uMobix Vs. Bark

uMobix vs Bark Comparison 2024: Which is Better?

Published on: April 11, 2024
Last Updated: April 11, 2024

uMobix vs Bark Comparison 2024: Which is Better?

Published on: April 11, 2024
Last Updated: April 11, 2024

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About 75% of children under 8 years in the United States have access to smart devices and visit the internet.

It is evident that during internet visits, they may encounter X-rated pictures, violence, and much more.

If this is your fear concerning your children and their devices, you’re not alone, and your fear is valid. 

uMobix and Bark are parental control apps. They serve to protect children from harmful internet content.

This is done by limiting their screen time, blocking inappropriate content, and much more. Besides, they are both monitoring apps that can be used to keep tabs on your spouse.

The apps let you in on their call logs, location, and more.

uMobix Vs Bark Comparison

A uMobix Vs Bark comparison has to be explored because of rising debates on which apps offer better services.

It has already been established that both are parental control apps. They have similar features but are also individually unique. 

With the help of these apps, you have real-time insight into your child’s or loved one’s digital footprint. 



Let’s take a quick look at uMobix. The key features and peculiarities of the App will be reviewed.

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Key Features

uMobix is a monitoring app that you can use as a parent to shield your children while they access the net. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Some of the features that uMobix boasts of include

  • GPS tracking
  • Detailed call logs and call history
  • Keylogger
  • Browser history
  • Click to block features
  • Social Media activity and messages blocking

Detailed Call Logs And Call History

From your uMobix dashboard, you can access all incoming and outgoing calls. Besides the calls, you can also view the Caller IDs of the caller and the duration of the call.

The call data is arranged well such that the latest calls come before the later ones.

You can also block numbers directly on the app. This would prevent them from contacting your child or spouse. 

Click-To-Block Features

Monitoring apps usually have the option of letting you see who your child has been calling or texting. 

The uMobix app not only lets you view calls and texts but also allows you to block callers. It also prevents people from sending messages to the phone user. 

Social Media Monitoring

You may think that using uMobix gives you access to just calls and SMSs of the phone user. The app allows you to access the social media apps of the phone user.

Some social media apps you can tweak with uMobix include Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. 

uMobix monitors social media apps by taking screenshots of the user’s phone. It does this every 5-6 seconds.

In this way, it keeps you up to speed on what your child or spouse is up to. 


uMobix Keylogger

What is a monitoring app if it doesn’t have the keylogger feature?

One of the most cherished features of uMobix is the keylogger feature.

This feature on uMobix goes beyond the routine recording of the keystrokes made on the user’s device. It shows all the texts, links, or numbers copied to the clipboard. 

With the keylogger feature, you can find out hidden passwords and more. 

GPS Tracking

uMobix GPS Location

This section of our uMobix Vs Bark comparison focuses on GPS tracking.

Some people also desire to track the whereabouts of their children. Not only their current location but also where they were before that.

uMobix offers this option. It helps you track your spouse or child’s live location. And it shows you their location history. 

Browser History

uMobix Browsing History

uMobix app soothes your curiosity as regards the internet footprints of your child or spouse. It makes it possible for you to see what they browse on their phones.

You have access to their frequently visited sites, browser history, and deleted history. With uMobix, there’s no hiding. 



At this point in the comparison, we will briefly examine Bark. 

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Key Features

The Bark app is a parental control app. It allows you to access the digital footprints of your spouse or children.

You can see what they view online and how much time they spend on the phone. Not only that, but you can also block their access to specific visuals and information online.  

Some of the features that the app boasts of include

  • Social Media Accounts Monitoring
  • Requests for Check-In from the Phone user
  • Content filters
  • Customizable Sensitivity Setting
  • Screen time management

Social Media Accounts MonitoringBark

Bark App

With Bark, you can monitor your child or spouse’s social media accounts. It covers several social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

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Before using Bark to monitor, you must first log into the social media account you want to monitor and get it configured. 

When there is a drop in the account frequency, Bark alerts you on your dashboard. This shows the possibility of another account being created, especially with another email address unrecognizable to Bark. 

Requests For Check-In from Phone User


One of the downsides of Bark is that there are no GPS monitoring features. To make up for that, the App has a check-in feature.

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You can select the check option from your phone’s dashboard, and the user’s location is automatically visible to you. 

You can also ask for check-in. And if the user responds, you can view their location. You can find the location on Google maps.

Filtering Of Content


If you use Bark as a monitoring app, especially for children, you will automatically be notified about inappropriate behavior. 

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There are up to 32 different programs that Bark can be synced to. They include but are not limited to games, email servers, browsers, and social media apps. 

When using the Bark parental control program, certain words and emojis trigger your alarm. Many words are flagged as sensitive and trigger your alarm when your child uses them. 

On their Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers, the incognito mode can also be accessed by Bark. 

Email monitoring is also carried out, and such sensitive words are checked. The attached files in the emails are also scrutinized. 

Customizable Sensitivity Setting


As previously established in this review, sensitive words and emojis are flagged. The Bark app flags this sensitive content.

They send you alerts to let you in on what’s going on. There are, however, chances that some of the “sensitive” words or emojis may be harmless.

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This is where the customizable sensitivity setting comes in.

You can customize the app and pick the alerts you want to receive. This prevents you from getting worked up over harmless words or pictures.

The alerts you receive will be only for the preferences you made in your customization. 

uMobix Vs Bark Comparison: Which Is Better?

Finding the better app between uMobix and Bark may be a little tricky. Both apps may be vaguely similar, but they also have unique features.

  • They both give you access to the world of your children. It lets you know what they are up to with their phones.
  • They help filter the content your kids have access to. You can filter topics and prompts like drug abuse, violence, sexual images, etc. 
  • You have access to their browser history, including deleted history.

There are areas of this comparison that show that one of the apps would be better than the other.

  • Bark has a more customizable setting that allows you to choose the words or images to bring to your notice. 
  • uMobix, unlike Bark, has a GPS tracking system. It fills you in on the whereabouts of your child or loved one. It also gives you a history of where they have been. 
  • uMobix, also unlike Bark, has the click-to-block feature. Besides seeing the person your child had been calling or texting, you can block them directly from the dashboard. This serves as protection against predators and scammers. 
  • Bark does not have the keylogger feature that uMobix has. With this feature, nothing is hidden from you. All the links and passwords and anything copied to the clipboard are visible for you to see. 
  • Although Bark offers a free trial, they still request your credit card details. 
  • The price for uMobix is higher than that of Bark. 

After a thorough look at uMobix vs Bark, it is safe to say that uMobix is better than Bark.

The features and invisibility make it a much better app. The technology is also more advanced than that of Bark. 

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

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The choice of the app to use is ultimately yours. You can read through and find the best features, cost, and coverage for you.

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Another important factor is also discretion while you are at it.

Finally, the most crucial take-home of this uMobix Vs Bark comparison is the option you have to protect your child.

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