Best YouTube Playlist Downloader

15 Best FREE YouTube Playlist Downloader Apps (/PC/Android/iOS)

Published on: February 29, 2024
Last Updated: February 29, 2024

15 Best FREE YouTube Playlist Downloader Apps (/PC/Android/iOS)

Published on: February 29, 2024
Last Updated: February 29, 2024

In a hurry?
The best YouTube playlist downloader in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is SnapDownloader!

If you watch many videos on YouTube, you probably use the site’s playlist feature to save clips you want to watch later.

Furthermore, streaming videos use a lot of data and can be very frustrating if your Internet connection is slow. 

You can opt to download each file separately, but it will take a long time. But with the help of a YouTube playlist downloader, you can do it quickly.

Our research shows the best apps for YouTube playlist downloading to get your hands on. 

Best YouTube Playlist Downloader Apps

  1. SnapDownloader – 🏆 Winner!
  2. iTubeGo
  3. 4K Video Downloader
  4. By Click Downloader
  5. YT Saver

1. SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader YouTube Playlist Downloader

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YouTube videos and those from other sites like Facebook and Twitter can be downloaded with the help of SnapDownloader.

More than 900 sites are supported, making it a viable option for downloading videos from such sites.

Videos in 8K resolution or higher will be available for download. Making it the best downloader for YouTube playlists. 

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Video files can be changed to MP4 or MP3 audio formats. Operating systems like Windows and Mac are also supported.

Fast and easy 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p MP4, and MP3 downloads from YouTube channels and playlists.

  • Up to 15 videos can be downloaded at once.
  • Extremely quick video processing without speed limits
  • You can get it for free in 1080p, 4k, and 8k.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • No advertisements
  • Help customers around the clock
  • Proxy configuration
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Limited free trial of 48 hours

Windows And Mac Compatibility

Every individual who uses the internet today has several apps on their phone or computer.

Windows and Mac are the two most popular operating systems in use today. As a result, this program works with systems from all over the world.

The SnapDownloader website includes direct download links for both the Windows and Mac versions of the application.

Bulk Download

You can save time and effort by using the bulk Download feature when downloading numerous videos at once.

One can easily download a full YouTube playlist in one sitting.

SnapDownloader allows you to get to this feature via the bulk Download option, which is situated next to the One-Click Mode option.

You will see a little white text box appear. If you need to download multiple videos at once, select them all and paste their URLs into the text box, one URL per line.

This method excels at downloading YouTube playlists.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

SnapDownloader’s ability to circumvent regional limitations on certain apps and websites is one of its most appealing features.

With this function, you can gain entry to a vast library of materials worldwide.


SnapDownloader can be purchased in one of four different packages with varying prices.

The only difference between the plans is how long you can use the software, but all of them include the same functionality.

It costs $3.99 monthly for a single PC, or you may pay $19.99 annually for unlimited access.

Another alternative is to purchase a “lifetime license,” which allows you to use the software indefinitely for a single upfront payment.

You can pay $29.99 for a lifetime license that works on one system or $54.99 for a license that can be used on pcs in the same household.

A free trial lasts 48 hours and gives you access to all the features so you can decide on which subscription to go with.

2. iTubeGo


The fantastic iTubeGo software can also be used to download a YouTube playlist.

YouTube videos may be converted directly within the app to various formats, including MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD MP4.

This program can playback a wide variety of video and audio file types.

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The iTubeGo development team created the product to be most useful to its users.

And consumers all over the world are given the freedom to watch videos, listen to music, and otherwise consume media from video and audio sites like YouTube and SoundCloud, even when they are not within range of a mobile network’s signal.

  • Very fast
  • Features an in-app browser
  • Private mode
  • Smooth user interface
  • Format names with ambiguity
  • No browser extension

Private Mode

Is it a secret you don’t want others to know what kinds of videos you’re downloading? Use iTubeGo’s Private mode to keep your viewing habits secret.

Select the lock icon in the upper-right corner to turn it on and enter a password.

Whatever video from YouTube you save to your computer will be invisible to the public eye; you’ll need to re-enter the password to gain access to them.

Download Everything

Everything you see on YouTube is available for download. It might be anything from a YouTube playlist to an album to an entire YouTube channel.

Additionally, it lets you convert Spotify tracks to mp3 format for offline listening so that the music can be enjoyed on your portable players.

10X Faster Download

The iTubeGo YouTube downloader’s fast download times are only one of its many advantages.

