10+ Best Tweet Deleter Tools to Delete All Tweets

10+ Best Tweet Deleter Tools to Delete All Tweets in 2024

Published on: May 18, 2024
Last Updated: May 18, 2024

10+ Best Tweet Deleter Tools to Delete All Tweets in 2024

Published on: May 18, 2024
Last Updated: May 18, 2024

In a hurry?
The best tweet deleter tool to delete all tweets in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Circleboom!

We all know that feeling when you wake up one day and realize your Twitter feed has turned into a never-ending stream of negativity.

You’ve been following the wrong people, or maybe there are just too many tweets coming in for you to sift through. Either way, it can be overwhelming, making you want to quit the site for good. 

Thankfully, there are tools out there that will make deleting tweets super easy, so you don’t have to go through each tweet individually. Who knows what kind of gems could be hidden in those old tweets! Well, worry not.

We have compiled a list of the best tweet deleter tools so that you don’t have to spend hours trying out different ones. Read on!

What Does A Tweet Deleter Entail?

A ‘Tweet Deleter’ is the perfect tool for deleting all old tweets.

If you want to delete a few, manually go on your account and do it there; but if you’re looking to get rid of all of them at once, then with Tweet deleter tools, this process will be quick and easy!

If you are looking for a way to clear up space on your Twitter account, the easiest solution is deleting old tweets.

In this article, we have compiled our favorite tools that will help make it happen!

The Benefits of Tweet Deleting Tools

Tweet deleter tools

The tweet delete tool is the best way to erase all your tweets and undo any potential regrets of posting something in a fit of anger or boredom.

It’s also good if you want to make sure no one can see what you’ve been up to on social media because it erases everything! Below are some of the advantages of the tweet deleting tool.

  • You will be able to delete present or older tweets on Twitter.
  • You have the chance to delete at least 3200 Tweets from your account at once without wasting time doing it one by one.
  • Search results can be saved for future use.
  • You can manage several accounts since you have the Tweet deleting tool to erase any undesirable tweet.
  • Tweet deleting tools doesn’t send spam messages like other apps as it respects your privacy.
  • Data are kept for future use, which is a unique value offering compared to other apps so that you can use the data later. You can save your tweets for a later view.
  • Find your old tweets easily using date, time, media, or keyword search.

How to Delete All Your Tweets in 2024

Deleting your tweet is straightforward with these tips:

Step #1: Ensure you are logged in to your Twitter account or the account your wish to delete its tweet. Then, open your account to delete your desired tweets.

Step # 2: Next, choose your desired Tweet deleter and visit the website. A prompt will appear on the screen for you to click on the “Authorize access” option. Once you are authorized to continue, you will access your Twitter account in a few minutes. 

Step #3: To delete tweets, click on the “Authorize app” option. Next, check and click on all the Tweets you intend to get rid of and confirm your selection; it should become active in a few minutes. All your tweets will be deleted in a few minutes.

Step #4: When you are done with deleting, an option pops on your screen with the phrase” Restore access,” click on this option to deny the tweet deleters further access to your Twitter account.

Best Tweet Deleter Tools To Delete All Tweets

1. Circleboom – The Best Tweet Deleter

Circleboom - delete all old tweets

Circleboom is an all-in-one solution for managing your Twitter account. It provides a set of valuable tools to make it easier and faster than ever before to delete any or all of your tweets with one click, using their powerful search engine that enables you to find the specific tweet in question quickly.

Circleboom offers an ultimate all-in-one solution for deleting your tweets, replies, and retweets. With just a single click, you can declutter your old Twitter messages that are unwanted or no longer relevant to you today. Some of the unique features of Circleboom include:

Search With Date Range:

It allows you to get rid of old tweets history using a date range, which entails deleting your old tweets filtering with their sent dates.

Search With Free-text:

You can search and get rid of unwanted tweets using username keyword or hashtag search with this feature.

Search With Language:

A record of your language is kept to help improve the search for tweets sent in any specific language. So if there is a tweet you do not recognize, you can quickly delete them.

