Best Walmart Scrapers

11 Best Walmart Scrapers 2024: How to Scrape Product Data from Walmart

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023

11 Best Walmart Scrapers 2024: How to Scrape Product Data from Walmart

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023

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#1 Top Rated
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The best Walmart scraper in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ScraperAPI!

Walmart is one of the most popular retail giants in the industry, but many people forget that they have an eCommerce site as well.

For the longest time, Walmart has been working against Amazon to create an eCommerce presence by offering one-day free shipping if the order goes beyond $35. 

Similarly, in the past few years, Walmart has expanded its online inventory. This is why having access to the inventory data can be extremely beneficial.

To have access to the data, you can opt for Walmart scraper tools, and there are various tools that can help the process.

Best Walmart Scrapers 2024

While it’s possible to use coding skills to scrape data, there are various Walmart scraper tools that make the job easier.

All of these tools are convenient to use, which makes them suitable for beginners.

Here’s a quick look at the best Walmart scrapers:

  1. ScraperAPI – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. Apify
  4. Octoparse
  5. ParseHub
  6. Scrapy
  7. Mozenda
  9. Content Grabber
  10. Common Crawl

1. ScraperAPI


ScraperAPI is one of the best Walmart scraper tools for scraping data from the Walmart site because it’s designed to handle the browsers, CAPTCHAs, and proxies.

This means that you can collect raw HTML data from Walmart and all other websites with the help of an API call. 

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It can be used to render JavaScript and is quite seamless to integrate. ScraperAPI is highly reliable and works pretty efficiently.

There are special proxy pools available for social media scraping, search engine scraping, and eCommerce price scraping, which means you can use it for Walmart scraping easily. 

To begin with, it offers one thousand free API calls, but there are four paid plans available, including hobby, startup, business, and enterprise, to make sure there is something for everyone.

However, you need to remember that it doesn’t work well for browsing.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Walmart Scraper

This is another open-source tool available for data extraction. Bright Data leverages an automated system that helps with data collection and keeps a customized data flow.

There is a data unblocker feature available, which means the users can scrape the maximum amount of data from the Walmart website. 

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The best thing about Bright Data is that there is no need for coding, and there is a proxy API available.

It can be used as an extension on the browser, and there are various paid plans available to meet different data scraping needs.

3. Apify


Apify is seriously a good option if you want to be able to find a Walmart scraper that is going to get all the information that you need.

With this Walmart scraper you are going to be able to scrape all of the product data that you need to which is going to include prices, brand details, images, and all other necessary product details.

You can also specify your search terms, as well as your list pages, categories, and more.

One thing that we appreciate about this Walmart scraper is that they have a free trial available for seven days, and then after this, it is going to cost you just $5 a month.

You don’t have to worry about sharing any credit card information to benefit from this free trial, and the best part is that their features are customizable so that you can make them fit into what you’re needing.

Because Walmart doesn’t provide an API you need to use a Walmart scraper like this, and if you want to learn more about their features and how they work, you can read through their detailed information on their website before you sign up for anything.

These guys are definitely one of the best if you’re trying to scrape all the necessary Walmart data, and you want this process to be comprehensive.

4. Octoparse


For everyone who wants to scrape data without coding and programming, you can opt for Octoparse without compromising on control over the process.

This is because Octoparse has an intuitive user interface, making it easier for the users. 

There are hosted and site solutions for people who intend on running the scrapers online and in the cloud.

Moreover, the data scraping tool is anonymous, which means you won’t have to worry about getting banned.

Octoparse offers a point-and-click feature that allows the users to scrap behind the render JavaScript, login forms, and fill-in forms. 

Moreover, the users can scroll through the information for extraction.

The basic version of Octoparse is free to use, with which the users can crawl an infinite number of pages on multiple devices – it also helps make two runs simultaneously. 

However, there are standard, enterprise, and professional versions available in paid forms.

The only downside of this Walmart scraper is that the local extraction stops after four hours automatically, which makes it challenging to recover and save the data sets.

5. ParseHub


ParseHub is one of the most elegant and powerful tools out there, and you don’t need to write down any codes. This is because it allows selecting data from Walmart.

It has an easy-to-use graphical interface, which makes it suitable for beginners as you won’t require technical expertise. 

In addition, it provides access to HTML as well as clean data before you download it.

ParseHub allows the users to collect the data and automatically stores it on the server. The IP rotation is automated, and it can be utilized for scraping beyond the logic walls.

