Generation Z Statistics: 9+ Gen z Statistics You Should Definitely Not Miss

23+ Gen Z Statistics & Demographics in 2024

Published on: November 27, 2023
Last Updated: November 27, 2023

23+ Gen Z Statistics & Demographics in 2024

Published on: November 27, 2023
Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Understanding customers is critical for running any business successfully.

Researchers spent years understanding the behavior of Millennials, whose technology-based behavior has transformed industries, cultures, economies, even our environment.

Billions use social media on a daily basis, and this is lucrative for any marketing strategy.

It’s now high time to shift our focus to the newest stars, Gen Z.

They’re genuinely the first generation of digital citizens and surpass Millennials as the market leaders.

The latest Gen Z statistics show that people belonging to this generation are rapidly gaining ground and obtaining a position in today’s economy.

Key Statistics

  • 2.47 billion people are in Gen Z.
  • Generation Z is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse generations across the United States.
  • Nearly 99% of Gen Zs either owns a smartphone or have access to one.
  • Around 73% of the Zoomers use their internet-connected devices mainly for chatting and texting.
  • Nearly half of the Gen Z individuals like to participate in a product review.
  • Over half of the Generation Z population prefers socially responsible and eco-friendly businesses and brands.
  • 85% of the Gen Z population use different social media channels to learn about various products.
  • Instagram is one of the most loved social media platforms among Generation Z.
  • Over 60% of the total Gen Z population check YouTube at least once per day.
  • Around 60% of Gen Z-ers like watching real individuals in an advertisement.
Generation Z Statistics

Detailed Gen Z Statistics in 2024

1. Gen Z Constitutes 26% of The Total Population Across the World

Gen Z refers to the individuals born between 1995 and 2015, and thus their age group ranges from 9 years to 26 years.

This generation preceded Generation Alpha and succeeded the Millennials.

They’re the first digitally native generation that is they were born and are growing up with technology.

How many people are in Gen Z?

According to the latest statistics, there are 2.47 billion Gen Z’s in the world.

And that’s why marketers need to know about Gen Z.

2. Gen Z Is One of The Most Racially and Ethnically Diverse Generations Across the United States

image 40

As per data, it’s evident that Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in the United States.

Talking about the numbers, 61% of the millennials in the US identify themselves as white, whereas this percentage amounts to 52% for American Gen Zs.

Thus, if you look at the data, you’ll find that one out of four US Gen Zs identifies themselves as Hispanic while the same for millennials is 17%.

Statistics further show that 6% identify as Asian, while the same for millennials is 4%.

Surprisingly, the percentage of Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X claiming themselves as Black flickers around 15%.

3. Nearly 99% of The Gen Zs Either Owns a Smartphone or Have Access to One

image 41

According to the report of GlobalWebIndex, over 98% of Gen Zs either own a smartphone or have access to one.

That means only one out of ten Gen Zs worldwide doesn’t have access to a smartphone.

Simultaneously, Gen Z statistics have shown that 96% of people aged 9 to 26 years living in North America have smartphones, revealing Gen Zs’ technological and social interests.

Whereas 99% of Middle Eastern and African Gen Zs have smartphones. Additionally, 79% of them reveal that they use it to access the internet.

4. Around 73% of The Zoomers Use Their Internet-Connected Devices Mainly for Chatting and Texting

image 42

Almost every Zoomer has access to the internet across the world.

And surveys revealed that Gen Z individuals spent most of their time on social media.

Approximately 73% of them use their internet-connected devices (smartphones, laptops, computers, or Mac) to chat and text.

Now, talk about the other things the Gen Zs use their devices.

59% use the same to access entertainment, 36% do schoolwork, 58% play games, 28% learn new things, and just 17% shop and browse.

5. Nearly Half of Gen Z Like to Participate in Product Reviews

image 43

The interests of Gen Z vary; however, apparently, one of the most strange facts about Generation Z is that this generation has fun reviewing products.

Around 43% of them happily participate in a product review, and the other 42% enjoy playing an online game for a campaign, as was held in Gen Z statistics.

From the data, it’s pretty clear that Gen Zs love to express their opinions and generate engaging conversions about business relationships more than the rest of the other generations.

6. Over Half of The Generation Z Population Prefers Socially Responsible and Eco-Friendly Businesses and Brands

image 44

As per the data available, 55% of Gen Zs prefer socially responsible and eco-friendly businesses and brands.

That means this generation loves to stand for something other than just profits.

Out of all, 68% of them say that they’re pretty conscious about their responsibility in the world and want to do their role in changing it into a better place for the next generations.

Generation Z statistics show that 56% of Gen Z believe that they’re socially conscious and over half of them purchase goods that socially responsible and eco-friendly brands produce.

7. Over 58% of Zoomers Check Their Emails More than Once a Day

image 45

Specific facts and statistics about the Gen Z population can flip the generally considered concepts.

And one of these notions is that this generation isn’t affecting the demise of emails.

For example, one statistic showed that less than 1% of this age group never check their emails.

Because 67% of Generation Z receive fewer than 20 emails each day, marketers face lesser competition for their marketing in this format than any other form.

Inclusive of such, 64.9% of this demographic group use emails for personal purposes, demonstrating that most Gen Z chooses emails even though they’ve other channels for communicating.

