Best Fast Proxy 2021: Which Proxy Provider Is Fastest?

Fast Proxies 2024: 10+ Fastest High-Speed Proxy Servers

Published on: December 12, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023

Fast Proxies 2024: 10+ Fastest High-Speed Proxy Servers

Published on: December 12, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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In a hurry?
The fastest high-speed private proxy service in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ProxyEmpire!

Finding a fast proxy provider can open up a lot of possibilities for you.

This might range from utilizing public hotspots without fear of security risks to viewing information that isn’t available in your country.

We have done our homework on the most popular proxy providers on the markets owe can guide you to choose the fastest one. 

This article will cover everything, from the fastest proxy services available, including datacenter, residential and mobile proxy services to their must-have features.

There are hundreds of proxy servers available worldwide and as one might guess, not all of them give the same level of service.

While some proxies are efficient enough that you won’t notice a difference in their performance, others are so poor that your browser won’t be able to access web content, resulting in a timeout error. 

For internet users who are constantly searching for ways to enhance their browsing speed, having a sluggish proxy service can turn out to be a risky business.

As a result, proxy users are constantly on the lookout for the fastest proxies to use in their internet browsing. 

Virtually every proxy service on the market claims to offer some of the fastest proxies.

With such misleading claims, it is quite possible to slip into the clutches of the wrong service.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to make a well-informed decision before going for a service. 

What Proxies are the Fastest Proxies?

Let’s focus on the kind of proxies rather than the proxy provider for a minute.

It is essential to understand that the kind of proxy and other intricacies involved affect the extent to which a provider can serve you.

While the core operation of any proxy stays the same, there are three major categories of proxies available today, depending on where they are sourced from, how they operate and how many users access them.

IP Address Source

IP Address

Whether a proxy server will run efficiently or not mostly depends on where their IP addresses are sourced from.

There are three sorts of proxies depending on the origin of their IP addresses, including datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies.

Datacenter proxies are the fastest of the bunch. They are not associated with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they source the IP addresses from corporate data centers.

While they do provide you with high speed, they are likely to be detected and blocked. 

Residential proxies are somewhat slower than datacenter proxies because their IP addresses are obtained from actual Internet service providers and assigned to a user’s home network.

They work by routing your internet traffic and web requests through an intermediate server, increasing latency and delay.

The server provides you with a different address through which all your HTTP requests are carried out.

They are an excellent way to conceal your IP address and digital footprint while maintaining high speed.

Mobile proxies work similarly to residential proxies, which mean that their IP addresses are sourced from ISPs and assigned to a mobile network.

They tend to be even slower than residential proxies since their IP addresses are shared by multiple users at the same time.

Mobile proxies are rarely banned since many users use the same IP address and banning one address affects everyone.

IP Rotation

There are two kinds of proxy servers depending on how IP addresses are rotated, namely dedicated proxy and rotating proxy.

Dedicated proxies come with an IP address, which only a single individual can use. They are most efficient in terms of performance and speed.

However, they are easy to detect since the same IP address is used to visit the same websites repeatedly.

Rotating proxies offer you complete access to a large pool of IP addresses.

The service provider allocates new IP addresses from the pool at frequent intervals so that the IP addresses continuously change to prevent being banned. 

Number of Users

Depending on the number of internet users, proxies can be of three types, that is, private proxies, shared proxies, and public proxies.

Private proxies, as the name implies, are used by a single individual.

They offer exclusive access and the connection to these proxies is restricted by IP authorization or login credentials.

You won’t have to be concerned about bandwidth speed since only you will have access to it. These proxies are generally the fastest since they are used by only one person.

When it comes to shared proxies, your IP address is shared among multiple web users. Access to these proxies can be restricted via IP binding or username/password authentication.

When using shared proxies, you face the danger of being blocked if one of the other users in the proxy is also blocked.

Public proxies are easily found on the internet and accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Public proxy servers are free of cost and do not require authentication.

As a result, multiple people might connect to the same proxy at the same time, thus overwhelming the bandwidth and slowing down your browsing.

