Followyst Review — Is it a Scam for Instagram Growth?

Followyst Review 2024 — Is it a Scam for Instagram?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Followyst Review 2024 — Is it a Scam for Instagram?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Followyst Review 2024

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms globally with over 1 billion monthly active users and many of those users are very interested in connecting with brands and businesses on the platform. 

Over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, according to Instagram, and 50% of Instagram users have been more interested in a brand or business after seeing their ads and content on Instagram. 

It’s safe to say that for marketing and business purposes, Instagram holds a lot of potential. One of the key things you need to do in order to harness that potential is to get more Instagram followers and engagement. 

Because there is so much competition, it can take a long time for you to get noticed; it also can take countless hours for you to interact with new users and boost your visibility on Instagram.

If you’re looking for a 3rd party to help you with your Instagram growth, there are many companies available. 

Followyst Review

Deciding whether or not a company is legitimate, though, is no easy task, and with companies like Followyst popping up everyday, you’ve got to spend some time evaluating before you choose one to work with. 

To help make things easier, we’re bringing you our Followyst review to let you know how their service works, what the main features are, the pricing, and whether or not they’re a viable way to get more Instagram followers. Let’s go! 

Why You Need More Instagram Followers and Likes

You may be able to think of a couple reasons you need more Instagram followers, but we’ve got some for you here.

Having a high Instagram follower count helps your content get seen more often by more people, especially when you have more engagement. 

If you have 10,000 Instagram followers, you have a greater chance for your content to be seen frequently; if those followers like or comment on your posts, they’ll see it with more urgency in their newsfeed because Instagram’s algorithm identified it as desired content for them. 

Also, when you have a lot of followers on Instagram as well as good numbers for likes and comments, your profile has more social proof and people will take you as a serious and credible authority in your niche.

After all, who are you going to follow— the account with 100 followers, or the account with 10,000 followers? 

If your goal is to use Instagram for monetization or furthering your business or creative endeavor, having high follower and engagement counts can help you gain some serious traction on the platform and keep you growing and expanding over time. 

What is Followyst? 


Followyst claims to help speed up this process through their service, which is allegedly “the fastest way to gain followers and increase engagement on Instagram.”

Followyst is a “highly-advanced Instagram automation tool” that interacts with users on your behalf in hopes of growing your Instagram account. 

Followyst also claims that their service is developed by IG experts; this doesn’t mean that they are associated with Instagram,  however.

The app is simply developed by people who supposedly “have years of experience in running our own successful Instagram profiles.” 

Unfortunately, we never get to know who those experts are or what Instagram profiles they’re talking about.

This is a great example of Followyst using buzzwords to try and get interest in their services; we’d like to see the proof. 

In any case, Followyst will automate different interactions via your smartphone and you can select them; the app will then “mimic human behavior” and run for hours. People will then follow you back, according to Followyst. 

You’ll have a dashboard that shows you what’s being done; you can’t do techniques like follow/unfollow or send DMs, nor leave comments. 

Getting Started with Followyst

Followyst offers a free trial for all of their plans and that’s the only way to get started. 

You simply click on the Get Started button and you enter all of your information; your username, email, first name, last name, and a password. 

There are no further options provided before signing up; the getting started page requires users to be logged into their account.

Once you sign in you have to link your Instagram account. 

Followyst Review: Pricing 

Followyst Pricing 

Followyst offers three different pricing plans for their services. Here we’ll outline them briefly with the cost to see how they hold up. 

Since the service is based in Poland, all prices are in Euros. 


For €15/mo, you’ll: 

  • Like hashtags’ and locations’ pictures
  • Pause for a fixed amount of time
  • Perform up to 60 likes/hr 
  • Get up to 2 IG profiles/computer
  • Get 1 IG profile running on smartphone per computer
  • Get 1 computer running Followyst


For €49/mo, you’ll get all of the Starter features plus: 

  • Like your own followers’ pictures 
  • Like pictures of people liking specific content 
  • Remove mass followers
  • Like influencer followers’ pictures 
  • Perform up to 80 actions/hour 
  • More accounts (4 IG profiles per computer) 


For €149/mo, you’ll get all of the Starter and Pro features plus:

  • Perform up to 120 action per hour 
  • Up to 10 IG profiles per computer 

The agency plan does really nothing more than increase the amount of Instagram profiles you can run on the service and increase the actions to 120 likes per hour. 

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Do We Recommend Followyst for Instagram Growth? 

We can say with 100% certainty that we DO NOT recommend Followyst for Instagram growth.

Followyst is an automation service that is sketchy at best, and will not provide you with any valuable results for your Instagram account. 

Very Little Known Information 

The internet has virtually no record for Followyst even existing; there are no reviews to see, no clients that can vouch for them, and there are no reviews that appear real on their website.

It’s not uncommon for companies to put fake reviews on their own website, and the fact that there are none on the internet doesn’t look good for Followyst. 

If the service really worked, people would be talking about it.

Unfortunately, no one is talking about this service and since you have to allow them to access Instagram via your phone, we highly recommend that you DO NOT provide any information.

This is a security risk for you and you shouldn’t allow access to your Instagram via your device. 

Limited Functionality 

Not only does Followyst present a security risk, you have to be an Android user to engage with their services.

If you don’t have an Android phone, you can’t use the service. This effectively eliminates the possibility for all iOS users to pay for the Followyst service. 

If the service is so reputable, why doesn’t it work on iOS and why would they ignore such a huge potential client base? It seems that they couldn’t make it work for iOS.

Not only that, we looked for their app in the Google Play Store and it was nowhere to be found.

Another big issue, since apparently you have to have the app and register it with your IG account so that they can access your profile. 

It seems that the functionality of Followyst is limited and with the risky service and need for an app that can’t be located, we are not optimistic about this service. 

Instagram Automation 

All in all, there isn’t even any targeting instructions that can ensure you engage with the right accounts and the service is provided through Instagram bots, which is a huge no no.

Followyst is a bot and you should avoid Instagram bots. 

Instagram bots will put your account at risk and engage with a bunch of fake or bot profiles that aren’t in your target audience.

They will also get you flagged by Instagram and you could be blocked, banned, or disabled from using your profile.

AVOID Instagram bot services if you care about your account’s safety and security. 

Bogus Refund Policy 

The refund policy for Followyst doesn’t actually help you at all. While they claim that it’s a very simple process, when you look closely at the terms, it’s clear that you will not be getting a refund.

They have three different rules about refunds: 

  1. Can be requested within 30 days 
  2. Admin can decline a request if there is evidence of the user using the app before requesting a refund
  3. Admin will deny refund requests that say the service is ineffective 

Um… okay? So basically no refund. It’s better to just say that no refunds are honored than pretend that they are going to help you through covering a refund.

While it makes no claims directly about a money-back guarantee, they should be more clear upfront about not backing their services and that any dissatisfaction will be assumed by the client. 

Followyst Review Summary: Final Pros and Cons

There are clearly more cons than pros here, but we’ll give it one final go: 

  • Visible pricing plans
  • 7-day trial
  • Can’t access FAQs or getting started information without signing up and providing your personal details
  • Instagram bot that uses automation
  • Not available for iOS
  • Not found in Google Play Store
  • Have to link your Instagram for offline access
  • No refund or service guarantee
  • No live chat option
  • No online presence

As you can see, while the website looks relatively professional, there’s nothing to indicate that Followyst is a reliable service for Instagram growth.

You’re better off working with a different Instagram growth service that doesn’t use bots or fake followers, or even just working on your own Instagram growth by hand. 

Don’t use an Instagram bot like Followyst, ever. 

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