Ways To Hack Facebook Without Survey

5 Ways to Hack Facebook Without Survey in 2024

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

5 Ways to Hack Facebook Without Survey in 2024

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

Unsurprisingly, you’d need to hack into someone’s Facebook account, given the plethora of sensitive information people reveal about themselves there. 

The temptation to break into someone else’s Facebook account can be strong, whether to spy on a child’s activities or look into allegations of infidelity.

You might have heard of techniques like session hijacking and cookie theft, but they require much time and technical know-how to implement.

So, how do you get around the survey on Facebook?

It’s a relief that Facebook hacking without surveys is so easy to accomplish. 

Here in this article, we have listed some of the most reliable ways to hack Facebook without survey, and you can use them to hack any Facebook account without worry.

5 Ways to Hack Facebook Without Survey

Without the need for surveys or human verification, you can hack your target Facebook account using legitimate hacking methods and tools that can be found online. 

Here is our choice of the best ones:

1. Using a Third-Party App – EyeZy

Eyezy facebook tracker

With the help of the renowned hacking tool EyeZy, anyone can access any Facebook account without completing any surveys. 

EyeZy’s user-friendly interface makes it suitable for users of all skill levels, from novices to experts, so you don’t need any prior technical experience or knowledge to use it.

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With options like password recovery, account takeover, and more, the app is a reliable choice for anyone needing access to a Facebook account.

EyeZy’s ability to covertly access any personal data linked to the account you’re targeting is one of its most important advantages. 

The app immediately enters a hidden state after installation, guaranteeing privacy. 

It is a safe and dependable choice for anyone looking to hack into a Facebook account because it is also undetectable to the user you are trying to reach.

The data on Facebook will be updated in real-time, allowing you to get immediate updates on the behavior of the people you’re trying to reach.

As a result, you can monitor the target live.

How to Use EyeZy to Hack Facebook without Any Surveys

Eyezy facebook_tracker

The app is straightforward to use; here are the specific steps for hacking a Facebook profile:

  • Visit the EyeZy website and register there by entering your email address where it asks for it.
  • Choose your ideal subscription plan. 
  • Then, go to the Product and Management section to download the application to your target’s mobile device. 
  • Install EyeZy as soon as you have downloaded the APK file to the target’s smartphone. 
  • Once the setup is finished, the app will automatically start in private browsing mode.
  • You can monitor their Facebook activity by logging into your EyeZy account from your own mobile device using the Facebook option from the app’s dashboard.

Additional Impressive Features of The App

Eyezy Jailbreak
  • Monitor your child’s use of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat by using social media monitoring tools.
  • Call recording allows you to monitor who your child is speaking to and what they are talking about by recording incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.
  • Use EyeZy’s app management features to limit the apps your child can install on their device and monitor their usage.
  • Limit your child’s access to particular websites or collections of websites on the target device to shield them from objectionable content.
  • Geo-Fencing enables you to create virtual boundaries on a map and receive alerts when your child crosses them. This can ensure that they only visit secure locations.
  • Receive notifications when your child enters or exits a specified area with instant alerts.
  • Monitor your child’s online activity to ensure they aren’t accessing inappropriate content by keeping track of the websites they visit on their device.
  • Use the Parental Controls feature to limit your child’s screen time.
  • To restrict your child’s access during school hours or other set times, use a remote control to manage the target device.

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2. Phishing Technique


When you have the right equipment and information, hacking a Facebook account is not as challenging as it might first appear. 

One of the best strategies is phishing, which entails making a fake Facebook login page that resembles the real one exactly.

Phishing is a common choice among hackers because, unlike other hacking techniques, it doesn’t require victims to complete surveys. 

It involves tricking the user into entering their accurate Facebook login information on the fake website rather than directing them to the legitimate login page of Facebook.

You need a certain level of technical know-how and an affordable hosting package and domain name to build a phishing website. 

The victim will be asked to enter their login information once the fake website is up and running, and the hacker will immediately receive this information.

3. Forgot Password Option on Facebook

How To Catch Someone Cheating On Facebook

Facebook account hacking without a survey is feasible but also affordable and practical.

One such method is to utilize the “Forgot Password” option on the Facebook login page. 

Although the technique requires some information about the target account, you can hack into it without anyone noticing.

Go to the Facebook login page and select “Forgot Password.” After that, enter the target’s email address and choose “No longer have access to these.” 

The password reset link will be sent to your email after you enter your email address.

Enter the security question answers if you are familiar with them; otherwise, select “Recover account with friends” to request a security code from any of the target’s listed friends. 

After receiving the code, you can reset the target’s Facebook password and gain access to their account.

While this approach might appear straightforward and inexpensive, there is a catch. 

The target’s email address will also receive the password reset link, which they may open before you do.

So, finishing the process before the target sees the password reset link is critical. 

