Best YouTube Alternatives You Should Consider

8 Best YouTube Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Published on: August 6, 2023
Last Updated: August 6, 2023

8 Best YouTube Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Published on: August 6, 2023
Last Updated: August 6, 2023

YouTube is one of the most popular options when watching videos online. There are thousands of videos uploaded and viewed every day.

It can seem like a simple and innocent way to enjoy some light entertainment.

However, while you’re viewing, Google will be collecting information. The types of videos you view helps Google create a profile of what you like and don’t like.

This allows them to target you with adverts and even sell your data.

In short, you need to know there are other options available and select a YouTube alternative.

Discover The Best YouTube Alternatives 2024

Once you start looking you’ll find there is a multitude of competitors. The following top YouTube alternatives are worth trying.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo Logo

Vimeo has over 175 million members and those members are generally professionals. The site was created by filmmakers, hence it focuses on creativity.

What may surprise you is that Vimeo was founded in 2004, that’s the year before YouTube

You’ll find plenty of content from musicians and businesses, all seeking to boost their profiles.

The site has high-quality videos and allows users to earn money. Best of all, there are no ads on the channel.

You can even join the online community to provide feedback and share your own videos.

2. DTube


DTube is fantastic if you want privacy. While YouTube loads content from a central server, DTube stores and loads content via blockchain.

In simple terms, it’s almost impossible for a hacker to get into your video and change the content.

Again, there are no ads and you can even earn cryptocurrency from your videos.

Interestingly, it has a very similar look to YouTube, making it easy to use. Best of all, the channel is open and allows free speech.

All content is regulated by the DTube community.

The community can interact directly, including posting comments and even voting for their favourite video.

It makes it easier to streamline content in the future and hit the right audience.

3. Metacafe


You’ll find plenty of interesting videos on Metacafe. However, the site is old, much older than YouTube.

This means the video quality is often lower than you’ll find on YouTube.

However, the site is designed to ensure videos can never be uploaded twice, making it highly unlikely that you’ll find duplicate content.

This YouTube competitor is also categorized in the same way as YouTube, making it easy to find videos that may appeal.

As with YouTube, you can subscribe to specific channels and keep up to date with new posts.

But, it should be noted that the videos on this are short, 90 seconds is the maximum allowed.

4. Internet Archives

Internet Archives

The internet archives is the place to go if you want to watch old movies. That’s films that are no longer protected by copyright.

It’s not just films, the site also has documentaries and a variety of other interesting content.

If you’re looking for something specific and struggling to find it elsewhere, then it’s worth trying Internet Archives.

They have an impressive collection of material and you can even upload your own videos.  

5. Dailymotion

Daily Motion

This is probably the biggest competition for YouTube. It has over 112 million viewers each month and adopts the same style as YouTube, making it a direct competitor.

That means it’s easy to use and you’ll find the videos are often much better quality.

But, the video length is limited to 20 minutes. In some cases, this can be frustrating.

Daily Motion gives you entertaining videos, music content, and even sports.

Best of all, it’s accessible in 25 languages and can give localized content to almost any area of the globe, there are 43 different, local options.

6. Twitch


Twitch is generally considered to be the leading video site for gamers in the world.

Any gamer can create an account and share videos of themselves playing games. It can make for hugely entertaining viewing.

The site allows you to follow specific gamers and it’s easy to chat with other Twitch users. This means you can seek tips or give feedback on videos.

Twitch doesn’t offer a direct earning potential.

But, you can get sponsorship, allow adverts on your streams, and even create paid subscriptions. It’s also possible to earn through affiliate marketing.

7. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

It’s not surprising that Facebook has an entry in the list of alternate YouTube options.

Facebook Watch provides you with thousands of hours of entertainment.

Content includes inspirational tales from real people across the globe and also demonstrates when things go badly wrong.

That makes it a great learning experience.

It’s considered one of the top YouTube alternatives and it allows you to earn money from what you’ve posted.

That makes it perfect for gaining knowledge and potentially boosting your income.

8. TED


Ted is an American media firm which specializes in creating seminars. These can cover a huge array of subjects and each of these can be viewed after the event.

It makes it a useful location for fact-checking and research.

Best of all, the presentations can be viewed in almost any language and you can even view them with subtitles.

The speakers tend to be professionals at the top of their field, making it an insightful and useful opportunity to keep up with the latest developments.

The number of videos offered by TED is continually growing and you can even connect to the community to share thoughts.   

Top Reasons To Look For YouTube Alternatives

Almost all websites, particularly streaming ones, will collect your data.

Sure, you can reject certain cookies but the ‘necessary’ ones will collect your data and from this, they will pull a surprising amount of information about you and your preferences.

Although all sites do this, some are not as bad as others, that’s why you should consider the above YouTube alternatives.

Protect Your Data

The more videos you watch on YouTube the more information Google can collect about you.

By choosing an alternative to YouTube you’ll be able to reduce the information collected and maintain some privacy on the internet. 

Limiting Options

You may not realize it but Google filters your results to any search based on what they know about you.

That means you’ll get results based on your location and what they believe you like.

In short, there are plenty of videos you’ll miss out on simply because Google doesn’t think they fit your repertoire!

By switching video providers periodically you’ll be able to keep all options open and can find some fascinating content.

Search for New Content

The simple truth is not everyone uses YouTube. Sure, it’s popular but there are other options and some people post all their content to sites similar to YouTube.

By trying different video sites you’ll find a greater range of content and may even be surprised at what you can find.


The more information any site collects about you the easier it is for them to create a profile and even sell your data.

In short, using YouTube could put your personal information at risk.

It helps to use different channels to reduce the risk.

Of course, you should also install a good VPN for YouTube, such as NordVPN.


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It’s the best way to keep your location hidden and your data safe.

A good VPN will even block threats such as trackers and spying cookies.

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Final Thoughts

Using one of the many YouTube alternatives makes sense.

You’re not just reducing the amount of data Google collects about you, you’re also giving yourself access to a greater range of content.

Videos have become more popular than articles as they can provide you with more information, in a shorter space of time, and are easy to digest.

They can also be watched anywhere, all you need is an internet-capable device and the internet.

But, don’t just look at YouTube, there are some great alternatives which can provide unique content and may even be safer.

Of course, to stay safe it’s always best to use a reputable VPN. You should be doing that regardless of what you are searching for online.

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