Circleboom Methods

Circleboom has a straightforward step to delete tweets. To delete your old tweets, you must first sign in through Twitter. Once signed up and logged in, head over the menu of My Tweets where some more options will be available for selection, such as Delete selected, or if you want to clear all at once, then select Delete All Tweets.

These steps are easy to follow, and they yield the desired result in permanently deleting old and unwanted tweets.

2. TweetDeleter


A TweetDeleter is one of the best and popular tweet deleting tools in the market that provides a user-friendly interface. It makes it effortless for you to use their dashboard, which will show all your tweets after authorization is complete.

For example, suppose you post any embarrassing or regretful Tweets during an emotional moment. 

In that case, clicking on Auto-Delete can help delete them every day at once so as not to have these sensitive posts on public display anymore. You also get located quickly where one particular post was tweeted from if needed with their search function! 

Aside from this, there are other extra features for the best results:

  • Rude Word Filter enables you to find the Tweets with the prohibitive and harsh language quickly.
  • Also, there is a Tweet type Filter for locating comments, likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Lastly, media filter for finding videos, pictures, as well as other visual content.

TweetDeleter Methods

Step 1: Get signed in to your Twitter account. You will see “delete many tweets with one click” on the homepage. Click on it.

Step 2: After clicking, a new window pops up which needs you to authorize the app. Click the “Authorize App” to commence the process.

Step 3: Here is the part of choosing the Tweets you intend to delete. You can select more than one at a time.

Step 4: Right at the page top, the “Delete Tweets” option pops up; go through the option and click on the “delete box.”

Kindly note that this action is irrevocable., so think twice before clicking the delete box. You won’t be able to undo what you have done at the last stage once the “Delete box” is clicked, as you have all your selected tweets permanently deleted.


  • Tweet Deleter comes in two-tier; Premium Tier, which lets you delete up to 30,000 tweets daily at $.99 per month.
  • You also have the Unlimited Tier, which allows you to delete unlimited Tweets daily as much as you want. The price for this is about $7.50 per month.

3. TweetDelete


TweetDelete is one of the best Tweet Deleting tools available because it allows you to delete up to five Tweets per day quickly and efficiently. It also lets you notify your followers about any deleted Tweets, while other sites might not offer these features.

TweetDelete is the best Tweet Deleting tool for deleting your Tweets quickly. It works faster than other tools and offers customization options to suit all of your needs.

TweetDelete Methods

The process is the same but faster when using TweetDelete, which has a simple setup. You need to uncheck what you want to be deleted and enter your password before activating the delete option – only if these are Tweets that you want to go forever, so make sure beforehand! In addition, they have free features and premium choices for those interested in upgrading their account with more benefits or needs on top of deleting tweets.

4. TweetEraser


To keep your social media accounts running smoothly, TweetEraser is the perfect app for you. It combines features from two of these programs: TweetDeleter and TweetDelete! You can find particular Tweets by typing related keywords or creating a traditional filter applied later on. 

This tool also allows you to access multiple accounts at once so that all are erased instantly without restriction with this program’s help! Some advanced features include syncing several accounts, which makes it very convenient for those who have personal Twitter and business-related ones.

TweetEraser Methods

Tweet Eraser is a tool for deleting tweets from an account. To use this method, follow the steps mentioned in this article and input your username or Tweet ID to erase old Tweets with it. 

There are two tiers: Standard erasers allow unlimited daily deletion of messages; however, restoring previous ones is impossible under that tier which costs $6.99 per month ($69 annually). On the other hand, Premium erasers have no restrictions on using all features and search filters at any time, but they cost more than the standard ones- costing you about $9 per month.

5. TwitWipe


TwitWipe is the ultimate tweeter’s to-do list, and it has an easy solution for those who want their feed clean. With a single click of your mouse, you can delete all Tweets from your account, not just some back-dated ones that will disappear in days or weeks but every last tweet on Twitter! It also offers features like cleaning up deleted tweets, so they don’t resurface when someone searches them later.

TwitWipe Methods

As previously mentioned, follow the process discussed earlier to delete all old tweets. Also, note that TwitWipe is free to use as no financial obligation is required.

6. Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser Methods

Yes, you heard right. The Twitter Archive Eraser is a new tool that helps you go beyond the tweet limit of 3200. In addition, as an archived account with no time limits on tweets – it will allow for all your old content to be deleted from the site’s servers and without any trace! What makes this product so incredible? 

Well, not only does it help get rid of those pesky over-zealous followers who keep retweeting or liking every single thing we post, but it also allows us to delete our posts before they’ve even had enough time to garner likes (and maybe have forgotten what was said).

With their Excel-like interface and powerful methods, it’s never been more simple than ever–you can filter through by type/media/keyword, etc.

Twitter Archive Eraser Methods

You can follow these steps to delete the tweets:

  • First Step: Direct Sign-in through OAuth via Twitter automatic authentication on the Twitter website. 
  • Second Step: Load your Twitter archive. 
  • Third Step: Search for tweets you intend to delete using specific dates, keywords, or user mentions
  • Finally, click the option to “Delete Tweets.” 


It’s easy to delete up to 1,000 of your tweets for free with Twitter Archive Erase. But if you’d like more advanced features and the ability to erase more than 2,000 per week or old content from 12+ years ago, there are three plans: Basic (2K/week/$9), Advanced ($19-$29) & Premium($49).

7. Twitlan


Twitlan offers a fast and effective way to delete multiple tweets at the same time. With 15 years of experience, Twitlan provides an excellent platform to filter and delete your tweets in just one click with instant speed! 

In addition, you can clean up all those embarrassing old messages on Twitter by selecting keywords or dates from this handy interface– no need to search through thousands of them like before. For added convenience, they provide step-by-step instructions that you can follow easily, even if it’s your first time using their services.

Twitlan Methods

This is a simple process like other ones mentioned above; sign in to your Twitter account via the Twitlan app, click on the “Authorization app” button, choose the tweets you intend to get rid of, and click the button. “Delete Tweets.” Note that using Twitlan is free.

8. DeleteAllMyTweets


The DeleteAllMyTweets tool makes it easy to delete thousands of tweets in one go without having to log in or install any software. Once you do, the posts cannot be undone and so always think twice before deleting your accounts’ history!

DeleteAllMyTweets Methods

The tweets deleting process is straightforward. First, ensure you are logged in to Twitter, authorize the app, select which tweet you want to be deleted, and then click the “Delete” button on that tab. Payment for this service is free!

9. Cardigan


Cardigan is a user-friendly interface that has the power to delete both tweets and Twitter likes from your account. It’s not only helpful for deleting posts you’ve made but also those messages or notifications you don’t want in your timeline anymore. 

In addition, you can use it to keep unnecessary content out of your feed so that when someone looks at what you’re up to on social media, they won’t see things like old Tweets about topics unrelated to their interests!

Cardigan Methods

Here are the simple steps to delete tweets:

  • Log-on to Twitter
  • Click on “Fetch from Twitter” to allow Cardigan to curate your most recent 3,200 tweets
  • Select the tweets you intend to delete
  • Click on the “Delete” button 

Cardigan has a free package for the first 3200 tweets deleted. However, those that delete more will be charged 99 cents per 10,000 tweets. 

What Next After Deleting My Old Tweets?

That is all; you have successfully deleted your unwanted tweets. First, however, it is necessary to sign in to your Twitter account to see that all is fine.

Here are a few things to note as well:

  • The bulk deletion could cause a bug on Twitter, which can only be resolved by Twitter support. So be err on the side of caution when deleting lots of tweets at a time.
  • The tools mentioned in this article are third-party applications, which have access to ‘read and write’ on your Twitter account. This is active until you revoke their access through the following steps, Profile and Settings > Apps and devices > Revoke access.


The best tweet deleter tools will allow you to delete all of your tweets. You can also use these tools when you want to start fresh with a new account or delete old tweets for privacy reasons.

However, be careful about using them too often because it’s easy to forget what has been deleted and lose content that would have otherwise had value. We hope you find the perfect tweet delete tool to delete all your tweets.

If not, be sure to follow our blog for updates on this article as we update it with more information and reviews of additional tools that may work best for you. Then, drop your view in the comment section below. Happy tweeting!

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