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Blogging Statistics 2024: Revenue, Platforms & Readers

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

Blogging Statistics 2024: Revenue, Platforms & Readers

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

Blogging is still as popular and efficient as ever. When used alongside video content and social media marketing, blogging is an effective business model. Building your own blogging business is similar to building a brand. 

The elements of building a blogging business include things like defining your target audience, learning how to speak to that audience, and then creating content around that audience that will interest them. 

Anyone considering building a blogging business needs to understand that this process takes time. It won’t happen overnight no matter what some bloggers may imply. It requires time, effort, patience, and a passion for the subject.

What’s the big deal with using blogging as a business?

This business model helps to create passive income. The idea behind that is to create content once that continues to create a revenue stream. 

That doesn’t mean the work is done, but once you create a piece of content, you don’t need to create it again, though you may have to update it once in a while. 

Something that can help you properly and successfully build a blogging business is to know the most current blogging statistics available.

The following statistics about blogging will help you better understand the landscape and scope of this business model. 

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Key Blogging Statistics 2024

  • Blog posts with visual content receive 94% more views than blog articles without visual content.
  • 64% of blog views are through the Google Chrome browser.
  • Each month, WordPress hosts 70 million new blog posts that get at least 409 million monthly views. 
  • 68.52% of those surveyed say a blog adds credibility to a site.
  • About 50% of survey respondents said they contacted a maximum of ten possible sites to obtain guest posting opportunities per month. 
  • Regularly publishing from good blog writers plays a role in creating a blog’s credibility. 
  • Bloggers publish new blog posts once a week on average.
  • In 2020, 22% of bloggers worked for three hours on each published blog post. 
  • In 2019, marketers spent 78% more on marketing content than in 2018.
  • Bloggers in the US make an average of $51,120 annually.
Blog Traffic

Detailed Blogging Statistics 2024: Blog Traffic and Views 

1. Blog Posts with Visual Content Receive 94% More Views than Blog Articles without Visual Content.

People are visual. Therefore, they are more likely to engage with a blog that offers visual content. Images and videos add value to your blog posts, giving them higher readability and are better for sharing. 

Additionally, Google and other search engines prioritize blog content with videos and images. 

If you do some research about top blogs, you will find that the most successful blogs contain quality images and videos. This blogging statistic is huge for anyone considering building a blogging business. 

2. 64% of Blog Views Are Through the Google Chrome Browser.

Most people use the Chrome browser to access blog posts. When optimizing your posts, it’s advisable to double-check by previewing your posts before publishing them. 

You want to be sure that before your articles go live, they have the quality requirements compatible with the Google Chrome browser. That’s why you need to do a quality check.

3. Each Month, Word Press Hosts 70 Million New Blog Posts that Get at Least 409 Million Monthly Views. 

There’s no denying that WordPress is a major player in the blogging business. it’s a software platform with dynamic and powerful features that get results.

Due to the dynamic nature of WordPress, it powers over 455 million websites.  So, if you’re considering starting your blogging business, this blogging statistic should prompt you to use WordPress.

More than 409 views are nothing to ignore. With this many monthly blog post views, you will achieve a higher level of exposure over other platforms.

Building Your Blog Statistics 2024

4. 68.52% of Those Surveyed Say a Blog Adds Credibility to A Site.

Credibility goes hand-in-hand with authority in business blogging, according to business blogging statistics. The blogging statistic shows that websites with a blog are more credible, which also adds to the authority of the site.

This kind of credibility is crucial to blogs related to topics like finance, marketing, and others where even the minutest details can enforce or ruin the reputation of a website.

People are going to trust blog content that is accurate, worthy of their time, and reliable. 

5. Of Bloggers Who Outsource Their Content Marketing, 35% of Them Also Hie out For the Distribution of Their Content on The Web. 

Bloggers who outsource also do so for the entire content creation process. While this option is not for everyone, it comes with a lot of benefits. Outsourcing can be time-saving and efficient for your blogging business. 

There are those bloggers who work their blogging business full-time instead of outsourcing any portion of it. If you have the time to do that, you can.

However, if your blog is a side hustle, it’s more efficient to build your blog by outsourcing. 

You can also take advantage of distribution outsourcing to get your blog at the top of search engine results. 

6. About 50% of Survey Respondents Said They Contacted a Maximum of Ten Possible Sites to Obtain Guest Posting Opportunities per Month. 

Bloggers often reach out to professional writers each week for fresh content. Sometimes, that means they contact guests for posting content as many as ten times per week. Blogging statistics reveal that guest posting is an effective way to get traffic to a blog.

Collaborating at some level with other bloggers allows link creation between the two blogs. It’s a huge benefit for the blogging business today.

