Best VPN for Expats

3 Best VPN for Expats in 2024

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

3 Best VPN for Expats in 2024

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023


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The best VPN for Expats in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordVPN!

A VPN is a basic requirement if a user works outside of his home country or enjoys traveling and visiting new places.

The basic reason for doing so is that each country has its internet policies and regulations, which may or may not meet the needs of the user.

For example, you may be unable to upload your investigative article, use Snapchat, browse tinder, call over WhatsApp, join a cloud-based gaming server, or watch your favorite series while visiting Cuba, Oman, Saudi Arabia, or other countries.

In all of these circumstances, you have only one option: use the best VPN.

However, keep in mind that not every VPN can be considered the best because there are certain parameters that each VPN must meet to achieve this position.

Speed, privacy protection, robust security, unlimited downloads, a massive server fleet, operations in various parts of the world, excellent customer support, large device compatibility, and platform support are examples of these parameters.

You may now be wondering which VPNs meet all of these requirements.

If you are having difficulty deciding on the best candidate, don’t worry because we are here to help.

We have conducted extensive research and will recommend some of the best VPNs that have all of the qualities that an Expat or digital nomad could desire.

All you have to do is keep reading this post, and the rest is up to us.

By the end of this blog post, you should be able to determine which VPN can meet all of your requirements.

Best VPN For Expats in 2024

Being an Expat is not easy, as you must sacrifice many things, such as leaving your family behind, not being able to easily obtain your favorite foods, and missing your freedom to use the internet.

Although we cannot compensate for your loneliness or food needs, we can assist you in selecting the best VPN, which will eventually give you the freedom to browse the internet as you wish.

The VPNs listed below can help you browse the internet freely.

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN

1. NordVPN


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Whether you are working in the Middle East, Europe, or even Norway, NordVPN is the tool that can work for you everywhere because it has a presence in over 60 locations and over 5000 servers that are operational day and night.

All of its servers are outfitted with cutting-edge security features, making it a one-stop shop for all of your security and privacy requirements.

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  • NordVPN is the industry leader (by a long way)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Superfast speeds
  • 5,442+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Next-generation military-grade encryption
  • DoubleVPN, double privacy
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: Safety, security, anonymity & peace of mind
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad & iOS, Linux, routers, Apple TV, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

👉 Get NordVPN FREE!

These security features include an excellent AES-256-bit encryption mechanism that keeps your data extremely private, a kill switch that provides security even in the event of intermittent disconnection, and protection against DNS poisoning and IP leaks.

With this VPN, you don’t have to worry about your privacy when using an open Wi-Fi connection in a restaurant, mall, airport, or other public places.

That is, if you are working remotely and need to access your official or home network, you can do so without fear of being scammed or hacked by a notorious user.

NordVPN not only assists you in your official work but also in meeting all of your entertainment needs.

With this VPN, you can connect to any gaming server that has a low latency requirement and a low ping rate.

Additionally, you can search for content on platforms such as Netflix, Flixtor, Tubi, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and many others.

NordVPN is a Panama-based tool that has a reputation for keeping its users’ secrets safe.

As a result, this fantastic VPN implemented ram disk-based servers that cannot store any of your personal information under any circumstances.

NordVPN achieves two goals at the same time with the help of these ram-disk servers.

The first is its strict adherence to its no-logging policy, and the second is that these ram disk servers allow NordVPN to provide quick results.

This tool’s speed is fueled not only by ram disk servers but also by top-tier tunneling protocols such as Nordlynx, OpenVpn, iKEv2, Wireguard, and others.

All of these mechanisms allow you to browse your favorite shows and download or upload any movie from any torrent site without experiencing any network hiccups or lags.

While you are outside of your country, this VPN is the tool that allows you to access all of the content that you were browsing in your hometown, as well as go further by watching any movie or show from around the world.

For all Expats working in countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others that have gone to great lengths to block VPN traffic, NordVPN is a lifesaver because it offers an exclusive obfuscation mode that converts your VPN traffic to normal traffic.

The best part about using this VPN is that it is almost universally available on any device running any operating system, including Amazon Fire, Windows, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Android, and others.

You only need to subscribe to one of its premium plans, which are available in a variety of options.

Remember that with its premium plan, you will not only receive all of the amazing features, but you will also receive round-the-clock support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark


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While working or traveling abroad, you have few options for entertainment because sightseeing, going to malls, watching a game, and other similar activities can be expensive.

All you have left is your home internet connection, but what if this connection is also being monitored or controlled by any government or non-government entity?

👉 Try Surfshark FREE

  • Surfshark is the best budget VPN
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: private browsing on a budget
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iOS, Linux, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

In this situation, you can use a VPN tool like Surfshark, which can handle all of your digital needs without becoming a victim of phishing, social engineering, or any other type of cyber-attack.

It provides 3200 ram disk servers and operates from multiple locations around the world, so you can always have one of its servers at your disposal, no matter where you are.

Its simple interface allows you to connect to the most relevant and less busy server with a single click, but this does not preclude you from connecting to your preferred server.

If you want to connect to any of your desired locations or servers, all you have to do is select it from its user-friendly interface, which requires no technical knowledge.

Surfshark, which originated in the British Virgin Islands, is very concerned with protecting its users’ privacy.

As a result, it takes every precaution to keep you safe from the prying eyes of external entities such as hackers, ISPs, network administrators, the government, and law enforcement agencies.