Fastest Dedicated Private Proxies 2024

Dedicated private proxies are among the fastest in regards to speed.

There is no rerouting and your IP address is not shared with anybody.

Below are a few of the top private proxy providers. 

  1. ProxyEmpire – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Proxy-Seller
  3. MyPrivateProxy
  4. Blazing Proxies
  5. BeeProxy

1. ProxyEmpire


Recommended Guide: Proxy Empire Review

ProxyEmpire is one of the most affordable private proxy providers on the market. The provider may appear unremarkable at first sight, yet its simplicity is one of its key selling features.

The company does not promise any spectacular features, but it covers all the essentials by providing fast speeds, limitless bandwidth, and a wide range of subnets.

Our test revealed that their proxies have a speed range of 19 to 58 Mbps and a ping range of 43 to 169 milliseconds.

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There are certain drawbacks to its proxies, such as the fact that they only function with IP authentication and that the number of connections is restricted to ten. However, the extremely low costs compensate for these drawbacks.

The standard plan from ProxyEmpire is $10 for each month and comes with 10 proxies and various subnets to select from. Similarly, their most expensive plan charges $500 per month for 500 proxies.

One of the many things you will appreciate about ProxyEmpire is that they have a very simple setup process. As soon as you make a purchase, they will send you an email.

Once you click the link on the email, you will be instantly connected to the service and ready to utilize your freshly obtained proxies. They also let you test their proxies without purchasing them. 

2. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is undoubtedly one of the most established proxy providers, having been in operation for more than seven years.

Proxy-Seller is more expensive than many of the other providers on our list; however, it is regarded as a top-quality service, so you will not be disappointed. 

The operator has a vast network that comprises several sites not only in Europe and the United States but also in Asia and Australia.

Proxy-Seller offers a very unique service, that is, it is willing to completely reimburse clients if their proxies do not function as stated for any reason.

Upon testing, its speed range appeared to be 39 to 64 Mbps while its ping range was 46 to 84 milliseconds.

However, Proxy-Seller does not provide a wide selection of plans for specific applications, which might be frustrating for clients.

You can purchase a basic version for $24 each month. Ten private proxies are included in this plan, as along with access to different subnetworks or locations.

They have a few other packages to select from with better features, but they are more expensive. One primary disadvantage of Proxy-Seller is that a single proxy cannot be purchased.

3. MyPrivateProxy


MyPrivateProxy, often referred to as MPP Group, is a well-known proxy service operator that provides efficient and reasonably priced proxy services.

The brand has been operational for almost 10 years and has a network of over 140,000 static IP addresses.

MyPrivateProxy is mostly active in the United States, but it also has a significant presence in Europe and a few other regions of North America.

MyPrivateProxy provides both private proxies for general use and packages tailored to certain sorts of websites.

Its proxies are frequently praised as the fastest on the market at the moment. They have a speed range of 52 to 92Mbps and a ping range of 12 to 46 milliseconds.

MyPrivateProxy offers a private proxy for as low as $2.49 per month, however, the basic subscription does not include multiple locations or subnets.

Those services, as well as extra proxies, are included in any of the other plans, which vary in price from $11.75 per month to $2,500 per month.

Their packages may not be the most inexpensive but they offer excellent service, making them worth the hype.

4. Blazing Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Proxies is created to provide dedicated use cases for certain activities rather than provide broad proxy use cases.

It includes dedicated proxies for sneaker copping and SEO auditing and monitoring, however, they can also be utilized for a variety of general use cases.

Blazing Proxies provide unmetered bandwidth and concurrent threads. It is one of the few proxy services on the market that offers both limitless bandwidth and thread support.

It supports 13 nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc. Due to this, Blazing Proxies is one of the leading datacenter proxy providers in terms of location support.

As per our test, they have a proxy speed range of 26 to 56 Mbps and a ping range of 78 to 103 milliseconds.

Blazing Proxies is simple to use and provides consumers with immediate activation when they subscribe to a package.

They have the option of signing up for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly plans. As far as the pricing is concerned, their basic package starts at a low price of $11 per month. 