It’s important to note that guest posting opportunities come and go, so that’s why it’s wise to reach out to multiple bloggers. Honestly, there is no such thing as too much exposure to your blog.

7. 60% of The Above-Mentioned Bloggers Claim to Write Between One and Five Guest Posts a Month.

Bloggers not only reach out for guest posting, but 60% of those who do, publish an average of one to five blog posts each month.

You should make one to five posts your focus when starting your own blog. 

That said, be sure to stick to a routine schedule if you aren’t planning to engage in guest posting. That will help keep up your momentum, resulting in drawing more readers in time.

8. Regularly Publishing from Good Blog Writers Plays a Role in Creating a Blog’s Credibility. 

When you are serious about business blogging, statistics prove that you should engage in at least 15% regular publishing from good writers (12%) to enhance your credibility.

People will notice your commitment to your blog, which results in a good level of trust and proves you are not a fly-by-night blogger.

One of the primary goals of blogging is to obtain more traffic over some time. If you fail to add posts after building your blogging business with a decent reader base, it can impact your position online.

Good copywriters are essential to your blog. You should outsource to create a great team of writers for your blog. 

Something as essential as using the wrong language or tone can adversely affect readers’ interest, harm your blog’s reputation, and turn readers away.

9. Bloggers Publish New Blog Posts Once a Week on Average.

Publishing a blog post at least once per week offers a means of keeping your readers entertained and interested in your blog. 

A good balance of content regularly is the best way to keep your audience happy and engaged. You don’t want to post too many posts per week, or you may overwhelm your readers with too much content. 

As a result, they may lose interest in your content and your blog. That will affect your blogging business in multiple ways including losing your reputation and losing revenue. 

Consistently producing one high-quality blog post per week over several years will serve your blog well, keeping your readers engaged and interested over the long term.

10. In 2020, 22% of Bloggers Worked for Three Hours on Each Published Blog Post. 

The hours spent in 2022 on blog posts are up from the statistics from 2016, which was between one and two hours spent on blog post creation.

It’s wise not to rush pushing blog posts out before they are ready. Serious bloggers spend about three hours working on blog posts to make sure they are accurate and of high quality. 

It’s those high-quality posts that get attention and maintain readers over those with lesser quality content blogs. 

You will fall behind the competition if you don’t spend the time to ensure each blog post is quality content. Based on posting once per week at three hours per post, that’s such a small amount of time to spend on blog posting.

11. In 2019, Marketers Spent 78% More on Marketing Content than In 2018.

An increase in content marketing shows that businesses are more aware of the significance of having a blog. 

If making money from blogging is your goal, this is a great blogging statistic for you.

You will find multiple opportunities in niches and sub-niches that are trending and popular to take advantage of for a new blog. 

One important thing to know is that if money is your main or only motivator, you may not enjoy the benefits and revenue that you can when you have a passion for helping people with problems through your blog and a passion for the niche.

Stats On Blogging Platforms 2024

12. For The Last Eight Years, WordPress Has Been the Fastest-Growing Blogging Platform. 

Statistics affirms that WordPress is the fastest-growing blogging platform today for good reasons. 

First, it’s a powerful site-building with a potent content management system (CMS). It’s also flexible enough to create various types of websites, and it’s easy to use. These are the primary reasons this platform is so popular. 

Other things that make it so desirable include the fact that it’s free software that you can install to your web host and use for your domain name.

Many web hosts offer easy installation and access to this platform, making it a convenient option. 

13. Over 60% of All Word Press Websites Are Not Current. 

WordPress-driven websites are susceptible to out-of-date versions because this platform is open-source. Therefore, if you operate a WordPress website, you need to check on it regularly and update the plugins, site, and themes. 

WordPress is not the only blogging platform vulnerable to out-of-date issues. WordPress is less vulnerable than other CMS platforms like Drupal, at 81%, Joomla at 85%, and Magento at 97%.

14. Between 200,000 and 400,000 People Have a Paid Subscription to The Blogging Platform, Medium. 

Technically, Medium is a social publishing platform for open expression across topics. Anyone can contribute to this blogging platform. 

While anyone can post articles on Medium as long as they follow the writing guidelines as provided on the website.

This platform is free to use, or you can upgrade to a paid subscription. 

The number one topic of interest to Medium readers is programming and developer software, while the top stories of interest are in the category of ‘Life”.

15. Statistics Show that Tumblr Hosts Around 496 Blog Accounts as Of 2020, Which Is up From 463 Million from 2019.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that has risen to popularity and become one of the most used for sharing expressions online. 

Stats tell us that 69% of Tumblr’s users are Millennials, and most of the visitors are based in America. The average visit on Tumblr comes to about 10 minutes and 25 seconds. 

This microblogging platform is available in 18 languages and generates about $15.1 million in revenues annually. 