If you want to download a movie or music file, it will do so ten times faster than any other program on the market.

This means that you may quickly download larger videos without having to wait around for the process to finish.

Money Back Guarantee For 30 Days

They guarantee your money back if you change your mind about the whole thing.

In our opinion, their brand’s honesty and self-assurance are fully displayed here.

Good Service For Customers

You can email the company’s support team if you need assistance or have any questions. Send an email to [email protected] to get in touch.

In case you forget! They can help with issues involving license codes and similar matters.


The iTubeGo app may be downloaded on Mac OS X, Windows, and Android devices. The free versions are adequate, so feel free to use them.

However, additional benefits and features can be found in the premium version. In contrast, iTubeGo’s pricing changes slightly (but not significantly) depending on your device.

  • There is a $9.95 monthly fee for a single device on the plan for one month.
  • The annual plan for one device is $24.95 (USD).
  • Two to five devices on the family plan (lifetime) for $39.95.
  • One device is covered forever for just $29.95.

If you intend to watch the videos, you download them for a shorter timeframe, and the Lifetime subscription is the most reasonable solution.

3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

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You can use the 4K Video Downloader on any operating system, as it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Any YouTube playlist, including “Watch Later,” “Liked,” and “Personal Mix,” can be downloaded with or without subtitles.

You can download videos or specific channels from YouTube in 4K, 1080p, or 720p resolution. 

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Download songs from YouTube and save them as an MP3, M4A, or OGG file. Allows for the playback of 3D and 360-degree videos.

Downloading 3D and 360-degree videos is one of its most remarkable capabilities. There isn’t an equivalent feature in competing programs.

The absence of advertisements and upsells is another perk. Quickly and easily download any number of files without paying a dime.

  • It supports downloading 4K and 360-degree videos.
  • Downloads from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more
  • Supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Limits on playlist downloads

User Experience

If you need to save a video, you can do it in a few different ways, but the quickest is to copy and paste the link into the 4K Video Downloader.

The video and audio can be saved separately, and the resolution and format can be chosen before saving.

Quickly download several videos with the same settings by activating Smart Mode. You can import links from CSV files to expedite the downloading of multiple files.

The download rate can be capped if necessary, and a simple accelerator is available to speed up the process. It’s all quite impressive.

Playlist Downloads

You can use the 4K Downloader to save many videos at once. You may quickly add a playlist by copying the URL and pasting it into the software.

The program will analyze all the videos on the list before being made available for download. This is also applicable to channels.

All of a channel’s 4K videos are available for simultaneous download.

One limitation is that video quality and type cannot be customized for individual clips. All videos in the playlist will use the same parameters.


The software offers a range of pricing options. The 4K Downloader Pro version was used for this review. Moreover, there is a free option, which is great news.

The bad news is that it occasionally contains commercials and has few files. The premium versions also cannot be tested via a free trial.

We’ve outlined the differences between the two packages and the included benefits below.

  • Lite – Annual fee of $10
  • Private: $15 for unlimited access
  • Premium: $45 once, access for life

4. By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader

This playlist downloader for YouTube is popular because it has one of the simplest approaches when it comes to downloading videos, but it still comes with advanced features.

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The software identifies when you watch a video on your browser and is going to offer to download it for you in just a click.

During our research, we found that this is the YouTube playlist downloader Reddit users tend to recommend the most.

  • Supports multiple video sites
  • Lets you download playlists
  • Automatically detects YouTube videos
  • Automatic detection might get annoying

5. YT Saver

YT Saver

YT Saver can help you not just download YouTube playlists, but it can help you crop, trim, and cut videos into different formats.

You can even protect the privacy of the downloaded video, and you can download your favorite videos and playlists from multiple video streaming platforms, beyond YouTube.

You’re going to be able to download your favorite videos for free, and their privacy levels are high, which is always nice.

  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Great for privacy
  • Download for free
  • Not too many formats it supports

6. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter

YouTube video downloading, conversion, compression, editing, and additional features like DVD burning are just some of the many that make Wondershare Uniconverter a versatile video toolkit.

Converting and downloading playlists from YouTube may be done quickly and easily with the right parameters.

It has a full-featured, high-quality screen recorder and editing software that allows you to blend numerous recordings into one.

In addition to converting video, Wondershare Uniconverter can also be used to play back videos from sites like YouTube in over 100 different formats.

