AirProxy Review

AirProxy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: December 6, 2023
Last Updated: December 6, 2023

AirProxy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: December 6, 2023
Last Updated: December 6, 2023

Choosing a reliable proxy service that delivers high-end quality at an affordable rate is essential.

Enter AirProxy – a potential solution deserving a closer examination. 

In this AirProxy review, we will make a detailed evaluation of the service’s offerings to determine its suitability in meeting users’ needs for secure and accessible online browsing.

AirProxy Review

AirProxy specializes in mobile proxies explicitly designed for specific online activities, including data scraping, Instagram bot automation, and Facebook advertisements. 

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These proxies aim to facilitate smoother, more efficient processes tailored to these specific activities.

Primarily operating in Europe, particularly in Italy, AirProxy offers proxies capable of rotating IPs

This rotation feature allows seamless switching to fresh IPs through its API or dashboard, enabling users to maintain security and access while navigating specific online platforms.

To ensure account security during proxy usage, AirProxy provides username and password authentication. 

The authentication feature serves as an additional layer of protection for accounts engaged in many online activities.

AirProxy underscores the use of 4G mobile proxies, advocating for their safety and efficiency in operations. 

They emphasize the benefits of these proxies in terms of safety and efficacy for various online endeavors.

Main Features of AirProxy

Here are the core features of this service that make it worth your time.

AirProxy Features

Unlimited Data Access

AirProxy offers users unrestricted data access, ensuring uninterrupted browsing experiences. 

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No data limits or interruptions enable smooth online activities with consistently low latencies. 

Users can navigate various online tasks without worrying about data restrictions, fostering a hassle-free browsing environment.

Advanced Security

This proxy service enhances security by offering automated IP changes. 

Users can schedule random IP rotations or utilize the API for computerized changes, bolstering online privacy and security measures. 

This dynamic feature allows users to modify their IP addresses conveniently, ensuring improved anonymity and protection against potential security threats.

Instant Access with Zero Setup Time

AirProxy guarantees instant delivery of proxies without the hassle of setup time. 

Proxies are pre-installed on the infrastructure, ensuring immediate access upon subscription. 

Users can immediately dive into their online activities, experiencing seamless browsing from the start.

Clean IPs

AirProxy takes pride in offering IPs that are undetectable as proxies or VPNs

These clean IPs boast a 0% Spam and fraud score, enhancing users’ online presence and ensuring unobtrusive browsing experiences. 

Users can browse discreetly and securely without being flagged or identified as proxy users.

Simplified Business Expense Management

AirProxy streamlines business expense management by providing tax invoices. 

Businesses can treat proxy expenses as legitimate, facilitating easier financial management. 

This feature simplifies record-keeping, allowing businesses to allocate the costs efficiently within their operational budgets.

Dedicated SIM Cards Access

AirProxy provides users exclusive access through dedicated SIM cards, eliminating the need for sharing. 

You will get a dedicated SIM card, ensuring enhanced control, privacy, and reliability. 

It guarantees a private and secure proxy network, enhancing user confidence and control over online activities.

Pricing Plans

AirProxy Pricing

AirProxy provides flexible pricing options to suit varied user needs. 

Users can test the service with a 72-hour trial for 9.90€, allowing a brief yet comprehensive experience of their powerful mobile proxies. 

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The pricing structure extends to a 30-day plan at €87 per proxy, offering users extended access to these robust proxies managed conveniently through a user-friendly control panel. 

AirProxy doesn’t automatically renew subscriptions, allowing users to manually renew if they wish to continue beyond the initial trial or subscription period. 

Additionally, for larger orders or customized requirements, users can reach out to AirProxy for tailored offers, potentially availing themselves of heavily discounted prices to accommodate larger-scale usage or specific needs.

