16 Best Spotify Promotion Services (Real & Legit) in 2021

15+ BEST Spotify Promotion Services (Organic Playlists) in 2024

Published on: February 28, 2024
Last Updated: February 28, 2024

15+ BEST Spotify Promotion Services (Organic Playlists) in 2024

Published on: February 28, 2024
Last Updated: February 28, 2024

In a hurry?
The best Spotify promotion service in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Daimoon Media!

Your time is valuable, so spending it engaging on Spotify to gain a following is challenging. Not only is it time-consuming, it is also a slow process when you are trying to build your Spotify presence from the bottom up. 

However, you should not expect immediate results. It is still going to take a little time. So have patience and perseverance with yourself and your growth.

It is wise to use the following list of real Spotify promotion services along with your own engagement and marketing endeavors.

Best Organic Spotify Promotion Services

  1. Daimoon Media – 🏆 Winner!
  2. SoundCampaign
  3. Indie Music Academy
  4. YouGrow Promo
  5. Omari MC
  6. Media Mister
  7. GetAFollower
  8. Buy Real Media

1. Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media - top Spotify promotion service

Daimoon Media is a top Spotify promotion service because they have been in the industry for a long time, and they have a really good grip on what their clients need.

They have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to their services so you can make the most of the Spotify algorithm and get on new playlists to grow your fanbase.

👉 Get Spotify Promo

They know that one of your biggest goals is to be able to increase your popularity on Spotify, and they think that they have the know-how and the features for you to make this come true.

Daimoon Media have a really good reputation among their existing clients, and they have good customer support so that you know that you will be able to get in touch with them even if you think that you have an issue in the middle of the night.

It always helps to work with companies who have been around the block, because you know that they will know exactly how to work your profile so that it does really well.

2. SoundCampaign


SoundCampaign is a Spotify promotion platform that partners with popular Spotify curators to get the song of talented music artists on Spotify playlists.

SoundCampaign has been in business for over 4 years and have gotten their artists’ music on some of the most popular playlists on Spotify.

The platform is simple to use – just create an account, upload your music, and select which genres you want to target.

👉 Get Promoted by SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign will do the rest, submitting your music to curators and following up to make sure your songs are getting into a playlist consideration process by the curators.

With over two million Spotify users worldwide, SoundCampaign can help you reach a wide audience of new listeners.

SoundCampaign uses its matching algorithm to match your music to Spotify curators based on genre, style, and other factors.

SoundCampaign is also one of the only Spotify promotion companies that offer a money-back guarantee if the curators don’t review your song.

The platform pricing depends on the genres and available playlists. An average campaign costs $150.

3. Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy

The next Spotify playlist promotion service on our list has a reputation for helping its clients, but in a way that is unique, which you probably aren’t going to be able to find anywhere else.

We say this because Indie Music Academy love the idea of helping their clients on a deeper level than just sending them engagement, and they do this by helping you learn all about promoting your music on Spotify, and on other major music streaming platforms out there.

👉 Get Spotify Exposure

They say that they are really good for helping you learn real-world marketing principles, which means that they aren’t just going to send you shortcuts and hope for the best.

You can join Indie Music Academy for free today, and you can make the most of free access to a training portal where you’re going to be able to access their advanced features and learn all about marketing your music on Spotify.

There are lots of people out there in the music industry that just want to take shortcuts, and even want to pay somebody to promote their music for you, but what’s better than learning the ropes yourself, and learning how to advance your music yourself?

4. YouGrow Promo

YouGrowPromo - Real Spotify Promotion Service

YouGrow Promo is a legit Spotify promotion service that actually wants you to get noticed.

The thing about working in this industry is that there are a lot of companies out there that just want to throw their engagement at you and be done with it, but these guys say that they want to help you take your music to the next level.

They say that with them you can start your Spotify promotion today and can dominate playlists without bots so you are never going to run out of people to listen to your music on Spotify.