Its app is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS systems. As far as the data is concerned, it can be exported in Excel and JSON formats.

On top of everything, it can be used for extracting data from maps and tables.

Primarily, it is available for free, and with the free version, you can scrap over two hundred pages and retain data for 14 days (the support is available, but it’s very limited).

In addition to the free version, there are standard, professional, and enterprise solutions available, but they are paid.

On the other hand, you need to remember that you won’t be able to publish the scraped data at once.

6. Scrapy


This is a web scraping library, and it’s widely used by Python developers for building scalable web crawlers.

It is integrated with a high-end framework for web crawling, which caters to different features, such as querying requests and middleware. 

Scrapy is an open-source tool that provides in-depth documents. The tool is easy to extend with various plugins and add-ons.

Moreover, it has a portable python system. It is quite convenient to deploy this tool and is reliable. 

As far as the middleware modules are concerned, it helps integrate different tools to extend the functionality. This is a free tool and is supported by Scrapinghub.

On the contrary, you need to remember that it’s difficult to inspect the crawler for simulating the PJAX and AJAX requests.

7. Mozenda


Mozenda is a fantastic Walmart scraper designed for enterprises that are in need of cloud-based platform extraction.

It has managed to help people scrap over seven billion pages. Mozenda offers a point-and-click interface to help you create the web scraping schedules. 

The users can collect the Walmart data in real-time with the help of a job sequencer and request blocking.

The best thing about Mozenda is that it has reliable customer support, and there is built-in account management.

It not only allows the users to collect the data but publish it as well. Mozenda is extremely easy to scale and allows users to have on-premise hosting.

It is designed with the processing credits feature that helps determine how many computing resources have been utilized, including file and image downloads, harvesting, and page navigation. 

As far as pricing is concerned, there are five paid plans available with different features. The only con of using Mozenda is that it is pricey as compared to other tools.


If you are in need of full-range web scraping and data supply, you can opt for It can be used for scraping data for content sharing and content marketing.

They have affordable packages available without compromising on the speed of data indexing. 

It can be easily integrated with other tools, and there is a dedicated support team available to answer your concerns and queries.

Moreover, the APIs are quite easy to use as you will have full control over the source and language.

The interface is pretty intuitive and simple, so you can perform all the tasks with utmost ease.

When you scrape data with, you will be able to get your hands on structured and machine-readable data, which is available in XML as well as JSON formats.

In addition, it allows access to the previous feeds as it stores data for over ten years without any extra charges.

Last but not least, there is an advanced feature that allows the users to implement a granular analysis of the collected data.

With the free version, this Walmart scraper lets you  perform one thousand HTTP requests in a month, but more features are available in paid plans. has three paid plans available, including archived web data and open-web data feeds.

The only thing that bothers the users is the challenging setup, particularly for people with limited technical knowledge.

9. Content Grabber

Content Grabber

Known to be a cloud-based tool for web scraping, it’s a promising choice for businesses of every size if they need to extract data.

It has extremely reliable and efficient data extraction features.

In addition to data extraction, it allows the users to build the web pages, so you can execute the web data extraction from the website. 

In fact, the data scraping can be scheduled to perform automated data scraping. The extracted data is available in a variety of formats, including JSON, XML, and CSV.

When it comes down to the pricing, you can opt for a monthly subscription or purchase a one-time license.

However, to use this scraping tool, you need significant knowledge of HTTP and HTML.

10. Common Crawl

Common Crawl

Common Crawl was specifically designed for people who want to explore Walmart data and analyze it to gain insights from the data.

There are open datasets available for text and webpage data extraction.

It provides reliable support for non-programmable and non-code uses. 

On top of everything, there are multiple resources available for data analysis, and they can be used for free.

However, you need to remember that there is no live data support, and it cannot be used for AJAX websites (it will work fine for Walmart).

11. AvesAPI


AvesAPI is basically an API tool intended for search engine pages, which allows the agencies and developers to scrape data from the Walmart website as well as from Google search pages.

It is highly focused on data that you need to extract rather than creating a broad-range web scraping. 

Having said that, AvesAPI is suitable for SEO purposes and marketing. It is integrated with a smart distribution system to help extract millions of datasets with utmost ease.

This means that users don’t need to worry about going through the data manually or filling unnecessary CAPTCHAs.

Once the data extraction is complete, the datasets will be available in HTML and JSON formats and will be structured.

