Best VPN for Australia

5 Best VPN for Australia in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 13, 2023
Last Updated: June 13, 2023

5 Best VPN for Australia in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 13, 2023
Last Updated: June 13, 2023


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In a hurry?
The best VPN for Australia in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordVPN!

If you’re packing your bags for Australia, then there is one essential item that you shouldn’t forget at all: using the best Australia VPN service.

So you may be wondering why you should install a VPN on your device while in Australia.

There are plenty of advantages to using a good VPN on your smart device.

A VPN can safeguard you from unwanted ads, online marketing, hackers, and government authorities collecting your data.

Also, it helps you to unlock streaming sites that are restricted in certain countries. 

Best VPN for Australia 2024

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Private Internet Access

1. NordVPN


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NordVPN provides the fastest VPNs that have extensive coverage in over 60 countries.

It easily unblocks all major streaming sites and keeps no records of your data anywhere. As per our testing, NordVPN works well in Australia.

It supports devices that work on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc., and has compatible apps for Firestick, Smart TV, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc.

NordVPN works based on its strong 256-bit AES encryption along with OpenVPN, NordLynx, and IKEv2. You can easily connect 5 simultaneous devices with NordVPN.

👉 Get NordVPN FREE!

  • NordVPN is the industry leader (by a long way)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Superfast speeds
  • 5,442+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Next-generation military-grade encryption
  • DoubleVPN, double privacy
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: Safety, security, anonymity & peace of mind
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad & iOS, Linux, routers, Apple TV, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

👉 Get NordVPN FREE!

Based on our testing, NordVPN can unblock Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney plus, etc.

Without much effort, the streaming quality is satisfactory.

NordVPN offers advanced security features to secure your identity from online intruders and marketing schemes while in Australia.

The advanced Kill Switch feature of NordVPN will instantly disconnect you from the network if the VPN connection is dropped. NordVPN offers privacy for downloads.

The Split Tunneling feature allows you to enjoy the local application that doesn’t need a VPN while you can still use NordVPN for streaming blocked channels.

The Double VPN creates additional security layers to your session.

NordVPN retains the lost session using the IKEv2 protocol and maintains the connection using the IPSec protocol.

We don’t hesitate to recommend NordVPN as the best VPN for Australia.

It can easily unblock all major streaming sites, including foreign Netflix libraries.

The security features are advanced and fault-proof. NordVPN has specific servers for P2P, streaming, and torrenting.

It is not under the jurisdiction of five eyes, nine eyes, and fourteen eyes. However, the premium subscription renewal is a bit costly compared to its rivals.

But since the quality of NordVPN is unmatched, you can proceed to install the VPN on your devices without confusion.

2. Surfshark


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Surfshark allows you to pay for its subscription using Bitcoin.

It comes with military-grade AES-256-bit encryption used by top agencies.

There are more than 3200 servers available for Surfshark.

It has roots in 65+ countries with high-speed servers. It collects certain details from your internet usage while you are connected to the VPN.

The details collected are used to enhance the performance of the VPN to make the best out of your internet session. Surfshark is best for unblocking Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc.

👉 Try Surfshark FREE

  • Surfshark is the best budget VPN
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: private browsing on a budget
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iOS, Linux, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

Even though Surfshark uses some of your details to improve the user experience, it ensures that no records are stored in their database.

Surfshark VPN offers prompt customer support with the help of customer service experts. It has 24/7 live chat support to resolve all your doubts regarding installations, updates, and fixes.

Surfshark is the best cheap VPN choice since it supports all major online gaming sites without compromising server speed and quality if you are a gamer and looking for a VPN to play online games while in Australia.

Surfshark provides you with high-quality features at affordable yearly rates. A single Surfshark subscription can support all of your smart devices.

Even though some people misuse this cool feature, we believe Surfshark has done an excellent job providing unlimited support.

The Surfshark Nexus feature enables a connection with the whole network instead of connecting to a single server.

The Double VPN feature allows multiple VPNs to the connection to ensure additional security to your network.

The advanced Kill Switch can protect you from getting caught by the ISP during a connection drop.