👉 Grow Your Fanbase

We love that YouGrow Promo is the ideal Spotify promotion service for someone who might be struggling to get noticed, and needs someone to come along and take care of everything.

In fact, they say that they are on a mission to help all of their clients get noticed, and the best part is that everything they do for you is completely safe and organic.

When you have organic engagement, you know that you are going to be able to do better than everyone else out there.

5. Omari MC

Omari MC

Omari MC takes the no-nonsense approach to organic Spotify promotion packages.

This company also caters to other platforms such as Apple Music, Instagram, and YouTube, so they do have some experience in the social media music promotion industry.

This company focuses on providing you with the ultimate playlist placement that will provide your track, or tracks, a higher level of organic exposure.

👉 Get Omari MC

If you are seeking to get a new single placed across numerous playlists that get you tens of thousands of followers, Omari could be just what you need.

Omari MC has a huge, 40 million + follower base, is top-ranked on Google, trusted by almost 12,000 artists, and is ideal for artists just getting started as well as globally well-known artists. There is a package for virtually every budget.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister Spotify Plays

Media Mister is easily one of the most straightforward Spotify promotion services in the industry because they make their website super user-friendly.

👉 Get Spotify Plays

👉 Get Spotify Followers

👉 Get Spotify Listeners

One of the first things that you will see is a banner at the top of the homepage where you can scroll through various features, meaning that they can help you not only with Spotify, but with LinkedIn and YouTube.

They have a business mantra – ‘every network, every business’ and they mean what they say. Their social media enhancement is going to take care of every aspect of your Spotify seamlessly.

7. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Spotify Plays

GetAFollower might not look like your typical promotion service, but trust us when we say that they are more than capable of helping their clients get ahead with their playlists, and making sure that your voice if heard.

You might see when you visit their website for the first time that they can help you with Facebook and SoundCloud as well, but trust us when we say that they are one of the best for your Spotify.

We actually really like that they can help you with it all, because it means that they can switch things up for you on a regular basis and you don’t have to worry about becoming stagnant with your music.

With a promotion service like this for Spotify, you can feel confident that you are going to get your results really fast, and you are also going to get some of the best prices in the industry.

You are also going to get some of the best results that you can, and when you go to pay for your features, you can feel confident that it’s all secure.

8. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Spotify Plays

Buy Real Media is another promotion service that might not look like your typical, but when you delve into what they offer a little bit more, you will discover that they have everything that you need to do well, and more.

They know that you want to be able to boost your authority on your social media websites in general, and they aren’t about to muck you around with this.

They claim to be a one-stop-shop for all of your engagement needs, including that Spotify account. We appreciate that they are so diverse because it takes diversity to well in the social media growth industry these days.

If you are feeling a little bit confused or overwhelmed in the beginning, you can talk to them directly through their chatbox, and they make it super easy for you to pick out the best features for your Spotify music.

They have more the seven years of experience in the social media marketing industry, and they think that considering they have so many existing satisfied clients, they would be a really good option if you care about your reputation and only want to see it do even better in the future.

9. UseViral

UseViral  Spotify Promotion Service

The package options from UseViral for Spotify promotions include monthly listeners, artist followers, playlist followers, and Spotify plays.

This company offers a wide array of packages to provide you with the best value for your investment in followers and listeners.

Not only can you choose from one of their packages, you can also consult with them if you need a larger order or to find a customized plan for your needs. 

Once you choose the package you need for your Spotify, simply enter the required details.

You will not be giving up any secure or sensitive information like your password to obtain delivery of your Spotify listeners or followers. Just give them your Spotify page link and your email to get started on your order.

After you complete this process, your campaign should start within 24-48 hours, though you may start seeing results within a few hours.

UseViral is considered a safe, cost-effective, and reliable method of enhancing your exposure on the Spotify platform. 

UseViral has been in the social media industry for more than three years and they offer a 100 percent guarantee on your marketing services.

Their support team is superb and the services are consistently updated and improved.

