How To Fix: Can't Upload Video to Instagram Stories

How to Fix: Can’t Upload Video to Instagram Stories (2024)

Published on: August 7, 2022
Last Updated: August 7, 2022

How to Fix: Can’t Upload Video to Instagram Stories (2024)

Published on: August 7, 2022
Last Updated: August 7, 2022


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You have been working hard on crafting a video for your Instagram Stories— And when you are done, all of a sudden, you find out that you can’t upload video to Instagram stories.

Well, don’t worry because you are not alone. 

Many users find it difficult at times to upload videos to Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try clicking on that Retry button, you will get an error. 

They might not highlight the errors specifically, but they also don’t provide you with any solutions either.

So, you have to figure it out yourself. 

In this guide, we will sort this problem out and suggest a workaround, so keep reading. 

Why is Posting to Instagram Not Working? 


You must keep in mind a few considerations if you fail to upload video to Instagram Stories. 

  • Your internet network connection might be slow. 
  • You might have your Instagram account disabled, banned, or blocked. 
  • Your video content is violating Instagram terms and conditions. 
  • The platform doesn’t support your video format. 

If you are dealing with one of these problems, you can’t upload your video on Instagram, no matter what you do.

But you can always try to solve the problems as per the reasons mentioned above. 

How to Fix: Can’t Upload Video to Instagram Stories

We would recommend you to use Instagram automation services.

These include Instagram bots, dashboards, and different apps. These applications will act as a social bridge and will allow you to be active. 

Furthermore, you can post your content and grow your Instagram followers. It’s a simple workaround that many users choose.

However, there are other options available too. 

Switching your network connection off and back on

First, you have to try and connect your device with a stable and fast internet network.

Then, for changing your network, you can go to your Settings menu on your phone.

After that, you can turn your cellular data or WiFi off and turn it back on again. 

As a result, you will be able to refresh your network connection. But if your internet is too slow or weak, you can try another connection. 

Logging out your Instagram and logging in again

The second strategy to adopt here is to log out of your Instagram account and then log back in. you can log out of your Instagram account by.

  • Opening your Instagram account in which you are logged in.
  • Tap on your profile picture located at the bottom right of your screen to visit your profile. 
  • Tap in that 3-lined icon located on the top right of your screen and tap Settings. 
  • Scroll down on the next page and then tap Log Out and Confirm log out. 
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After that, you will see the log-in page on your screen.

Enter your username along with your password. You will log into your account again.

Now, try posting your video into your Instagram Stories again. 

Restarting your phone

The third way of solving this issue is to restart your phone.

You are rebooting your phone to stop all background activities and applications. As a result, you will restore your settings and data on your device. 

It is not going to be very difficult. You only have to hold down your power button on your device and then press it again to restart it.

Now, go to your Instagram application and try uploading your video to see if it works or not. 

Clearing cache of your Instagram

When you use your Instagram application on your device, it will create a cache record.

As a result, your application might get interrupted from time to time.

So you have to clear the cache to fix the problem of the Instagram Stories upload failing. 

To clear cache, you will have to: 

  • Go to Settings on your device. 
  • Taps on Apps, and select Instagram.
  • There will be a button mentioning “Clear Cache”. Click on that button to delete the cache. 
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As soon as you do it, you will notice that your Instagram application will start running smoothly again.

Unfortunately, if you are using an iOS device, there is no option to clear the cache.

You will have to delete your Instagram application and then reinstall it. 

Reinstalling Instagram application 

You might have to reinstall your Instagram application.

It is because there might be some issues or bugs with your current version of Instagram.

You will have to uninstall your app and reinstall it on your phone. To do that, you will have to: 

  • Go to your phone’s Settings. 
  • Then tap on Apps and select Instagram. 
  • You can click on the Uninstall button and remove it from your device. 
  • Go to your Google Play Store or your Apple App Store and download the latest version of the Instagram app on your phone. 
  • After that, open your Instagram app, log in and then upload your video.

Converting the format of the video

Before you can upload, you must find out its format and check to see if Instagram supports it or not. 

  • Formats allowed: MP4 and H.264 codec.
  • Supported resolution: maximum of 1080p.
  • Bit rate: 3500 kbps bitrate. 
  • Frame rate: 29.96 fps.
  • Duration: 3 sec to 60 sec.
  • Audio codec: AAC @ 44.1 kHz MOV. 

These are criteria that your video has to meet. You need to convert your video to a format that is aligned with these requirements. 

Suppose you are looking to change the format of your video.

In that case, you can use a range of different video and photo editing apps for these social media platforms.

However, we highly recommend using Canva for this purpose. 

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Furthermore, you can upload the video on your Instagram video section.

It will alter the dimensions and size accordingly. You can save it in your gallery, upload it once again.

Using Creator Studio

If you have access to your PC, you can try posting on Instagram from there.

But you have to keep in mind that you can’t use the Creator Studio website to post your stories.

This website is for IG posts and Instagram feeds. 

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For using Creator Studio, you have to:

  • Go to the Creator Studio website.
  • Log into it using your Facebook or Instagram username and password. 
  • With the help of the available menu, add your accounts. 
  • Look for that Blue Button on the top left corner of your screen and click on it. 
  • Upload your content, and write your caption. 
  • Look for that Publish button on the bottom right corner of your screen and click publish. 

Final Thoughts

If you can’t upload video to Instagram Stories, try the methods explained in this article.

One of these methods will work for you.

Otherwise, you can post on your Instagram Stories using your PC.

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