2021 BuzzVoice Review: Are They Legit?

BuzzVoice Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

BuzzVoice Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024


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BuzzVoice Review 2024

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most prominent social networks for businesses, brands, creators, and more.

It provides a unique opportunity for connecting with more potential clients and supporters and can add a huge level of credibility to your endeavor. 

BuzzVoice knows this and wants to appeal to the need of users for followers and other engagements. There is no shortage of companies out there that claim to be able to offer you the best Instagram growth, but can they really offer something valuable? 

If you’re looking to use a third party to help you in this area, you’re probably wondering the same thing.

It can be very difficult to find a reputable company that can actually deliver Instagram growth, so doing your research is absolutely vital. 

Because Instagram has such strict terms of use and a lot of concern for the integrity of their platform, not many companies can successfully deliver all of the incredible growth that they promise. 

Is BuzzVoice the exception, or the rule? 

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Our main goal in this post is to help you understand all of BuzzVoice’s packages and pricing, helping you to make the best choice for your Instagram account.

If you choose the wrong company to help you with your Instagram growth, you can suffer some terrible consequences. 

Not only can your Instagram be put at risk, but your reputation can take a dive as well. We’re going to discuss BuzzVoice in great detail to determine whether or not they will truly offer you something valuable in terms of Instagram growth. 

Let’s get started! 

Why You Need Real Instagram Followers 

Instagram followers are known to be one of the most valuable metrics for people looking to increase their presence and authority on the platform, and for good reason.

Having a high follower count can help you to generate more interest in your brand as well as get more engagement. 

That can only happen if you get real followers, of course. The problem with many looking to grow their account with a third party is that they want to believe the promises that are made to them, when in fact they don’t get anything that can really help them. 

If you don’t have real followers, you won’t be able to see any increase in your likes, comments, saves, or shares, which is vital to your success. The more engagement you have, the more reach your content will get. 

Fake followers also hurt your reputation. It’s not hard to spot fake followers; if you have a huge follower count and hardly any likes or comments, it’s clear that there’s something fishy going on.

If you’re looking to gain brand partnerships, you have basically sealed your own fate. 

Along the same lines, if you want to have more sales or potential customers, you won’t be seeing any of that either if you have fake followers. 

All in all, your investment is wasted if you don’t end up with real Instagram followers. This is true of any other social media platform as well.

Can BuzzVoice deliver, or are you simply buying into false promises? Let’s examine their services more closely. 

What is BuzzVoice? 

Buzzvoice social media buzzing

BuzzVoice is a social media growth service that claims to be able to help you buy Instagram followers and likes.

They claim that their services “get your social media buzzing in less than an hour,” and show you some of their best-selling services. 

They offer services that are for multiple networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and TikTok as well. 

We will focus mainly on Instagram in this review so that there is one easy comparison point, but all of the services that BuzzVoice sells fall in line with the same trends as their Instagram services. 

The biggest problem with BuzzVoice at first glance is their claim that they can get you these packages in minutes and starting at as low as $0.97.

If this is true, they’re going to be putting your account at risk of being flagged and also simply providing you with fake or bot followers that won’t help you at all. 

If they don’t deliver them in minutes, the problem is that they’ve made false claims to try and make their services more attractive, which is deceptive and unfair.

Even if they aren’t delivered in minutes, there seems to be a discrepancy in the quality of the services as well. 

Getting Started with BuzzVoice 

BuzzVoice has a simple startup process: 

  1. Visit the BuzzVoice website
  2. Choose the type of service and the package you want to buy 
  3. Complete checkout and wait for delivery 

BuzzVoice seems like they put some effort into their website, but at the end of the day it’s clear when you review a variety of different areas that they’re not providing you with services that are meant to stick around and help you in the long term. 

We’ll examine the different pricing and packages to demonstrate that, as well as a few other areas that are important for review before you decide to buy from BuzzVoice. 

BuzzVoice Pricing 

BuzzVoice offers different packages for Instagram, including followers and others.

We’ll share the pricing for their most popular Instagram package, Instagram followers, as well as one popular service for YouTube and Facebook just so you can get an idea of the different pricing ranges. 

Instagram Followers 

BuzzVoice Instagram Followers 

It’s absolutely impossible for a company to offer you real Instagram followers at this price.

If you were able to get 5,000 Instagram followers for under $100, why wouldn’t everyone be raving about this service? That’s definitely a huge red flag. 

They don’t mention anything about their follower quality in detail; they simply mention that they are “high-quality” and that you don’t have to follow anyone else. So, what does high-quality mean? 

That question is as good as any. None of these are real; the likely difference is that the “high-quality” followers don’t look like real followers at all, and the “premium” followers are a bit more convincing. In any case, it’s clear that nothing you’ll get from BuzzVoice is real. 

YouTube Views 

BuzzVoice YouTube Views
  • 1000 YouTube Views: $8.97
  • 5000 YouTube Views: $39.97
  • 10000 YouTube Views: $69.97
  • 20000 YouTube Views: $129.97
  • 50000 YouTube Views: $309.97
  • 100000 YouTube Views: $599.97
  • 250000 YouTube Views: $1449.97
  • 500000 YouTube Views: $2797.97

If you’ve noticed, the YouTube views prices are exponentially higher than the Instagram follower packages.

Why would this be? They claim the views are high-retention views, but they also provide no details about how they provide these views, where they come from, and when you’ll receive them. 

They simply say that “delivery will start within 12 hours.” This is very vague and if you’re spending thousands on YouTube views for one video, you deserve more information about how BuzzVoice is going to do that. 

