Best Third Party Instagram Apps

10 Best Third Party Instagram Apps for 2024 (Approved)

Published on: February 26, 2024
Last Updated: February 26, 2024

10 Best Third Party Instagram Apps for 2024 (Approved)

Published on: February 26, 2024
Last Updated: February 26, 2024


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The best third party Instagram app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Tailwind App!

While there are many useful third party Instagram apps, Instagram has a lot of rules and regulations about which third party apps can engage with their platform; they also implement restrictions on which tasks can include automation. 

Instagram automation for follower growth used to be a very popular task that people sought to implement on their platform, but over the years Instagram has decided that this hinders the user experience, and has changed their platform to deter third party Instagram apps that use automation from providing successful results. 

For that reason, there are many third party Instagram apps that no longer offer automation for follower growth, and if they do, you should use them with caution. 

We’ve created this go-to list of approved third party Instagram apps so that you don’t have to worry about going against the terms of use and you can implement tools that will actually help you to create a more versatile and effective Instagram strategy that enhances your engagement, social cred, and overall efficiency. 

Best Third Party Instagram Apps

  1. Tailwind App – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Kicksta
  3. Circleboom
  4. Nitreo
  5. Flick

1. Tailwind App — Instagram Analytics Tool 

Tailwind App

If you don’t know how your Instagram is performing, you’re unlikely to be able to make the necessary improvements to make it better. What’s more, you won’t know what’s working, so your whole strategy will be a long shot. 

Instagram insights is a valuable way to understand some general info about your Instagram performance, but Tailwind App makes it so much easier through their easy-to-read graphs and data reports, and even provides actionable tips to implement new strategies based on the findings. 

Tailwind App is an approved third party Instagram app, so you won’t have to worry about being flagged or having any issues on the platform. 

2. Kicksta — Manual Instagram Growth Tool 


While Instagram automation won’t work from third party Instagram apps, Kicksta has effectively removed automation from their business model to help facilitate Instagram growth done by hand. 

This means that Kicksta is a totally compliant third party Instagram service that you can trust to grow your Instagram following and reach more users through safe and manager-initiated engagements. 

When you sign up for Kicksta you get a dedicated account manager that will engage with users in your specific target audience, helping to generate more interest around your account and connect you with people who actually care about your content. 

Using Kicksta, you can save time and delegate your Instagram growth efforts to a trusted service, allowing you to use your time wisely and focus on your content strategy. 

3. Circleboom — Instagram Visual Scheduling Tool 

Circleboom Instagram Scheduling

Keeping a cohesive visual on your Instagram can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have things organized and can’t see how things are going to combine all together. 

Circleboom offers solutions not only for visually planning your content, but also for scheduling your content, as well as posting it automatically for single photo and video content pieces.

This type of automation is approved by Instagram, so Circleboom is a third party Instagram app that you can trust. 

Circleboom also offers help with, user-generated content, and more. 

4. Nitreo — Manual Instagram Growth Tool 

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo works similarly to Kicksta through fully-managed Instagram engagements, which means they’re also certified compliant with Instagram’s terms of use.

This is great if you need to reach more users in your target audience but don’t have the time investment to do it all yourself. 

Nitreo will assign you an account manager who will work on your Instagram growth; you’ll provide your targeting instructions and they’ll engage with users that fit the criteria, helping you to gain more real followers who will be interested in your content. 

Since engagement is the most important indicator of Instagram success, making sure you’re gaining real followers through a service like Nitreo is invaluable in keeping a healthy community and also enhancing business results. 

5. Flick — Instagram Hashtag & Analytics Tool


Hashtags are absolutely vital in getting your content seen by more people, so Flick is a powerful third party service that will help you to create optimal hashtag strategies and even organize them for easy posting. 

You can use the search feature on Flick to find the most relevant hashtags for your niche, find trending hashtags, and even see how your competitors are sizing up.

Once you generate your hashtags, you can create a variety of sets that keeps you organized and allows you to copy them all at once so you can post them easily. 

Long gone are the days of trying to invent hashtags that don’t get you results and then using less than desirable storage methods to remember which ones they were; Flick makes hashtags so easy and so convenient. 

6. Canva — Instagram Content Template Tool 


If you need some help with your graphic design, Canva is an awesome third party Instagram app that offers pre-made templates for Instagram posts, stories, Instagram story highlight album covers, as well as animated social media posts. 

There are thousands and thousands of templates to choose from, and they’re completely customizable.

If you need other templates for email, websites, and more, Canva also offers that. It’s a great way to keep your posts creative and have a consistent aesthetic on your profile. 

7. Planoly — Instagram Collaboration Tool 


Planoly is a third party Instagram app that allows you to collaborate with multiple team members on your Instagram; this app will help you to streamline all communication and keep your planning organized through the app. 

The user interface is really effective and easy to use; you can even assign roles to your collaborators and make sure that all of the necessary tasks are getting executed, quickly resolving any issues or doubts along the way through optimized communication. 

8. Hootsuite — Instagram Management Tool 


A tried-and-true Instagram management suite, Hootsuite has been a popular third-party Instagram app for quite some time.

You can use Hootsuite on other social media platforms as well, which makes it extra desirable if you have a cross-platform need. 

Hootsuite’s winning feature is the ability to have all of your communications in one place, which makes it easier to engage with your followers and users who are contacting you.

The dashboard is very user-friendly and allows you to view not only Instagram but any other social media platforms that you’re managing all in the same place. Talk about efficiency! 

9. MoreLikes — Instagram Engagement Tool 


Engagement, as we mentioned, is now the key factor in having a successful Instagram account, and it makes total sense: the more users that engage with your content, the more successful it is, and the more organic reach your content will have. 

MoreLikes is an approved third-party Instagram app that allows you to gain real likes on all of your new content.

MoreLikes automatically detects when you post new content, and they funnel real, authentic likes from their network of real followers so that your content performs better and you gain more social cred. 

You can decide how many likes you want to gain per post, and you can even adjust the speed at which they are delivered to your liking.

MoreLikes is a valuable third party Instagram app if you’re looking to build your credibility through likes. 

10. Sprout Social — Instagram Management Tool 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another trusted third party Instagram app that allows you to perform tasks across a variety of categories, including listening, engagement, publishing and scheduling, and analytics. 

They meet a variety of needs, including social management, customer care, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy.

You can also choose your service based on business type, and they have three categories for this: enterprise, small business, or agency. 

Sprout Social’s service is pretty comprehensive, so if you’re looking for an Instagram management platform that can help you across multiple tasks, Sprout Social is a good option for you, and it’s approved by Instagram. 

Final Thoughts 

Businesses, brands, influencers, and creators alike are looking for ways to help make their Instagram workflow more effective while seeing results in growth, both on Instagram itself as well as their own business growth. 

There are many third party Instagram apps that aren’t approved by Instagram, but all 10 on this list are safe and effective in providing you with vital support for your Instagram strategy.

Don’t be deterred from using tools just because some have been identified as ineffective or undesirable— there’s no reason why you can’t use your resources and take advantage of the tools that actually work with the Instagram terms of use like the ones on our list. 

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