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6 Best Supreme Proxies in 2024 (Reliable & Fast)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

6 Best Supreme Proxies in 2024 (Reliable & Fast)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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In a hurry?
The best Supreme proxies in 2024, as found in our independent testing, are from Oxylabs!

Why would you want Supreme proxies?

Well, perhaps you are tired of trying to buy more than one of your favorite supreme sneakers online but failed miserably?

Well, you might have noticed that without using proxies on Supreme sites, it’s a sure shot dead end for you. 

And the game completely changes when we talk about buying those limited-edition Supreme sneakers.

You can completely forget about owning a couple of pairs of these. 

You might have tried different proxies, too, and some of them might have worked. But you are not 100% sure about it all.

So, buying more than one of these sneakers will have to go for a reliable proxy. There are so many options to go for.

Some of them work, while others don’t. 

This guide will list the very best Supreme proxies that work with Supreme websites without getting caught.

Best Supreme Proxies 2024

  1. Oxylabs  – 🏆 Winner!
  2. BeeProxy
  3. Proxy-Seller
  4. Bright Data
  5. SmartProxy

1. Oxylabs


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Oxylabs has been one of the best options for Supreme proxies for a very long time. The service provides specializes in back connect proxies along with shared and dedicated proxies.

As a result, they are one of the best proxy providers on the market today. 

They claim that they have an IP pool of over 102 million with coverage in cities throughout the globe.

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They are highly responsive in sorting out any complaints or issues.

IPs in the pool: Over 102 million

Location: Throughout the globe

Allowed bandwidth: Measured

Allowed concurrent connections: Unlimited.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

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Formerly Luminati Networks, Bright Data is an authentic proxy provider, and their network has more than 72 million residential IP addresses.

This proxy is highly reliable in collecting and scraping web data, and you will never get blocked using their proxy network.

This is the world’s best service when it comes to Supreme proxies.

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These proxies are completely undetectable by all Supreme websites because they use internet connections and IP addresses of various residential devices that people in their homes use. 

Bright Data also has legal permission to use these IPs, so we are talking about an ethical service provider.

But there is a catch as well! These proxies are some of the most expensive available on the market as well. 

IPs in the pool: Over 72 million. 

Location: Throughout the globe (targeting all cities).

Cost: It starts at $500 a month. 

Allowed bandwidth: 526 GB.

Allowed concurrent connections: Unlimited.  

3. BeeProxy


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BeeProxy have rotating residential or back connect proxies for you to access. These proxies are for sneaker sites, including the likes of Supreme.

Therefore, in addition to Supreme proxies, you will also find proxies for other brands as well. 

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These rotating residential proxies change every 5 minutes or so. Therefore, your Supreme website visit will not be detected at all.

After registration, you will have the option to target your interest’s location.

These proxies work on Supreme sites, but you can also use them on various other sneaker sites, including Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, and others. 

IPs in the pool: Over 2,000,000. 

Location: Worldwide

Cost: Starts at $2.00 a month. 

Allowed bandwidth: Unlimited.

Allowed concurrent connections: Unlimited.

4. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

A Supreme proxy service that has been gaining momentum recently is Proxy-Seller. It comes with a high success rate when it comes to Supreme copping. 

The proxies available here are mostly IPv4, and with a huge number, they also give you a buffer even if one of your IPs gets blocked out.

So, there are slim chances that you might get blocked, but Proxy-Seller will provide you with another IP to work with. 

With this bit of risk (that will not cost you anything), Proxy-Seller provides you with a benefit: their highly cheap subscription. 

This is the cheapest option available on the market when it comes to using residential proxies.

So, if you are looking for a reasonable Supreme proxy, there is no better option available to you than Proxy-Seller. 

In addition to that, they also have over 5000 datacenter proxies available for you to access. And these proxies are pretty darn fast and reliable.

Some of them work pretty well on Supreme too. So, their data center proxies are worth a shot as well. 

IPs in the pool: Over 100,000. 

Location: Within the US (without targeting any city).

Cost: Starts at $36 a month. 

Allowed bandwidth: Unlimited.

Allowed concurrent connections: Unlimited.

5. SmartProxy


SmartProxy is another Supreme proxy that you can try out. It is one of the best Supreme proxies that you can use, and it is not as expensive as Bright Data.