Gen Z and Social Media Statistics

8. 85% of The Gen Z Population Use Different Social Media Channels to Learn About Various Products

image 46

Various surveys conducted in 2021 reveal that around 85% of the Generation Z population takes the help of different social media platforms to learn about multiple products.

And thus, it’s pretty evident that social media influences this new generation’s taste and preferences the most.

Social interest and technology are linked to one another for this demographic group.

That’s why a robust social media presence is reasonably necessary for brands and businesses targeting Gen Z.

Now, speaking of numbers, studies show that 69% of Gen Z visit a retail store based on their social media posts.

Meanwhile, Gen Z social media usage stats show that 83% trust the product reviews shared by other buyers on social media platforms more than an advertisement.

Inclusive of such, statistics have depicted that they’re approximately 60% more connected to brands on social media than any other generation.

9. Instagram Is One of The Most Loved Social Media Platforms Among Gen Z

image 47

The social media platform Instagram’s visually appealing format and easy scrolling make itself an all-purpose platform for Generation Z.

The platform is also used for catching up with influencers, curating an image to the world, and getting ideas related to things like food, fashion, travel, and more.

Instagram has been booming since Facebook acquired the channel. Currently, 64% of Generation Z love using the same daily.

Moreover, Instagram is the most popular channel among the American Gen Zs out of all social media platforms.

To communicate better with this demographic group via various social media channels, marketers need to understand how they use each platform.

Facts show that while they use Snapchat to interact with friends and FaceTime to close ones, Facebook is primarily used for sharing or creating events and looking for deals and coupons.

On the other hand, Twitter is mainly used for breaking news.

10. Over 60% of The Total Gen Z Population Check You Tube at Least Once per Day

image 48

YouTube is one of the leading video-sharing social media platforms. It’s the second-most used search engine after Google.

YouTube is quite popular among different generations across the globe, and Gen Z is not an exception.

As per various researches, 62.48% of the Gen Z group love watching YouTube videos. This shows the immense popularity of the platform among youngsters.

Moreover, the main reason why this generation watches YouTube videos at least once a day is that they use the platform to find out the latest news about their favorite game, products, or show.

And that’s why it provides an opportunity for brands to display their products or services via YouTube videos.

11. 71% of Gen Z Watch Online Videos for More than Three Hours Each Day

image 49

Thanks to the daily-by-day decreasing costs of data pacts and increasing availability of a broader range of content, 71% of the Gen Z population currently consume online video content for more than three hours daily.

You can see it from the fact that only 32% of people of this age range used to consume even a single hour of online video content every day in 2016, and now nearly three-quarters are doing the same for over three hours daily.

Thus, it’s high time for marketers to include video campaigns in their marketing strategies.

Moreover, while YouTube is the best source for online video content, Facebook is rapidly reaching as a video hub.

Additionally, 71% of Generation Z individuals have a Netflix subscription— which is more than other generations.

Consumer Behavior Statistics

12. Gen Z Has an Attention Span of Only 8 Seconds

image 50

The facts about Gen Z’s show that due to the fast-speed internet that brings the world to its fingertips, and countless choices, the attention span of this generation is declining at a rapid pace.

Just a while ago, Millennials with a standard attention span of 12 seconds were believed to be absent-minded.

Now, the Gen Z’s even have a lesser attention span of 8 seconds.

And that’s why leading social media platforms have advanced their advertising options for this distracted audience.

For example, Snapchat’s 10-second story limit, Vine’s 6-second videos, and YouTube’s 5-second pre-roll ads.

Meanwhile, this youngster generation is also known for their multitasking ability, especially when it comes to electronic devices.

13. Over 60% of Gen Z-ers Like Watching Real Individuals in An Advertisement

image 51

Gen Z has a preference for a realistic narrative and authenticity; that is, they’ve got a soft corner for authentic influencers and have marketing specialists.

That’s why 67% of Generation Z-ers prefer watching real individuals in advertisements rather than celebrities.

Moreover, 63% of them prefer seeing social media influencers in ads for social media marketing, while only 37% like seeing celebrities.

According to the top ten influencers for Gen Z of Forbes, only Jennifer Lawrence is a traditional celebrity.

Although some Gen Z’s might like other celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, most Gen Z people love YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat stars.

Other Important Statistics

  • An average Gen Z individual spends over 8 hours online daily.
  • 55% of Gen Z’s use their smartphones for at least 5 hours a day.
  • Around 74% of the Gen Z population like to spend their spare time online.
  • Only 22% of Gen Z individuals use voice assistants.
  • 83% of Gen Z’s either owns a laptop or have access to one.
  • More than 60% of Gen Z use multiple devices at a time.
  • Almost all Gen Z users go to bed with their smartphones.
  • Facebook is the fourth most used social channel among the Gen Z’s.
  • 60% of TikTok’s users belong to Gen Z.
  • An average American Gen Z consumer spends 1,100 US dollars on holidays.


With the shift in the generation of consumers, marketers need to shift their marketing strategies simultaneously.

While most consumers belong to Millennials, Gen Z is slowly but steadily taking over the market.

In this guide, I’ve covered some important Gen Z statistics that will hopefully help you know more about this technically adequate generation a bit better.


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