Boost Your Spotify Plays with These Strategies

How to Boost Spotify Plays in 2024 (5 Top Strategies)

Published on: July 28, 2022
Last Updated: July 28, 2022

How to Boost Spotify Plays in 2024 (5 Top Strategies)

Published on: July 28, 2022
Last Updated: July 28, 2022

Do you want to know how to boost Spotify Plays?

Here are some top strategies you should be aware of.

The Internet has totally transformed how we listen to music.

Today, there are major streaming platforms online that have hundreds of millions of users a month, with Spotify being at the top of the list.

What you might find quite interesting is that the average user listens to over 40 unique artists every week.

This is all the more reason for you to know how to boost Spotify plays.

However, it can be quite challenging to stand out against the crowd and connect with your target audience.

In saying this, it’s not impossible, you just need to know what you are doing, and be prepared to put the work in.

How to Boost Spotify Plays in 2024

Here are a five key strategies you can use to boost Spotify plays:

1. Use Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists

One of the first things that we recommend you do is sign up for Spotify for Artists.

This app is going to give you a better insight into your target audience, and how you can get verified as a Spotify artist really quickly.

Within an app like this, you can discover the demographics of your listeners, including who they are, where they are located, how they found your music, and what other artists they listen to.

With this kind of information, you can plan ahead when it comes to your marketing strategy to match your target audience’s needs.

When you sign up for Spotify for Artists, your account will get a verified checkmark, which is going to help you get selected through a random series of algorithms to allow you access to advanced features.

As a verified artist, your fans will feel confident that they are interacting with the primary artists of that music.

This is going to encourage them to spend more time engaging with you.

2. Work on Playlist Curation

Did you know that the majority of the time, Spotify users come across a song that they found within a playlist?

These days, people choose playlists on Spotify based on things like their mood, the occasion, or their interests, and there’s no reason why you can’t use this information to your advantage.

We think it’s worth spending a bit of time curating the perfect playlist for your listeners to use on your artist account.

This can include songs from your albums of course, but it can also include content made by other artists that you enjoy as well.

The important point here is that you bring attention to the particular genre of music that you create within.

You also need to remember that coming up with a great playlist is going to take a bit of time, so don’t rush it.

You might even want to create a playlist around a certain event, as these types of playlists are hugely popular.

Also, don’t forget to track the playlist data through your Spotify for Artists app.

This means that when you go back to create the next playlist, you will already have a much better idea of what your target audience wants to hear.

3. Use Editorial Playlists to Boost Spotify Plays

Spotify Playlists

You probably didn’t realize that Spotify has a team of people whose job is to work specifically on curating playlists, which you can submit your music to.

The only catch here is that you can only submit one song for an upcoming playlist at a time, and of course there is no guarantee that they will pick your song.

However, Spotify does offer their users some good advice when it comes to submitting a song.

The first thing you need to remember is to fill in as much information as you can about the song.

The second thing is to submit at least seven days before the release of the playlist, and then lastly, you need to be listed as the main artist on the release.

Spotify’s team also comes up with playlists based on music that has already been released, but we think the best way to get noticed is to get your fans to follow you, play your tracks regularly through Spotify, and get your tracks featured on different playlists.

4. Use Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is a marketing platform that helps you create audio ads that can be up to 30 seconds long.

These ads will come up between songs and they include clickable images that will link back to any URL that you connect it with.

By using insights for your target audience, you can aim for potential listeners when they are in the mood to discover new music.

This means that there is a much better chance that someone is going to click on your track, which is going to boost your Spotify plays.

Another thing that we love about the Spotify Ad Studio is that it comes with great data and analytics so that you can optimize your future campaigns.

5. Promoting Outside of Spotify

Spotify Promotion

Promoting outside of Spotify is just as essential as promoting within Spotify.

Of course, you’ve got to start with the basics, such as embedding your Spotify playlist on your website or blog.

Whenever you come up with a new playlist, make sure that you’ve updated it over on your other platforms as well.

We also recommend that you share your new playlist on your social media channels, and a newsletter.

You can also make the most of hashtags on platforms like Twitter, to gain a larger exposure for your tracks.

Feel free to mention and tag artists that are featured in your playlist, as you never know who you will network with and who will be willing to share your songs with their fans.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different ways to optimize your Spotify plays, so that you can have more eyes on your songs.

Again, each way is going to produce different results, but they can all come together to help you gain more exposure and grow your Spotify playlists to be some of the most popular ones there are.

Don’t forget that consistency is key and keeping your target audience entertained is going to result in a sustainable, long-term community.

Our methods on how to boost Spotify plays are sure to help you in your endeavour.

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