Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Post a Picture

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Post a Picture? [How to Fix in 2024]

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Post a Picture? [How to Fix in 2024]

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022


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Wondering why won’t Instagram let me post a picture?

Instagram is among the most famous social networking applications for sharing photos and videos, if not the most famous.

Today, practically everyone has the Instagram application installed on their device.

Since it is such a famous social networking tool, the makers are eager to keep it up to date. However, it is not a flawless platform that you can use without any trouble all of the time.

Despite all of the upgrades and improvements from developers, you may occasionally encounter difficulties such as being unable to upload photographs and videos to your account.

You are probably asking why Instagram will not let me upload my photos.

There might be several explanations for this problem, but the remedies are generally similar to those for many other significant Instagram difficulties.

It is always necessary to investigate the root cause. It is tough to tackle this problem if you do not figure out why it is happening.

If you can, you will be able to use the proper method and keep posting on Instagram.

Being confronted with this issue might be stressful, but this article is intended to assist in finding the best answer.

Once you have figured out how to fix the “Instagram preventing posting photos & videos” problem, the work will be much easier in the future.

Why won’t Instagram let me post a picture?

There might be a multitude of causes for why won’t Instagram let me post a picture.

The following are the most prevalent reasons:

You posted something that violates Instagram’s guidelines

You posted something that violates Instagram’s guidelines

Instagram has set strict standards that restrict the content of photographs and videos uploaded and distributed on its network in order to safeguard users.

Instagram features a swarm of inspection bots that may detect forbidden content in photographs or videos, such as nudity, brutality, or graphic violence, and prevent the person from posting it.

If you are trying to upload a picture on Instagram but are not able to, check that the photo’s contents are not forbidden or even reflect banned content.

Furthermore, if you attempt to upload any offensive content, Instagram flags or suspends your account.

If you are certain that you have not posted something that goes against the software’s community standards, make sure to check if it’s some other problem with your account.

Is your Instagram account new?

The application has implemented several limitations to make it more difficult for spammers to register many new accounts for spamming. This includes the option to upload new images.

Try signing into Instagram with a different device to discover whether you are experiencing a software bug or if your Instagram profile is the issue.

If you continue to have trouble uploading photographs from the second device, your account may be blocked.

Some new Instagram users have tried to get around these limitations by filling up their accounts, communicating with other users, and utilizing the site for a while before attempting to post an image. 

It’s due to a glitch

Instagram glitch

Secondly, if you are wondering why won’t Instagram let me post a picture, this might be due to a technical issue. There seem to be two sorts of bugs that you may encounter.

The first kind of bug is caused by the image itself, whereas the second kind is caused by Instagram’s AI.

You will not be allowed to share an image on Instagram if it has a glitch.

This frequently occurs when the picture size is too large or the image is not native. You cannot post an image on Instagram if it is too large.

However, if the photo was shot elsewhere than your smartphone, it may not be allowed to be posted.

If you upload something and get the error notice “Your post goes against community guidelines,” it could be a bug as well.

If you shared anything that did not offend Instagram’s community standards in any way, the AI may have mistakenly flagged it as a violation.

In that instance, the only method to resolve the situation is to wait. Generally, you will be allowed to upload again after a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

You posted too many pictures

You posted too many pictures on Instagram

In 2018, Instagram released new modifications targeted at stopping user profiles from spamming other users with advertisements.

The upgrade was designed to tighten down on the use of third-party bots and tools to obtain followers which could be a possibility for why won’t Instagram let me post a picture.

As a result, if Instagram identifies you participating in non-authentic activity, such as uploading too many photographs or like and commenting on too many posts in a short period of time, it will briefly restrict you from doing so.

As a result, if you have been uploading too many images at once in short succession, and your account is relatively new, you may be temporarily barred from uploading new pictures.

Based on the situation, the activity ban will be revoked after a few hours, 24 hours, or more.

To avoid this, just post one image/video at one go.

If you want to upload many images, you may utilize the carousel option.

How to fix picture can’t be posted

How to fix picture can’t be posted

After you have seen the issues, it is time to look at the solutions for why won’t Instagram let me post a picture. All of the solutions to this problem are listed here.

In the majority of the cases, you are unable to upload an image on Instagram owing to a technical issue.

Fortunately, it is simple to resolve using one of the ways listed below.

Take a screenshot of the picture

The first option to solve why won’t Instagram let me post a picture is to capture a snapshot of the image you want to share on Instagram. You can also save the image to your picture gallery.

The snapshot can then be re-posted to Instagram. You might be puzzled as to how capturing a snapshot fixes the uploading problem.

First and foremost, you must comprehend the concept of “native posts.”

“Native posts” indicate that you shot the photo/video using your phone. If the photo/video was taken someplace other than your phone, it is not native.

Instagram occasionally only enables images that are “native” to be posted.

The most typical problem that develops as a result of this is the difficulty to upload something to your story. This may also prohibit you from uploading something to your Instagram feed.

To resolve this, take a snapshot of the image or screen record the video on your phone.

This way, the media will be saved on your gallery which will make it a native post and you will be able to upload it on Instagram.

This should resolve the problem with posting. If this approach fails, try the following one.

Update Instagram

Update Instagram

Do you recall the last time you updated your Instagram application?

You may be using an earlier version of the application, and it is time to update to solve why won’t Instagram let me post a picture (do not worry, it will only take a few seconds).