5. BeeProxy


BeeProxy is a high-quality service provider that has servers in strategic locations across the world. It has a large network with over 2 million IP addresses.

BeeProxy have speeds ranging from 60 to 83Mbps. It also performs well in terms of ping with a ping range of 19 to 54 milliseconds.

BeeProxy also offers social media and ticketing proxies, in addition to regular private proxies; however, these are significantly more costly.

BeeProxy provides a wide range of proxy packages to suit their clients’ needs. You can purchase the basic version, which comes with a single proxy that is available for just $2.00 per month.

Fastest Rotating Datacenter Proxies 2024

Contrary to the proxies listed above, rotating datacenter proxies do not keep the same IP address; instead, the IP address is swapped after each request or a set amount of time.

The IP addresses utilized, nonetheless, continue to come from datacenters.

As opposed to dedicated datacenter proxy providers, there aren’t as many rotating datacenter proxy providers.

Rotating datacenter proxies are useful for low-cost web scraping. However, they are frequently blocked. The following are some of the fastest rotating datacenter providers.

  1. Bright Data – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Smartproxy
  3. Stormproxies
  4. WebShare
  5. Proxyrack

1. Bright Data

Bright Data Alternatives

When it comes to proxy services, Bright Data is a name to be reckoned with. While most people are familiar with them for the efficacy of their residential and mobile proxies, you may be surprised to learn that they also sell datacenter proxies.

With over 774,000 datacenter IPs, its rotating datacenter service is not only one of the finest, but it also boasts the world’s largest datacenter proxy network.

The company has a strong reputation for ethical business operations, which has helped it earn respect with several Fortune 500 companies over the years. If you’re unsure about which proxy service to use, Bright Data is always a good choice.

It has a speed range of 14.92 to 34.39 Mbps and a ping range of 45 to 146 milliseconds. Bright Data prides itself on having one of the finest customer service teams in the industry, in addition to outstanding performance and ease of use.

Bright Data is not an inexpensive choice when it comes to pricing. Since the company’s services are primarily aimed at large corporations, you must expect to pay a higher price.

Fortunately, Bright Data also offers a pay-as-you-go data center proxy service that costs $0.10 per IP or $0.60 per GB of data and requires no monthly commitment.

2. Smartproxy


Smartproxy is a residential proxy service that offers quality proxies. The great news is that it also offers datacenter proxies for sale.

The provider has been operational for a long time and has one of the largest proxy networks in the world with well over 10 million proxies.

The majority of such IPs are allocated for residential proxy services with just about 40,000 of them placed in data centers.

Although 40,000 addresses may not seem like much in comparison to its residential proxies, it gives you enough to work with.

Upon trying their proxies, we found them to be among the most untraceable on the market. In addition, they scored admirably in our speed test.

Their proxy speed appeared to be in the range of 18 to 37 Mbps and their ping speed in the range of 47 to 95 milliseconds. 

Smartproxy charges per bandwidth consumption rather than per IP address, unlike most other providers that supply data center proxies.

This implies that for a set monthly charge, you can access the whole company’s network. The basic subscription costs $50 per month and covers up to 100 GB of traffic, which works out to $0.5 per GB.

3. Stormproxies


Stormproxies is one of the latest providers, having first established a reputation for itself by providing reliable back connect rotating proxies.

Now, they sell rotating datacenter proxies too. The IP network for data center proxies has approximately 70,000 addresses, the majority of which are situated in the United States and Europe.

One of the things we appreciate about their proxies is that they provide you limitless bandwidth while limiting the number of threads you can create and the number of computers you can use their proxies on.

Our tests discovered that their proxy speed ranged from 6 to 28 Mbps and their ping speed ranged from 187 to 265 milliseconds.

Their shared proxies are popular because they offer three different ways to rotate IP addresses, that is, every HTTP request, every 3 minutes, and every 15 minutes.

This provides users a lot of flexibility when it comes to working with proxies and makes them appropriate for a wide range of online operations.

The company also has an affordable price point. A standard plan of shared data center proxies costs $39 per month and gives you access to the whole network, so there’s no need to pay for each IP address.