  • Convert videos quickly
  • Reduce video size
  • Play videos
  • Eliminator of background noise
  • Superb bulk downloading
  • There is a straightforward UI that makes it simple to use.
  • The integrity of the original video file is preserved during the transformation.
  • This program may be difficult to convert some media from an Apple device or iPhone.

Capabilities And Features

You get access to advanced features like downloading YouTube playlists of videos and music in its video toolbox.

Make your own subtitles, download and change existing ones, and sync them up with your videos—all with the help of a subtitle editor.

Furthermore, a powerful trimmer is available to you, which may automatically cut unwanted parts out of your videos.

With Wondershare Uniconverter, users may modify their downloaded videos and insert or delete image and text watermarks.

Faster Speeds

WonderShare UniConverter 14 is here, and with it comes a speed boost in conversions for all users.

In comparison to its previous, this new version converts data at a blistering 50% quicker rate.

Multi-core processing technology, introduced in the most recent update, is accountable for the noticeable speed boost. 

This innovation enables applications to fully use a processor’s multiple processing cores, drastically increasing the conversion rate.


The user interface of UniConverter is on the more basic end of programs.

Whenever a conversion suite has so many features, the user interface (UI) sometimes becomes cluttered and difficult to use.

The developers, meanwhile, have done an excellent job in this circumstance.


Wondershare hasn’t just padded the box with more features for marketing.

For example, the Video Downloader and Screen Recorder modules provide nearly the same experience as standalone programs.


A trial version of Wondershare Uniconverter is available, but it restricts you to a certain number of downloads.

You’ll need to pay for the premium subscription if you require access to the sophisticated functions and extensive video editing suite it provides.

The four primary types of premium accounts are as follows: individual, team/business, academic/institutional, and bundle.

Three distinct pricing tiers are available to individuals: quarterly, annual, and perpetual. 

While the Wondershare Uniconverter group plan is available for $59.99, the business plan needs some information to be filled out to generate a price.

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly options are available under the student plan. To receive a personalized price estimate, educators must complete a short form.

7. VideoHunter


VideoHunter will always prioritize producing work of the highest quality.

As a result, you can rest assured that any videos or music you download from YouTube will retain its original quality.

It can produce results at resolutions as high as 8K and as low as 1080p.

Last but not least, this program is one of the top YouTube playlist downloader bots available since it can intelligently analyze all of the videos and audio from the playlist in a single pass.

VideoHunter makes it easy to find and download playlists by simply pasting the playlist’s URL into the Analyze box and clicking the Download button.

  • Powerful, multipurpose video-to-audio converter
  • Supports downloading films from over a thousand sites
  • An extraordinary number of output formats
  • Downloading in bulk
  • Fast file-transfer speeds
  • Video descriptions from YouTube can be downloaded.
  • Consistently high-quality results
  • Limited-access trial version

No Ads

In addition to being a pain, intrusive advertisements can be a cover for malware that could compromise your computer or mobile device.

For instance, a hacker may be able to spy on you using this type of platform if you click on a harmful ad and are brought to a website that has a virus or trojan horse program. 

To sum up, a virus-free experience and a cleaner interface are possible benefits of eliminating advertising.

Clean And Intuitive Interface

When you download VideoHunter, you won’t find any unwanted add-ons or in-app advertisements.

The interface is quite user-friendly, with all buttons well-labeled and organized. Therefore, VideoHunter can unquestionably be used on devices with less-than-expert users.

VideoHunter has additional useful tools that are just waiting to be discovered.

The next step is determining if VideoHunter supports your devices and/or technological needs by looking into its availability and technical specs.

Faster Downloading Speed

VideoHunter is a program that may be used to download videos from the internet at a rate up to six times faster than the rate at which the most popular video downloaders work.

Furthermore, VideoHunter supports batch video downloads, so you may save time by not having to save each video separately.

Youtube Playlist Download And Built-In Converter

There are presently two supplemental features available exclusively in this tool. Initially, the YouTube playlist download function lets people save an entire YouTube playlist at once.

Also, a supplementary converter is included for converting local media files to twenty different formats.

Plans And Pricing

The incredible thing is that consumers may try out VideoHunter risk-free for 15 days to access nearly all of the premium features before paying for it.

But there are restrictions to be aware of. You can get 10 HD video downloads with the trial edition.

Moreover, the video converter has limited capabilities. Files up to 2 minutes in length can be converted.

You’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription if you want to use all the features. The price of a regular license for one year is $19.95. There is a $29.95 one-user fee for a single-type license.