The subscribers you get from UseViral look natural so that no one will know you bought them. They are also delivered naturally.

This engagement encourages real and active Spotify subscribers with full profiles, likes, posts, and comments. 

10. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Spotify

SidesMedia wants to help you get more exposure for your brand and to build your audience via real social services like Spotify.

How does this company work? 

You choose your platform for engagement, buy the engagement type you need, and watch your numbers grow on your chosen platform.

In the case of Spotify, you will choose from monthly listeners, artist followers, playlist followers, or song plays. Packages for engagement are based on how many followers, listeners, or plays you need.

With your package you also get 24/7 customer support, fast 1- to 2-day delivery, and high-quality and active users. They only send you real followers in a risk-free, harm-free method, according to the website. 

With SideMedia’s help you may see more than 10 times the engagement, growth, and retention in comparison to manually and organically growing your account. 

11. SocialViral

SocialViral Spotify Followers

The thing about promotion services is that the best ones can help you with it all.

They can naturally assist you with Spotify, but they also have the features to help you with Instagram and TikTok at the same time.

SocialViral is one of these promotion services. We love that they not only offer their clients real engagement but they offer them exclusive engagement, too.

If you are the kind of client that believes that time is money, you don’t have to stress with these guys because they can offer results that are immediate.

What’s more is that you won’t pay through the roof, because everything they have on their feature list is affordable.

12. Stormlikes

Stormlikes Spotify Followers

Stormlikes knows a thing or two about Spotify, being a Spotify promo service.

They talk about how they can help you not only with Spotify, but with Instagram at the same time, and we love that they have a bit of information on their website disclosing everything that they aren’t at the same time.

They say that they stay well away from features that include ghost accounts and bots, making the entire process easy for their clients – and safe.

If you need to know more about them before you commit, go down to their FAQ section on the homepage.

13. Followersup

Followersup Spotify Followers

Followersup works in the same way as Media Mister, so you might even want to try of them both together.

They believe in offering their clients the highest quality Spotify promotion service, and based on the fact that they can help you with other social media networks, we think that they are a solid choice.

They have even added a new payment method recently for your convenience. Their orders are organised and delivered quickly, and their customer support is some of the best there is.

14. Indiefy 

Once you have released your music for publishing, it is important to get exposure. On Spotify that means you need more followers, listeners, and plays.

Indiefy helps put your music in the spotlight. Their playlisting team knows how to create interest in your music and are always using creative new ways to do just that.

By having consistent and constant activity on your account, Spotify’s algorithm is activated. This can result in adding you to Weekly Discovery and your music may even become a recommendation to users who are interested in your genre. 

The three main types of packages from Indiefy include the Spotify Growth Campaign, the Superstar Campaign, the Playlist Master, and the Playlist Basic.

The goal of these campaigns is to help you get on Spotify’s internal playlists like “Release Radar”, “Radio”, “On Repeat”, “Discovery Weekly”, and/or “Your Daily Mix”.

15. Artist Push

If you have been going through organic Spotify promotion service reviews lately, you are not likely to find Artist Push featured.

That does not mean they are not reliable, known, or untrustworthy. They do have some onsite reviews from users that give you an idea of the services provided by Artist Push.

The array of services offered by Artist Push are impressive. They range from $3 for 100 followers up to just under $2,000 for one million plays.

Their description of their services appears to promote a holistic approach to boosting your Spotify presence. 

As with any Spotify marketing service, it is recommended to start small and experience their ability to deliver and their effectiveness before you go all-in with their services. That said, Artist Push appears to be a valid solution for Spotify promotion. 

16. Daily Playlists

If you are looking for something that is easy to use for promoting your Spotify presence, Daily Playlists may be your service. This company’s process is to add your song link, choose playlists, and then follow to submit. 

The top features of this service are its speed, direct access to connect with playlisters, it’s free, you can reach out to new audiences, you can run fan contests, and it’s just perfect for Spotify artists or playlisters. 