16. Wix Reportedly Had More than 120 Million Users and Over 4.2 Million Premium Users in 2019.

Wix is one of the most powerful site-building options online today. It doesn’t use CMS, which is what makes it unique from Weebly, WordPress, and Drupal. 

Not only does Wix have over 120 million users and 4.2 million premium subscription users, but it also powers more than 600,000 e-commerce stores, according to recent statistics. 

Additionally, more than 22 million mobile websites are using the Wix blogging platform. 

Statistics on Income-Generation from Blogging 2024

17. Bloggers in The US Make an Average of $51,120 Annually.

Once you factor in the initial costs of setting up a blog website, $51,120 per year is enough for most Americans to work from home.

Of course, it’s unusual for a blogger to reach this annual income in its first year, it has the potential to do so in the second year and years after. Remember, once you have it set up and consistently add content once per week, your blog can create a decent income. 

Imagine if you set up two or three blogs? Even after paying taxes, you are looking at a decent income. 

18. According to Bloggers Making More than $50,000 per Year, Quality Content Is the Most Crucial Element. 

Quality content is the most important factor for a money-making blog. If your blog isn’t worth reading, people aren’t going to come back. The first impression should be your best impression. 

Your first impression also leaves a lasting impression and sets the bar for future content. That means you need to generate consistent quality content as your readership expects. 

If you fail to create content of value and quality, you not only lose readers, but also your credibility and any revenue you may have wanted to generate.

19. Sponsored Ads: The Huffington Post Generated $14 Million in Revenue Each Month in 2020. 

Following The Huffington Post, Engadget makes $5.5 million in sponsored ad revenue. Furthermore, research shows that Moz made 4.2 million, and Mashable made $2 million per month. 

This kind of sponsored advertisement revenue is proof that blogs can make money but also shows just how influential these websites are. Likewise, it shows that they deliver quality content to their target audience. 

You should take the time to understand how many blogs and blog posts you can operate at the same time. This is how you can make sure to deliver quality, value, and interesting content to your readership.

Statistics on People’s Perceptions of Blogs 2024

20. 59% of Shoppers Claim They Do at Least Some Research on A Blog or Product Website Before Buying Online or At a Store.

Today’s consumers are smarter and more cautious about how, where, and why they spend their money. This is why you see an uptake in online research among today’s shoppers.

Statistics show that 59% of shoppers do their online research before making online or in-store purchases. This is because blogs are where most people go to do their research. Review blogs and company blogs often drive sales. 

Modern consumers desire information about new products by reading reviews and opinions on items. When links to these products are conveniently available on a blog, people like to make their purchases that way.

There is a lot of responsibility to the public when influencing consumer buying decisions. Be authentic and honest on your blog. 

21. 53% of Survey Respondents Say They Will Quit Browsing on A Website Where the Images Don’t Load. 

Likewise, 32% say they may switch the device they use and try browsing the site again.

Of the things that make a person leave a blog post, broken images or slow-loading photos impact traffic and revenue. 

Sometimes, things happen that make images load slowly or interrupt image loading. This is why you should regularly check your blog for slow loading time and for issues with large file images that may be broken or slow.  

22. The Biggest Impact on Customers’ Decisions for Buying a Product Comes from Online Content. 

62% of Millennials say that company websites or online content help them decide whether to buy a product or not. 

More than six of ten Millennials focus on a company’s culture and presentation via online content for making purchase decisions. 

Knowing this should help business owners and bloggers be genuine with their blog posts to reveal what they are all about over trying to be salespeople.

Focus on your product promotion by adding value to the blog content in a way that creates trust between you and your audience. 

It’s crucial to be straightforward and real about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This tells your readers they can trust you.

23. Most People Read Blogs from Their Mobile Devices. 

With the prevalence of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, more people are reading blog posts from their mobile devices. As a result, bloggers are generating shorter posts suited to mobile readers.

Short and succinct content in blogs helps promote quick messages that teach or show something of value to viewers. 

It’s important to deliver the appropriate amount and type of content according to your target audience, so don’t fixate on creating more short-form content if you think long-form is better for value.

Statistics on Successful Blog Posts 2024

24. 77% of Bloggers the Most Popular Kind of Blog Format Relates to “how-To” Posts. 

How-to posts are the most popular kind of blog content. Second to that is news and trends at 49% and e-books and guides are third at 47%.

How-to blog posts make for readable content and content easily understood by nearly all readers. These posts also teach something to others and often solve a problem. 

If you want to get new readers to your blog or grow your blog, the best way to do so is to get some how-to articles on your website. 

As far as content type is concerned, it’s also ideal for creating trending and new information that will draw new traffic to your site

By going with the trends and how-to content, you’re ensuring a constant flow of new readers that will convert into regular readers. From there, you can create solid relationships with your readers. 