4. WebShare


WebShare is a well-known proxy server service that is recognized for its rotating datacenter proxies.

It provides free proxy services and high connection speeds, making it perfect for scraping tasks that require fast results.

Paid customers get access to additional services, and they are not readily discovered by anti-spam algorithms that can detect proxies.

Our test showed their proxy speed to be in the range of 15 to 36 Mbps and their ping speed in the range of 56 to 166 milliseconds.

You should be aware that their proxies do not change IP addresses after each request. Their IP rotation is time-based and you may choose between rotating proxies that change IP every 5 minutes or one hour. However, you must make this decision during the purchasing process.

Another aspect that makes WebShare popular is its low cost. It distinguishes it from other service providers. Its most basic subscription is $3.11 per month for 5 ports. They are not only inexpensive, but they’re also quite safe. 

5. Proxyrack


Proxyrack is a popular residential proxy service. They’ve made a name for themselves as a provider of social media proxy services.

Apart from residential proxy solutions, they also provide data center proxy services, which are among the most affordable on the market. 

They have a network of approximately 20,000 datacenter IPs, and they provide consumers with unmetered bandwidth.

Even though Proxyrack’s IP network isn’t as vast as most of the other proxy server providers listed, it’s large enough for most operations.

Although they do not provide a free trial, they have a 14-day return policy, indicating that they are confident in the service they provide.

Our tests discovered that their proxy speed ranged from 15 to 43 Mbps and their ping speed ranged from 53 to 180 milliseconds.

Their proxies are reasonably priced. Plus, their basic package starts at $150 monthly for 250 threads. 

Fastest Residential Proxies 2024

The proxy market has grown so crowded with residential proxies that it is impossible to make a purchasing decision.

This might lead you to pay for a residential proxy service that does not match your needs or is too pricey for the service it provides.

So, which residential proxies are the best?

Let’s dig into our top picks.

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data 
  3. SmartProxy
  4. Soax
  5. Shifter

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Unlock the Power of Web Intelligence

Recommended Guide: Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs is a web intelligence collection platform and one of the most reputable proxy providers on the market.

With a 102M+ proxy pool comprising both Residential and Datacenter Proxies of various types (shared, dedicated, rotating, etc.), there is something there for everyone.

👉 Get FREE Account

Speed is no problem for Oxylabs as they have recently received a Proxyway award for Best Proxy Performance from Proxyway’s 2023 Industry Awards.

Additionally, our tests revealed a speed range of 53 Mbps to 99 Mbps and a ping range from 57 to 162 milliseconds.

It’s not all sunshine, though, as Oxylabs does have some of the more expensive proxies in the market with several restrictions.

Business cases such as ticketing are forbidden by the company, so be sure to carefully read what they consider to be legitimate uses.

Performance-wise you can squeeze out as much as you need.

While the packages are a bit more expensive than other market players, with Pay As You Go plans starting at $10 per GB, you pay per traffic, meaning that the IP amount is limitless, as are concurrent sessions.

Oxylabs have a lot of setup guides, documentation, and onboarding materials available, so just about everyone should be able to get the service up and running.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

Recommended Guide: Bright Data Review

Bright Data is a major residential proxy service provider with one of the world’s largest and fastest real-peer IP networks.

It has 72 million or more IP addresses, a comprehensive interface, fast response times, 99.99% uptime, infinite rotation, and 100% patented and compliant service.

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Their rotating residential proxies are genuine devices and when utilized appropriately, they go unnoticed.

Residential IP addresses are available from Bright Data in a variety of countries, locations, ASNs, and carriers across the world.

Many corporations, including Fortune 500 firms, use Bright Data because of the validity of their IP addresses.

Bright Data, unlike other residential proxy services, has obtained the permission of the owners of the IP addresses it uses. Our tests discovered that their proxy speed ranged from 9.86 to 32.07 Mbps and their ping speed ranged from 96 to 246 milliseconds.

When it comes to plans and costs, Bright Data isn’t the cheapest choice available, especially if you stick to their $500 starting plan, which includes 40 GB for $12.5 per GB.