Using this company may result in boosting your presence, getting more plays, gaining more followers, and expanding your overall presence. 

17. SpotiPromo

SpotiPromo is a widely-known and popular organic music promotion service for Spotify. This service concentrates on song followers, monthly listeners, song plays, and song saves.

Unlike some of the other services, there is a smaller maximum for engagement therefore your growth will be natural-looking and more incremental than suddenly substantial.

Geo-targeting is one of the popular features offered by this service. Other unique perks include unlimited song and playlist promotion, easy cancellation, delayed followers and plays, and a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. 

Add all this up with the great reviews and positive customer experiences, and you will see that this is a solid company for building your Spotify. 

18. Burstimo

Burstimo gets rave reviews from its customers carrying a Google Business Review of 4.9/5 stars.

They have a proven effective track record of results and professionalism that is obvious from the first transaction.

The team at Burstimo navigates the Artists for Spotify process of submission and works closely with taste-makers and playlist curators to help you with the ideal placement of your tracks.

This results in more audiences enjoying your music.

Three of the positive words used by reviewers are creative, valuable, and transparent. It is helpful to check out the reviews on this website to get an idea of just how much their customers appreciate them.

You will see a lot of high praise.

As far as pricing, they are one of the more expensive of these services, but because they are known to deliver as promised, steering clear of bots and empty metrics, this service is well worth the cost. 

19. Spotify Jedi

Try not to be put off by the  Spotify Jedi website with all the memes and busy background. The truth is that this service offers superior services and has major clout in this industry.

Behind all that fun, gimmicky-looking stuff is a company serious about promoting your tracks on Spotify. This is obvious by all the positive customer reviews they have on their website. They know what they are doing and they do it well. 

Their goal is focused on playlist placement for Spotify promotion. This company has a team of marketing experts with years of experience across a wide array of industries.

They will give you leverage via their own connections that help your tracks get placed on the most prominent playlists. 

Before you get started, check out their list of connected playlists. You will likely recognize most of this very impressive and influential list. They offer monthly plans as well as affordable tiered pricing and a money-back guarantee. 

20. Soundplate

If you prefer to take the do-it-yourself path for Spotify promotion, Soundplate could be your ideal promotional company. Their services are also free unlike the others you will read about in this review. 

How does it work? You simply submit your tracks to playlists and then wait for the curators of said playlists to give you the thumbs up or down.

One thing you should know is that there is no guarantee that your tracks will be on the playlists where you submit them. However, they should land on a few high-traffic playlists. 

The disadvantages of using a free service like this one is that there is no support, consultation, or guidance for using this Spotify promotional service. But, if your goal is to boost your views and plays, this service is worth a try.

21. Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion is a service that promotes your music on the internet. They specialize in Spotify plays with no other promotional services.

You get all the information about their services and how it works before you check out on their checkout page.

There is a minimum number of monthly listeners required before you can buy their packages. For example, if you want 5,000 plays, there is no minimum number of monthly plays required.

However, as play counts grow, so does your requirement. Be sure to look at the required ratios before buying a package.

You will also find an anticipated rate of growth that relies on the number of plays you buy. You may also want to read their reviews as some of them claim that while their services are reliable, the process can be time-consuming.

22. Pitch Playlist

Pitch Playlist makes Spotify artist promotion easy and straightforward. They have many positive reviews and a small team that provides excellent service.

This company has a solid and substantial curator network. They feature case studies and testimonials on their website that show their impressive and proven results. 

You will not find their pricing on the website. Instead, you book a consultation with one of the experts on the Pitch Playlist team.

Discuss your needs, desires, and goals about what you want from Spotify promotion to build the foundation for your project. 

You will see several satisfied customers who share their positive experiences with this service. It is worth a look. 

23. Flowsty

Flowsty is the kind of Spotify promotion service that is built for musicians and artists out there, so you know that they know what you need no matter what.