As you can see, Surfshark offers plenty of features at an affordable rate and delivers high-quality customer support, and it is definitely a top pick for Australia.

Surfshark app is easy to install and use. The user interface is simple to operate, even for beginners.

Some of the other cool features include AdBlocker, NoBorders Mode, Camouflage Mode, etc.

Also, it supports 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, on the other side, we rarely saw that the Kill Switch sometimes works late and can cause security issues.

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

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The next VPN on our list is Atlas VPN. It was launched in 2019 and has gained popularity in the market due to its integrity and features. Atlas VPN is currently available in 40+ countries.

According to the numbers, it has more than 750 servers worldwide. Atlas VPN is still in its initial phase.

As you can see, the server count is not so big compared to the rest of the VPNs on our list.

But still, AtlasVPN made this list due to the quality of servers and features it has to offer. It offers the fastest WireGuard protocol and strictly follows a no-log policy.

👉 Get Atlas VPN FREE

  • Atlas VPN is the best free VPN
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • 750 servers in 40+ locations
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: people seeking a freemium VPN
  • Compatible with: Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone & iOS, Android TV, Fire TV Stick

Atlas VPN never stores your IP address, network details, or personal data.

Atlas VPN started as a mobile-only VPN. After understanding the market requirements, it extended its roots to other platforms.

Now, Atlas VPN is used on platforms such as iOS, macOS, Amazon Fire TV, Windows, Android TV, etc.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for testing all the premium features before purchasing the yearly plan.

We generally do not recommend free VPNs, however, in this case we vote Atlas VPN as the best free VPN for Australia.

Interestingly the free version of Atlas VPN also provides many features (geo-location unblocking, unlimited data cap, etc., are not available).

But our research found out that if you are looking for a flexible VPN, then you should consider buying the premium Atlas VPN instead of using the free version.

AtlasVPN premium subscription protects your device with advanced 256-bit high-security encryption.

It is supported by IPSec/IKEv2 tunneling protocol and secures your device with built-in 2-factor authentication.

It has a Kill Switch feature that blocks anyone trying to backtrack your identity during a connection drop.

Some of the online reviews show that AtlasVPN can even bring down the firewalls of China.

However, AtlasVPN is located in the US, which means it is still under the jurisdiction of five eyes.

4. ExpressVPN


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If you want a VPN with plenty of servers globally, we suggest using ExpressVPN.

It has more than 3000 servers distributed in 94+ countries. According to the official website, it has servers in 160+ locations.

The headquarters of ExpressVPN is in the British Virgin Islands.

Since it is not under the jurisdiction of five eyes, nine eyes, and fourteen eyes, you can choose ExpressVPN without doubting. ExpressVPN is home to a bundle of cool features.

It is built upon 256-AES encryption packed with a 4096-bit RSA certificate. The VPN supports OpenVPN, Lightway, IKEv2, TCP, etc.

ExpressVPN agrees not to keep traces of user data that can backtrack to you even if a leak occurs.

The Split Tunneling feature becomes handy when you want to use an app that needs your actual location details while enjoying the VPN’s geo-restricted streaming.

ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy all its features in 30 days. You can either choose to stay or leave the platform after 30 days of premium subscription.

And it will refund your money if you are not interested in the VPN during the 30 days.

ExpressVPN provides you support for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

You can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, etc., when you are in Australia.

Kape Technologies bought ExpressVPN, and they have millions of subscribers actively using its various products.

But, Kape Technologies has a bad name in the market for distributing malware. So some experts fear that the VPN may control user data.

Also, the VPN cannot give access to more than 5 simultaneous connections.

Since there are VPNs that offer unlimited connections, ExpressVPN must rethink some of its features to regain its popularity.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Recommended Guide: Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access offers its service in more than 80 countries. But you will be surprised to know that there are 35000 PIA servers worldwide.

PIA gets further interesting if you are considering a long-term commitment. The one-year and three-year subscription plans of PIA ask for less than $5 per month.

PIA unblocks Netflix (not Canada or Japan version), Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, etc.

The advanced AES-256 encryption based on RSA-2096 handshake ciphers protects your device from almost all kinds of cyber attacks. 

Since PIA can be customized according to user requirements, it can be used as a top tier VPN anywhere.