Facebook Fanpage Likes

  • 100 Facebook page fans: $7.97
  • 250 Facebook page fans: $12.97
  • 500 Facebook page fans: $17.97
  • 1000 Facebook page fans: $29.97
  • 2500 Facebook page fans: $59.97
  • 5000 Facebook page fans: $109.97
  • 10000 Facebook page fans: $199.97
  • 25000 Facebook page fans: $479.97
  • 50000 Facebook page fans: $879.97

Again, nothing from BuzzVoice about quality, and high prices for something you’re not even sure about.  

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

We have also performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of these tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

Do We Recommend BuzzVoice for Instagram Growth? 

Based on the BuzzVoice service offerings and the quality that you can expect from them, we do not recommend using them for Instagram growth, nor for any other type of social media growth.

They claim that you’ll get instant, real services and that simply cannot be gained when you buy from BuzzVoice. 

They have inconsistent descriptions of their services scattered throughout their website and we’ll examine some of the reasons why they’re not a viable option for social media growth. 

Trustpilot Reviews 

BuzzVoice has overwhelmingly negative reviews. They only have 9 reviews total, and all of the negative reviews show that their services are a complete scam, that they don’t work at all, and that they don’t even provide what they offer. 

What’s more, users claim that BuzzVoice has the intention of simply ripping people off. They also never respond to messages, which is a big problem when you work with a social media growth company. 

On the BuzzVoice website, they have glowing reviews, which is completely opposite of what you can find out there on the web. 

BuzzVoice Trustpilot

Loss of Followers and Engagements 

When you buy from BuzzVoice, they fully expect you to lose followers and engagements.

They mention nothing about the follower quality in their general FAQ, which means they completely avoid the quality of followers and engagements and don’t disclose their methods. 

They have a FAQ for Twitter and Facebook on the FAQ page, and they do mention something about the quality you’ll receive. 

They mention in the Twitter FAQ that “your new followers are high quality users with profile photos, tweets, bio descriptions and more, many of them are inactive, so you should not expect to see increased engagement from this service alone.

There is a chance that a part of these followers would drop, but we do offer a limited time free of charge replacement guarantee.” 

This just goes to show that they get these types of questions a lot and they definitely know that the followers and engagements you buy are not going to help your account at all.

They then, in passing, make the claim that they’ll help you by providing you a refill policy? Nowhere else on their service pages do they mention this. Not for Instagram, not for Facebook, none of them. 

At the end of the day, you’re going to lose all of the followers and engagements you get from BuzzVoice because they’re fake, and BuzzVoice knows it. 

BuzzVoice Review Conclusion: A Waste of Time 

At the end of the day, BuzzVoice doesn’t have anything to offer that will help you to have a more successful Instagram account.

Your reputation is likely to decrease due to the fake and bot followers, you could be flagged by Instagram, and you’ll lose the followers due to the fact that Instagram removes spam accounts. 

This also happens on other social platforms, so no matter which one you buy for, BuzzVoice will put your account at risk. 

The only thing you’ll get from working with BuzzVoice is a headache, so it’s better to avoid their services altogether. 

BuzzVoice Alternatives 

If you don’t feel good about the BuzzVoice offerings, there are a few Instagram growth services available that do, in fact, provide you with better results.

These services aren’t companies that simply offer Instagram follower packages for purchase, which makes them more effective.

These organic Instagram growth companies offer something that BuzzVoice cannot— real Instagram followers through natural engagement techniques.

In our final section we’ll explain a bit about each service and what you can expect. 



Growthoid is known as the most effective Instagram growth service on the market.

With expert growth managers to create an Instagram campaign for you based on your specific targeting filters, you’ll be reaching users in your target audience to build your follower count and engagement rate. 

This means your profile will be seen by the people who count; you’ll have more real Instagram followers that can help you build a strong reputation and authority in your niche.

Growthoid works with the most sophisticated interaction techniques to make sure you don’t have to worry about fake followers like you would with BuzzVoice. 

Check out Growthoid today if you’re serious about growing your Instagram and don’t want to mess around with spam and bots. 



Growthsilo is another Instagram growth service that allows you to build your real Instagram follower count through interactions and engagements.

This is the most effective way to see real results on Instagram, and Growthsilo has worked with thousands of happy clients in many different niches. 

Using advanced targeting filters, Growthsilo will be able to get your account in front of your target audience and increase your authentic followers.

These followers care about your content and follow on their own free will, meaning they’ll be likely to engage with your account. 


Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

If you need real Instagram followers that aren’t going to hurt your reputation or put your account at risk, Nitreo is another great option.

You can delegate your Instagram growth to Nitreo and through their engagement strategies, they’ll be able to get the attention of your target audience while you focus on the most important tasks for your Instagram content and business. 

Nitreo has affordable pricing and flexible plans, so if you want real Instagram growth, check them out today. 

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant isn’t the typical Instagram growth service, but they can help you to get your Instagram content out to more targeted users through the use of hashtags.

This is great because you’ll be developing your own long-term strategy for Instagram growth through Task Ant. 

BuzzVoice simply sends you fake followers, but Task Ant will tell you all about the best hashtags for your niche and industry; you can even see usage stats and filter your hashtag searches for best results. 

Once you identify the best hashtags for your account, you can categorize these tags into sets so that you can post the tags easily into your captions.

You can also adjust them and search for the most relevant hashtags whenever you want to change up your strategy. Hashtags can be used on Instagram as well as other social media networks. 

If you want a viable Instagram strategy through hashtags, Task Ant is the best generator out there. It can even be used in conjunction with any of the above BuzzVoice alternatives to double or even triple your Instagram growth. 

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