The prices drop dramatically if you subscribe to larger bandwidth plans. One unique feature of their membership is that you are given a 7-day free trial with no refund after purchase.

3. SmartProxy


Smartproxy is also one of the most popular residential proxy services available. It has been around for a while and has made a name for itself.

Residential proxies from Smartproxy are ideal for any sort of data mining since they are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, each IP address in their network is unique for each PC or mobile device, allowing you to connect to a data source an endless number of times.

They provide over 40 million proxies across 195 locations. Our tests discovered that their proxy speed ranged from 7.43 to 43.14 Mbps and their ping speed ranged from 121 to 201 milliseconds.

Smartproxy has a wide range of applications, including evading bans or cloaking, ad verification, competition research, affiliate testing, and more.

Their residential proxies can also be used to maintain social media accounts without the fear of being banned.

Their rates are determined by the amount of bandwidth used. The cheapest package, which includes residential proxies and 5 GB of bandwidth, costs $75 per month.

4. Soax


Soax is the next service on our list of reliable residential proxy providers. It has more than five million residential IP addresses, which are spread across different continents and countries.

Soax provides IP addresses for residential use from genuine internet service providers (ISPs) all over the world. 

The technology maintains a continuous real-time connection and employs automated proxy rotation, ensuring that you are constantly working with a live, authentic IP address.

Soax is one of the easiest and cheapest proxy solutions available, thanks to its various price choices, user-friendly UI, and stable server network.

It is a perfect fit for experts across many sectors owing to its massive network of IP addresses and the fact that its residential proxies are difficult to detect or ban.

Furthermore, our tests showed that their proxy speed ranged from 9.53 to 19.92 Mbps and their ping speed ranged from 197 to 285 milliseconds.

Soax’s charges are determined by the number of ports and the volume of traffic.

The lowest subscription, which costs $75 for 5GB, includes an infinite number of residential IP proxies inside a single geographic region as well as up to 300 simultaneous IP connections.

5. Shifter


Shifter is a proxy operator that has been in the proxy industry since 2012 and is regarded as the top residential proxy.

It provides limitless bandwidth at an inexpensive price and its backconnect residential proxies are ideal for scraping.

Shifter makes use of time-based rotating proxies with the IP address associated with each port changing every 5 minutes.

It has a proxy network of over 31 million IP addresses, making it one of the largest proxy providers.

Our test revealed that its proxy speed ranged from 5.45 to 19.73 Mbps and ping speed ranged from 213 to 311 milliseconds.

Shifter determines it’s pricing on the number of ports. Its most basic package starts at $249.99 monthly for 10 ports. 

Fastest Mobile Proxies 2024

Mobile proxies operate by rerouting traffic through multiple mobile devices linked to 3G/4G cellular towers and rotating IP addresses.

As a result, disguised IP addresses are more difficult to discover, resulting in enhanced privacy, security, and anonymity.

However, deciding which mobile proxy provider to use might be tricky. So, here’s a list of some of the fastest mobile proxies on the market right now. 

  1. Soax – 🏆 Winner!
  2. AirProxy
  3. Proxy-Cheap

1. Soax


Soax is highly regarded as one of the fastest proxy providers for mobile proxies. With over 3.5 million mobile IPs, it is one of the world’s largest mobile proxy providers.

Soax has a massive mobile proxy network with proxies from all around the world. Its mobile proxy pool is continuously monitored and updated, resulting in one of the cleanest proxy pools in the world.

Bad IPs are deleted from the proxy pool whenever they are discovered.

As per the tests conducted, Soax mobile proxies displayed a speed range of 1.98 to 7.87 Mbps and a ping range of 200 to 298 milliseconds.

Another element that contributes to Soax’s popularity is its flexible payment plans. Users can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly proxy subscriptions.

The daily and weekly plans are more expensive than the monthly ones. In addition, when compared to other proxy providers, Soax’s monthly rates are regarded as costly.

Its most basic package starts from $70 for 2GB.

2. AirProxy


AirProxy is a popular 4G mobile proxy for social media automation. This service focuses on preventing follow and like bans.

