How Can You Use YouTube Premieres for Your Business?

YouTube, much like other social media networks, is constantly adding new features to its platform. Their goal is to keep things updated and interesting for its content creators and viewers. YouTube Premieres is their latest development, and it can help your business through various strategies.

This new feature allows you to combine live streams with traditional videos. Your pre-recorded videos can be played live while your viewers can engage with you using the live chat.

Once a video is premiered, it is saved on your YouTube channel just like your regular videos. Because it is a live play option, it cannot be forwarded, therefore everyone sees the same content at the same time.

How Can You Use YouTube Premiere for Your Business?

YouTube Premiere

YouTube Premiere is only compatible with desktops, though viewers may engage via desktop, Android, iOS, or mWeb.

To use this feature, simply go to the area where you would normally upload a video to your channel. Once there, you will click the dropdown menu and choose to schedule. Upload your video by choosing the Premiere feature and determine whether you want to premiere immediately or at a later scheduled day and time. As usual, you will add your title, a description of the video, and choose your thumbnail you want to show for your Premiere video.

Note: YouTube Premiere is not compatible with 360/vr180 or any output above 1080p.

Prior to starting your video, a public watch page will launch with your chosen metadata of the video. Your opt-in viewers will receive a notification to remind them of the premiere video 30 minutes before the video is to begin and once again just before it starts.

This feature starts a 2-minute countdown before it is available to watch in real-time. You will see your viewer numbers in real-time by looking at concurrent viewers. The comments and live chat features allow you to interact with your viewers in real-time, which enhances your engagement on your channel.

Even though the chat replay is accessible to viewers even after the premiere video ends, you can turn off chat whenever you choose.

How Can You Promote Your Premiere Video On YouTube?

Promote YouTube
  • Encourage your subscribers to opt-in for video premiere reminders as well as clicking the bell icon for notifications of content.
  • Make sure to use relevant and clear metadata on your video and choose the best thumbnails that will appeal to your audience.
  • Cross promoting your watch page and premiere on various social media channels is a good promotional strategy.
  • Be sure to interact and engage with your viewers before your premiere video plays on your watch page and then again during your premiere through chat and comments. This will require that you keep an eye on your comments and chat to respond to questions and comments to gain and maintain engagement rates for your YouTube channel.

What are the Benefits of Using YouTube Premiere for Business?

YouTube Videos

Encourages Viewers’ Anticipation: One strategy that is effective is to create a sense of anticipation among your subscribers and viewers before you promote your YouTube Premiere video. Encourage them to set reminders and keep interest alive so you can get more viewers on board. Also encourage sharing.

Direct Viewers to Pages: You can use cross promotion on other social media websites to encourage more people to watch it. You do this by using the URLs to the videos you want people to watch.

Enjoy Higher Engagement: By using the Super Chat and live chat features, you will be able to enhance engagement with your audience in real-time. You can answer any questions and respond to comments they may share. This is how your viewers enjoy a personal connection to you and your brand, which results in increased and improved engagement rates.

Drive Revenues: You can make money when you are part of the YouTube Partner Program once you have at least 100,000 subscribers. Automated pre-roll advertisements will be featured during your Premiere video, which can mean revenue for you if you have your channel properly monetized. Viewers sometimes pay to have their messages pinned to the top of your premiere video, which is another revenue stream for you. Additionally, you can earn revenue by offering interested viewers a channel membership on video premieres.

Monitoring your video premiere analytics is crucial to future success. This tells you what worked and what did not so that you know that to do and not to do for upcoming YouTube Premiere videos. This is how you engage in strategic marketing on YouTube.


YouTube’s new Premiere feature gives you even more control and access for promoting your channel and overall online presence. By partaking in the Premiere video feature, you can enhance your brand awareness, ultimately drive more relevant traffic to your website, engage at the personal level through chat with your audience, and create more revenue streams through the YouTube platform.

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