You won’t have to fear that your accounts will get banned, and you certainly won’t have to worry as much that your wallet is going to break.

These proxies are some of the fastest available on the internet. Plus, the service also supports location targeting.

This feature makes SmartProxy one of the best choices because most of the sneaker releases are highly location-based. 

This service also provides you with multi-threaded support so that you can cope even more with a similar subscription.

SmartProxy will use different IP addresses for your convenience automatically. All the proxies that are available here are mobile compatible and residential as well. 

IPs in the pool: Over 40 million. 

Location: 195 locations across the globe (supports 8 geo city locations).

Cost: Starts at $75 a month. 

Allowed bandwidth: Starts @ 5 GB.

Allowed concurrent connections: Unlimited.



This Supreme proxy is a cost-effective and reliable service provider for individuals as well as businesses.

There are more than 8.5 million residential and mobile IP addresses available on this network. 

With this service, you can narrow down your targeting to a specific city or a mobile operator as well.

The best part is that even with their Basic Plan, you can access all the features with the entire pool of their IP addresses. 

This service provider ensures highly accurate geo-targeting as it can filter proxies by location and country and the internet service provider.

They have a pretty simple platform to deal with, and you don’t need to be an expert to sort things out on your own. 

IPs in the pool: Over 8.5 million. 

Location: 190 countries throughout the globe (with GEO cities).

Cost: Starts at $75 a month ($1.99 for trial). 

Allowed bandwidth: Starts @ 5 GB.

Allowed concurrent connections: 300 ports.

What’s a Sneaker Server? 

Before we can understand what a Supreme proxy is, we need to understand what these sneaker servers are?

“Sneaker servers” is a fancy term given to these sneaker websites that don’t allow buying more than one pair of those limited-edition sneakers. 

This is precisely the reason why brands like Supreme and others have everything sold out on their websites. And this is where a sneaker proxy comes in.

It’s essentially your way to game the system. 

You cannot buy more than one pair at your current IP address. And with the following order, your IP address will get banned.

You can unban yourself with a sneaker proxy by using multiple IP addresses provided to you by the proxy services.

You can do this with different brands, but we are going to talk about Supreme in particular. 

What is a Supreme Proxy?

Not all proxies can be qualified as Supreme proxies. Some providers will claim that theory proxies have worked well with Supreme websites, especially those with limited-edition releases.

But in reality, it’s just a marketing stunt, and they have never tested the functionality of their proxies. 

It’s a Supreme proxy to cope with those Supreme websites. So, compatibility is critical here.

The proxy needs to be an HTTPS, and it must also evade the anti-spam checks by Supreme websites. 

This is because Supreme websites are pretty effective in checking their proxy through traffic. This proxy also needs to support all Supreme locations, including the US, the UK, Japan, and France. 

So, Why Do You Need Proxies for Supreme Copping?

You might not need the proxy to cop a single pair at a time. But this is your only option if you are going for more than a single pair.

This is because you can’t cop more than one using the same IP address. And this is where proxies come in to play their role. 

With these proxies, you will have more than one IP address to cop more sneakers. Apart from copping more than one item of a similar model, you can also use these proxies to go for those releases. 

Residential Proxies Are Your Best Bet

If you want to increase your Supreme copping success rate, go for residential proxies. However, these proxies are generally expensive, and hence people look for cheaper alternatives like datacenter proxies. 

Datacenter proxies are not only cheap, but they are fast too. But most of these proxies are not undetectable.

Supreme websites can easily sniff them out, and for these reasons, they will not be fruitful for you. 

The residential alternatives are better to use regular IPS and devices of those regular internet users living in the residential areas. It means your access won’t be distinguished from the regular traffic.

So, they are the best bet when it comes to Supreme limited-edition copping. 

Final Word

These are the only authentic Supreme proxies. More people claim to work with Supreme as well, and some do, but not all.

We have kept our list to six so you can make your decisions without any confusion. 

You must understand the entire process of Supreme copping. First, the bot you will use needs to be placed precisely where it needs to be to fill in the details and solve those captcha puzzles.

And then, to top all of that, you need a good quality snake proxy to increase your success rate significantly. 

The best part is, when you use these proxies, you will notice that you can also use them on various other stores as well.

So, it’s a real go-time for you to get those limited-edition sneakers before thousands of others on the internet. 

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