If you do not update Instagram to the most recent version, you may have some difficulties with the app.

This is due to the possibility that the last Instagram upgrade had issues.

To address those issues, you may need to upgrade the app. Instagram may be updated via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

If you want to check if this update will solve your problem, simply run one of the two applications, search Instagram, and then read the description.

If it says that the bug has been fixed, continue to update it. 

Search for the Instagram app in the “Play Store” on your Android device. Wait a few seconds after clicking “Update” (if it is available).

After that, restart your device, launch the Instagram application, and try to share your preferred content.

If you use an Apple device, the process is almost similar: Navigate to the App Store and click on the profile button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

After that, locate the Instagram application by scrolling down. To upgrade the application, tap “update.”

Once you have finished updating the app, try reposting on Instagram to see if the problem has been fixed. 

Additionally, you have the option of uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app.

On any smartphone, you may do this by long-pressing the app and either dragging it to the uninstall selection or pressing the Uninstall option.

Your device interface may require an additional step, but the concept is the same.

After deleting the application, go to the AppStore (iOS) or PlayStore (Android), search Instagram, and click Install.

This should resolve the “Instagram will not allow me to post” issue.

If you still cannot upload an image, you may either wait it out or attempt the following approach.

Clear the cache

Clear the cache Instagram

These are the unwanted files that are constantly saved in your device’s storage when you use a certain app/website.

Unwanted junk files may be interfering with your ability to utilize the Instagram App, which could be the reason for why won’t Instagram let me post a picture.

Some Instagram users report a bug that prevents them from uploading when their data caches are full.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this issue that causes the Instagram picture not uploaded yet error.

Navigate to your device’s settings menu, pick ‘Apps,’ and then Instagram.

Next, locate and pick the ‘Clear Cache’ selection. Your phone/tablet will now remove the Instagram cache files.

It is worth noting that after emptying your cache, you will have to log in again when you access Instagram.

As a result, before emptying the cache for Instagram, be sure you know your username and password.

After clearing Instagram’s cache, reopen the app, log in, and see if you can upload photographs again.

If you are using an Android smartphone, simply pressing “Clear Cache” will remove Instagram’s unwanted cache files. But, if you use an iPhone, the case is a little different.

On an Apple device, clearing an application’s cache is not referred to as “Clear Cache.” Alternatively, the functionality is known as the “Offload App.”

Hence, if you wish to remove Instagram’s junk cache files on an Apple device, click on “Offload App.”

This is how to clean Instagram’s cache on an iPhone step by step:

  • Navigate to your device’s settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select “iPhone Storage.”
  • Locate and click on Instagram.
  • To delete Instagram’s junk cache files, choose “Offload App.”

While it is important to clear the junk cache files on your device once in a while, it is equally important to maintain the device storage.

Check that your phone has enough storage space.

Simply go to your device’s settings menu and pick the ‘Apps’ section to see all of the applications you have downloaded on your smartphone as well as their associated storage.

Remove any apps that are not necessary and that you do not use. You may also erase any documents, films, or images that are stored in your storage.

If you still cannot upload on Instagram, then your best chance is to keep waiting.

Normally, you ought to be allowed to upload on the Instagram app again once some time has passed (up to 24 hours).


Why is Instagram not letting me post on my story?

If the Instagram application is not allowing you to share on your account and you want to know why won’t Instagram let me post a picture, it is most likely due to a technical issue like a bug.

If you are having trouble uploading a video to your Instagram account, it is possible that you took it elsewhere than your smartphone.

To put it another way, if the video was recorded or imported from somewhere other than your own device, Instagram might not able to recognize it.

Other than that, it is possible to resolve this issue by emptying your cache. If this does not work, restart your device, check the file size to determine if it is too large, or check your internet connection and data settings.

This will nearly always solve the problem.

Why is Instagram blocking me from posting?

If you are wondering why won’t Instagram let me post a picture, Instagram is banning you from sharing since you either violated Instagram’s standards, there was a malfunction, or you uploaded too many successive posts.

To begin, if you upload something improper, Instagram’s AI can remove your post. Instagram has rigorous standards in place when it comes to certain matters.

To put it another way, there are some photographs and videos that you simply cannot share on Instagram.

The service employs a number of bots that can identify such things and block you from sharing them.

For example, all types of nudity are deemed indecent and are prohibited on the platform.

Sensitive material, like those involving brutality and graphic violence, is also not permitted on the platform.

If you try and share them and are caught, your profile may be reported and potentially disabled for up to 24 hours.

During this time, you will be unable to upload any images to your Instagram accounts.

If you did not upload anything that violated Instagram’s standards, your post may be removed due to a technical error.

The only method to resolve this is to keep waiting and you should be able to resume uploading within a short period of time.

The last reason Instagram is banning you from uploading is that you have made too many posts in a row.

If you upload too many pictures in a row, Instagram may mistake you for a robot and momentarily restrict you from sharing.

Final Thoughts

You have learned why Instagram will not let you upload an image and three solutions to the problem in this blog.

These three methods have been shown to be effective in resolving the uploading problem, as many Instagrammers have been able to upload an image after employing one of them.

Now that you know what causes the Instagram not uploading photo problem “Instagram not posted yet try again” and how to repair it, it is time to finally publish your greatest photos!

Nevertheless, if you are still wondering why won’t Instagram let me post a picture, your only option is to wait it out.

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