They say that they are the best platform in the business to help artists focus on growth and discovery, and in the beginning when you are still small fry you can even benefit from their free plays.

This is going to give you an instant boost, and make sure that you can be seen by all of the right people.

They believe that all of their clients have music that deserves to be heard, and they believe that they have more than ten years of experience in the industry, and therefore have a really good idea of what you might be looking for and what you need.

The best part is that they can help you with global discovery, meaning that they can help you find people from all around the world that are going to want to see what you’ve got going on with your Spotify playlists.

This way, you can get new listeners from all around the world without any effort.

24. Promosound

Promosound is a great choice if you are looking for a real Spotify promotion service that doesn’t want to waste your time, and only wants the best for you and your Spotify music.

They say that they can help you because they are unique and original with what they offer, and we think that their pricing isn’t all that bad either.

They offer their clients a broad range of promotion options, meaning that you can get help not just with your Spotify, but with other music streaming platforms in the industry.

Each of their clients can choose from any number of likes, followers, plays, monthly listeners, and other factors that are going to help with their ability to grow their reputation and credibility.

We love that their robust pricing policy means that you will never have to pay more than is necessary to get your music in front of the right people, and their customer support is such that it is always there for you whenever you need it, no matter what.

You will never be left waiting for their customer support team to talk to you.

25. Artist Booster

Artist Booster is another promotion service that has it in the bag as far as being effective and efficient for its clients.

They say that they can help their customers boost their music and grow their audience, so that they can ultimately get real results that are going to count for a lot.

There are lots of Spotify music promotion services out there that don’t end up growing their client’s platforms like this, because they would rather send them fake engagement that isn’t going to add up to anything.

However, with a business like this, you can expect to receive some of the highest quality views, plays, likes, sales, tags and followers so that at the end of the day you can be improving the visibility of your playlists, and it’s not going to cost you all that much either.

If you have your music streaming over on YouTube at the same time, these guys can help you with it, so at the end of the day they are great for taking your music to another level, wherever that level sits for you. You can even refer this service to other people and receive a commission.

26. Streamsbyte

Streamsbyte is so much more than just an average organic promotion service – they are a 360-degree music streaming solution that is going to have your back no matter what.

They say that they can help you with those Spotify playlists, but they also say that they can help you with targeted streams, so that you can grow your music whether you are growing it on Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud – it’s completely up to you.

They have a tab that is labeled their ‘promotion method’ so that you can click through to learn all about what they offer and how it works.

We also love that they divide their features into categories which all depend on how much engagement you are looking for with them, and we also appreciate that they get the numbers game right.

This means that they look at Spotify and the algorithm and what you are allowed to do every day, and they set their features accordingly, so you never have to be concerned about getting in trouble.

If you have any issues at any point, you can talk to them directly through their chatbox that you will find on the homepage. We also think that their pricing is really good too.

27. Songlifty

If you want your Spotify promotion to be made really easy, then you might want to think about giving Songlifty a try.

These guys can help you increase your audience, and they also love the idea of being able to help you if you are someone who is new to the music business and needs a bit of a leg up.

The thing about the music industry is that it’s extremely competitive, which means that if you are brand new there is only so much that you can do on your own to get to where you need to go.

This is where brands like this come in – they know a lot about the industry already, and can help you skip the boring parts in the beginning where you aren’t going anywhere.

These guys have actually had more than 15 years of experience in the industry themselves, so they have a fair idea of how to help their clients and how to make sure that you are well taken care of.

They say that their goal is to make sure that you can really increase your exposure online with your music, and have the right people listening to it.

28. Playlist Promotion

The next organic service on our list claims to be one of the most well-known, and considering they have had a lot of experience in this industry, we’re inclined to believe them.

They want to help their clients get their music heard, and they want to make sure that you are doing what you love when it comes to your music. All you need to do is submit your Spotify song to them, and they can take care of the rest.

