doing is definitely working! 

3. @oncewrite 

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A post shared by hand lettering & calligraphy (@oncewrite)

A self-taught lettering artist, @oncewrite has an awesome account that also provides unique tutorials that also use paint, adding an additional element to the art of hand lettering. 

The profile has a combination of media types such as videos, posts, and carousel posts, as well as a few story highlights. With 13.1k followers, they’re an up-and-comer in the hand letting niche on Instagram. 


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A post shared by Tanisha (

Tanisha is an Indian Instagrammer that offers users fun tutorials and beautiful content pieces featuring her work. She also has Instagram highlights and a whopping 158k followers. 

The great thing about Tanisha’s profile is that her hand lettering clearly reflects her unique creativity and personal style, which is super important in the calligraphy/hand lettering niche. You should strive to offer your followers something that defines you and that others can’t replicate.

Tanisha is a great example of how to do that, and her style is really attractive, which is reflected in her almost 160k follower count! 

5. @amandaarneill

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A post shared by Amanda Pel Arneill (@amandaarneill)

One of the most notable figures in the calligraphy/hand lettering community on Instagram, Amanda Pel Arneill offers users a great variety of Instagram content through IGTV videos, carousel posts, stories and IG story highlights, and single-photo content. 

She not only shows off her skills but does so with a variety of different things such as quotes, cards, calendars, and more. Her diverse content has brought in a total of 149k followers in the hand lettering community. 

Take a look at her content for some great ideas on how to diversify your content offerings. 

6. @paulaleecalligraphy

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A post shared by Paula Lee Calligraphy (@paulaleecalligraphy)

Paula Lee Calligraphy is a great example of how personal style can be reflected on Instagram. If you take a look at other profiles in the hand lettering niche on Instagram, they are very bright and vibrant with happy and popping colors. 

Paula Lee Calligraphy goes in a different direction, keeping things very traditional, classic, and neutral. Since Paula Lee Calligraphy focuses on stationery and more formal types of calligraphy offerings, the style makes complete sense and is 100% aligned with the brand image. 

They’ve got a total of 27k followers, which shows there is definitely a desire or demand for products like these. 

Take a look at how they create meaningful content features as well as using their IG story highlights to illustrate product options for potential buyers. Their IG is a great example for companies looking to sell their hand lettering or calligraphy work. 

7. @jacycorral

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A post shared by jacy corral | hyssop design (@jacycorral)

Jacy Corral uses her Instagram not only to promote hand lettering endeavors but also to give people access to her brand, hyssop design; she is also involved in branding, illustration, graphic design, and books. 

She has a more neutral aesthetic as well but still shows the fun side of hand lettering and promotes her books for those who want to learn. She offers a in her bio, which is very effective if you need to link people out to other sites. She’s got 20.2k followers. 

8. @calligraphymasters

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A post shared by (@calligraphymasters)

A huge favorite on Instagram, Calligraphy Masters brings in a whopping 523k followers with their mission to “inspire, teach, and interntain.” They offer content that is very classical and shows some of the most traditional styles of calligraphy, as well as some more modern takes on it. 

The account is a great example of how offering a mix of classic and modern can attract people from all over the globe. They’ve created a distinct and unique image for their profile. 

9. @themoderncalligraphyco

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A post shared by The Modern Calligraphy Co (@themoderncalligraphyco)

A fun and entertaining account that also has a YouTube channel, The Modern Calligraphy Co vows to offer their 14.3k followers lessons, inspiration, online tutorials, and ideas. 

They have great album covers for their Instagram story highlights, and they use people in their photos, which can help you to boost your engagement since photos with people usually perform better on Instagram. 

If you need some ideas on how to get more people in your content, take a peek at their profile as they do an excellent job with multiple types of content offerings. 

10. @thebrewtifulword

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A post shared by ☕️ Mandy Faucher | Artist (@thebrewtifulword)

Mandy Faucher is the artist behind @thebrewtifulword, and she has a lot of awesome content for hand lettering and calligraphy as well. She does a good job of mixing not only her content niche in with her personal life, giving a really authentic vibe to her profile. 

Check her out if you want some inspiration on how to work your own views and personality into your content. Mandy’s got 9.3k followers on IG and she also links out to her external sites with 

Final Thoughts: Follow People in Your Niche 

If you’re in hand lettering or calligraphy on Instagram, you’ve got 10 great accounts available to you from this list, so get following! 

If you’re not in hand lettering or calligraphy, take this as a lesson to look for the top, trending, or popular accounts in your niche and get following! You should always be a visible and active presence in your Instagram niche or community. You’ll thank yourself later!

We hope our list of top hand lettering Instagram accounts makes it easy for you to make your presence known in your Insta community.

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