However, it comes with a slew of additional features. The provider’s gateway server is made of dedicated fiber rather than a VPS, and every user has their own SIM card.

Furthermore, each SIM card has its own modem that connects to the internet, resulting in extremely fast mobile proxies.

Tests revealed that AirProxy has a speed range of 0.98 to 3.43 Mbps and a ping range of 179 to 367 milliseconds.

According to the provider, the majority of the IPs are registered with Vodafone, although consumers can request a different carrier at any moment.

AirProxy appears to be most suited for social networking sites like Instagram, based on some of the key features stated on its official site.

Users can update their IP address at any time, and once you subscribe to the service, you can expect immediate delivery.

However, there is just one package to select from and the cost is rather steep. The monthly plan costs €90 and it only includes access to one dedicated proxy server.

3. Proxy-Cheap


Proxy-Cheap strikes an excellent mix between quality and price. The provider has been one of the most sought-after operators of mobile proxy systems in recent times, thanks to its affordable rates. However, Proxy-Cheap only works with EU and US-based proxies. 

With all mobile proxy packages, the company provides immediate setup, unmetered bandwidth, and dedicated ports.

According to our tests, Proxy-Cheap has a speed range of 1.21 to 4.32 Mbps and a ping range of 298 to 387 milliseconds.

All of the IPs are from the well-known US and European mobile providers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and AT&T.

The service is created keeping social media automation in mind and it operates seamlessly across all networks and platforms.

Moreover, the company lives up to its name by offering low-cost solutions. There are three options to select from, including US mobile for €50 per month, EU mobile for €65 per month, and enterprise for €500 per month.

Fastest Web Proxy Server (Free)

This section of the blog is merely a placeholder. There are several free proxy server services on the internet, each of which offers a variety of locations from which to pick.

All they need is the URL of the website you wish to access, and they’ll do the rest. It sounds too good to be true and in many cases, it is!

Free proxies available on the internet are generally quite slow owing to a lack of funding as well as the large number of individuals that use them.

With all of the issues that free proxies may cause, the service they give falls short of the dangers. Free proxies are not only slow but they are often unsafe too. 

When you access a free proxy website, you trust that the operators created it out of goodwill and won’t use it as a honey trap to gather essential data.

There’s no way of knowing what the server owners placed on their hardware to keep track of you, therefore it’s never worth the risk!

So, if you don’t want a poor internet connection and your sensitive data to be stolen, go for any of the recommendations above!


What is Proxy Speed?

Proxy speed refers to how quickly a proxy replies to your queries and receives responses on your behalf. The speed is assessed in milliseconds and reveals a great deal about a proxy’s speed.

The lesser the value, the higher the speed. The speed of your proxies is determined by several factors, like the subnet, your location, the speed of your wifi, the site, and so on.

How Do I Test My Proxy Speed?

If you are serious about proxy testing, you can develop your own algorithm. You will have far more control over whatever factors you wish to analyze if you have one.

However, even if you can create your own tests to evaluate the proxy speed, it will end up being too much work. And unless you are an expert developer, you may not obtain the actual speed.

Alternatively, we recommend that you utilize a professional Internet speed testing platform.

In order to obtain better results, we recommend that you first measure your Internet speed without a proxy and then with one.

This will allow you to have a baseline that you can refer to. Speedtestby Ookla and are two tools we suggest for speed testing.

Can a Proxy Make Your Internet Faster?

Yes, a proxy can improve the speed of your Internet connection; however you will not observe a significant improvement. You may rest certain that proxy servers will not cause your system to slow down.

This is because the proxy retrieves the websites you visit via its server, so your computer’s performance isn’t harmed when you visit a website that needs a lot of bandwidth since you’re not using your server to browse the web.

Why are My Proxies So Slow?

A variety of issues might cause your proxy service to slow down. However, the major cause is that proxy servers get an excessive number of requests at once, overloading the server and slowing the performance.

This is especially prevalent with public proxy servers that are available for free. Another contributing reason can be the use of low-cost infrastructures.

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