It not only protects you from external entity monitoring, but it also protects user privacy.

It maintains a strict no-logging policy for this purpose, which may be why it has implemented ram disk servers.

As we all know, ram disk servers not only protect our privacy but also provide immediate results for all of our internet activities, such as buffer-free streaming, instant download and upload over P2P networks, and joining a cloud-based gaming platform.

Being an Expat or a digital nomad comes with many challenges, one of which is security, but if you use Surfshark, you won’t have to worry about that.

As it protects your digital footprint with cutting-edge technological advancements such as unrivaled encryption, Tor over VPN, split tunneling, kill switch, No border mode, and more.

As a result, you can watch your next movie, play your favorite game, or download any torrent without worrying about technical glitches, buffers, jitters, or outages.

All you have to do is subscribe to its premium plan, which grants you access to stress-free browsing across an unlimited number of devices, whether they run Microsoft, Linux, Apple, or another operating system.

If you have a problem, you can get immediate assistance from its helpful customer service department through a variety of mediums.

In a nutshell, it is a must-have tool for combating modern-day internet threats.

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

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It is simply not possible to discuss the best free VPN for expats without mentioning Atlas VPN.

It is one of the few VPN service providers capable of unblocking any type of geo-restricted content.

Although it has a small footprint in comparison to its competitors, Atlas VPN prioritizes quality of service over quantity of servers.

👉 Get Atlas VPN FREE

  • Atlas VPN is the best free VPN
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • 750 servers in 40+ locations
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: people seeking a freemium VPN
  • Compatible with: Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone & iOS, Android TV, Fire TV Stick

That is why they only have 750 servers operating from 45+ locations.

However, they have intelligently placed all of their servers so that their customers never feel deprived of security and privacy coverage.

Although Atlas VPN provides its customers with a variety of subscription plans, there are occasionally discounted offers that are quite appealing to users.

Nonetheless, it brings its free offering to the table.

You may be wondering why, if a VPN provider provides free service, any user will choose to purchase its premium plan.

So, the simple answer is that its free plan is a marketing strategy used to attract more customers by giving them an idea of its services.

However, this free service has limitations, such as limiting the number of physical locations, devices, and bandwidth, which you will not find in the premium plan.

Its premium plan grants you full access to all geo-restricted content, fast browsing, and connectivity to any peer-to-peer network.

So, whether you have multiple devices at home or in the office, one subscription plan is sufficient to support them all and unlock any app or service.

The best part is that it also provides a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, which you can use if you are dissatisfied with its services, but this will never happen because it has everything that its customers need.

What Criteria Do We Use for Selecting the Best VPN?

Choosing one VPN from thousands is a difficult task.

However, because your data and its security are heavily reliant on the services of the best VPN, picking one at random is not a wise decision.

That is why we have compiled a list of criteria that assist us in selecting a few VPNs from thousands as the Best VPNs for Expats.

These are the requirements:


When choosing a VPN, it is critical to keep the users’ privacy in mind.

That is, the VPN should be located in a location that is not controlled by nine eyes or any other entity.

It makes no sense for a tool designed to protect your privacy to give your personal information to a third party.


When choosing a VPN, it is important to consider its reputation and popularity among users; this is why we have included VPNs on the list that have strong security and privacy footprints.

Although there are numerous other VPNs on the market, using any random tool may jeopardize your privacy by selling your personal information or equipping your browser with tracking cookies.

Server Fleet

Because any VPN can provide security and privacy services through its servers, it is critical to select a tool with a strong standing and fully capable servers that allow users to get their desired results from anywhere.

Encryption Mechanism

Encryption is important in ensuring the security and privacy of a user’s data stream because it converts your data into gibberish so that data integrity is maintained during transmission, and no one can access your personal information.


It is a parameter that not every VPN can maintain while providing the highest level of security because reaching the highest level of security causes the VPN to slow down.

However, the best VPN gives you the best of both worlds by providing top-notch security while maintaining speed through features such as futuristic tunneling protocols, ram disk server implementation, and selecting the shortest path to resolve your queries.


Why Should I Use a VPN for Browsing the Internet Outside My Country?

A VPN can help you with a variety of activities, including accessing geo-restricted content on streaming platforms, browsing the internet without buffering, keeping your data private, and downloading torrents without being hacked.

Why No Logging Policy of A VPN Is Important for Any Expat?

A VPN protects us from external entities by providing security, privacy, and anonymity; however, what if it sells all of our data to government agencies, marketing firms, and a variety of other entities?

As a result, it is critical to select a VPN with a strong reputation for not logging or sharing your data with any third party.

Which VPNs Are Best for Expats?

VPNs with top-tier security features, lightning-fast speeds, and origins in privacy-friendly countries are the best options for any Expat or digital nomad.

You will not only gain the best security and privacy with these tools, but you will also have the assurance that your data will be safe.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


Working outside of your home country or traveling to various locations is common these days.

People are always looking for new opportunities outside of their home countries.

However, this experience becomes stressful if you come into contact with stringent internet policies or become a victim of any entity’s snooping eyes.

👉 Get NordVPN’s FREE Trial

Any Expat could benefit from the best VPN in this situation.

However, because there are so many on the market, you must choose them wisely.

To address this issue, we have compiled a list of the top VPN for expats available.

So, all you have to do is choose one of them and enjoy unlimited internet access as an Expat.

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