Also, this content can create a solid base of loyal customers, resulting in steady revenue. 

Some ideas for your blog include roundups, infographics, and listicles. 

25. Long-Form Articles Get 77.2% Higher Numbers of Links than Shorter Blog Posts. 

While this is true, it’s worthy of mentioning that anything over 2000 words diminishes sharing on social networks. 

Word count has an impact on how successful your blog and the post will be, but also how it gets ranked in search engines

Statistically, short-form blog posts don’t offer the value of long-form blog posts. People are less likely to share short-form articles. So, balance in word count is key. 

Backlinks are vital to your success as they help you generate more traffic in organic searches. In this case, long-form blog posts provide the highest success rate.

Successful Blogging Tips

Blogging can provide you with a decent income. It may even replace your day job if that’s your goal.

Even part-time, a blog can produce a full-time income. It takes time and effort, but blogs deliver passive income over and over again.

Understand Internet Search Intentions

SEO (search engine optimization) ranking is imperative. It’s one of the most important things to understand before writing to your audience. Focus on writing for your target audience, and then to the search engines.

To do this, you need to focus on writing a quality blog post that people will want to read. This is more essential than focusing solely on keywords. That’s not to say keywords aren’t critical because they are, but your target audience comes first. 

Without interest, people aren’t going to read your articles, nor are they going to return. If they don’t find your writing interesting, they also won’t share it. Your search engine rankings will suffer from this.

Always do your research to gain an understanding of your target audience and what your readers what to read. You can then get better at finding topics of interest to answer questions or solve problems.

Researching Keywords

As mentioned, your readers come first and then your keywords.

That doesn’t mean you skimp on keyword research as it’s an essential part of getting readers to your blog. Driving organic traffic to your website requires creating search-engine-friendly content. 

Search-engine-friendly content helps your blog rank higher for specific keywords. As you build up your blog, long-tail keywords help you get better click-through rates over generic keywords. That’s because long-tail keywords have less competition and are easier to rank.

Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush help you find the right keywords for your content. The better you get at this, the stronger results you’ll get. 

Building Your Email List

Did you know that email marketing produces high returns for B2C and B2B marketers respectively? This is an important element to consider when building your blog. 

Once you have a list, you can use it to advance your marketing efforts through affiliate marketing and by recommending solutions or products to your readers. Make sure to keep it relevant to your blog content. 

Choosing a Blogging Platform

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform today. It offers a free, flexible, and easy platform with which to work. 

Besides, this platform has countless plugins that help make your website operate smoothly without losing functionality. 

There are other blogging platforms from which to choose, so do your homework before you choose one.

Average Blog Post Length 

Believe it or not, knowing the average length of a blog post is part of creating a successful blog.

While the average blog post length is often related to the topic, keep in mind that long-form content ranks better than short-form content. 

Effective Marketing Strategies

Having a solid content marketing strategy plays a major role in growing your blog. That’s why it’s vital to strive to stand out from the rest via your marketing efforts. 

When you create a good content marketing strategy, you will achieve the benefits of enhanced blog visibility and website traffic. 

Your Blog Niche

One of the things you need to be aware of is the news and trends within your blog industry and niche. 

It’s advisable to learn what’s happening in your niche while also keeping up with any pertinent events that impact your industry. 

If you’re blogging in a new industry for the first time, it’s crucial to understand what top bloggers are doing and find gaps where you can compete.

Video Content In Blogging

The statistics on visual content show that blogs with videos get higher traffic. They also are more able to maintain interest and retain visitors. 

Video content functions well with inbound marketing and digital marketing equally. If you’re spending the average three hours on writing content per week, surely you can find another two or three hours for video content as well. 

Consider a podcast as well to boost your blog to the next level. 

Backlinks and Blogging

You will get the most for your blog by building effective backlinks for your content. What this means is to get high-quality websites from which to backlink to your blog website. 

You will be boosting your visibility, authority, and ranking in search engines

First, you need to ensure you’re delivering a blog with a lot of informational content. Once you are gaining some traction, reach out to other blogs and pitch something to them as a guest blogger. 

Not only can get make some money by doing this, but you also get backlinks to your blog.


These blogging statistics for 2024 will provide you with ways to enhance your blogging endeavors. 

Keep in mind that by writing and delivering quality content, written and visual, 

you are building a blog that will attract highly targeted traffic. Your niche is important to this effort. 

Using the most updated blogging stats as a guide, you can build a website that delivers value and quality to your audience. Your readers will then share it with others who are interested in your niche. 

While it takes time and effort, your content and efforts may lead to the snowball effect, providing you with more targeted traffic, email leads, and revenue. 

Blogging is the best way for businesses and authors to reach out to clients and build their businesses. 


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