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How to Use AirProxy 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use AirProxy

  1. Go to the AirProxy website and click the “Buy Now” button for the 3-day trial or monthly subscription.
  2. Sign up and create an account by providing the necessary information.
  3. Enter your billing details, including payment information, to complete the purchase.
  4. To ensure security, you might need to verify your identity by submitting valid ID proof and a selfie in the verification step.
  5. Once verified, proceed to complete the purchase process.
  6. After the purchase, you’ll receive your proxy details, IP addresses, and login credentials.
  7. Use the provided details and instructions to set up AirProxy on your preferred device or software.
  8. With your device or software configured, browse the internet securely or perform automated tasks using AirProxy.

AirProxy Drawbacks

Now, let’s look at the negative sides.

Limited Location Coverage

AirProxy’s limited location coverage, primarily offering proxies based in Italy, might present challenges for users needing IPs from various global regions. 

This limitation can hinder tasks that require access to location-specific content or services, impacting users relying on proxies from diverse geographic locations for their operations. 

It restricts the scope of usability for users requiring IP addresses beyond the Italian region.

Poor Variety of Proxies

AirProxy’s specialization in mobile proxies might limit options for users seeking diverse proxy types such as datacenter or residential proxies

This lack of variety can restrict users’ choices, affecting those who prefer specific kinds of proxies tailored to their intended tasks. 

It may inconvenience users requiring different proxy types for various online activities or those seeking more flexibility in proxy options.

No Free Trial

The absence of a free trial option with AirProxy might dissuade potential users who prefer testing a service’s features and performance before committing to a subscription. 

A trial period allows users to assess compatibility, performance, and suitability with their requirements, assuring making a purchase decision. 

The lack of a trial option could deter users seeking a risk-free trial experience.

Is AirProxy a Scam?

Rest assured, AirProxy is a trustworthy Italian company that provides 4G mobile proxies with dedicated modems and individualized SIM cards for each user.

Throughout our research, no customer complaints or reports regarding deceptive practices or unfulfilled services have been identified, affirming AirProxy’s commitment to delivering what users pay for without compromising service quality.

AirProxy prioritizes customer communication, offering convenient contact options via Telegram or email. 

Notably, their responsiveness on Telegram stands out, ensuring swift responses to inquiries. 

It’s worth noting that live chat support isn’t available on their website, making Telegram or email the primary means of reaching out for immediate assistance.

Rest assured, AirProxy maintains its legitimacy as a reliable proxy service provider, demonstrating a dedication to transparent operations and responsive customer support channels for user inquiries and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Restrictions on The Number of Devices I Can Use with AirProxy?

AirProxy typically allows usage on a single device per subscription. Additional devices might require separate subscriptions.

Does AirProxy Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

AirProxy provides a 48-hour refund policy instead of a conventional money-back guarantee. 

You have a 48-hour window after subscribing to request a refund if you are dissatisfied with the service. 

It’s crucial to thoroughly assess your needs and test the service within this period to determine its suitability.

Which Forms of Payment Is AirProxy Accepting?

At the moment, AirProxy takes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as credit and debit cards. 

Wire transfers are also accepted, but they must be delivered manually.

Is There a Bandwidth Limit or Throttling with AirProxy Subscriptions?

AirProxy generally provides unlimited bandwidth without throttling for smooth browsing experiences. 

However, users should review their chosen subscription plan’s specific terms and conditions for any limitations.


AirProxy emerges as a commendable investment, especially for individuals or businesses heavily engaged on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Their specialization in 4G LTE mobile proxies signifies a focused approach, ensuring the delivery of pristine, 100% clean, and consistently fresh IPs boasting a 0% spam and fraud score. 

This expertise in catering specifically to mobile proxies contributes significantly to their credibility.

However, it’s important to note that AirProxy’s specialization in a singular proxy type, while advantageous in terms of IP quality, might pose limitations for users seeking diverse proxy types or broader geographic coverage. 

Moreover, the service’s pricing plans could be restrictive for some users.

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To conclude this AirProxy review, their services are simple, responsive, and manageable, which caters well to those seeking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and proxy services, particularly for Instagram bot usage. 

Nevertheless, limitations of their location coverage and proxy types warrant consideration for users needing varied proxies or broader geographic access.

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