PIA has plenty of features in its app.

The Split Tunneling feature can support you to access restricted content using VPN servers while at the same time you can utilize services from location-dependent apps on your device.

You can easily access restricted websites in Australia using the Smart DNS feature.

The advanced Kill Switch feature of PIA can protect you from the ISP in detecting your identity in case of a network error.

PIA also provides a Proxy feature, which secures your connection with additional layers of protection. Certain VPNs don’t provide support for Linux.

But the Linux app of PIA is advanced and user-friendly.

The Port Forwarding feature of PIA allows you to control remote devices. PIA provides a 30 days money-back offer before buying the premium subscription.

One downside of PIA is its location. Since the company is based in Colorado in the US(part of Five eyes), the authorities can monitor it at any time.

Also, the VPN is still publically unaudited. Some experts still doubt the integrity of the PIA VPN since it is owned by Kape Technologies( owner of CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and ZenMate).

How to Choose the Best VPN

A good VPN can protect your devices from unwanted monitoring by the Australian government, and you may enjoy being anonymous over the internet.

So now you know that a VPN is essential when you are in Australia.

Let us check some of the key points that we should consider before picking up an Australia VPN provider. 

  • VPN should be fast and should offer lag-free streaming
  • Server locations distributed worldwide
  • VPN with high-end encryption algorithms
  • More than 5 simultaneous connections
  • Extensive customer care using live chat support
  • No log policy and advanced security features

If you follow all these criteria while choosing a VPN, you can easily shortlist a few good services.

However, picking up the best from a vast collection of VPNs available in the market is time-consuming and requires hard work.

That’s why we have analyzed and shortlisted the best VPNs for Australia above based on our deep research.

How to Use a VPN for Australia

We hope you are now confident and ready to install a VPN on your device.

If you are confused about how to perform the installation, we can guide you with some of the common steps.

  • Choose your VPN based on your requirement. We recommend NordVPN. So go to and click on Start Now button.
  • Now, you can see different subscription packages. We suggest you try the one-month package first. Since it has a 30-day money-back offer, you can stop the subscription and get a refund during that time. After one month, we recommend you try one-year or two-year plans.
  • Once you complete the subscription process, download the app to your device. The download app can be different based on the platform you are using. The version and download platform name will be displayed under the Download button.
  • The next step is to install the application from your device after downloading it. Make sure you have an active internet connection during installation.
  • After installation, click open the app and choose the server. If you choose Australia, you can enjoy all Australia-based streaming. 
  • That’s it! NordVPN now protects you while you enjoy your show.


Why Should You Avoid Free VPNs?

Free VPNs are easily available in the market. It’s just one click away from getting installed on your device.

So you might be wondering whether it’s a good decision to use a free VPN.

Well, we suggest not to use free VPNs.

Free VPNs will not provide advanced features that can unblock geo-restrictions, unlimited data caps, server selections, etc.

It can limit the internet speed and sometimes install malware to your device without you getting noticed.

The security features of free VPNs are not satisfactory. Some reports suggest free VPNs collect user data to generate revenue.

Will a VPN Help You to Improve Your Connection Speeds?

A VPN is not meant to speed up your internet connection. The primary use of a VPN is to add protection to your device from cyber-attacks.

Sometimes, your internet speed can be affected when you use a VPN to watch online streaming, gaming, or downloading content.

The ISP can reduce your speed if it finds out the presence of a VPN on your device.

So it would help if you chose a premium VPN that doesn’t affect the internet speed.

Is Using a VPN in Australia Legal?

You can install and enjoy the features of a VPN in Australia without fearing any legal actions.

VPNs can protect your device from external breaches while using a network in Australia.

But make sure you are not utilizing the VPN features for the wrong cause.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


As you have gone through the 5 best VPN Australia services, we hope you have selected one from them.

A VPN can always protect your device from third-party apps, ads, malware, and hackers.

👉 Get NordVPN’s FREE Trial

So experts recommend using a premium VPN on your device, especially when you use public Wifi, unsecured websites, online gaming, streaming, etc.

You can conduct detailed research related to your device to pick the best Australian VPN service.

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