This technique allows you to break into someone’s Facebook account without complicated steps, downloads, or surveys. 

If you want a tool, we advise you to use EyeZy because while it’s not free, It is still affordable but 100% secure and effective.

4. Guessing the Target’s Password


The ease with which someone’s Facebook account can be hacked simply by figuring out their password is startling. 

Despite the recommendation that they use something more secure, such as a variation on their name, some users continue to use such a simple and memorable password.

Knowing someone who already has access to the account can be an advantage. 

It’s possible to guess a Facebook user’s password based on hints such as the user’s birthday, the couple’s anniversary, a child’s birthday, or even the family pet’s name.

Simple passwords, such as “password” or “123456,” are always worth trying because of their high success rate. 

If you do guess the password, however, the target may find out that their account has been hacked, and you will need to proceed with caution and secrecy.

Hacking into someone’s Facebook account is a risky endeavor that calls for you to take every precaution possible to stay under the radar.

5. Use Free Online Hacking Tools for Facebook

Eyezy Facebook

Numerous websites claim to be able to hack into any Facebook account using only an email ID or username in the vast digital landscape.

Let’s not fall for these deceptive claims, though.

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A platform that is widely used for communication, entertainment, and commerce is Facebook. 

Given its widespread usage, it is clear that Facebook puts a lot of effort and technical know-how into ensuring the security of its users’ data.

Unfortunately, this request for an email address is just a ploy on the part of websites that claim to be able to hack into accounts. 

In reality, these sites are just a ploy for identity thieves to collect your sensitive data and store it for future use.

Some of these sites will also ask you to fill out a survey.

You should think twice before downloading and installing one of these Facebook hacking tools that require no survey. 

You could have your personal information stolen, or worse, if you waste your time this way.

Protecting your online identity is especially important in today’s connected world.

Why Would You Want to Hack A Facebook Account

Some reasons for you to hack a Facebook profile can include:

Observe Your Children

EyeZy shield

Parents should monitor children’s screen time.

Because online predators and cyberbullying are so common, you must always use Facebook with high awareness. 

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You are able to keep an eye on your child’s online activity using Facebook hacking and identify any red flags.

Your children are safer if you use Facebook hacking to monitor their online behavior.

Monitor Your Spouse

EyeZy spo

Facebook hacking can assist you in learning the truth if your partner is unfaithful.

Private messages, photos, and other information can be accessed through a Facebook account hack.

Find out with accuracy and reliability if your partner is cheating on you.

Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Business

Some workers may use company computers for personal reasons, like chatting on Facebook.

Facebook hack tools allow for remote monitoring of workers to check in on their productivity.

You can limit Facebook use at work and boost productivity with the help of Facebook hacking tools.

Recovering Lost Files

EyeZy keystroke

Have you ever forgotten your password for Facebook or accidentally deleted an important message?

Data retrieval from Facebook can benefit from the use of hacking tools. 

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Affordable hacking tools simplify restoring your Facebook account to its previous state and retrieving deleted messages.

Ways To Prevent Getting Hacked on Facebook Yourself

Now that you learned how to hack a Facebook account, you should also know how to protect yourself from others doing it to you. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t choose obvious passwords like “password” or “123456.” Use a complex string of characters that no one would ever guess. Make sure each of your online accounts has a unique password.
  • Avoid opening links or downloading files from unknown senders. These are standard methods used by scammers to access your account.
  • You should keep your home address, phone number, and date of birth private. Identity theft is possible with these details in the hands of hackers.
  • Take care to restrict access to your private data to the desired audience. You should check your privacy settings regularly to make sure you are happy with the level of access others have to your profile.
  • Use two-factor authentication because, with it, your account is protected in more ways than one. When you log in, in addition to your password, you’ll need to enter a code that was sent to your phone or email.
  • Whenever you’re done using Facebook on a shared computer or device, be sure to log out.
  • Get some good anti-virus software and always keep it updated on your computer. This will prevent malicious software from entering your system and compromising your account.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks (like those found in cafes or airports) to access your Facebook account. It’s possible that hacking attempts would be more successful on these networks.
  • Read online security blogs and news websites to keep up with the latest hacking techniques and scams. After reading them, you’ll be better able to identify dangers and take preventative measures.
  • You should notify Facebook right away if you think your account has been compromised. You can aid in protecting other users by reporting suspicious activity like fake profiles or phishing scams.


Facebook hacking is widespread for many reasons in the modern digital age, so knowing how to do it properly is essential. 

The good news is that you can find out the best ways to hack Facebook without survey by reading this article.

While there are several choices, we advise using an external tool such as EyeZy.

It’s not only efficient, but it also protects your family and business associates from harm. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

EyeZy is the best option to secretly hack someone’s Facebook activity without completing any surveys.

Its sophisticated features enable it to keep tabs on friends, family, and employees’ Facebook usage without access to their personal accounts.

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