In addition, there is a geo-specific search feature that helps extract localized results. It’s a fantastic Walmart scraper all around. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing Data Scraping Tools For Walmart

The majority of internet-based data is unstructured, which is why a proper system or app is needed to gain insights from the data.

For this reason, web scraping is an important feature, but with various scraping tools available, it can be overwhelming to select one.

However, you can consider a few factors to ensure you are choosing a reliable Walmart scraper.

1. Scalability

Since you are scraping data from Walmart, it’s evident that you want to create an eCommerce store or website.

For this reason, you need to select a tool that’s easy to scale because the data scraping needs will increase as the store grows.

So, make sure that the tool is easy to scale and stays efficient even with increased data scraping needs.

2. Pricing Structure

A pricing structure must be transparent. This is because the hidden costs can add up at the final checkout page, which can be challenging to handle.

Having said that, you must choose a web scraping tool provider with a clear pricing model and features.

3. Data Formats

Which scraping tool you choose can be directly influenced by the desired data format.

It is better that you choose a tool that offers datasets in multiple formats, including CSV, XML, and JSON.

Moreover, it will be better if the data can be delivered to DropBox, cloud storage of Google, and FTP for future use.

4. Customer Support

There are instances when web scraping becomes challenging to handle, and there are some issues in the processing which require special assistance.

For this reason, you should select a scraping tool that provides reliable customer support to ensure your concerns are easily catered to.

In fact, it is better that you call the customer support team before purchasing the tool to make an informed decision.

5. Data Quality

The majority of data available online and on Walmart is unstructured, which means it has to be cleaned up and organized before it’s actually used.

This is why you should select a web scraping tool that provides sufficient features to clean the data and put it in a structure.

Keep in mind that the data quality will directly influence the data analysis, so pay attention.

How to Scrape Product Data from Walmart

Walmart scraping is all about using the right web scraper tool that can be utilized for extracting data from the official Walmart stores (the eCommerce stores).

This sounds pretty easy, but it’s a limited practice.

This is because Walmart doesn’t officially allow data scraping from the platform, which is why it has implemented anti-spam systems. 

These anti-spam systems are designed for detecting and blocking web scraper tools from accessing the platform.

Generally, it utilizes IP blocking features and tracking features.

In addition to IP tracking, it has the capacity of tracking cookies for blocking the tools from accessing the content. 

However, this happens when you use low-quality scraper tools, but the ones mentioned above will help you extract data from Walmart pretty easily.

In addition, the high-quality Walmart scraper tools are designed with proxy models for trespassing IP tracking. 

These proxies work on rotating different IP addresses, which allows the users to go past the request limits without getting blocked as requests are made from multiple IP addresses, and all of them are different.

It is important to add that manual data scraping from Walmart can be extremely tedious, which is why the data scraper tools are utilized.

The majority of these data scrapers come with instructions regarding setup and how to use the scraper rather than you having to figure out everything manually. 

In addition, you will know all the scraping charges upfront, which eliminates the chances of hidden charges.

This is why it’s essential to choose a high-quality data scraping tool to extract data from Walmart rather than depending on low-quality and free tools.

What Is Extracted By The Walmart Scraper Tools?

Walmart scraper tools work on extracting different types of data from the eCommerce website of Walmart, such as prices, product ratings, and shipping information.

1. Prices

A web scraper helps users collect information about the product prices, which helps set the best prices for the products while keeping a sufficient profit margin.

In addition, some tools allow the users to compare the extracted prices with other competitor websites.

2. Product Rating

A scraper tool has the capacity to check product ratings and reviews. According to research, Walmart has more than 270 million customers every week, which makes it challenging to determine the quality of products.

However, the scraper tools can skim through the information and find reviews about similar products to determine if they are worth purchasing or not.

3. Shipping Information

While Walmart offers one-day shipping and two-day shipping options, not all products are eligible for such quick shipping.

This is why a scraping tool can help determine shipping details about different products to help other businesses set the shipping estimates accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Walmart is one of the biggest and most popular stores, and they have also gained popularity among users to prefer online shopping as they have designed web portals.

They offer an extensive range of products at the most affordable price, which is why people prefer to purchase products from Walmart. 

However, if you want to operate an eCommerce business and want to sell Walmart products, you need important product data, which can be accessed with the best Walmart scraper tool.

That’s to say because Walmart scraper tools help monitor the prices, product information, and reviews to ensure you are making profitable decisions. 

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