A five-device family license costs $49.95.

Depending on your chosen membership level, you will always have access to free, priority support and timely updates from the developers.

In addition, they offer a 30-day refund policy.

8. VidJuice


VidJuice is really helpful if you want to be able to download not only YouTube playlists, but videos, channels, and even subtitles, from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and thousands of other video streaming sites.

It even comes with a video trimmer, so that you can cut clips out of the videos that you don’t want to download, and it has really quick downloading speeds, if you don’t have a lot of time to wait for your downloads.

  • Lets you download videos in batches
  • Can download an entire channel in one click
  • Can get subtitles from YouTube
  • No trial for free

9. MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader

MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader

The next tool on our list is helpful if you want to be able to choose from a number of different file formats, as well as qualities, when you download your favorite YouTube videos.

It is going to help you convert complete YouTube playlists, and you can do so in just a couple of clicks.

  • Preview songs
  • Unique tag for your downloads
  • Supports multiple formats
  • No trial for free

10. Viddly


Viddly is one of those YouTube playlist downloader bots that can help you download videos into MP3 or MP4 formats, and it comes with an inbuilt search engine, so that you can easily look up your favorite videos, and download them in just a couple of clicks.

You can even extract subtitles, if you are downloading videos that aren’t in your native language.

  • Subtitle extractor
  • Multiple formats
  • Easy to use
  • Limited features

11. All My Tube

All My Tube

The next piece of software on our list that can help you download YouTube videos and playlists is going to be able to help you do so easily, and you can store all of your favorite videos from YouTube in just one click of the mouse.

They support more than 10,000 websites.

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Fast service
  • Download videos easily and quickly
  • Limited features

12. Allavsoft


This piece of software is good if you want to be able to easily download all of your favorite YouTube videos, and you want to download them in different resolutions, whether this is 4K, HD, or something else.

You can download entire playlists from YouTube in just one click of the mouse and it also has a built-in player, so that you can play the clips you have downloaded.

  • Search engine
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Limited features

13. Winx


Winx is a piece of software that can help you download more than one YouTube video at the same time, which is why they are really good for helping you download YouTube playlists.

You can use this tool to download your videos in up to 8K quality, and you can also choose your resolution. It supports both Mac and Windows.

  • Helps you choose a resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Limited features

14. Airy


Airy is one of the best YouTube tools out there, that can help you download your YouTube videos in a number of different formats, and you can also integrate your software with different browsers, like Firefox and Google Chrome.

You can choose the quality of the video that you prefer.

  • You can choose quality of the video
  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Share videos with friends
  • Limited features

15. ClipGrab


This piece of software is great if you want to be able to download your favorite YouTube videos in different formats, and you can download your favorite videos off the Internet not just with YouTube, but with Facebook and Vimeo as well.

  • Simple to use
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Easy to install
  • Limited features


What Is YouTube Playlist Downloader?

A YouTube playlist downloader is a piece of software that is going to help you download YouTube videos in bulk.

This means that you can download a playlist that you have personally created and save videos offline.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist?

If you want to create a YouTube playlist, then on your computer or your mobile browser, make sure that you’re signed into YouTube, then find the video that you want to add to your playlist.

Select the ‘add to’ button, that will be under the video, and then select ‘create new playlist’ that will be on the drop down menu.

Enter the name of the playlist, and select your privacy settings. Then, select ‘create’.

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

Yes, it is completely legal for you to download YouTube videos if you are using them for personal use.

However, if you’re using them for business or commercial reasons, then it is illegal.

What Are the Advantages of Using a YouTube Playlist Downloader?

There are many advantages to being able to use a playlist downloader, including being able to convert a video into a different format, and being able to download your favorite videos on multiple websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit.

You can also view your downloaded history and save unlimited videos.

Why Should I Use Desktop Software?

Desktop software is highly recommended, because if you use an online YouTube downloader, you could be dealing with the fact that they are slower to download your videos, and they might contain annoying ads.

Can I Share a YouTube Playlist with Someone?

Yes, you can share your YouTube playlists with your friends, in the form of a link, or you can embed your playlist into a blog.

Final Thoughts

The top playlist downloaders are reviewed here so you can make an informed decision.

You need a YouTube playlist downloader online if you have a sluggish Internet connection or if you prefer to compile videos to view later.

For any reason, a high-quality video downloader can save you time while preserving the original video and audio.

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