They have a lot of information on their website about who they are and how they help their clients, and they also say that they have been in the industry since 2015, so again have a really good idea of what you might be looking for when it comes to promoting your music on Spotify.

They are able to connect your music to more than 1000 playlist curators, who are going to make sure that you are making all the right moves.

They are passionate about helping their clients however, they can, and they are passionate about providing you with guaranteed placements on some of the best playlists out there in your niche. You can also talk to them on the phone too if there is an issue.

29. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert really is an expert as far as being a Spotify promotion service goes, and we love that they can help you grow your social presence in general, as far as you want it to go.

They say that they can boost not just your Spotify, but all of your social media sites, and they also say that they can help you get the exposure that you need without you having to do any of the heavy lifting on your end, which is always nice.

Like so many other brands that have gone before it, these guys have a chatbox which you can make the most of either in the beginning when you are just getting to know them, or a bit further down the track when you might need a little bit of help with the technical side of things.

No matter what their clients are looking for in terms of Spotify growth, they believe that they have the answers, and all you need to do to get on the other side of that is enter some basic information, which is never going to include your password.

Once you’ve done all this, you can really relax and know that they are going to be able to take care of everything.

30. Social Packages

Social Packages is similar to some of the other brands on this list because they don’t look like your typical promotion service, and in fact they talk more about Instagram on their homepage.

However, you’ve got to trust us when we say that they can help you with Spotify, and we think that the fact that they have been in the industry for so long doesn’t hurt either.

They say that their features come with a refill guarantee, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any of their engagement falling off again at any point, because you will get a replacement completely for free.

We also love that they say they get straight to delivering your engagement as soon as you have paid for it, and if there are any issues with the delivery you can get in touch with them through their chatbox, which is available whenever you need it.

Just like so many of the other brands that we trust on this list, Social Packages talk about how they don’t need your password to access your Spotify account and send you the right engagement, meaning that their approach is completely risk-free.

31. Fastlikes

Fastlikes is a great choice if you are someone who is wanting be able to grow your Spotify safely, but you want it to do really well at the same time.

You know that they can help you with Spotify, but you are going to see them talk about Instagram on their homepage. Don’t be put off by this – just know that they can help you with everything out there, which is always nice.

They say that they have a dashboard that you can access so that you can tweak their features to your personal preferences, and it can’t hurt that they have a chatbox like so many of the other businesses on this list, so that you can talk to them directly about any reservations or technical issues that you might have.

They say that this support runs 24/7, so you are never going to be waiting around to hear back from them.


Why Use a Promotion Service for Spotify?

We believe that one of the most compelling reasons to use a promotion service is to help you get a head start.

The thing about being able to be seen by the right people on Spotify is that it is going to take you quite a long time to get to where you want to be, because there is so much competition, and nobody is interested in listening to music from artists that don’t have a lot of monthly listeners right now.

How Long is Delivery Going to Take?

How long delivery takes is going to entirely depend on which Spotify promotion service you end up signing up with.

Some companies that we’ve talked about on this list are going to deliver their engagement within just a couple of hours, while others are going to take a couple of days. We think that anything between 24 and 48 hours is good.

Can I be Banned from Spotify for Using a Spotify Promotion Service?

As long as you are sticking to the rules and working with a company that is compliant with Spotify’s terms and conditions when it comes to using a third party, there’s no way that you can be banned by Spotify for using a Spotify promotion service like these guys.

However, there are others out there that will get you banned, so you got to watch out for them.

Final Thoughts

Every one of the aforementioned real and organic Spotify promotion services are worth your time and money, though it is important to make sure their objectives, features, and services are in line with your needs and budget. 

The best overall reviews for streamlined user experiences, and proven results are SoundCampaign, Daimoon Media, Media Mister, Omari MC, and YouGrow. As with any such music promotion service, which one you use is ultimately up to you.

No matter what, you should know that you need help with promotion on Spotify, so why not get your boost from the best Spotify playlist promotion services with real results.

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